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  1. The "Desert of Fear" and the "West Jungle"? We have come some way!
  2. The Crater is ginormous!!
  3. At least it's nowhere near as bad as with Gygax...
  4. If you want to, you could argue that it works like radar stealth - you just don't reflect the sound back, so you don't show up.
  5. But don't forget that this goes the other way as well, perhaps even moreso - their gods have only these portfolios, because it's what their people actually do. The Votanki have no use for a god of literacy or formation combat, because of their social and technological circumstances.
  6. I'm thinking smell would still work. Perhaps the "soundless" bit can be extended to work against Troll Darksense (which is sonar, correct?).
  7. Presumably, we will get the HeroQuesting rules in the GM Book.
  8. In CoT, vampires can sacrifice for Vivamort Rune Magic using POW from drained victims. They can also drain a victim's Rune Magic.
  9. While Eurmal's vapours are perhaps more noxious than poisonous.
  10. Also, an Allied Spirit is an initiate of the rune master's cult, so it will have at least one RP.
  11. 1. Yes; yes. 2. Not by the rules as written, but nothing stops you from running it that way.
  12. Not sure I would put money on this. PDF version out early, though?
  13. One good thing about Impales is that it means your ram can get stuck in the other ship.
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