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  1. Wonder how many volumes it will be if we get the cults of The East, The West and The South, too!
  2. Akhôrahil

    Yelm Eclipsed

    Also note that we get a kind of lunar eclipse at the Battle of Dwernapple.
  3. This thread had the weirdest derailment I think I've ever seen.
  4. On the other hand - we don't think that someone with 0% skill should have much of a chance against 100%, right? The difference in skill between 345% and 445% is equally large. And besides, this is still RuneQuest - one Crit/Fumble combination later... 😄
  5. Don't forget the skill subtraction - it's how RQ handles this. The 445% guy will trash the 345% one.
  6. There's this enormous ram that lives on Thunder Mountain and jumps around the Orlanthi holy peaks. Arkat hitched a ride on it once. If you're specifically travelling to western Genertela, using the Westfaring as a travel heroquest ought to work.
  7. I don't think there's any room in RQ for that, and it already has its own way to handle skills above 100%. There's little point in having 75W% rather than 175%.
  8. If you're willing to seriously shift the time period and the setting, a Unity Council mixed missionary team at Dawn could be pretty interesting, seeking out and educating the survivors from the Great Darkness. "The Theyalans were not selfish. They had survived through the Great Darkness, and they realized that the world beyond them had not done so well. They organized small bands of missionaries, sometimes of one people and sometimes of different races, who went to teach their secrets of peace and cooperation to any who would listen. They brought the Dawn to the world." —tGtG
  9. I did not expect Morokanth. The rest yes; those no. Would Morokanth this far out even be Waha worshipers?
  10. Has anyone mentioned Shield Push? It's probably even encouraged by the clan leadership, as it's bound to help with Fyrd combat.
  11. Barntar is known to the best wrestler among the Thunder Brothers.
  12. Makes sense - this is on their route from Dorastor to Sartar.
  13. Also, pikemen suck in dense forests.
  14. I was looking at the map an d plotting travel routes, when I found a spot that I realized that I had absolutely no idea about, and couldn't even find an information or even a name of. It's a complete blank in the Guide. To the east, the small tribes of Orlanthi in Red Dragon Vale/Ormsgone Vale, and to the northwest, it comes up against Aggar (the rest bordered with mountains). My first thought is "scattered Alakoring Orlanthi clans so poor no-one can even be bothered with them" (because this is what we usually get in hilly, isolated terrain), and that there are hydra problems (as mentioned in the Guide). Vanak Spear cult is likely with Red Dragon Vale so close by. Old EWF ruins seem reasonable. But do we actually know anything about this area?
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