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  1. Akhôrahil


    I think it’s always good to start with what Gloranthans experience. If they can’t tell the difference, there probably isn’t one in any way that matters. How do you prove anything about the gods? Presumably by creating an efficacious ritual or magic or heroquest. Could anyone tell whether you ‘changed’ something or just discovered it? I don’t think so. Of course, one problem here is that two contradictory things can both be efficacious, so while you can prove things, it’s super hard to disprove anything. That’s God-Learner level stuff, not just showing what you can do but stopping others from doing their stuff by messing up their myths.
  2. If you want to go completely crazypants, play out an eight-player game of The Gods War and use that at the history. 🙂
  3. Akhôrahil


    That would be so great - we get (by necessity) a high-level view of most cults, so seeing all the local differences would really round the vision out. I want to see a weird local interpretation of Orlanth, and so on.
  4. Akhôrahil


    Even Heler shares a whole bunch of mythic characteristics with Orlanth.
  5. I think Egypt is a big source, where the "smiting pose" of the Pharaoh, striking down his enemies, is a big and repeated deal.
  6. Akhôrahil


    Can't remember who said that talking about "the Cult of Orlanth" is pretty much like talking about "the Cult of Dyáuṣ Pitṛ́".
  7. Akhôrahil


    And even if it does happen, I find a large difference between saying happened for a complex set of social reasons, and saying it happened because the Yelmalio cult was more right and true and the Elmalites just mostly realized this once it was revealed. While the winner does gets to write the mythology, I don't think we should say that the winner is automatically the one who got things right.
  8. Surely some disease spirits do this to animals? That’s how we get epidemics among the herds. But only some disease spirits can do this, and many of those instead don’t affect people, or at least not as badly. Lords of Terror even has disease spirits for plant life, with a Malia shaman who has learned how to handle such spirits.
  9. Definitely. Any high-level competitor will have over 100%. Best in the world, way beyond that. 100% is mastery. There’s a lot of room at the top above that. 100% grappling might be BJJ black belt. The champ has a lot more.
  10. Akhôrahil


    And this makes things interesting. Which is why I would prefer both sides having a point or a case in Yelmalio/Elmal, as well, without an objective referee deciding who is right. Elmal worship is getting very close to just doing it wrong.
  11. Akhôrahil


    How is the Hill of Gold a better core myth than Elmal Guards the Stead? What I find so unusual about this whole discussion is that Glorantha is normally very wary of deciding that someone is right and someone else is wrong. There would never be any objective statements that the Lunars are in the right and the Orlanthi just fools, or vice versa. But with Elmal/Yelmalio, we now essentially have Word of God that Elmalites are just stubborn reactionary fools who can’t accept the actual truth for bad reasons. (I mean, I’m sure that what Jeff says here is the Yelmalio party line.)
  12. Akhôrahil


    Yelmalio spirits wouldn't do something as impure and sinful as dancing. There's a high risk that someone might enjoy themselves!
  13. Partially, this can be simulated with Knockbacks - that duck isn't likely to stand up against those, so it's a useful tactic.
  14. "How many Germans does it take to screw in a lightbulb?" "One. They are efficient and have no sense of humour."
  15. Also Delecti, as in corpus delicti. Gods I hate some of the Gloranthan names.
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