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  1. I was thinking permanent, again ala Seigfried) but yes, there would definitely be some draconic passion traits! Trying to think of abilities you might gain from other monsters...
  2. Interesting...is that detailed in their description or a module? I was thinking eating a dragon heart might boost species POW max and bathing in its blood might grant armor (ala Siegfried).
  3. Both. Though again, I am not looking for items unless they impart a permanent change to the pc.
  4. Thanks Phil. Do you know of any others?
  5. Sure, of course (though I would imagine old vs new there is heavily weighted towards old players), but since when has discussing old modules on this board been off the table? I have seen lots of such discussions and nobody batted an eyelid. Heck some of the new material has spoilers for old modules, like the cradle. Also, the thread topic clearly references the module and it's rewards as the topic of discussion...if people open the thread and care about being spoiled, that's on them. An article that discusses Endgame or GoT's ending and says that in the title...it's on the reader if they choose to continue and get spoiled.
  6. If anything, for GMs it might make them more interested in buying the module. That's a ridiculous and offensive take away. I never said that, in fact I said if you don't want to spoil, to pm me. I don't know how less spoilery I could be? Strong language? When? Where? On the otherhand you seem to want to taunt me with supposedly knowing the answers I was looking for but rather than being helpful choosing to be obtuse. Rather than writing this post and continuing to say na-na-na you could have taken this conversation private and spare our hypothetical virginal audience their spoilers. It clearly doesn't. Please reread what I asked for. If I wanted Nysalor Riddles I would have asked for those. Are you basing your taunt on the presence of NR in the modules? I also wasn't looking for magical items, I was looking for things that behaved like the great mother's rewards or the mushrooms. Things that modify stats. And? What are you saying we can't discuss modules on this board? That doesn't match the forum etiquette I have seen here, and certainly not in other old school forums. That isn't my impression.
  7. How does this spell work? Is it an autohit? Can it be dodged?
  8. Oh I agree with that! I was talking about switching characters in play.
  9. Um...it's a spoiler for a nearly 40 year old module. I think the statute of limitations has run out. Meanwhile, looking at my collection of modules and sandboxes I don't see any. Where is the permanent powers gained Griffin Mountain? What do you get in the Big Rubble (I don't count Nysalor Riddles). borderlands? It's possible I missed something but I don't recall anything like the rewards in Rainbow Mounds. But if you know of some and don't want to risk spoilers please PM me with details. As Gm I would like more adventures like that.
  10. Can I just say, I love your stuff! Would you consider putting it up on the site as a single file for downloading?
  11. No, its because anthro ducks are silly cartoon characters. All of the other examples have some sort of real world mythological connections or at least a level of potential cool factor. You can't divorce ducks from Daffy and Howard, however. You can't pretend the source material and its connotations don't matter. Were it a cool race of owl-folk or crane people, I'd be totally down for that. But it feels like they exist because someone wanted to play Howard the Duck or Daffy in the early wild and wooly days of rpgs where literally anything went (like, I've read about a guy playing a Balrog in an early campaign with Gygax because why not?). To me it breaks verisimilitude. While I enjoy humor in my games, I don't particularly want abject silliness.
  12. Sorry, I think I may have not been very clear or misunderstood your stance. What I was meaning, say you've played a character for a year and then the new edition radically changes what you can and can't do. Of course, you can ignore it, but if a big part of your concept or enjoyment of a character is X,Y, and Z, it seems asking the player to ignore that they can't do those things anymore (or their effectiveness is seriously reduced) does feel like asking a bit much. I wasn't trying to imply that you should incorporate the mechanic changes in a in play world altering event (though that also isn't really a bad idea now and again, especially in a setting like Glorantha where such things actually could happen in canon). I was just meaning that it seems like expecting the player to be happy with dramatic shifts in their fortunes seems fairly harsh. As someone who has changed systems on my players numerous times throughout the years, I've tried to sell the line that 'oh, nothing's changed in the story, your character is still the same fundamentally' repeatedly. My players never buy it.
  13. I'll address this comment alone. Ducks can die in a fire. I have zero interest in Daffy the Duck or Howard the Duck in my rpg. It was a ridiculous idea in the 70's hyuck hyuck phase of rpgs, and is ridiculous now (ymmv and all that). Broos/Beastmen have always been a part of my setting, but that was via Warhammer (which I know took them from Glorantha) way back in the 90's, so no I'm not missing out there. Dragons? Why would I be missing out on Dragons? BRP doesn't have Battlemagic/Divine Magic (not inherently). I don't like how the modern RQ systems have changed the POW economy, nor do I particularly like the Stat+stat for base skill system. It's not awful, just don't like it as much. I think RQ2 was pretty ace and I basically use RQG as supplementary material for RQ2. I do have some BRP influences though and use the BGB for some things.
