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  1. Now i regret to just have purchased the PDF... want a REAL book!
  2. Will there be a POD option (preferarably in hardback)?
  3. Just bought the book (sadly only as PDF, because nothing else was available). Edit: It seems that it is GONE again. ???
  4. A very good friend of my wife (and former flat-sharing community friend) if the translator of the books into german. Will be nice to tell her thses news (she is a roleplayer herself).
  5. AndreJarosch


    Are you planning to include the coders in upcoming supplements (or in the Dragon Pass Campaign book)?
  6. As far as i know this is due to a gender-swap by the Godlearners. Before the Godlearners it was a female fertile Earth goddess and a male warrior Fire god.
  7. Alle deutschen MYTHRAS Produkte (einschliesslich der Oktober Neuheiten zur SPIEL 19 nächste Woche) als Checkliste (die beiden Lücken wurden für die Regelergänzung "Mythras - Das Begleitbuch" und das Thennla Quellen- und Abenteuerbuch "Sorandib - Stadt des Feuerdämons" gelassen):
  8. For keeping the "we encounter strange other creatures" feeling i would alter the ducks of the adventure into newtlings. But: A ducks only party? Great!
  9. Chaosium has answered similar questions before: It seems that there are NO PLANS to do a new/updated version of the BRP book. And i can´t blame them. This book doesn´t need an update, it is great as it is. And there will be no new setting or adventure books based on BRP alone anymore. BUT Chaosium has plans to publish BRP (RQG, cleared from the Gloranthan additions) setting books in the future. These books are likely based upon RQG (with BRP tendencies) and will include the setting specific rules. So they will be stand alone RPGs. In the past 5 books (and additional supplements for them) were mentioned: Mythic Island (set in 950 AD) Varangian RUs (set in 950 AD) Arabian Knights (set in 950 AD) Constantinople (set in 950 AD) Pirates ((set in the 1600s AD) Each book will include the RQ/BRP rules adjusted to the setting (especially magic i assume).
  10. Adulthood starts at Initiation, which isn´t taking place when you turn 20, but more like 15 years. So building a family can easily start at anything from 16 to 36. I use 20 in my Glorantha, because "children can happen", you don´t have to be married. :-)
  11. Story hooks, ideas... The natural way for ducks travelling from Sartar to the River of Cradles region should be south through Heortland, along the coastline to Corflu and from the stream upwards. Travelling through Prax will be hard for a water loving species. The group of ducks is hunted by (lunar) bounty hunters (make them a thread, but whenever the pursuing bounty hunters are almost there, give the group a head start - to the next "safe" location... until the bounty hunters find them).
  12. Your set up story is exactly the story of "Gloranthan Duck Tales" a gloranthan HQ adventure, currently only published in german in "Schattenklinge # 19".
  13. An "action" picture of a Trollball game. The players are Uz (Trolls), well armed (but not overly heavy), with blunt weapons in hands. The ball is a Trollkin of course.
  14. Uz are BIG, not fat (even if some of their mass is a layer of fat)! Think Wrestlers or Strong Man competitors, rather than sumo ringers.
  15. A long time ago Greg wrote this article (and i hunted down a copy of that book on eBay): https://www.glorantha.com/docs/postcards-from-glorantha/
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