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  1. The german edition of Mythras is printed in germany, and there have been no quality issues i have seen or heared about so far.
  2. "The Rostakori Clan" added to the JC-Map
  3. Updated the JC-Map in the original post (waited for "Secrets of Dorastor" to be available to make this update). The maps are RQ maps... but i included "Valley of Plenty", even if it was written for HQ rather than RQ.
  4. Which should be mentioned in the adventure text as optional...
  5. "Pandelume or True Dreams or The RuneQuest Movie" was not by Greg Stafford, but by Christopher Gore (of FAME fame) Greg sponsored Conventions with a copy of this script now and then. It is a movie script in 58 scenes. IMHO it isn´t very gloranthan, runequestish or good.
  6. The "second part" I Skugga Hrafnisins is also very good.
  7. It´s a very good ctholoid movie too!
  8. The indian movie "Bahubali" represents for me best what Glorantha and RuneQuest COULD look and feel like.
  9. Updated JC-Map to include "Vinga´s Ford"
  10. I don´t want to change the colours of the dots. Red dots = RQG Blue dots = RQ 1-3 Green dots = HQ I changed the light grey numbers of the adventures in "The Smoking Ruins" to light blue, so that they are not look to similar to the white numbers of the "The Pegasus Plateau" adventures.
  11. Corrected the "Arrows of War" (dot 5) location on the JC-map. Thanks to Nick Brooke for pointing it out!
  12. Added one Adventure Location to Map I --> The Location of "The Whispering Ruins", which was published in the Dragonmeet 2019 brochure.
  13. "RuneQuest - Roleplaying in Glorantha" Rulebook + "The Glorantha Sourcebook" should be enough to dive into Glorantha. Do yourself a favour and make it the "RuneQuest Glorantha" Slipcase - with the Rulebook, the Glorantha Bestiary and the GM Resources and Adventure Pak (which is called GM Screen Pak, but contains so much more)- PLUS "The Glorantha Sourcebook".
  14. And there is TRADETALK # 10 and # 11... still available via DrivethruRPG...
  15. Another idea how to use these four maps: If you want to write an adventure (for JC?) either --> a) Have a look where other adventures are located, and reuse some of the themes, NPCs, etc. to make your adventure more interlinked with stuff that is already out there. b) Have a look where other adventures are located, and build an adventure around a place that wasn´t used before in official publications, and making it stand out by that choice. It works BOTH ways. :-)
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