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  1. You forgot the Cradle Scenario. And Duke Raus's lands. and etc, etc. I honestly think that the Zola Fel valley alone has more background than most rpg worlds.
  2. With the exception of MRQ 1rst edition, most criticism in this thread had concentrated on Moongoose's treatment of background material rather than rules mechanics.
  3. I was referring to Third age background for things like the Real City, the Troll Strongholds, the Garden, Opili's Fort, etc.
  4. I understand (and to some extent share) this desire, but I would point out that while New Pavis has been detailed, the Old Pavis communities have never been given much attention.
  5. A truly excellent work that I hope someday, somehow may be republished for one of Glorantha's current rules systems.
  6. The Glorantha Sourcebook also progresses the timeline a few years.
  7. Far from letting it die, Chaosium is preparing to publish a new edition of it.
  8. Robin Laws commented on this in an thread several years ago.
  9. This is actually how the system originally worked in HeroQuest 2.0. The high roll wins was mentioned as an optional rule.
  10. I'm having some trouble with the lack of granularity on the second part of the survey. Would locally powerful heroes fall into the first or second category?
  11. Note that these are by no means incompatible.
  12. I wonder if Uz refer to the Lesser and Greater Brightness.
  13. Perhaps Ernalda gains limited access to the Mastery rune in a similar way that Orlanth gains limited access to the Water rune (for causing rain). There's also a daughter of Ernalda called Orendara or Orendana the Queen, who I suspect has the Runes of Earth and Mastery.
  14. And it should go without saying that we need the Cradle scenario!
  15. Yeah. The human occupied areas of the Rubble especially could use some fleshing out, as could the major non-human enclaves.