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  1. Doesn’t have to be RQ, agree. Also, hopefully, we will some day get something for RQ that is something beside Dragon Pass & Prax. Not that I can blame them, but Chaosium is playing things incredibly safe, with new versions of all the old mainstays and less straying from Dragon Pass than any earlier version.
  2. Forewarned is forearmed, I'm thinking - at least you know what the future official history is. I mean, when it comes to Argrath's doings, we have a lot of it described already.
  3. They are literally called Chaos Floods in Dorastor.
  4. I'm assuming that the "Great Argrath Campaign" will cover the Argrath-adjacent stuff, and that's already what we know the most about. But there's so much more HeroWars out there - what happens in Pameltela, in Kraolorela, in the Eastern Islands (I think the Twin Phoenix War is still a thing?) In Fronela, Safelster, Seshnela? What actually happens with the Dorastor/Bilini joint offensive against the Lunar Empire in 1629-30 (one is a Broo, the other is a Storm Bull, together they fight Lunars)? Actually, this one could turn up in tGAC... it has to be relevant!
  5. In the current-day style of RQ play, I agree that it works - you take a week or two off now and then, and you adventure in a limited area. But things often used to be a lot more D&D-style, with a wandering party of professional adventurers covering a lot of ground - Borderlands specifically linking into Griffin Mountain, for instance, or a band of weirdo strangers arriving in Pavis for Rubble-clearing. Unless you have a particularly helpful cult, being a priest won't be an option under those conditions. I never got the impression that Priest was a job intended for adventuring PCs - Rune-Lord is the position designed for PCs. 🙂
  6. That sounds like something The Teller of Lies would say!
  7. I do agree that acolyte was the way to go, but far from all cults had them. And Priest... for most cults, being a priest wasn’t really compatible with being an adventurer. Being a priest meant you had a full-time job.
  8. Really? Old Rune Magic system was “sacrifice for Rune Magic, absolutely don’t use it, hope that this is the character who makes it to Rune Levels (where if you do, it’s an massive power-up instead)”. So under the assumption that “works” includes “is reasonable to at all use for a decent percentage of the PCs”, it absolutely didn’t work. Given the amount of fatalities in RQ and the low-powered start, I don’t expect that the majority of Rune Cult PCs ever cast a Rune spell. (I cast a total of one point of Rune spells over three characters in RQ3.) This probably explains much of the popularity of Humakt and Yelmalio - at least your starting PC got something from his cult!
  9. Perhaps it can even be said that this event is roughly what separates Adventurous from Thunderous?
  10. I think there’s a pretty solid consensus on what the good bits are - runes, passions, Rune Magic system that works (when it never did before), shamanism that is at least playable.
  11. A lot more focus on the sorcery and, in the case of Ralios, Arkatism? (Also, at some point I would love to see how Ralian Orlanth-worship differs from Heortling.)
  12. My preferred way is what I call “metaplot up front”, where the game early on tells you what the metaplot is going to be like. The first time I saw it, and perhaps the very best example, was Tribe 8 2nd edition, which provides an outline of the massive metaplot they had in mind already in the rulebook (the huge campaign in the first edition was merely the first fifth). King of Sartar and the Guide does something like it, but in a very incomplete and unreliable format. I really wish there was a “this is what happens in the HeroWars” outline (people tell me something like it exists, but only for a select audience).
  13. The Sixth Gun has a fantastic Wendigo story, intermixing the horror of the creature with the horror of starvation.
  14. To repeat myself: "How could you tell and how would it matter?" I do agree that for what we see about Glorantha from the standpoint of its inhabitants, this is a perfectly fine explanation. Maybe the pre-Time eras never "properly" existed, and were retrocreated by the beliefs and worship of the Gloranthans. And in my opinion, you could definitely end up in the position that Orlanth's favorite color is now grey. It would involve changing the myths and belief-patterns of huge swathes of people, and plenty of heroquesting to support it, but I believe the God-Learners could have totally done such a thing if they had put their minds to it. I mean, this kind of deliberate mythic propaganda project is how the Red Goddess was created in the first place...
  15. For one thing, they’re going to quickly run out of arrows if they can’t get back behind the line. I recall that in the Parthians’ defeat of Crassus at Carrhae, huge stashes of arrows were used to resupply the horse archers. It takes a lot to wear down Roman legions.
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