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  1. It would be more practical to alter the description of the Smoking Ruins to reflect the map (as soon as TSR needs to be reprinted?).
  2. If you toy around a little bit more with the elemental runes you may think that this is a game of "Nephilim: Glorantha". 😉
  3. You are right, should be that way around.
  4. I would like to add, that at least in MY Glorantha the elemental runes can also be used to inspire reistance table checks based upon the characteristics: STR --> Air/Storm CON --> Earth SIZ --> Darkness INT --> Fire/Sky DEX --> Water POW --> Moon CHA --> ?
  5. I haven´t looked it zp, but shouldn´t all Spells from the Rulebook also be includedec in the Red Book?
  6. Just raise the asking price for whatever it has to be to keep the quality (hardcover, premium colour) what we are used to from the POD JC titles so far. Everything is fine, the books are worth it.
  7. What you should buy/read is IMHO: a) Follow the Chaosium article numbers CHA 4025 - ... + 4500 b) follow the RQ Classic line, aka CHA 4001 - 4024 c) Try to get buy Avalon Hills RQ3 books of the RQ Renaissance (Sun County, Strangers in Prax, Shadow on the Borderlands, Dorastor,, Lords of Terror) for a reasonable price. d) Get some of the Jonstown Compendium titles from Drivethru (Sandheart 1 - 3, Armies & Enemies of Dragon Pass, Six Seasons in Sartar, The Company of the Dragon, The Rough Guide to Glamour, Legions, ...). If you have all of that and STILL want more: ask again
  8. Or do they have a clause in their contracts that excludes fighting other Sun Domers?
  9. I have one question regarding Suun Dome Templar mercenaries: After 1628 it is more than likely that the Sartarite Sun Dome Temoplars will fight on Argraths side, but the Sun Dome Templars of the Lunar Provinces will very likely fight on the Lunar/Tarshite side. What will Sun Domers do if they meet other Sun Domers fighting for the enemy on the battlefield? Fight each other, because that is what they get paid for? Avoid each other and fight "real" Sartaites/Tarshites instead? Something else?
  10. I will back this Kickstarter, though i have all of these items from their first printrun in my collection already.
  11. Howard for President! 😉
  12. In my Glorantha the common duck individual (worshippers of Orlanth, Ernalda) are "cowardly" in a way that they want to live their lives in peace and harmony; they just wan´t to do their things. Not so much different from other Orlanthi folk (that means about 85%; the Orlanthi All"). The other 15% are different, and my ducks of this category are extremists in their ways. And the Humakti in perticular.
  13. Back in the day, we tried to get more Glorantha (HeroQuest RPG) material into print. New written for HQ or converted from never available in huge numbers RQ stuff. A lot of stuff for Tradetalk 18 to 20 were done, but no issue was ready for publication. Tradetalk 18 and 19 would have been two issues of Catch-Up stuff. Two issues with all the articles, herobands, and episodes have had piled up. about 50% of the stuff would have been converted RQ material, and translations of german language stuff. Tradetalk 20 would have been a big Thanatar special, with two scenarios by MOB and Trevor
  14. Will they be "slightly corrected" to fit into the RQG canon? It would be nice to have every book from CHA 4025 onward 100% canonical books.
  15. Unsere zwei Juni-Neuheiten sind beim Drucker: 1017 Meeros - Dem Untergang geweiht Eine Mini-Kampagne in drei Teilen in Meeros 24 Seiten € 7,95 Voraussichtlich in 3 bis 5 Wochen vom Drucker zurück (ich hoffe auf 3 Wochen) 1008 Buch der Questen Eine Kampagne in 7 Abenteuern in der GEGEND 7 Abenteuer, welche in einer Kampagne zusammenhängen, aber auch einzeln gespielt werden können. 196 Seiten € 27,95 Voraussichtlich in 3 bis 6 Wochen vom Drucker zurück (ich befürchte 5 oder sogar 6 Wochen) Die beiden Bücher sind bereits in unsere Website (www.100questen.de) einge
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