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  1. Another idea: Have a look at the NPC stats from RQ3 Apple Lane, and compare them with the RQG stats of the same persons in the GM Screen Pack. It has been 11 years in between the two scenarios, but you get an idea.
  2. I see it that way: If "The Orville" can run on TV for multiple seasons, and CBS dosen´t has a problem with it it is far enough away for them to be mot misinterpreted as being "Star Trek", even if it uses similar props, settings and storylines... but it clearly NOT Trek. Do the same with your BRP game* and you are safe. *NOT being misinterpreted as being or copying CoC, RQ/Glorantha or KAP
  3. For BRP this was already done in october 2009: As the Chaosium Monograph 0383 "Classic Fantasy"* by Rodney Leary * Updated edition for Mythras in April 2016 as The Design Mechanism 500 "Classic Fantasy"
  4. And in the fourth (or fifth, or sixth) age a highway with six lines will be build from New New Pavis to New Yuthuppa to make it easier for the horseless steam wagons to get from one side of Harshax Empire to the other. :-)
  5. Darkwall: "10 square meters and 10 cm thick" If you let it hoover above you, you have a 10 cm thick and 2 x 5 m (or ~ 3.16 x 3,16 m) surface. That is ~ 3,16 diameter. So it´s the same.
  6. King of Sartar (purple softcover book, 1992 Chaosium & Issaries edition), page 212 "Events of my Life": 1630 - Wolf Pirates sack Wilmskirk. Kallyr kills Gunda, I lose my three fingers. Harrek follows, kills the good queen and plunders Boldhome, then remains for the winter King of Sartar (hardcover book, 215 Chaosium), page 182 2Events of my Life": 1630 - Wolf Pirates sack Wilmskirk. I lose my three fingers. Harrek follows, plunders Boldhome, then remains for the winter So Kallyr is not killed in 1630, because she already dies in 1626. And Gunda is lucky, because she isn´t killed in 1630...
  7. May i ask why you separete them like this? For me SB 1 - 4 are basically the same, as are Elric! and SB 5.
  8. The calculation of the surface of the spere was only done to compare it to darkwall (10 square meters). I agree that diameter or radius is much more helpful to visualize the size of it.
  9. Don´t apologize. You are right. SURFACE of a sperical opject is: diameter squared x Pi = 12,56
  10. And the uz look to piggylike in my opinion. I like the more dogfaced much better.
  11. 2 x 2 = 4 square metres 2 x 2 x 2 = 8 cubic metres (if it would be an cube, but it is a sphere, so it is volume is only 4,2)
  12. It is correct that the french Hero Wars book contained the english Hero Wars AND Narrators Book. The french Glorantha book was a translation of Peter Metcalfes Glorantha MANUSCRIPT, not of the edited book that was published in english. The french version phrases some things differently AND has some paragraphs MORE in it then the english Hero Wars book (for instance the Mostali Heresies, and some Troll Gods descriptions). I know that because the german edition is a mix of the english and french edition (translating the english version of the text, but adding the stuff that appeared only in the french edition).
  13. Have a look at the 24 BRP Monographs that were published from 2008 to 2012. IMHO, books like these 24 BRP Monographs should be able be republished (if the authors are still interested in BRP) with an SRD as they are. The question is: Could these books be republished as they are, or would the authors have to spend more time and work to make them work with the new SRD? If yes: Great! In no: I would rework the SRD so they could.
  14. Which makes Argrath pulling down the Moon later in the Hero Wars equivant to Luke Skywalker bringing down the death star!
  15. Will the fighting power of a Brithini knight be mentioned? Arkat (35 year old soldier in the Brithini army) was present when only a few Brithini "knights" danced through the Seshnelan army, killing a LOT of them (according to the version of Arkat-Saga, i know).
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