  14. Out of curiosity, why do you reject that idea? At what line would you say that a system's change would impact a character's capabilities and therefore change the character? I mean, what if a new rules set did away with RQ3 sorcery and replaced it with Luner Sorcery from GoG, that would have a drastic impact on someone's PC if they had been a sorcerer. Why shouldn't that be a noticeable change? Similarly, though perhaps more absurd, if someone was playing a weapon master and then the new rules changed or removed that weapon from play, or prevented that character from reaching those levels of skill...how does that not impact the player and their vision of the character? Note, I realize I'm arguing against my own interests here as I've had this same debate with my wife...she hates it when I convert characters to new systems and things change (even subtly). I'm just interested in hearing another DM's rationale for making my argument.
  15. Clearly there is an unexplored market there then!
  16. Are there any other adventures or modules that do things like the Rainbow Mounds, where characters gain permanent magical benefits (i.e. the permanent armor points from killing the great lizard mother)?
  17. I've said it in other threads. But even if I were playing in Glorantha, I would probably still go down this route. Whataboutisms never ever justify anything. Marginalized cultures are forced to adopt culturalisms of the dominant culture, so it isn't the same. Sure...but not? If I were running Glorantha the metaplot could all die in a fire and I would have little interest in adhering to some kind of academic rigorous attempt at adhering to Greg's vision or whatever. That doesn't stop it from being appropriation. Intention doesn't absolve action. With none of the RQ rules have that end of the scale been written. It's been 40 years, I'm not interested in waiting any more. Among other things. Refusing to detail historical events is another. Yeah, I started with RQ3 and generic fantasy earth so that was more my introduction to the rules and mechanics of the system. Wish I still had my RQ Ninja boxed set.
  18. That would be great, if the rules say that somewhere. Otherwise it's open to interpretation. Edit: Okay, I saw the new piece that was written. Also, how does the POW of the Wyter weaken or strengthen the community? What are the exact pros and cons here? Right now, none that I can see. Protecting from invading spirits, yes, but otherwise?
  19. For the time being, I have matched the cults to my setting's own gods. Since my setting only has 9 true gods, they have subcults (like Orlanth). So for example, three of my players worship the same god (the Lawful God of War) but mechanically one is in a Humakt style cult, one is Yelmalion, and one is Storm Bull. It's quick and dirty, and given more time I would probably build correct cults of the individual gods, but I really wanted to play with the system asap so...this was the compromise. Since only two players have ever played rq and for both it was a long time ago (during RQ3...I'm not even sure they played in Glorantha), this doesn't really cause any problems. Most of them have zero familiarity and no attachment to the core setting but they have played other games set in my world, so that is familiar to them.
  20. Yup, characters with enchanted and or iron weapons wreck spirits. Much quicker to stab a ghost then try and defeat them in spirit combat!
  21. There are a lot of reasons, but none of them have to do with the mechanics of the game. I hesitate to even mention these because I imagine I'm going to get a lot of grief, or people trying to talk me out of them, and frankly I am not interested. These aren't really up for discussion. They have always felt like cultural appropriation to me, even before I understood that concept. That makes me uncomfortable. Like if this was written by a bunch of indigenous people in an attempt to share their culture and beliefs through an rpg, that would be one thing. But it isn't. That's the primary reason. Along those lines, since I have little knowledge of native tribal cultures, I don't really want to put them in my games (except in the broadest of strokes) because I don't want to rely on potentially harmful stereotypes in their portrayal. Of course any fantasy culture is going to be based on half-knowledge and stereotypes, but when I'm playing fantasy Europe/Mediterranean I'm messing with my own ancestry so I don't have an issue with that. While I find Glorantha fascinating, I don't actually set my games there. There are various reasons for that, but its incompleteness (in the sense that you can only really play on the low end of the power-scale officially) and the refusal to establish objective facts about the world and its overreliance on metaplot are all big turn offs as a place to run the game. On the other hand, it has one of, if not the, best religious magic systems and I love how everyone can use magic. So since I am using it to play in my home setting, and shamanism has never been a thing there, really. Druids are about as close as you come and they are basically just Earth worshippers. However, the new rules provide a cool suite of powers to a character type I will never use. That's why I want to repurpose them for my game.
  22. I'd love to see it if you could point me at a copy. That would be very cool. I think the lack of gifts and geas for every cult is a giant missed opportunity (and honestly I never understood why some gods had them and others didn't). Regardless though the reasons I don't are: a) I don't have that kind of time, sadly. This is the big one b) I don't have a problem with gradual advancement in lieu of the all or nothing approach currently in use (I don't feel the need for a hard line between the ranks) c) I want the shaman powers to see some use in my game (though I suppose I could do that via gifts) d) It allows more player facing choice rather than random rolls that potentially screw their character (yes, geese are in this system but players don't have to take them and can still get some of the powers). Buuuut...if I had infinite time, I would love to make gifts and geas for all cults.
  23. I'm happy to pull them from earlier editions. I don't think there is any reason not to. Don't forget your leather padding for 1 or 2 extra points! But yeah, that sounds about right (actually wait, you missed something-16+9+2+21+42=90ap). Wait, does boar fat stack with armor? So, constant high points dismiss magic are really the only possible way to combat this sort of thing. That or allowing magical natural armor boosts like from the Rainbow Mounds to be fairly common? Oh, I like Trueshield! That's a good idea.
  24. Oh sure thing! I don't even think its munchkin...I think that anyone who could do it, would do it!
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