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    Playing RPGs since 1984, Stormbringer since 1991, Call of Cthulhu since 1991, RuneQuest since 1992, big collection of BRPs
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    Nephilim one-on-one, Call of Cthulhu 1920s, RuneQuest in Glorantha
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    born 1972, married, two kids (born 2007 and 2009), working in a department store selling toys and games, other hobbies are movies, tv-series and genealogy

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  1. And ducks go ice skating on the frozen Upland Marsh? ;-)
  2. If you are white: Nothing. If you are latino or black: You get arrested.
  3. IMHO Sandys THE GODS WAR has to attract all kind of boadgamers, and doesn´t has to be gloranthan correct to do so. If it attracts new players, which will make it from THE GODS WAR to RUNEQUEST (or HEROQUEST), then this non-canon optics were worth it.
  4. Oh i almost forgot Gregs Hero Wars puma people invention. By the way: Is there still space somewhere in RQG for them?
  5. I wish you luck with this book. I myself have never heared of this, and even after googling i am sure that it never crossed my way in the past.
  6. Why oh why do i have Taylor Swift in her CATS image in mind?
  7. Harrek is shown most of times with a bare chest. As is Argrath in the newer books.
  8. But the likeliness of the names of these NPCs and the fact that they are the same age, etc. but are nevertheless two different persons, can also be made into a good red herring / sidequest for a campaign.
  9. Tell us more about the "next game".
  10. I have heared that every book of 128 or more pages will be hardcovers and in colour, and everything under 128 pages will be softcovers and b/w. There might be exceptions... and i might heared or understood it wrong.
  11. Now i regret to just have purchased the PDF... want a REAL book!
  12. Will there be a POD option (preferarably in hardback)?
  13. Just bought the book (sadly only as PDF, because nothing else was available). Edit: It seems that it is GONE again. ???
  14. A very good friend of my wife (and former flat-sharing community friend) if the translator of the books into german. Will be nice to tell her thses news (she is a roleplayer herself).
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