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  1. It happens randomly to PC river travellers in an HQ adventure, so if we trust that, it can't be utterly rare.
  2. I’m unclear on whether clan tattoos appear magically or have to be applied by a tattoo artist, but either way, the new members need to get them some way!
  3. Looks fine from horseback, but on a high llama, you really have to reach down a lot further. I like the idea of a polo swing - a hit like that is going to be devastating.
  4. And you probably need two hands to use it, even though you swing it with just one. Like when you raise it after an attack, or when you want to bring it to the other side of your mount. You won't be moving around a long pole with a heavy metal head much with just one hand at the end of it.
  5. I love to hate the Mostali - they're just the worst.
  6. One thing must surely be that unlike other herd beasts, Herd-men have to be trained. A bison just has to eat grass and go where you prod it (unless it's a riding bison, in which case things change a bit), but collecting tubers for your masters or carrying their palanquins is a decidedly non-natural activity. So I believe we need to consider a lot of Herd-man training going on, since all of them have to be trained.
  7. The OED likes "shamans". https://www.lexico.com/definition/shaman (Edit: Oops 2017, oh well... 🙂 )
  8. Same here. To me, it's what decides who will be a meat eater, so it doesn't matter if tapirs aren't naturally carnivorous. My jaw dropped the first time I heard about this change. I do like the palanquins, though, and they don't seem like they would be adept riders.
  9. Apparently clowns can get shit done, at least some of the time - Jojo the Bobo and the Clown Army drove the Mad Sultanate out of Lakrene when no-on else could (D:LoD).
  10. And Thunderstone, maybe even moreso.
  11. "This monster exists because I have a model that fits" is very Gygaxian. 🙂
  12. But in that case, what's even the point? Why does it look like it has a pumpkin for a head?
  13. Find a hideout, then find a better hideout Struggle with your ability to worship (do you have the people and places? does your god still tolerate you?) Someone falls in love with a member of your rival bandit gang Find women (in a hopefully less than awful way) Recruit cannon fodder additional gang members Get yourself a wyter
  14. In this one, you clearly need to track how many people (0 to 11) who agree with you, and you succeed at 11. Since he starts at 0, he only has one shot to "switch" one of the other jurors (but this roll succeeds). Each roll corresponds to either a vote count or someone changing his mind.
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