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  1. " Only women may worship Ernalda. " I think you should rephrase that. Anybody can worship anything they like. Especially since it's a base truth that associated cults, as well as in general the entire pantheon, will also worship those deities connected. Being accepted into the cult as an initiate is something quite different.
  2. I'm seeing this discussion somewhat similar to the related languages, with the half, 1/5, 1/10 skills... You're always able to perform the skill at X% of the first skill, but can improve the others individually above that. Which, really, only becomes relevant when the original skill is so high that it's going to be tough getting the experience check. Otherwise, the off-hand/related language is always going to benefit from skill increases. (I was almost confused by the RAW... after all, I didn't see a point in a) tracking each hand individually, and b) having the half-normal hand skill.... But, I think I get it now).
  3. P225 - "Every adventurer is assumed to be right-handed, unless otherwise determined... Use of a weapon in the "off" hand must be started at 05%, with the usual addition or subtraction for their Manipulations skills category..." However... "The player must keep track of the individual weapon expertise of the adventurer with each weapon as used in each hand. Training or experience in using a weapon left-handed does not help the right-handed attack or parry with the same weapon, except that the half effectiveness rule applies. For example, use of a dagger left-handed, allows the adventurer to use it right-handed at half the left-handed ability". (my emphasis)
  4. Simple question... which will have a long answer... P12 of RQG has a nice pic of religious significance. I suspect a lot of newbies (and probably a lot of oldies as well) won't get the full significance. I do get Yelm, Orlanth and I presume Ernalda in the centre pillar of what I presume is Kero Fin (or, The Spike...). The characters across the top are the holders of the various runes - p22 & 47). But, some are clearly not what I think... Would someone please care to enlighten us? (sort of like Prince of Sartar, with lots of people chiming in noticing all the little bits.. and sometimes arguing over the significance of a swirl somewhere... :p)
  5. I think, IIRC, in every RQ game I've played (which, granted, weren't many, and were many many years ago), there was always a Humakti duck... usually undead fighting!
  6. That significantly changes the munchkinnery above... There's quite a bit of presumption in just using 1 skill.
  7. Noble has Ride or Drive chariot at +10%. He's got a high Broadsword and ok Medium Shield, plus ok Orate, Manage Household at levels I'd expect from a Noble, and he could have seriously bumped up Bargain (+25% from choices, +Issaries Cult Skill), and he seems to have the language skills of a noble (own, Tradetalk, and R/W Thelayan).
  8. I'd say no, as it's just another skill that needs to start somewhere. I presume that the added 10/20% comes from the experience gained in the intervening time after you initiated into the cult, or whatever.
  9. But... Rune and Spirit magic have won that battle (for now!) And, to an extent, Dragon magic (practised by very few, in their own little group). And Sorcery has been shunted to its own little part of the world. By far and away, the most common magic across the world is Rune and Spirit magic. Sorcery has been relegated to the fringes, and while feared, isn't a serious threat to the populations as a whole. The semblance of 'balance' is only given because a) it's usually too far away for most to really care about, and b) most sorcerers haven't done anything to warrant a pogrom. When the sorcerers did decide to get more powerful (and, in this sense, that didn't mean controlling the rest of the world, but easily could have), it took divine means to rein them in (and, obviously, they did this to themselves by imposing their will upon the divine). If they were more conquest-oriented (and didn't have the EWF to contend with - again, not focussed on the Rune/Spirit magic), the MSE would have completely dominated the world because of their magic. Glorantha is a dynamic world... and those 'balances' change... often daily! RGQ puts us in a time where it looks balanced (maybe), and in one small part of the lands (ie, the Spirit & Rune parts). Just like we're also in the part which is mostly dominated by lawful cults, not overrun by Chaos... but that's elsewhere... The world isn't fair. There isn't balance. (personally, I loathe the need for 'balance' in games like D&D... far too linear and restricted... and thus, uninteresting!)
