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  1. Thank you. I notice that in jajagappa's first post the houses are listed as being Great, Sleeper, Survivor and New. New is mentioned as meaning the the House began after the Dawn, but what are the other groups?
  2. Or the PCs could be recruited as the Seven Samurai.
  3. Is it known which Nochet Enfranchised families belong to which Earth Alliance?
  4. I agree about Raupp. That may just be my favorite work of Gloranthan art, which is saying something.
  5. What is the source for the last three pictures in Dogboy's post above?
  6. Ian Cooper just stated in the Heroquest forum that the pdf is almost
  7. Very good news. I'll grab it the moment it becomes available.
  8. Elementals are one of the few things that I think should have been taken from RQ3, where their statistics increase by one level per cubic meter (i.e. an earth elemental has 1d6+6 STR per cubic meter). By changing the spell so that it summons elementals of one cubic meter per rune point they do not get so overpowered IMO.,
  9. I don't believe that disease is caused by microorganisms in Glorantha. Rather, they are caused by curses, evil spirits etc. I also seem to recall that Chaos was exempt from the CA "cause no harm" prohibition, so that solves the Broo baby problem.
  10. The Vale of Flowers in Dagori Inkarth. Too easy, give us a hard one!
  11. You forgot the Cradle Scenario. And Duke Raus's lands. and etc, etc. I honestly think that the Zola Fel valley alone has more background than most rpg worlds.
  12. With the exception of MRQ 1rst edition, most criticism in this thread had concentrated on Moongoose's treatment of background material rather than rules mechanics.
  13. I was referring to Third age background for things like the Real City, the Troll Strongholds, the Garden, Opili's Fort, etc.
  14. I understand (and to some extent share) this desire, but I would point out that while New Pavis has been detailed, the Old Pavis communities have never been given much attention.
  15. A truly excellent work that I hope someday, somehow may be republished for one of Glorantha's current rules systems.