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  1. "Six Seasons in Sartar" is a GOLD seller (501+), how can it be that "The Company of the Dragon" hasn´t made it to Electrum in 4 weeks? I thought that AT LEAST 50% of all buyers of "Six Seasons in Sartar" would instabuy "The Company of the Dragon" in the first week. If you liked Six Seasons, you will love Company. The book (which i call "The RuneQuest Glorantha Prequel Book", because it covers the years 1920 to 1625, and the official RQG starting point is 1625) is brilliant! Go, get it, it´s only one click away: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/350649/THE-COMPANY-OF-THE-DRAGON
  2. I STILL wouldn´t translate the title of the game. It´s "Warhammer" not "Kriegshammer". It´s "Traveller" not "Reisender". It´s "Dungeons & Dragons" not "Kerker & Drachen". etc.
  3. Bought it. Just out of curiosity what my polish neighbours do. 🙂
  4. Very simple: RuneQuest is translated as RuneQuest and not Runenqueste. So i wouldn´t translate the name of the game et all... just end a subtitle: "Lord of the Middle Sea - Rollenspiel in den postapokalyptischen Inselstaaten" or something like that...
  5. I will do whatever i can to give the german edition a good start, and keep promoting. RQ (and BRP in general... except CoC) is not very well known in germany... with the new RQ edition now is the time to change that!
  6. Me thinks that the "Das Schwarze Auge" art crew had this western picture as their reference image also. International nobody will notice the coincidence of the DSA box cover and the RQ Starter Set book cover. In germany the coinicidence might have a POSITIVE (nostalgia) effect for the product. We will have to wait and see (Uhrwerk Verlag already mentioned that the Starter Set will be the next RQ products after their three initial releases: core book, GM Pack and Bestiary).
  7. The cover of book one looked familiar. Now i figured out why ("Die Helden des Schwarzen Auges", Rulebook of "Das Schwarze Auge 2nd Edition" 1988):
  8. My first thought when i heared about the Chaosium boardgame (back in the eary 1990s): A wargame about who of Rome, Greece, Egypt, Spain, etc. get to control the sea? Middle Sea is the word for word translation of "Mittelmeer", the german name for the Mediterranean Sea, and my english was much worse by then.
  9. Interpret itr that way: ONE Elder Sign: good TWO Elder Signs: cancel themselves out... you are in trouble
  10. If you don´t like a rule in your D100 game (or in your case: your players are to afraid to use it) have a look how other D100 games are handle this. BRP, OpenQuest and CoC doesn´t have augments, but RQ6/Mythras has. You can augment one skill by another skill with 1/5th of the value of the skill you augment with. If you have a skill of 60%, you can augment another by 12%. No roll required, not penalties for failure, but a much lower bonus than what an augment in RQG could give. Maybe you can suggest this to your players. I would stick with the RQG rules set, and augment with s
  11. In Germany: Stormbringer was published from 1989 to 1992 with 5 supplements. RuneQuest 3 was published 1991 to 1995 with 5 supplements. RuneQuest 6 was published in 2015 and continues to be supported in its MYTHRAS transformation, but is published by a gaming club in VERY low print runs. BRP never made it into german. In germany BRP is only a footnote so far (except for Call of Cthulhu, first published in 1986 in german, which is HUGE in germany). We, the BRP/D100 fans, hope that this will change with RQG being published in german later this year.
  12. The best thing i would like the boxed set to be is: Two different editions. One box, like the CoC Starter Set (softcover booklets, pamphlets, sheets, and dice). One or two hardcover books, collecting all the booklets texts, plus some additional sheets and maps in a slipcase (like in the GM Screen Pack*). No dice needed, because this would be for people that are already into RQG. But i understand, that from a business prospective it would be to expensive, and therefore i am happy to buy the boxed set. 🙂 * I would have liked to have the GM Screen Pack Adenture Book in Hardcover, too
  13. I, as the chairman of the Chaos Society (aka RuneQuest-Gesellschaft e.V.) don´t support this idea! "The Widow´s Tale" is IMHO such a great story, such a good Glorantha representation that it deserves better than merely being republished by a fan organisation. Maybe, one day, The Widow´s Tale" will be available in a larger print run, and with the Pendragon dragon logo and the publisher name "Chaosium" on it´s spine. That is what i would like to see for this story.
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