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  1. Akhôrahil

    A little about Kralorea and China

    Famously, Aristotle thought that banditry was a more honourable profession than being a merchant. No-one likes merchants.
  2. Akhôrahil

    The Many and the One, or has there always been a Yelm?

    I think this is an important point. We're so used to the Theyalan perspective that we can easily forget that Chaos-as-a-thing is much less of an issue in many other places, like how Dara Happans seem much more concerned with what is Just or not, and how Westerners bunch chaos monsters in with other (that we would call non-Chaotic) creatures they mislike as "Krjalki". It's just not the big distinguishing line we're used to from Heortlings and Praxians.
  3. Akhôrahil

    Non-Uz & Bugs

    It's more of an indirect connection via the Darkness rune, I would imagine?
  4. Akhôrahil

    Eleven Lights

    Since we're singing Ian Cooper's praise here, does anyone know if the upcoming Fonrit book (which sounds like a fantastic idea) will be just a setting book (like The Coming Storm) or also either have campaign/adventuring material (like The Eleven Lights) either included or as a separate book? Fonrit has a great Hero Wars plotline, after all.
  5. Akhôrahil

    Eleven Lights

    One of the things about HQ is that it's all but statless for NPCs and opposition. So while you don't get any RQ stats, at least it's not wasting any space with stats you won't be using either.
  6. Akhôrahil

    Eleven Lights

    This is quite correct. Easily one of the top ten published RPG campaigns of all times. My one gripe is that I want it extended a few years into the future - it leaves plot threads like the fate of the Telmori and the return of the Aurochs dangling. That said, I'm sure a third book could be published...
  7. Akhôrahil

    Theyalan-centric history.

    "Things need not have happened to be true." —Neil Gaiman, Dream Country
  8. Akhôrahil

    Who's the Orlanthi deity of...

    I like the idea that Durev has a whole bunch of (very minor deity) sons, each of them the patron of a specific craft.
  9. Akhôrahil

    Who's the Orlanthi deity of...

    For a more specialized case, I'm assuming that Lhankor Mhy handles parchment-making.
  10. Akhôrahil

    Who's the Orlanthi deity of...

    Weaving is part of Orane's portfolio because it's a form of housework, something that most women do. Leatherworking and (especially!) tanning are specialized (and in the case of tanning, unpleasant) jobs. It's true that Orlanthi religion isn't all that good at covering crafts. I imagine most craftspeople are just regular Orlanth or Ernalda worshipers.
  11. Akhôrahil

    Theyalan-centric history.

    This sounds excellent - Red Cow was fantastic, and Fonrit has an great HeroWars storyline. I really hope it focuses on having a HeroWars playable campaign (the way Red Cow did) rather than just being setting material. I will take a campaign over a setting book any day of the week.
  12. Akhôrahil

    The History of New Pavis 1579-1610

    Also likely inspired by Greek and Roman slave-based mining, which was basically the worst job anyone could get anywhere and had a life expectancy of a few years.
  13. Akhôrahil

    Ernalda's Law

    This does not seem to fit well with "there is always another way". I mean, don't get me wrong, for Babeester Gor, there sure as heck isn't another way, but for Ernalda, it would seem particularly ill-fitting to have violence as the only option.
  14. Akhôrahil

    Theyalan-centric history.

    With now a full three Gloranthan RPGs out, I really wish one of them would take the time to focus on anything but Dragon Pass and the Argrath part of the HeroWars (with a splash of Prax)! I mean no offence, and I realize they're running a business, and products like Red Cow were excellent, but the Dragon Pass focus is really pretty extreme! There are modules I would like more than yet another Dragon Pass or Prax book.
  15. Akhôrahil

    Horses, birds, and cattle

    Would seabirds be considered more watery than other birds? Penguins in particular (assuming they exist)?