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  1. Hello fellow travelers, I ran across a reference to the Lunar Empire placing the Crimson Chains on the herdbeasts of Prax, but I can't find much of anything beyond this passing reference. Any guidance as to what this act is?
  2. A discussion began in my game as to the difference between the Fate and Luck Runes. One player sees Fate as "being in the right place at the right time", while another takes it to be "fatalistic", while assuming that "right place, right time" rightfully belongs to Luck. I know few characters are supposed to take either of these Runes, but how do you interpret the difference between the two of them?
  3. I have a feeling that a collection of these questionnaires would sell decently for the line. Hmm, maybe a pdf...
  4. I love the Clan Questionnaire for HQG, but I was wondering if anyone had come up with such a document for other cultures? I mean, it is excellent for Sartar and could certainly be easily extrapolated to Heortland and Tarsh, but what of Esrolia, Prax, or Balazar? Has any of you fine folks seen such equivalents?
  5. Many thanks! I shall make sure all of my players have a link to this page. :-)
  6. Greetings all, while I am a long time gamer, this is my first post in this forum and any answers, positive or negative, are welcome. :-) I have a new gaming group, 3 long time gamers who have never played HeroQuest or had anything to do with Glorantha, and the fourth is an absolute neophyte to gaming. Is there anywhere I could point them on line for the basics of the HeroQuest rules, srd, something along that line? We currently only have one copy of the rules. I am NOT looking for a pirated copy of HQ2, only a couple of pages with the basic mechanics. Much obliged!
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