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  1. "Homogenous" probably means more like "no minority strong enough to pose a challenge". That's what it tends to mean in the real world.
  2. I'm assuming this is the source? https://www.glorantha.com/docs/kow/ "The Kingdom of War is the “shadow” of Fronela/Loskalm. It is everything which they deny and fear." [...] "Basically, during the Syndics Ban the Loskalmi and other isolated Fronelan peoples (generally) made their homelands better and better because they were a homogeneous people with no external enemies. In similar conditions on our earth nations might tend to internalize those conflicts, but in Glorantha the western sorcerers sort of shuttled it off to an invisible place that doesn’t exist. That “place which didn’t exist” really did, of course. "
  3. Is it morally suspect when the Red Cow heroquesters raid the giant's cattle? It's one of the irregular verbs, isn't it? I raid, you plunder, he/she steals.
  4. Agree about this. Loskalm and the Kingdom of War are inverted reflections of each other (almost literally - the KoW is the result of Loskalm dumping any badness outside its borders), and the only way to defeat the KoW is probably to reintegrate a lot of that into Loskalmi society.
  5. My thought was more about the anti-fertile Dark Earth aspect rather than the age thing. Maran Gor doesn't have any kids, or...?
  6. I'm surprised Ty Kora Tek is/was fertile, to be honest.
  7. I'm not sure it's exactly a campaign in the introductory box, but it seems there will be Fronelan material. Full campaign as multi-part publications later.
  8. Sorcery World? Or is that just the Western versions of the regular ones?
  9. Agree. The situation here isn't one of rule of law – law is just one possible alternative to violence. If you have the law on your side but not the force of arms... that a clack will get you a cup of coffee. It's not about justice, it's about power and threats of violence.
  10. The important thing to remember is why you pay wergild – you do it because because you want to avoid having violent trouble with someone. It's a way to "pay them off". If you're a successful War Clan, you likely just don't pay – what are they going to do, fight you? That's what you're already doing! If the opposing clan is too weak or too far away to be a problem, there's little need to pay wergild – those guys aren't a problem! Of course, things change when there's a superior power doing the judgement – when your clan and another clan settle things, it's just negotiation, but when the Prince of Sartar says "this is my judgement, abide by it or else", the situation changes a lot. All of this means that wergild isn't a fixed and static thing – when your very powerful neighbours say "Borkal besmirched our clan's honour, pay up or else", you may just have to pay them regardless of whether this seems fair. Relationships of power are nine-tenths of the law. Because violence is always an option.
  11. Swedish edition campaign: https://eloso.se/gunilla-jonsson-och-michael-petersen-skriver-unikt-runequest-material-for-eloso
  12. I think Joerg is on the right track here. If we compare to historical real-world (poly)theism, the Initiation structure that is completely dominant in the game rules would be pretty rare - what is common is sacrificing to the gods either in general (and frequently communally) or for specific purposes (going on a sea voyage - better sacrifice to the god of the seas!) or as a promise if the god helps you get out in a sticky situation ("I owe Asclepius a rooster"). This aspect is pretty uncommon in the game rules, even though it's noted how unusual people in, say, the Lunar Empire think it is that most everyone is Initiated in Sartar.
  13. As we're talking demography, I would like to offer up the following little piece, which might well be Glorantha-relevant: Among humans (on average), we have about twice as many female as male ancestors (because of different reproductive strategies and successes). Meaning that when Heortling Ancestors show up, they should by rights be two-thirds women. :-)
  14. The obvious correspondences: Lhankor Mhy -> Irippi Ontor Chalana Arroy -> Queen Deezola Eurmal -> Danfive Xaron Ginna Jar -> She Who Waits Flesh Man -> Teelo Norri is also pretty easy. This leaves Yanafal Tarnils mapping to Orlanth, and a (really non-obvious) Jakaleel for Issaries. EDIT: Unless you consider the psychopomp aspect, which you probably should.
  15. Wait, is it controversial that the 7M did a modified LBQ to help bring back the Red Godess? I always assumed that this was equally intentional and obvious.
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