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  1. I need to ask this - what's your definition of the phrase "soon enough"?? It's been another 9 months without any hint about this. I have reason to believe I won't be living much past another two and a half years - is there any chance I'm going to get to play this video game before then? (my current instincts tell me 'no'... or, if I do, I won't be impressed/excited).
  2. Apologies for asking for sensitive information, but... Will LM have God-Talkers and Rune Lords - particularly with the Sword Sages? And, also, different factions with different requirements for advancement? In particular, what would be the requirements for an RL Sword Sage? As for the second bit, what about sorcerous factions? Will that get included?
  3. I disagree... Darkness, Death and Disorder is vastly different to Darkness and Harmony... If a troll can distinguish different customs, then there's no logical reason why any other race couldn't. Those subtleties are what makes it a separate skill. Let's consider an obvious example - Mostali. some are Openhandists, and others are very conservative Way of Mostal(i). Lore lets you know there are differences (and in the different types of Mostali. Customs tells you how you should be dealing with the one in front of you so as to not offend it.
  4. That's what I'm getting at.. If we take @David Scotts idea that you still need at least a bit of it's home, then it would make sense that you could snap a twig off a tree (ok, make a cutting iof it!), or grab a flask of it's water... And have those In your backpack. However, I'm not sure that the connection isn't somehow - even temporarily - overridden by the binding. Crystals are the blood of the gods. (Anyone have a source for coloured crystals indicating which gods??)
  5. I'm fully aware. I'm referring to the losing 1 mp/20m bit... And, if you're saying one should need a branch from the tree for a dryad, what about the other nymphs? A bit of water? What about forestry for oreads? And for hags??
  6. Mythically magical... If you're emulating Eurmal when he had 2 sticks and a piece of rope, sneaking up on Yinkin, then the mythic magics start to coalesce, even without a single MP being used.
  7. I'm a bit confused... Two combatants of roughly equal ability should take a while to finally get a clear winning hit, especially when it's life or death. What *might* be a better thought may be that for every hit point lost, there's a negative modifier applied.. Rather than a simple 0 = 0 (incapacitated). Especially so for certain areas hit (e.g., double penalty for vital areas). So, each 1pt of damage may be -5% to skills. Alternatively (or additionally), wounds bleed more than RAW. (Although I'm sure not many would like the extra bookkeeping.. ).
  8. As @Joerg or @lordabdul above, but roll a Reverse Chaotic Feature.
  9. If one captures, say, a nymph, does the binding override the loci connection? Or would the nymph still lose that 1 mp/20m distance?
  10. Mentioned before, but... With the amount of magic getting thrown around, something is going to happen. Rolling well (even basic success) should mean you're basically on your HQ. Failure may well mean you've been dragged into someone else's. The only exception might be is if the GM wants the players elsewhere, and so tells them that a certain artifact will be needed to succeed.
  11. You could have the DI either bring up a demon level disease spirit (or casts a 3-pt Summon Disease spirit), or a chaotic demon that fires off Thed's Curse on the PCs every round... Or, to be nasty, Malia herself drops those curses herself on them ("roll resistance... What's your POW?... Ha! I'm a shaman, so I resist with 35 POW.... ok, you're resisting Malia herself, so you have 5% chance to resist 😆🤣🤣🤣)
  12. But where's the fun in that???
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