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  1. It's said of Marcion of Sinope (condemned as a heretic by the Catholic church) that he "edited with a scalpel", cutting away everything in the holy texts he didn't like.
  2. Sufficient time (or money) is certainly a resource - given time, you can also have all the POW you want, yet people seem to consider them a resource... Those are just the Thunderous-specific ones. Apart from those, you have the rest of Orlanth Rune spells, any other Orlanth subcults, any associated cult, and so on. You will not run out.
  3. Snake Daughter says "They can be summoned as Cult Spirits by various Earth Cults such as Ernalda and Maran Gor, requiring at least 4 Rune points." This doesn't even indicate a separate spell (except for 4 points being more than the baseline spell allows, but at this point I'm reading that as just a suggestion). The "at least" part is intersting, though - presumably it means that the statblock in the Bestiary is for the 4-point variant but that there are bigger ones yet for a higher cost?
  4. I think it makes sense that a certain Cult spirit could only be available to a particular subcult (the same way only Thunderous gets bigger elementals, and Adventurous can’t even Command them). I did have the same thought you did here, especially as Summon Cult Spirit only goes to 3 as listed, but it also says it’s a Summon Cult Spirit spell, and the theoretical specialist spell doesn’t actually exist anywhere. I think it’s also MGF if it doesn’t require a known spell slot - how often are you going to make this particular summons, after all? Would you really commit a slot to it?
  5. Not sure though - you can Summon something as hefty as a Thunder Brother with just a big Summon Cult Spirit. Fairly few spirits have dedicated spells for them.
  6. There could be a lot of fun stories here - "Vargast was so dedicated to his plowing that after he died at his favorite plough before the season's plowing was complete, his spirit took up residence in the plough so that he could finish the job and then do it forever. Remember to paint the eyes on it every season, so that it can see where it's going. You have to be of his kin in order to use it, though - Ashart the Orlkarling tried to anyway, and it turned on him and almost cut his foot off!"
  7. This would essentially be an Allied Spirit, housed in the plow?
  8. That would be helpful - I still don't understand this properly. Asked in the Q&A thread.
  9. ’Synechdoche’ is the word you’re looking for?
  10. I keep giving my players opportunities to attempt to solve things through dueling, but they’re not biting. May have something to do with no-one having a combat job...
  11. I think this makes a lot of sense, and it’s what I’ll be doing, but it’s not the official rules. See Mago’s elemental.
  12. I was thinking of knowing what to ask for, maybe even by name, or other ways to navigate the bureaucracy.
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