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  1. Akhôrahil

    Ernalda's Law

    This does not seem to fit well with "there is always another way". I mean, don't get me wrong, for Babeester Gor, there sure as heck isn't another way, but for Ernalda, it would seem particularly ill-fitting to have violence as the only option.
  2. Akhôrahil

    Theyalan-centric history.

    With now a full three Gloranthan RPGs out, I really wish one of them would take the time to focus on anything but Dragon Pass and the Argrath part of the HeroWars (with a splash of Prax)! I mean no offence, and I realize they're running a business, and products like Red Cow were excellent, but the Dragon Pass focus is really pretty extreme! There are modules I would like more than yet another Dragon Pass or Prax book.
  3. Akhôrahil

    Horses, birds, and cattle

    Would seabirds be considered more watery than other birds? Penguins in particular (assuming they exist)?
  4. Akhôrahil

    What Were Stafford's Main Influences on Glorantha?

    I would have assumed Mircea Eliade would have a hefty position there as well - his concept of "eternal return", quoting Wikipedia, 'is a belief expressed through behavior (sometimes implicitly, but often explicitly) that one is able to become contemporary with or return to the "mythicalage"—the time when the events described in one's myths occurred.' I mean, you couldn't describe how Gloranthan myth and worship work better than that if you tried!
  5. Akhôrahil

    What Were Stafford's Main Influences on Glorantha?

    I can't remember who it was who said that Greg Stafford had Snorri Sturlason on his right hand and Joseph Campbell on his left...
  6. Akhôrahil

    what are Plateaus like?

    Roraima, famous from The Lost World.
  7. Akhôrahil

    The Chaos Society’s Pavis Series

    Automatic buy even if it's just scanned and put up on DriveThruRPG.
  8. Akhôrahil

    what is the mythic basis for addiction?

    Also, aside from any spirits, you could argue that addiction happens the same way everything else happens – someone did it in the Godtime, and now that pattern is imprinted on the world. The upside of this is that if said mythic figure broke free of the addiction, that means that there is now a heroquest available to do that.
  9. Akhôrahil

    Three New Stars, Three New Gods?

    I really like Baroshi as a vector for masculine Earth practices, something that was once just standard in the time of Genert and Tada but has no regular channels in contemporary Dragon Pass. Orlanthi mythology and cultic practices really don't offer much for Earth-aspected men (the Lightbringer cults are probably your best bet).
  10. Akhôrahil

    Almost all mermen breathe only air. Why?

    Yeah, this is what one would naturally think, I believe. I've always felt it weird that this is not how it works, and that fish-mermen breathe air.
  11. Akhôrahil

    Third Hand Illumination Town

    "What is the sound of three hands clapping?"
  12. Akhôrahil

    Third Hand Illumination Town

    Third-hand illumination has been proven to have serious health risks.
  13. Akhôrahil

    Whatever Happened to the Cradle Baby?

    Yes, what happens to the Cult of Dormal following the return of the Boat Planet? Its one reason for existing used to be to provide the Opening ritual, but that quickly becomes meaningless (although you have to wonder who the first person to try to go at it with the Opening ritual after all this time is...). Does it try to reinvent itself? Coast on its existing status? Heroquest for new nautical powers to stay relevant? Whither away?
  14. Akhôrahil

    Gloranthan Martial Arts

    Similarly, farmers there might well find ways - self-defence only, naturally! - to use farming implements that absolutely do not count as weapons, honest.
  15. Akhôrahil

    Gloranthan Martial Arts

    That was UFC 1 - it was basically designed to show off Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, which was successful because it was pretty much the only martial art anywhere that hadn't lost contact with the demands of actually working (on the streetfighting scene of Brazil) - the story of essentially every martial art out there in the real world (at least up to the creation of MMA, which might have gotten some to take notice - it's been said that martial arts have progressed more in the last 25 years than in all of history before it) is degeneration into pure style and very limited practical usefulness. And maybe people don't want to go to the ground in a battlefield, but it sure happens anyway, especially when people load up on armor. This is why both Samurai combat and knightly combat include a hefty dollop of grappling - you may get to the ground by accident, you may throw yourself down on top of an opponent who's gone to the ground by accident, you may have lost your weapon and initiate grappling, or grappling might be the only way to get a weapon through armor.