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  1. I assume this would follow the regular income rules, i.e. 10% for Initiates? At least for "freelance" healers.
  2. Going by the math, it's pretty clear that you need one plow per household, and that the Carl status is inherited to the rest of the household.
  3. They can make ungodly incomes on Resurrect, so they’re probably fine, materially.
  4. Thread necro: is it known when and how the Masassakar Sun Dome Temple was extinguished?
  5. Also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sailing_stones
  6. Agree. It would be pretty obscene if it could use regular Rune Points for the spell and then permanent POW only to multitarget. Spirits (like Allied Spirits and presumable others) can be initiates in cults, sacrifice POW for Rune Points up to the CHA cap, and so on. However, as there seems to be no reason for a wyter as old and powerful as Black Spear to not be capped out on Rune Points (it has 12 out of a possible 24), your explanation that it's "fixed" makes a lot of sense. Basically, if it could have and wanted to, wouldn't it have done so already? (Regaining POW wouldn't be an
  7. Excellent point - it might take quite some time for people to realize what's going on. Unless Divination? (Now I can just imagine some Lhankor Mhy scholar trying to tell sailors that Open Seas is no longer necessary, and them rolling their eyes as it's not his ass on the line and they've been doing this for generations, thank you very much!)
  8. Probably true in most cases, especially in Dragon Pass/Prax. But there's enough sea fishing going on that there's a god for it (Pelaskos). While it might be possible to fish within sight of land, this seems dangerous in case winds blow you out to sea. Although in 1625, isn't the whole thing just academic anyway? The Shiprise broke the Closing, so Open Seas serves no purpose any longer?
  9. That has some interesting implications for Open Seas. The captain of a trading ship probably has some literacy (or else access onboard to someone who does), but fishermen likely don't.
  10. I find this extremely interesting. Would it in principle be possible to re-package any sorcery spell into its own "executable" that non-sorcerers can use (but there still aren't so many of them as a lot of sorcerers see very little point in creating "sorcery for the masses", especially as it takes a lot of work as well)? Or maybe this is something only heroes can accomplish, and even then with restrictions on what is achievable (opening the seas and magical crafting seems a lot more likely than fireballs). Non-sorcerer sorcery offers a way to have MP-inefficient but very specialized magics.
  11. And given the Yelmalians' uncanny ability to pick the losing side...
  12. I would say the healer would be perfectly fine with being brought back in supposed slavery to heal the herd-men. After that, she might expect to be released or at least ransomed, and it's going to be pretty hard to keep someone enslaved if violence is out of the question... non-violent solutions work a lot better if you yourself can't be subjected to violence either.
  13. Someone has to play against the Harlem Globetrotters and lose in a theatrical fashion. In that scenario, I love the (SPOILERS!) utter obliviousness of the Lunars in dumping the PCs into imprisonment among strangers while still well identified with the Orlanthi gods. What could possibly go wrong?
  14. There’s an analogous situation that I like, from WH40K of all places. Eldar Harlequins are a kind of travelling performer-warriors, who do two things - wage wars and put on theatrical performances about their people’s heroic but mostly tragic history. This is difficult and demanding in the best of cases - the performance is also a ritual and halfway to a heroquest - but there is a special problem that someone has to play the role of the Chaos God Slaanesh, and only one particular kind of Harlequin, The Solitaire, can manage this (anyone else who tries will simply have their soul consumed by Sl
  15. The second battle is pretty close to the (extinguished in the current day) Masassakar Sun Dome Temple. Do we know when it fell? If it was still active in 1303, it stands to reason that it would have fought the trolls as well.
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