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  1. Tapping Chaos might be frowned upon. Because you tap CHAOS energie, and use it yourself. You can argue that the use of chaotic energie makes you chaotic too!
  2. Are you only after RQ stuff or is generic Glorantha stuff and/or HeroWars/HeroQuest stuff also welcome?
  3. IMHO The Loskalm Empire still sees iteself as the ideal kingdom, and sees everyone aroud itself as imperfect, and will do evil deeds to conquer these other counties to bring them their ideals. Much like the Lunar Empire, but without all inclusiveness Lunar understanding of the world, more like stern ideals forced upon others.
  4. It seems that a Fronelan campaign will be made for the swedisch edition of RQG: Its in swedisch, just let your browser translate it for you: https://eloso.se/gunilla-jonsson-och-michael-petersen-skriver-unikt-runequest-material-for-eloso/?fbclid=IwAR244qhuIWcPd31ZNFH4k5QQXBfeCZmyMVMaTSF8BBeDo1Y7E5CZAvh_q4E
  5. Not a alcoholic drink, but is chocolate availale in Glorantha (bars, or as drink)?
  6. Converting skill stats is not that complicated. The main problem i have is the suggested rolls in adventures: If a BRP-Adventure for instance states that this situation required a DEX x 2 roll to jump out of danger, i assume that this will be a roll on Evade. But is DEX x 2 converted into a Hard, Formidable, something else? A simple DEX roll (DEX x 5) is for the average Person against 55% (DEX 11 x 5), but can be in between 15 and 90, but that are extremes. Lets assume that DEX is somewhere in between 6 to 15 --> 30 to 75%. Since the average DEX in MYTHRAS is the same (11) and 6 to 15 is likely, the base chance can be everything in between 12 to 30%, on average 22%. An Easy Evade roll would become a 42%, and a Very Easy a 62% for ther average DEX 11 guy. So MY conversion would be: DEX x 5 = Very Easy DEX x 4 = Easy DEX x 3 = Standart DEX x 2 = Standart DEX x 1 = Hard or Formidable But this is only for DEX converted to Evade. The outcome may differ for other skills. If the skill of the average adventurer is likely to be higher than the base chance due to his culture, and/or occupation it will be different from skills that are likely NOT to be raised during character creation. It´s more complcated than it seems at first glance.
  7. The printed version of "RuneQuest - Roleplaying in Glorantha" has feen released! The RuneQuest-Gesellschaft e.V. thinks that this has to be celebrated! Our way to celebrate this is to make an october SPECIAL OFFER: The Path of the Damned - Part One to Three All three Issues of THE PATH OF THE DAMNED ! 3 x full colour 48 pages gloranthan comic! Based on the gloranthan RQ sessions of the autors and artists! For just € 18,00 (S&H included!) eBay Path of the Damned
  8. That sounds like Ian Cooper needs to write a HeroQuest scenario in Runegate for the next HQ Glorantha scenario book. :-)
  9. Chronicles of Future Earth looks promising, but by mentioning the word FATE they has lost me as a customer. I am a D100 guy, and if i want to play more story telling wise, why should i choose FATE, when i am familiar with HeroQuest? (rhetorical question, don´t bother to answer)
  10. „Merrie England: The Age of Eleanor“ was published 2009 for MRQ (80 pages). „Merrie England: The Age of Chivalry“ was published 2011 for BRP (200 pages) „Merrie England: Robyn Hode“ was published 2017 for Revolution D100 (196 pages) The first book is not important et all. “Merrie England: Robyn Hode” lost the following parts, compared with „Merrie England: Age of Chivalry“: - campaign - some stuff about demonology “Merrie England: Robyn Hode” has some additions, compared with „Merrie England: Age of Chivalry“: - Nottingham and Sherwood Forest and Sandbox-Setting with a lot of adventure hooks - description and stats for Robyn Hode and the Merrie Men
  11. Vasala meets Sorala in New Pavis in Dark Season 1626. But the adventures in the book take place 1625. If Vasana, Harmast an Sorala are together in that adventure it has to be AFTER Dark Season 1626.
  12. I love Vasanas Saga, as much i loved Ruriks story in RQ, and Biturian Varoshs story in Cults of Prax. But Vasanas Saga is illustrated! In RQG there are 17 Vasans Sage texts (besides the ones in the character creation chapter), and almost all of them come with an illustration somewhere in the book (most of the time nearby, in two cases somewhere entirely else in the book): text / picture (title) 138 / 136 (Battle of the Queens) 140 / 240 (Kallyrs pyre in Boldhome) 166 / 162 (meeting Biturian Varosh) 196 / 190 (The Block) 228 / 226 (The Paps) 235 / 232 (meeting Argrath in New Pavis) 238 / ? (meeting Sorala) 245 / 242? (Orlanth ceremonie) 255 / 252 (meeeting the shaman) 270 / 312 (Snakepipe Hollow) 352 / 350 (Spirits) 367 / 376 (Fighting in the Spirit World) 371 / 364 (Spiritworld) 372 / 373 (Lunar Snakes in the Spirit World) 383 / 380 (meeting the sorcerer) 407 / 402 (Gundas hostage) 419 / 414 (arming for westfaring) A few questions arise: Does my connection between the text on page 245 and the picture on page 242 seems to be correct? Have i missed a picture that belongs to the text on page 238? Will there be additional "Vasanas Saga" texts for: - the cover (that features Vasana, Yanioth, Harmast, Vishi, Vostor and Sorala) - the picture on page 4 (troll ambush in ruins; featuring Vasana, Yanioth, Harmast and Sorala) - the picture on page 98 (caravan; featuring Vasana, Yanioth, Harmast, Vishi, Vostor and Sorala) - the picture on page 268 (pig sacrifice at Ernalda Temple; featuring Vasana and Yanioth) And when in Vasanas Saga do you thing they take place? The cover of the "Gamemaster Screen Pack" also features Vasana, Harmast, and Sorala. When and where is that?
  13. Since none of the RQ2 books were ever translated into german, and only two RQ3 Glorantha Supplements were (Apple Lane, Gods of Glorantha), my hope is that at some point all the glorious supplements will be available in german language. Since we don´t have a nostalgic past with RQ as the english speaking part of the world has, an RQ Classic line wouldn´t work in germany. So my only hope is that the RQ2 and RQ3 books will be republished updated for RQG, so that we can get these books in german language as well. :-)
  14. Publish the three newly found ones as OSR now, and give us an update later on (in a couple of years, or so). IMHO all the RQ2 and RQ3 books should be updated to RQG and be republished in Aldryami version.
  15. Meditate and Combat? You don´t meditate "on the fly". But if you have a duel in a few minutes, it can help the combatant that uses meditate, while he waits for the duell to start, a lot!
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