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  1. Interestingly, that seems to be out of the window sort of in the new rules. In the example, Orlanth gives the beseeching charact a 6 point lightning spell (granted, they still have to cast it, but...).
  2. Is that in the book anywhere? Are there rolls detailed for it (as if you can't abstract it, it feels like you are forced to run a seperate session for the player every time they want to do it)?
  3. So, to gain a new shamanic ability, a shaman must "bargain with a Greater Entity". How does a player do this? What mechanics are involved? How long does it take? I can't find anything beyond sacrificing ability points/taking taboos. Which I'm fine with if that's all there is to it, but I just want to be clear that's all ther is to it.
  4. So.... how do you destroy them? Surely you can wipe out an enemy temple in some way?
  5. True, but RQ4 (the unpublished one) did it Soltakss way, which in play I've found to be the only way to really make the spell worthwhile. Granted, the spells in RQ4 were gated at 1/10th of skill, so you would end up with a smaller defense.
  6. That sounds like a cool heroquest power, pre-transformation into a demigod.
  7. Bind all Wyters in giant, solid blocks of stone...check!
  8. On a slight tangent...how do you defeat a Wyter like that? I mean, in the current rules, ignoring houseruled heroquest abilities. I can see an extremely powerful shaman maybe challenging one, but 42 POW pretty much makes it immune to magic.
  9. " Stall 2 Points Ranged, Temporal, Nonstackble Stasis If the user overcomes the target’s POW with their own, the target seems to slow down dramatically. Every action in combat the target slows in that any action that doesn’t take more than 1 Melee round of Strike Ranks takes 12, and are only able to perform one action that costs Strike Ranks per round. They also only have Movement 1 and can parry once per round. Incredibly powerful. Suggest 1 point spell, stackable, adds 1 to target SR per point but target can still take at least one action per round in SR 12. No movement effect (since moving is an action that takes SR, no Parry reduction)." I don't know that I agree it is too powerful. A 3 point Rune Spell can outright kill a target (Sever Spirit). A 2 point spell that dramatically slows a target seems fair. I would probably just double the SR cost of their actions though, for simplicity.
  10. So what would a generic cult spirit look like/be statted as?
  11. Weird, the quick start references an Exorcism rune spell I think.
  12. Is there an exorcism Rune spell?
  13. I don't use shaman at all. So how do theists exorcise a possession?
  14. Maybe dumb question...how do non-shamen break possession or exorcise spirits who possess targets?
  15. If its a duel to the death, good luck getting the Bear Shirt to not use it. If he's challenged in a duel, he'll probably work himself up into a frenzy regardless of social ettiquette. And if you can't take him as a Berserk, you shouldn't have challenged him. Ditto challenging a sword master to a sword duel. Of course not, but they can't usually enforce rules that prohibit the haves from benefitting from their have status. Since community leaders typically would be haves in Glorantha (or society really), they hardly are going to agree to rules that prohibit them from using their own gifts...especially when those gifts are literally granted by the gods.
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