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    Playing RPGs since 1984, Stormbringer since 1991, Call of Cthulhu since 1991, RuneQuest since 1992, big collection of BRPs
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    Nephilim one-on-one, Call of Cthulhu 1920s, RuneQuest in Glorantha
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    born 1972, married, two kids (born 2007 and 2009), working in a department store selling toys and games, other hobbies are movies, tv-series and genealogy

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  1. Same here: MYTHRAS feels like it was DESIGNED to make the best locical use of the D100 System. RUNEQUEST feels like it has GROWN from edition to edition (RQ1, RQ2, RQ3 to RQG) into the D100 System that it is today.
  2. I should join Yelorna??? I don´t think so.
  3. Loz: Am i allowed to translate this for german language sites to explain to german Mythras and/or RQ gamers where the differences of the two systems are?
  4. NEUHEIT! OKTOBER! SPIEL 21! 60 Seiten Abenteuer in der GEGEND € 14,95
  5. Reading all these commnts and theories getting me bad ideas: A healer campaign in the Hero Wars, based on MASH, with the sarcastic Chalana Arroy Hawkeye Pierce, the more pragmatic Ernaldan Trapper John, etc. Oh, and Klinger has to be a Yelmalion, because: crossdressing. 🙂
  6. Wouldn´t be a republication as a Jonstown Compendium file a good idea?
  7. I I don´t know if Soltakss has meant it this way, but i would allow "Devotion (Deity)" to be used as an AUGMENT of an DI roll.
  8. It is a setting book/supplement, se he needs the MYTHRAS core book to use it.
  9. But back to the original topic: "Trickster seduced Babeester Gor, who was the child?" IMHO seduction doesn´t have to be a rape. If Trickster would have been sober, and went for a drunken Babs, that could be considered rape, but not if BOTH were drunk, and Trickster went for Babs, and she was "Why not?", then this counts for me as seduction, not as rape. For the second part: Sex doesn´t always end up in pregnancy. Not each one-night-stand produces a child. In my Glorantha BOTH were drunk, had sex, the next day Babs regretted it, Trickster boasted about it, and no offspring was produced.
  10. As far as i understood rape is BAD, but it can be a part of violent behaviour of members of the human(oid) race(es). Gunda was raped by a Brithini philosopher. Beat-Pot raped a Lunar Priestess. A rape doesn´t make the rapist a chaotic being, BUT rape is a chaotic act. Even non-chaotic beings can commit chaotic acts. (another) BUT performing a chaotic act gives a chance that it turns you into a chaotic being! If you rape someone you risk the chance that it turns you into a chaotic being. And if you risk the chance that it might turn you into a chaotic being, you almost acknowledge that you ARE already a chaotic being. And since every chaos is all chaos rapists will be killed on the spot in my Glorantha.
  11. That would be a great project for our Jonstown Compendium artists: Martin Helsdon, Dario Corallo or Simon Bray?
  12. You are mostly right: RQ2 Trollpak is mostly the same as RQ3 Trollpak backround text + Haunted Ruins and Into the Troll Realms. But RQ3 Trollpak had new adventures in it: and these new adventures could be reprinted as a Troll Adventure Booklet. You can´t have enough of gloranthan uz, don´t you?
  13. Is my idea of the first 5 titles in line with what YOU think is worth being reprinted? I am NOT asking to do it NOW (or at all). Just asking if you see the same books as worth reprinting as me.
  14. Socks in Sandals? He must be a german tourist!
  15. I am sorrow that some of the RQ3 publications are currently not avaiable. Some other supplements i would like to see back in print (or PDF) available to new RQ newbys. Some things were good enough to get them back into print, but are not sooo important to me. My idea on a RQ3 Classic Line: Should get pack into print IMHO: 1. Sun County 2. Strangers in Prax + River of Cradles adventure (background reprint not nessessary, because of RQ2 P&BR) + Heroes magazine Ostrich Tribe 3. Shadows on the Borderlands 4. Trollpak 2 (everything from "Into the Troll Realms", "Hauted Ruins", "Trollpak" and "Troll Gods" that wasn´t covered in RQ2 Trollpak. 5. Dorastor + Lords of Terror Would be nice to have back in print IMHO: 6. RuneQuest Deluxe Book 7. Glorantha Boxed set + Missing Lands (but almost all of it is already covered in the Guide to Glorantha and other publications) 8. Gods of Glorantha (but almost all of it will already be covered in the upcoming Gods of Glorantha and other publications) 9. Glorantha Bestiary + Creature/Monsters part of Elder Secrets (but almost all of it is altready covered in the new Glorantha Bestiary and other publications) Totally optional: 10. RuneQuest Cities 11. Monster Coliseum 12. Vikings 13. Land of Ninja
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