  10. Dominate Human? (and, yes, before someone points it out, I would presume a Passion roll to help resist)
  11. Actually, it does. Certainly for 80%, a few for 90%... and there are prodigies in the world who master something at a very young age. Why 80%? Because of a thing called an 'apprenticeship'. You get 4 years of practical and theoretical training. You come out at the end being capable of doing your job quite well. If a chef is asked to do a meal, they can do it well easily 80% of the time... A good blacksmith will make that sword 80% of the time with no issues (probably more often). 4 years of military training, and you will be hitting that target most of the time. 4 years of martial arts training will make you that competent. 4 years of language training should (if you're not a lazy sh*t like a lot of the students I've had) make you near fluent in a language (ie, 80% or higher)... especially if you've lived in the country and actively tried to learn the language. And, all of that is only presuming a starting character is 21, and has started doing those things from age 17... If a child starts cooking, or smithing, or shooting, or fighting, of speaking, or any other skill from say, 6 years old, they're going to be a *lot* better at it than above (which is why we do have fluent multi-lingual speakers, as an example _ (again, if they're not lazy little sh*ts, like most of my students 😛 ). The skills that our PCs start with are basic skills that one has usually learned from an early point in their life (remembering that this will actually be around 13-15 years old, especially for cult skills). Since most people in the land should actually be farmers and herders etc, that would actually mean they've been doing those occupational skills from about 6 years old. (and, just for shits and giggles - let's not get started on Passions such as a devotion to a temple or deity.... 🙄🙄) For another current, real world example based on age - how are your computer operation skills, compared to most teenagers and youngsters these days? (presuming, of course, that you don't fit into that category yourself). Kids are far more tech-savvy than the majority of their parents... 100% is not "technical perfection". It's technical *mastery*. It's the point at which you should be able to achieve the task desired, under normal circumstances, with no hinderances, to a passable level, within the expected timeframe. Musashi, at age 21 (taking what was said above) wasn't merely getting a basic success - he was hitting specials and crits in weaponsmithing *regularly*... that's much higher than 100% base chance! (maybe he had some magical help???)
  12. Because it takes good (better than average) stats and years of practice to be proficient enough to be able to cast that sorcery spell reliably enough, versus hours or days to cast the 1.5 damage spirit magic. Also, the Divine magician can get a LOT more bang for buck in a pretty short period of time. Getting even 1 sorcery to do the 5 points damage at 100m takes way longer than the 100 local clanspeople to learn the 1.5 point damage... so, who's more likely to "trounce the world"? (RAW, Disruption would normally take 1 week to learn to do 1D3 at 25m for 1MP, at an average of 55% chance. Financial cost might be 50L. Quite a few potential teachers around - priests, God Talkers, Runelords, members of associated cults, the occasional shaman. OTOH, to get off a sorcery spell effectively, minimum of 1 Rune and 1 technique need to be learned (max 1 per season), then the spell needs to be taught and trained/practiced or cast effectively to grant experience rolls (for a PC, 1/season per 1D6-1 or less). Average stats for a sorcerer (low) would be INT 13, POW maybe 13, CHA 13 (not a great sorcerer, so going higher would make sense - but the magic modifier is unlikely to be 15%... to get to 55% is going to take years! And, not a lot of teachers around...)
  13. The choice for my vote ....? I forgot 😛 I was umming and ahing over Gods/Races and GM/Sorcery... chose one, then started reading... and forgot which one I finally decided on. Cults are hugely important in Glorantha, and having a full ruleset to go with that is also vitally important. Also, I suspect a number of players will want a sorcerer around to play, and will want the full rules for that (what's in the RQG book just whets the appetite... it needs more!) OTOH, I'd like to see a regular magazine come out again, but with a lot of fan-made material (particularly the scenarios people were requesting). I understand that the people at Chaosium will be snowed under, and having people write up their own scenarios may help in getting stuff out to the gaming community (as requested above), with minimal effort from the publishers (especially with the abundance of software available to the public... formatting becomes somewhat closer to a breeze than 30 years ago). My vote, however. was qualified by reading that a) GOG will be coming out in the not massively distant future, and b) that it will contain HQ rules... I'm interested in RQG - and that Glorantha is really important (where else do you find Humakti Sword Ducks???) Not high on my list (but above the Non-G settings) would be minis.... even though my current circumstances suck (I'm currently in China, and would really love to return to Melbourne, Ozlandia), some of those unique minis are just nice and so I might actually buy! Ooops - looks like my 2 bolgs is running out now, I better sign off!
  14. Didn't he invent the Humakti Sword Spell Schrodinger's Cut? 😆
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