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  1. Rhino Riders Rules Question

    So is that the official answer?
  2. Rhino Riders Rules Question

    It takes two Enemy Magic cards to overcome the Rhino Riders' Tribal Champion. You place the first Enemy Magic card alongside the Tribal Champion card, and discard them both when a second enemy magic card is drawn. What happens when the Rhino Riders player has one Enemy Magic card, and draws a second Tribal Champion? Is the Enemy Magic card discarded or does it remain to affect another Tribal Champion if the RR player draws one?
  3. Bits of Glorantha you ignore

    Granted that it was rarely used by whole military units. My point was it's use by individuals.
  4. Bits of Glorantha you ignore

    Bison riders not using missile weapons. Given what Sandy Petersen wrote about ancient warfare (link)it seems unlikely that they would survive without them. Restricting long bows to only the Rathoreli. It seems to overate both how powerful and how rare the longbow was.
  5. Gloranthan Colloquialisms

    I've used "You son of a Broo" as an insult sometimes.
  6. Lunar Taboos

    Remember that accepting Chaos as part of the cosmos doesn't mean that they accept it in their everyday life any more than accepting the existence of Darkness would automatically mean putting up with Trolls. A Thanatari cultist is not going to be any more tolerated by Lunars any more than by anyone else.
  7. A Magical Economy

    Something to remember here is that the view being discussed here is influenced heavily by the RuneQuest rule system, and HeroQuest and 13th age may give very different ones.
  8. Trade and Markets in Glorantha

    I'm just trying to figure out what the most logical means of getting there would be. Jon Hunter had a good point above about whether players would care, though. I suppose "the boat works by magic" is an option.
  9. Trade and Markets in Glorantha

    That contradicts a post in an earlier thread where it was suggested that a shallow draft ship would be able to do both. What sort of ships would be suitable for the different environments?
  10. Trade and Markets in Glorantha

    What sort of trade ship could make it from Nochet to Pavis? I've an idea for a campaign.
  11. Cost of Iron

    Was that a reply to my Mithril comparison? It depends on which set of rules you are using. In HeroQuest you can get it simply by listing an iron item on your character sheet.
  12. Cost of Iron

    I suspect that iron is to Glorantha as Mithril is to Middle-Earth, i.e. virtually priceless.
  13. Guide to Glorantha Group Read Week 15 - Pent

    I just want to know if the Gord-un Gopher hsunchen always travel in pairs and have impeccable manners.
  14. High Llama

    But please tell me that the Kangaroo tribe mentioned in Tales of the Reaching Moon #1 is canonical.
  15. Runic associations

    RQ 1rst edition gave AIr's associations as white, tin, sword and mammal (misspelled mamma).