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    I've played a lot of forums rpgs, but this is the first time actually playing a Pen & Paper RPG. I'm studying game development, and some of my fellow students and I were interested in creating an RPG group. They decided that I should be the GM, so I chose a system I liked and tomorrow will be our first session ;)
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    The setting of our new RPG campaign is probably a mix between ancient and high medieval.
    I've made up my own world, so it's kinda hard to tell ^^'
    It's about guilds vs the kingdom, corruption, hunger for power, seafaring and exploration of the world (sandbox).
    Right now there is no powers included (to make it a bit easier for me), but they might be added at a later point in story, when the characters arrive at the hidden ancient civilisations.
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    I'm born in 1990, half Swiss, half Italian, grown up in Switzerland, studying game development in Germany (finishing in October 2015) and have many hobbies and interests. I love making up worlds and stories, drawing, writing, programming and psychology.

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  1. Looks great! 😊 I think the trick was changing the text wrapping. By default it's set to inline and then you can't bring it to the front (or back) 🙂
  2. Hi Cloudlord 🙂 Glad you like it and find it helpful. I might add another version with the Passions and Allegiance in it instead of Hit Locations, since this seems to be more in demand, but I'm a bit too busy right now, so it'll have to wait. I did check the image functionality, and you are right, Word is not as straight forward with the sizing as I expected it to be 😯 (to be honest, I don't use Word very often for such things). I did find two ways, but they are a bit cumbersome. Select the portrait shape, right click and select "format shape", then choose "fill" in the side panel and select the "image and texture fill" (sorry, using the German Word, so the terms might be slightly different). Then choose the image you want. It works best with square images, although the shape is slightly wider than high. Once set, you can switch to the image properties and by adjusting the cropping (width, height, offset) you can minimize/remove the distortion. If you want to add the image separately and place it above the portrait background shape, you can drag it onto the page, then change the "text wrapping" of the image to "in front of the text". That way you can change the layer it's displayed on. Before you drag it to the right place, I'd recommend that you select the "Name" label and banner first, then either right click or switch to "Format" on the top bar tab and click on "To the front". Otherwise the image will overlap them. After that you can move the image to the right spot and crop it or add other effects on it (I'd suggest double clicking the image and selecting the oval with blurred borders). The only downside to that is that it might stick out at the top ob the banner, so you need to make it a little smaller then the full shape.
  3. Haha, actually it's not, as I didn't know the RQ3 sheet before 😄 But someone in the Discord channel (I believe it was VorpalMace) also mentioned it and it was very funny indeed to see how similar they look (after I googled it). I guess it was just a natural color choice, and I must have a similar taste of style to the one of whoever designed the RQ3 sheet back then 😜 I intentionally planned to draw some custom frames around the boxes and things like that to give it a bit more flavor. This was really just a "layout test" to see how I can fit all the info 🙂 But it already took quite a few hours, so I haven't gotten around the more decorative enhancements. But there sure are more character sheets to come from me 😉
  4. Die erste Version war in "Mockplus DT" erstellt. Die neuere habe ich nun in Word erstellt, damit sie editierbar ist für alle 😉
  5. I've added a Word version, so you can adjust it. Not sure how much space you'd need for those. If you're not using the Hit Locations I'd suggest removing those and adding the passions in that space. Otherwise you can maybe remove some of the power sections you don't need or make the notes smaller 🙂
  6. Hi SDLeary 🙂 Great that you like it! No, ZAON was not an inspiration for it. I did have a look at various character sheets as inspiration, but most of them were custom ones made for DnD, and they don't look anything close to mine, since BRP has a lot more information than those. Plus, this here is actually only the "layout" of all the information. I wanted to give the boxes some nice frames, like scrolls or wooden frames or something like that. I just didn't get to that point yet.
  7. Version 1.0.1


    An alternative character sheet layout for "Basic Roleplaying - Universal Game Engine" translated to German. Ein alternatives Charakterbogen Layout für "Basic Roleplaying - Universal Game Engine", übersetzt ins Deutsche. Die Word-Datei verwendet "Arial" für die Überschriften, "Arial Nova" für den Text und "Font Awesome 5 - Free" für die Checkboxen. Sie sollten alle gratis herunterladbar sein, falls ihr sie nicht installiert habt und den Charakterbogen editieren wollt 🙂
  8. Version 1.0.0


    An alternative character sheet layout for "Basic Roleplaying - Universal Game Engine". The Word file uses "Arial" for the headers, "Arial Nova" for the text and "Font Awesome 5 - Free" for the checkboxes. They should all be freely downloadable in case you don't have them installed and want to adjust the character sheet 🙂
  9. Hey everyone, there are a couple of things to notice: The Mac version unfortunately doesn't work. You can test it on http://brp-tool.cursaro.it/ though. Not all of the animations work correctly there. But I guess it's better than nothing. The icons I used are based on "fontawesome". Unfortunately the tool didn't include the font when exporting, so you have to install the font locally to see them correctly -.-' You can install the one in the attachment or download it here: http://fontawesome.io/#modal-download Just click on download, skip the popup by clicking the button at the bottom "No thanks, ...", save and unpack it. After that open the fonts folder and install the font. The registration/login in the mockup are fake, there is no logic behind it. You can enter whatever you want (in general for any page). But for the real tool I need a login, because I need a way to connect the campaigns and characters to your account. But there won't be any "data collection" or alike. I added some screenshots so you get an idea of how the mockups look like. fontawesome-webfont.svg
  10. Hey everyone, it's been quite a while, but I've finally managed to finish the design I know, it doesn't sound like much, especially regarding the time it took, but a lot of thinking went into it, and I redid it several times 'til I had a satisfying result. I've tried to make sure to include all important functionalities and still make it look clear, intuitive and comfortable. The mockups are only a "rough draft", meaning it's more about the layout, descriptions, etc. The colors are not final, and it obviously will not look as flat as in the demo. But I'd appreciate it, if you would test it and give me feedback. I planned to upload it as HTML on my page, but the exporter is a little buggy, so you unfortunately have to download the .exe (window) or .app (mac) to test it. But I swear I didn't hide any virus in there! You can download the programm here: BRP-Tool.cursaro.it/BRP_Tool_v3-Win.zip BRP-Tool.cursaro.it/BRP_Tool_v3-Mac.zip I've included the nav panel on the left, so you can switch between pages more easily (and have a little more control over it). The pages are 1024 x 768 px, so you best test them on desktop. Tablet should work, too, but the input fields will most likely be too close to each other. I hope you enjoy exploring it and am looking forward to hear your opinion (even if I don't promise I'll adapt everything).
  11. Hey everyone I've got great and even better news! I've finally got a job, which means I can focus more on the tool again. And the even better news is, that I'm going to work as a web-developer, which means I'll learn a lot of new, useful and advanced stuff I can perfectly use for the tool
  12. Hey everyone Sorry for keeping quiet for a while ^^' I have to focus on finding a job for the moment, so I'm not really working much on the tool right now. Anyways, the voting is over, and the result is as following: So I'll go for the money system.
  13. 2nd and 3rd ed of what? I have the BRP 2nd ed, so I guess there must be a 1st edition... o.O
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