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  1. Yes. Note that Humakt doesn’t have Priests either, and a God-Talker tends to function as a lesser priest.
  2. Pippin is the youngest at 28, which makes him not yet a full adult (age for that is famously 33), maybe corresponding to 18-19 in human years. Gimli is significantly older than Aragorn.
  3. This is interesting - if we think of the planets Earth-style, they would be absolutely miniscule compared to the Sun or the Moon, basically just luminous dots (Tolat and Lightfore kinda map to Mars and Venus respectively?). Do we have sources that say that in Glorantha they are large enough to register with a geometry, and at a considerable angular size? I always thought of the stars and planets in Glorantha as basically dot sources of light like in our world (only Venus at its largest exceed one arc second in angular size, but that's still something like 1/20th of the Sun), but maybe that's wrong? If Lightfore shines with its own bright light and at 1/4th the subjective size of the sun, it's going to be a significant source of light in the night sky.
  4. It’s not completely clear how it works - does the alarm sound from the point of breaching (in which case you could tell direction with just one warding), or from the warding as a whole (in which case you couldn’t)?
  5. I'm not sure I get it. Yes, Rune Magic is a lot more powerful than Spirit Magic, but it's not as though you have to choose one or the other - naturally you use both. Something weird is going on if the players don't use Spirit Magic.
  6. Pushing the skill of your parrying weapon up far enough that the opponent will be left with ideally only a 5% chance of hitting after the skills are adjusted. Works best against large and strong monsters with modest attack skills - like giants and dinosaurs - but Humakti can do it against essentially anyone else using a sufficiently large Sword Trance. It's one of the easiest ways in the game to trivialize an opponent that relies on physical attacks.
  7. This is my reading too. It becomes better yet when attacked by very powerful creatures like giants, where stopping 10d6 DB gets pretty damned hard otherwise (barring degenerate tactics like skill tanking).
  8. Spirit Magic seems to have the ”workhorse” spells that the PCs want up in every fight if possible. Rune Magic is more when they want to shift into a higher gear. My players are also very good at opening up a fight with some initial rune magic, hoping to bring it down to manageable quickly and finish it off the old-fashioned way.
  9. For actually good poetry, is probably better to find a good translation of Icelandic poetry (not a rhymed translation, sheesh!), like Egil Skallagrimsson, and modify it. (Also, improvising poetry in order to save yourself from execution? Peak Orlanthi.)
  10. Presumably Yelmalians also invented the Yo-yo?
  11. It's a deer's head though, to go with the name Heort (=Deer)?
  12. One of the things that make my head spin is that not only are the letters very similar, the words that make them up start with the same letters and in the same order. It’s like if you had three words in one language, translated them into an unrelated language, and wound up with the same three-letter acronym as before. And that’s before realizing that in the other language, the equivalents of ”Wyrm” and ”Without” must start with the same letter in order for it to work. (Utterances like ”Youf” for EWF and the Yelmalio ”Yo!” further seem to suggest that Glorantha has the same letters as English, at least in part.)
  13. The Undeath rune is a stylized bow tie, to go with the tail coats the vampires like to wear.
  14. I think it’s pretty clear that the weapon is the target and that the skill loss is only about the weapon becoming unwieldy. No POW vs. POW. If you have a Spirit bound in the weapon, its POW has to be overcome, though.
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