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  1. It's also possible that it is sorcery (in RQ3 terms, Form/Set), but he's only willing to use it very sparingly. Animal heads on pommels is incredibly specific... The Form/Set is relevant, because under those rules, you'd have to name the metal. The description of "pommels" is somewhat broad (unless it just assumed bronze). If using RQ3 rules, that'd mean multiple spells. And from a description above, Piku can work any metal... Sure, there could be a very specific spellsong "shape animal head in metal", possibly with a size limitation... But, would that be something TEB pass down and have access to across the lands? If so, Piku isn't the only one. And that, in itself, would be an identitifying characteristic... (So if the dwarves want them dead, that's not a call-sign they'd be leaving regularly). (Sure, neither is having a huge blue tattoo in the middle of your forehead...). (Just thinking along those lines, mostly for PCs - perhaps the act.of tattooing the eye allows them to create a "signature" of their choosing... Remembering that the tattoo is supposed to be a sign of mastery) What I think I'm trying to say is - much hasn't been said (intentional or oversight??) about him, and thus them. The limited information really isn't enough to draw a full conclusion.
  2. And on that, we disagree (but, obviously, needing to assess each individual film on its own merits). The clergy made the story about a Christian myth. This doesn't really tally with likely history, nor the actual time period. So, for me, heavily full-plated armoured medieval knights ruins it as much as the Christian overtones for a 5-6th century setting... Removing the pagan beliefs is basically the same as removing Orlanth.
  3. I mean more with the interactions between the people (ie, the sort of things that made it a better film). Not just relying on big names and spectacles.
  4. I just picked it up last night. I'm a bit curious about the initiation sections... I've read that Ernalda is going to accept males (non-nandan) to Initial level... Will this be reflected or the section re-written later? (Possibly the same question regarding women and Orlanth, who aren't Vingan) I'm definitely liking what I've read so far, especially with the design in mind!!! A more personal and nuts and bolts approach.
  5. Absolutely! That's why I prefer The Mabinogion version... Or at least Clive Owens' movie version (with John Matthews - practicing shaman, teacher, and Arthurian scholar/author as technical expert)
  6. IIRC, Troy: Fall of a City was a bit better than Brad Pitts' version... A bit more down to earth and realistic. If we're mentioning Vikings, then also The Last Kingdom (although, the time is off by a few centuries).
  7. Except... King Arthur was supposed to be 6th century... Hence why I asked.
  8. True, but it appears to be much much less standard than in the Empire, and even the lower castes aren't doing too well either. From what I've understand, getting out of serfdom in Orlanthi culture is a lot easier than in the evil empire (of course, there will be different levels). But in theory (and probably practice) there's far greater class mobility amongst the barbarians than these more "civilised" moonies.
  9. Well, that's been an argument in RL for a very long time... Is it better to be a slave in an advanced culture, or free in the boonies? And, yes, yes we do!
  10. Somehow, what I wrote came out to be the exact opposite of what I meant... No, I was referring to the decidedly unequal society of Dara Happa... and the still strong patriarchy when questioning Ali's "gender equality" claim of the Lunar Empire. Sure, they may be less unequal now, but we can argue about the equality levels of Orlanthi (which have numerous female leaders) against Lunars (which had/have some important female personages). You can. I don't think that "imperial expansionism, but culturally inclusive" trumps "not empire building at all".
  11. Hmmm, well.let's look at this... A) is questionable. Especially if looking at the Yelmic parts. At the very least, there's arguments to be made on both sides. probably, but you sort of have to be if you're going to conquer everyone (and want it to last more than a few years). Neither are particularly interested in including the other into their cultural though. C) should be completely irrelevant for a moral value judgement.
  12. I've always thought that it was supposed to be Lunara bad, because a) Chaos, and b) imperialist aggressive expansion and starting wars etc on (relatively) peaceful people who just want to stay in their own little block of land and be left alone (barring the in-fighting, feuds, regular raids, etc). And anyone who want a to destroy Ducks is pure evil in my book!
  13. Well, the Lonisi are now gone... Under Taraling, there's also specific reference to binding clans through marriage to strengthen the bonds. (I'm just looking for specific references to the idea in canon)
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