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  1. Fire mares! Fire mares can travel a thousand leagues in a day!
  2. I do wonder why the material of the shield doesn't effect its HP. There doesn't seem to be any reason to spend the money for a wood shield when the much cheaper wicker one has exactly the same stats.
  3. Is there a rough ETA on when the heroquesting rules will be available? I recall hearing they were going to be in the GM book but the last reference I can find is already almost a year old.
  4. I've been biding my time, collecting the coupons for my PDF purchases. Soon, it will be nigh!
  5. pg 63, Brightflower's Rune Points are listed as dedicated to Issaries, but she's only a lay member and her Rune Spells match Ernalda, who she is an intiaite of, so I assume this is a mistake and her Rune Points are for Ernalda. The same is true of Gooseberry, on the next page. His spells match Eurmal, whom he is an Initiate of, though his Rune Points are listed as Issaries.
  6. Everything is beautiful and top-notch so far as I'm going through it, my only gripe is that the Dragon Pass map is hard to read. I wish it were in the same style as the South Peloria Map (which I think is the same as the Dragon Pass map in the Glorantha Sourcebook).
  7. I think it is because the drop to 100% isn't considered a modifier.
  8. Is there a natural rate of recovery for points of characteristics lost due to disease or attacks like the bloodbird's blood drain, or can these only be recovered via a Recover Health spell?
  9. The core book gives a general sense of whether each type of poison is usually slow or fast-acting, but it would really help if the poisonous creatures in the Bestiary specified for each creature whether their poison is fast or slow-acting. Also, giving the category it falls into would be helpful in terms of adjudicating antidotes quickly. As it is, all it says for each that it is a "systemic poison", which doesn't really need saying because all beast-delivered poisons are. What would be more useful for wyvern (page 129), instead of: "The sting injects a systemic poison of a POT equal to the CON of the wyvern." make it: "The sting injects fast-acting wyvern venom of a POT equal to the CON of the wyvern."
  10. On pg. 126, the end of the first paragraph ends with "they will obey only a virgin female." would read better as "they will only obey a virgin female."
  11. On page 115 in Triceratopses, "liveta in herds" should be "live in herds". Also, the Average for INT and POW are swapped (or the characteristics are swapped).
  12. There are several references to acid, giving it a POT, but I see nothing in the core rules or the bestiary speaking to how this is applied. Is it just done like poison, as a resistance roll using CON to determine if it is full or half damage?
  13. There are several references to "25 melee rounds" (pages 97, 106, 107). This is a "full turn", as defined in the core book, so I don't understand why that term wouldn't be used instead?
  14. On page 99, when describing Gorp attacks, it doesn't really make it clear if the entire victim is engulfed on a failed DEXx5 roll or just one hit location.
  15. The Zorak Zoran spell "Create Zombie" on page 82 should say "This spell creates a zombie (see page 129)" instead of "This spell creates a revenant (see page 123)".
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