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  1. If you're fighting one big spirit and someone has both a decent weapon skill and a suitable weapon, this is bound to happen though. A starting Humakti PC has all the necessary tools.
  2. I would agree, but the rules aren't written that way.
  3. This makes sense - Rune Magic and Sorcery seem to be at the same "level", so to speak, while Spirit Magic isn't.
  4. The steadwife PC in my campaign started off by critting first a HD and then a HHD Worship roll, and then also critting a Manage Household roll on Ancestor Day (basically the only way the Ancestors won't find something to complain about). There's now a large faction wanting to fast-track her for priestesshood due to her obvious holiness.
  5. What items can you bring with you on a Spirit Travel? None? Magical only? Nothing, but you can find stuff there? In the rulebook, at least (some) clothing and a mask seem to be along for the travel, although I suppose that could be purely cosmetic. Do you bring the actual items, or spirit copies of them?
  6. Thi is both my reading and what seems to be the official ruling. You can't "overwhelm" a spirit with attacks (at least not to the point where it can't effectively fight back). Spellcasting works, though.
  7. If so, it happened super early, as in before PIE migrations. The Aesir/Vanir divide is present in Indian and Persian religion as well (Devas and Asuras, where hilariously they each decided differently on which are the good guys).
  8. Importantly, both Charlie and Dave get sucked into Spirit Combat if they attack with weapons (yes, even bow). This has a bunch of consequences.
  9. 1. Unless it's an in-world thing that enemies like to strike at their enemies holy days when they are guaranteed to be fresh on Rune Points and generally up on magic, this seems to be just a dick move if practiced more than rarely by the GM. 2. Any PC with a couple of adventures under his or her belt is likely to have some kind of MP storage, making the expenditure of a few MPs from storage completely unimportant.
  10. It trivializes Worship, makes the Worship skill meaningless apart from qualifying for Rune Levels, has a trivial cost, and means that characters will virtually always succeed at Worship. It also means that other sacrifices are completely unimportant - those cost money, MPs are essentially free. All in all, perhaps not the most successful design.
  11. If the cosmos consistently slaps down munchkins, how do you explain Argrath? 🙂
  12. Further, when a spirit turns visible like this, presumably in order to attack, can you attack it with weapons in the turn it manifests, or do you have to wait for it to start spirit combat? Can you attack it with spells?
  13. I read this as that it has to be visible, which it would typically do in order to initiate Spirit combat. Even then, regular characters can’t jump into regular spirit combat with it. A shaman can discorporate and go get it on his own, even when not visible. The big question is whether other characters with suitable weapons can take swings at the spirit. It’s not obvious from in-game reasoning why they shouldn’t be able to.
  14. I have this idea that spirits on the Spirit Plane will have a much worse MP regeneration, similar to how they have a really poor POW gain. That way, having MPs sacrificed to them actually matters. It makes sense that the Material Plane is much better for MP regeneration.
  15. I know, but it's a pretty personal and wild interpretation, you must agree? I would picture a Humakti simply cutting the ghost, that's manifested there, with his actual sword. Which wouldn't work, except for magics and gifts.
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