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  1. Thanks. I actually have the Companion, but missed the errata. It's not exactly prominently displayed. Nice to learn the Outsiders have 2D6+12 as well. I always thought just 2d6+6 was low for them.
  2. Was just leafing through my copy of Ringworld and noticed that Puppeteers are listed as having two different Int rolls, 1d6+15 in the Creatures book and 2d6+15 in the Explorer book. Does anyone know which is correct?
  3. Here's the link to the thread. https://www.therpgsite.com/pen-paper-roleplaying-games-rpgs-discussion/tell-me-about-runequest-roleplaying-in-glorantha/
  4. Agree with the other posters that differentiating the magic systems on the rules level is probably something better left to more tactical games such as RuneQuest. One thing I would like to see is a return of the one-use magic rules from the core HQ 2.0 and Sartar: KoH books as this would allow cultures such as the Malkioni and Pelorians who don't initiate all members of society access to magic.
  5. Well, there's Bizzaro/Htrae. What, you don't consider it scientifically accurate?
  6. Any news on what's being worked on right now?
  7. Poul and Karen Anderson's The King of Ys series. Cults, including Christianity, play a strong role.
  8. Well, to me the Gloranthan iteration of the rules will always be HeroQuest, dern it.
  9. There's the introduction the story A History of My Black Horse Troop in the old RQ Companion which seems to be written in some future age. It refers to "microscopic and sub-atomic Investigation" of the paper, and analysis of leather binding as being "from a creature whose genetic make-up is approximately 57% identical with the present-day horse." That indicates an scientifically advanced society, so there may be hope.
  10. I’ve got one. I got it at one of the RQ cons.
  11. From the Guide; " Arkat Returns Five times! The ways of Heroquesting are abruptly opened, and it isn’t what everyone expected. One is a troll, one is a Chaos monster, and no one is quite sure which incarnation the other three are." One the remaining three Arkats is a Duck, which certainly no one expected. However, no one believes him. "But honest and truly, I am Arkat!" He attempts to prove that he is Arkat to anyone he meets by imitating some past feat of the ancient hero. These always spectacularly backfire. One day, an attempt will backfire so badly that it will end the Third Age, thus prov
  12. Is a print-on-demand version a possibility, and if so when will it become available?
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