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  1. Check out GoT season 7 and 8 for PCs dodging a dragon's breath!
  2. Ohhhkay... But isn't Godtime by definition timeless? I mean, the god should still exist in the limbo because your 'now' shouldn't impact on his then, right? One of the problems I have with dead gods... I mean, since everything of GodTime exists and heck can even be visited if powerful enough, why can't you worship a dead god and have the it from 'before' its death respond?
  3. I think he probably meant, narratively. If the dragon takes a gulp of air right before it breathes fire (as is seen in most modern media depictions of dragons) than it seems reasonable that PCs could attampt to leap out of the way of dragon's face. It's not so much they avoid the fire as they just avoid the direction the head is pointing.
  4. I mean I don't disagree with you, but a similar argument could be made for bladesharp or other temp modifiers applying twice when you split your skill. Hitting twice with a super sharp sword should be better than hitting once with one. But it doesn't (apparently) work that way. That's my only pause.
  5. Random...kept it old school. They each gained 1d6+4 bonus points. Everyone rolled 8 or 9 except for one guy who rolled 10. I decided since he obviously benefitted from the most powerful casting, he was the Crown Prince.
  6. Yeah, that's how I was doing it. I just wondered if I missed something in the rules about it. Noe, how does the multidodge penalty work? Does the -20 happen before you half the total? Certainly that's how bonuses work when you split your skill.
  7. Being prone/losing a leg allows parries at full value. What does it do to dodges?
  8. This is one of those things that RQ never handled well...AoE attacks.
  9. Right now in my campaign we are actually playing with that concept and genetic born "super-heroes". Lots of 21's in their stats. They definitely have a huge edge over 'mundane'! As a parent, it is definitely something I would have indulged in for my own kid if I could have, so I see no reason that chiefs and kings wouldn't do the same.
  10. Yup, Strangers in Prax. I have the module. That addition was, if I recall correctly, pretty much a DM fiat. I don't recall there being any benefit to the PCs for helping Barran do his thing other than standard physical rewards. So good on your GM! I certainly thought that helping someone accomplish what Barran does should have had more impact on the PCs (and thought it was lame they couldn't accompany him to the Hero Plane). (Of course I could be wrong, its been awhile since I looked at that module so I may have forgotten or missed it). Edit: I was wrong. You can get 'gifts' while inside the Vomiter by doing certain things, so yeah, good spot! Thanks for that.
  11. And neither does yours affect others? I don't see your point. The stuff that some of the writers have tried to put in to make the ducks more palatable obviously also doesn't affect other's vision. The fact will always remain it was a silly concept from the early days of roleplaying that got stuck in the setting. The old art style embraced its origin and made it less palatable to others and more palatable to those . The fact that, stuck with it, they've tried to retcon the race and make it more edgy or interesting or whatever, doesn't obscure what they were or where they came from. Regardless, if you want to keep talking about ducks, please could you start another thread? This isn't a thread about ducks, nor is it a thread about what I do or don't like about Glorantha.
  12. Yup, I am totally alone in this opinion. 🙄
  13. I was thinking permanent, again ala Seigfried) but yes, there would definitely be some draconic passion traits! Trying to think of abilities you might gain from other monsters...
  14. Interesting...is that detailed in their description or a module? I was thinking eating a dragon heart might boost species POW max and bathing in its blood might grant armor (ala Siegfried).
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