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  1. I'm inclined to agree - I'm sure he can tear people's souls apart, but he's their psychopomp, right? He wouldn't be doing a very good job if he didn't bring the souls into the underworld in a mostly safe manner!
  2. Yeah, he seems to be their "tamed" storm. One interpretation rules-wise could be that it's a seriously crippled and ineffectual Orlanth cult with lots of the goodies taken away.
  3. Agree, Coat of Plates always strikes me as a very doable armor.
  4. In my campaign, the PCs may at some point want to get Hrodar Grizzlebeak back from the combination of death and Lunar imprisonment. I'm thinking of using S:KoH as the blueprint.
  5. Sure - I read the question about what's a possibility, not what's practical. Of course, PCs being PCs... Yes, but they use basically the same methodology as Argrath does in his LBQ later when freeing Sheng Seleris. The HQ may need more oomph than the one in S:KoH provides, but it's clearly pointing in the right direction when it comes to getting someone out of a Lunar hell, or other resurrection-blocking stuff.
  6. The LBQ is a classic. Or perhaps some easier underworld HeroQuest like the one in the Colymar Campaign or t11L.
  7. Brigantine/Coat of Plates strikes me as the way movies should go if they want to combine realism with a ”cool” black leather look.
  8. I made this exact point earlier in the thread. 🙂
  9. She's not the Red Goddess, she's a very naughty girl!
  10. "I'm part of all the cosmos" as opposed to "All the cosmos is a part of me". I do agree that Occlusion is a completely subjective term about Illuminates people you mislike, though.
  11. When Jar-eel looks like one of the best-behaved Illuminates, you start to wonder just how enlightened they really are...
  12. I would like to remind everyone that Orunmila, wisest of the Orisha in Yoruba mythology, ascended into Heaven by crawling up into an elephant's rectum and disappearing. So apparently, enlightenment might be found there also.
  13. Not even sure it's unfairly. "We're neutral, except for when Orlanthi ask for help" is... not all that strong a position.
  14. No, several people each writing their own Jonstown Compendium treatment of Illumination. They will contradict each other, yet all be true. Now roll for Illumination.
  15. I like the suggestion that the Anglo-Saxons used courboullie helmets, as this would explain why we find so few helmets while it seems like a no-brainer to wear them, especially in a shield wall.
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