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  1. More interesting/insane/peculiar weapons from Armed and Dangerous . World's Smallest Black Hole: The Topsy Turvy: No TPS with out an machinegun. The Flemming Machinegun Invented by the tea baron Hironymus Flemming for the protection of his crops, the Flemming Machinegun spits out ammunition like nobody's business (10 bullets per second) and can maintain continuous fire due to its 100 round clip. Meant for clearing crows of rabbits and other tea predators, this old standby is used by farmers, thugs and gun enthusiasts alike. You can carry a maximum of 1000 extra bullets. B
  2. Thanks for the links, KingSkin. By Goggling the Deltron 3030, i learned about afrofuturism. Yes i now, fear is the mind killer and the RIP,Ian Loveday. Oh no, the evil space invaders from the outer space is coming.Hit'N'Hide - Spaceinvaders
  3. It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that has the most heavy weaponry!;-D

  4. Fantastic! Lets hope, that we don't have to wait for it to long.
  5. An BRP orc world. Two off my favorites is, Stan Nicholls First Blood/Bad Blood books and James Stokoe,s comic Orc Stain(Viva La Gronch!).
  6. Worlds i like to see in BRP. Jack Vance,s Gaean Reach. (I think that Pelgrane Press holds the license) Wing Commander/Privateer universe.
  7. A Comic tip, Missile Mouse: Rescue On Tankium3 (ISBN: 0545117178) is out. Enjoy! More Sci-Fi inspired music videos.
  8. Maybe not clockworkpunk, but an good inspirational film.
  9. io9, has an interesting article about, D20 Dune. http://io9.com/5728547/check-out-a-never+published-dune-rpg
  10. Marvel Super Special # 36, the official comics adaptation of David Lynch's film of Frank Herbert's Dune, by Ralph Macchio and Bill Sienkiewicz. Is available at: Grantbridge Street And Other Misadventures. Merry Christmas by the way,
  11. The toughest people in the known universe. If you not believe it, ask the Sardaukars.
  12. Here is another Sci Fi/Space music video:Mastodon - Oblivion Another Sci Fi comic tip:Orbital. Two agents for Interworld Diplomatic Office, Calen, a human and Mezoke, a sandjarr are sent to the planet Senestam on an diplomatic mission.
  13. Here is an beer for BRP GM/Players;-D. Black Rocket Porter
  14. Laser weapon or Gauss weapon? Nope i will use the land shark gun. Muahahaha! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHPvT8zVXT0
  15. The Dune Encyclopedia is available as an PDF. The Link:http://www.metafilter.com/95329/The-Authorized-Guide-and-Companion-to-Dune
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