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  1. The gods taking poorly to challenges and hubris, that only makes sense.
  2. I mean sure, you need to emulate your god for maximum access to magic and such, but the punishment for doing a bad job of it is bad access to magic, and that doesn’t even require any active action on behalf of the deity. And they require you to behave properly, but... there are very few gods in Glorantha I could imagine going “you’re doing everything you’re supposed to be doing, but I can tell you’re having insufficient faith anyway, so sorry!” That seems an extremely Lutheran position.
  3. That’s super weird. Hardly any Gloranthan gods care about your faith. If you make your sacrifices, do your worship, and adhere to cult restrictions, what else could they want from you? The idea of Orlanth smiting you with a thunderbolt because of insufficiently strong faith in him is preposterous!
  4. I believe the Chaos Society Pavis books connect the Oasis Peoples to the Green Age project of Pavis (both the founder and his successors). This makes for a potentially pretty potent mythical stratum.
  5. Failing to worship will mean that you don't regain Rune Points now, making you "inactive" in a fashion there. And I mean, it seems patently ridiculous that some elderly initiate who can't get out of bed due to sickness will also get slammed by the Spirit of Reprisal for missing worship. Essentially all real-world religions have built-in tolerances for that kind of thing.
  6. I would restrict Agent of Reprisal attacks to people who leave in poor order (apart from actual sacrileges and spreading of cult secrets, naturally). There are plenty of ways for many cults to leave your cult in good standing. Moving to Chalana Arroy or Humakt after Relife Sickness, proceeding to Asrelia from Ernalda for a grandmother, and so on, and so on. It also seems likely that there are cults who can shield you against Agent of Reprisal attacks if you hurry up and join them. I imagine you get it if you switch from Humakt to Yanafal Tarnils, for instance.
  7. The Hero Wars might be on the short side for that - only 30 years from Dragonrise to Moonfall (hey, never realized how symmetrical those terms are before), so only time for one more generation, really. That said, if it supports starting much earlier (say 1607), then...
  8. Speaking of: Storm Bull in Prax is depicted with a people body and the head of the herd animal. This means that the Morokanth depict him as having a Morokanth body and a herdman head. They probably call him ”Storm Bloke” or ”Storm Dude”, I imagine.
  9. Well, I mean he can try? It will probably raise all kinds of alarm bells among the other clans, and the Varmandi in this case would be unlikely to put up with it without a fight. Violence, after all, is always an option. Similarly, tribes bullying those they can seems to be perfectly normal (as anyone who played King of Dragon Pass knows). Someone like Blackmoor doing it to a recalcitrant clan seems completely in character, and I'm sure Bad King Urgrain did it.
  10. Going by p. 287: I don't imagine you have to have a wyter. And the recipients don't even have to be Humakti, right? Casting it on the Fyrd should surely be fine (and the best use of 2 Runepoints you can possibly make in that situation)? Further: is there a lower size requirement to a regiment, so that you can't just cast it on the PC party?
  11. I put my players through two practice out-of-continuity combats. Also because I wanted to see how things worked higher up the power curve and impress on them the dangers of combat (combat two pitted all the PCs against a single Sword of Humakt).
  12. It's really not a good use of page space to list individually the stats of all 24 skeletons, and stuff like that that older RQ publications do. The players won't really notice, it's a hassle for the GM, and it eats up space that could be used for interesting stuff.
  13. Iron at least should be pretty accessible in a longer campaign. It's not that rare. And magical swords isn't exactly a rarity in published adventures.
  14. Divine Intervention is seriously cheap (1 POW, a few rune points until next day of worship) for a Sword of Humakt, though. But yeah, either Divine Intervention or perhaps taking an additional Geas could be a reasonable compromise.
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