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  1. I (my real life Me) is according to RQG SIZ 15 (height) and SIZ 18 (weight). I don´t see myself as THAT tall... also not THAT fat.
  2. Since Cavendishs "Men, Myth & Magic" was published from 1970 to 1972 you might be correct.
  3. My subjective (and not objective) answer to this: I have read and played RQ3, a little bit of RQ2, a little bit of RQ4 (the one that was never published), a little bit of RQ4 (aka Mongoose RQ), played RQ6 aka Mythras, AND CoC 3rd to 6th editions, Stormbringer 3rd to 5th editions, plus BRP Big Golden Book), a little bit OpenQuest, and some other BRPs, and NOW i read and play RQG. Yes the rules are not always as clear to me, but most of the time it is not the fault of RQG, but because of myself mixing in all the informations i have in my head from previous editions and related RPGs.
  4. The Temple of the Wooden Sword dissolved in 1615. Some members moved away from Dragon Pass (Londra to Old Wind Temple, another reknown member to Pavis, etc.), some stayed in Dragon Pass (Naimless/Nameless is still the Champion of the Colymar, and another reknown member is running an Inn, etc.). A lot of the Humakti stay with Alebard (and his wife Eril Silksword) as part of the battalion of Alebards Tower. This seems to be the case from slightly after the dissolvement of the Temple of the Wooden Sword in 1615 and it seems to haven´t changed by 1625. With your campaign right in between
  5. It also might be an option to give each player two fully fleshed out characters instead of just one (like in the old Chaosium sessions, Greg has run), or at least give them an additional sidekick character in addtion to their main character.
  6. @Scorus There is a LOT more to the story of Argrath... and we will find out when "The Great Argrath Campaign" (whatever the title will eventually be) will be published.
  7. Argrath is like Danerys (of Game of Thrones fame) to some extent: She starts as an underdog. She does some deeds that pleases a lot of people, making allies that way. She gains magical abilities/weapons (the Dragons). She is the rightful heir to the throne. She alienates her allies by forcing her will on them, becoming a ruthless/mad queen. Argrath starts as a person that is likable, because he gets things done. Later on he becomes a bad guy (in the eyes of a lot of his former allies), but still is a hero.
  8. What do we know so far from things Jeff, Jason et all have posted here, on facebook, or mentioned at conventions, etc.: RQ Starter Set Box - New Pregens - Book with the description of Jonstown - about 5 adventures (in and around the Jonstown area, i assume), of which one seems to be an upgrade of the Rainbow Mounds - a SoloQuest
  9. This will look beautiful on my shelf. :-)
  10. "In Deckung" und "Sorandib" sind nun auch als PDF verfügbar! HIER gehts lang
  11. Die "Oktober-Neuheiten" sind da! "Sorandib - Die Stadt des Feuerdämons", der Ergänzungsband zu unserer Kampagnen-Welt Thennla, ist vom Drucker zurück! In dem 116-seitigen Hardcoverbuch befindet sich eine Beschreibung der Stadt, der Umgebung, Abenteuer, aber auch Regeln für Alchemie und einiges mehr. Für nur € 29,95 kann es eures werden! "In Deckung - Ein Kampf-Modul für MYTHRAS", das zweite Heft, in welchem im Learning-by-Doing-Verfahren, ein Szenario präsentiert wird, welches auf einen bestimmten Aspekt der Kampfregeln von Mythras eingeht; hier ist es der Fernkampf. D
  12. Real life can be more silly than any RPG adventure:
  13. Das "RuneQuest: Rollenspiel in Glorantha"-Crowdfunding des Uhrwerk Verlags auf GAME ON TABLETOP geht in die "Late Pledge"-Phase. Sie ermöglicht es auch nach verpasstem Crowdfunding noch in den Genuss der frühen Auslieferung UND der erarbeiteten Strechgoals zu kommen. Die Aktion geht noch bis zum 02. November 22:00 Uhr. https://www.gameontabletop.com/cf195/runequest-rollenspiel-in-glorantha.html Für die Unentschlossenen eine Zusammenfassung was man für welchen Betrag erhält: Unterstützer “INITIIERTER” € 27,00 - Grundregelwerk al
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