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  1. Tywyll

    Heroquest Reward Idea and Skill Improvement

    I don't doubt the will is there, but I imagine Stafford had the will to do it to and never did. I'm saying we don't know, until a book is in our hand. The design team could get hit by a meteor, etc etc.
  2. Tywyll

    Heroquest Reward Idea and Skill Improvement

    See I guess that's a problem for me. Where are they described? What do they do in fiction? What does Tree Leaping or Pillar of Fire even mean? The only examples I have seen are from RQ3 and they seemed to mostly boil down to ridiculous skill levels or innate armor or something similar.
  3. Tywyll

    Heroquest Reward Idea and Skill Improvement

    I'm unfamiliar with those. What are their mechanics?
  4. Tywyll

    Heroquest Reward Idea and Skill Improvement

    I guess we've been waiting for 'official' rules for 30+ years...what if these also don't see the light of day for whatever reason?
  5. So, last night I had a (probably stupid) idea for Highlevel/Heroquesting style rewards. When making a POW gain role, instead of gaining POW, the character can gain Power Points to spend on Super Powers from Superworld/BRP Gold book. Obviously the player would work with the DM (or they would just spend the points on the player's behalf) to find powers that were suitable for the quest the players performed. As to Skills... So I'm using the Mythras difficulty levels for skills. So a Hard roll is 2/3rds your skill (for example). So I was wondering, should the experience check be against the 2/3rds rather than the full value? The character was tasked beyond their normal skill and it seems like that would be the kind of stuff that would drive them to improve. Conversely, an easy roll that increases a skill by 1.5, would be rolled against the higher skill to see if you improved. It would take a bit more book keeping, but... So, how stupid are these ideas?
  6. That's cool. I would love to see those mechanics written up to help play at that level!
  7. Tywyll

    Best Rules for Comparing Successful Rolls

    Why is that out of curiosity?
  8. Tywyll

    Living Up to Mythic Aspirations

    I'm not saying that that shouldn't still be a risk, but what I'm pointing out (and was pointed out by others above) is that as damage is boosted, because of the way it works in RQ, extra d6 are more swingy the more you add. A character might have 12 or 18 points of armor, but if that soaks an average hit from foes they face, a good damage roll is almost guarenteed to be a serious injury. There seems to be little wiggle room...they laugh it off or they lose a limb. How did you address this?
  9. Tywyll

    Living Up to Mythic Aspirations

    Could you share more examples of the rewards you gave them and how you decided what they should be?
  10. Tywyll

    Stafford Library - Arcane Lore

    That's cool. Any rough idea when they'll see publication?
  11. Tywyll

    Stafford Library - Arcane Lore

    Thanks, okay I'll skip it then. I was hoping it would have something mechanical to help represent characters who become heroes instead of merely mortal.
  12. Tywyll

    Stafford Library - Arcane Lore

    So there are no mechanics or ideas for Heroquesting rewards?
  13. Tywyll

    Stafford Library - Arcane Lore

    So does Drivethru. But I'm looking to hear from someone who's actually read it and has an opinion on it before i sink $10 on a pdf. Especially if its not really usable.
  14. Tywyll

    Stafford Library - Arcane Lore

    So is that a 'not very good' then? Is it usable? Is it salvageable? If it's so rubbish why has it always cost so much?
  15. Anyone have this? If so, how are it's Heroquesting rules?