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  1. I'd suggest that the tithing is sufficient payment for the blessing. Along with whatever RP the farmers choose to spend at the time.
  2. Oh yes... I tell them how it's used... Wrongly. That's part of how language changes... Someone gets it wrong - lots of other people jump on the bandwagon. It's great to have words mean the exact opposite of the original meaning... Makes life so much easier 馃檮 (I teach students heading to university. They should be aware that modern vernacular isn't the best to use in academic writing)
  3. You don't add any Blessings, which I would presume to.be standard for all initiates clan/tribe... After all, there's a reason they worship. Also why being cast out has it's negatives (other than being at the mercy of the world)
  4. thanks for the suggestion! In searching, I found this interview with him from earlier this year, in which he talks about Greg and the Glorantha connection... http://www.castaliahouse.com/john-boyle-the-queens-heir/
  5. I just had a thought on this topic. Some occupational experience is listed as.optional skill choices (e.g., first weapon, a more skill, etc) rather than a specific (e.g., Ride, Herd). During occupational experience checks, can those options been changed? Or do they need to be the same as that chosen at character creation?
  6. In the Adventurers book, the Colymar tribe has about 12,300 members. Of those, only about 100 are higher than Initiate level... below your 1-2%. Although I imagine many of the tribe will have the requisite skills (herd, farm, etc), I doubt most will sacrifice their POW on Rune Spells (but maybe add to a clan wyter). Even if they do add to their RP store, they specifically have to choose which non-Common Rune Spells they want... For a herder, most likely Cloud Clear, Leap, Increase/Decrease Wind. If they herd sheep, Voriof's Command Sheep... Absolutely no blasting happening!!!
  7. Is this supposed to be punny?
  8. I was actually being a little facetious... My Glorantha would be Truth and Law... But I don't see either as unbending and immutable. (Strange position, I.know!!)
  9. So, you can't be a good little Orlanthi *and* Lhankor Mhy....
  10. So... is your entire argument based solely around Orlanthi? " I need to travel across a barrier, I need to defend against spirits, i need to camp in enemy territory and not get captured, I need to catch a thief, I need to enhance my ability to seduce someone, etc, " I'm guessing you're referring to either Leap or Flight to get over the barrier... Spirit is obvious... being in enemy territory is probably Warding (and it's not going to stop you getting captured, although it does help a little)...maybe Leap to catch the thief (that is, of course, if you know the the thief is and where s/he is...)... enhance abilities to seduce - as you said, not common, and needs to be specifically chosen, and cast using a different Rune (Fertility, Illusion or Beast..) Can sorcery have responses to all those situations? It can... Yes, you will have to prepare in advance for it (spell selection). Some may be common (Protective Circle will probably be a no-brainer -so there's Warding covered). Some less common - Barrier issues? Fly or Summon/Bind Air Elemental... Thief? Geomancy... you can run, but you can't hide! Dominate Human (who needs to just seduce??) As I've said (5 times now??), sorcery has options that Rune magic will never have.... from the above calculations on casting percentages, yes, they can even be cast reliably at starting level... and if not - do it again a few minutes later! You're arguing that Divine Magic is much better than Sorcery, because sorcery is a waste of time, so why bother with it? I'm arguing that sorcery is powerful and useful. I'm not arguing that Divine magic isn't powerful or useful... Basically - you're over-emphasising the negatives of sorcery, while over- emphasising the positives of theism...
  11. I am seriously wondering precisely which cult your theist belongs to such that they have the type ability to respond to each of those situations equally.... Sure, some cults have some ability to answer those, and some spirit magicians can do the same to some limited extent. So, please... Give me the theist examples for each of the above... I don't know of anyone who can reliably respond to each random situation given. So, taking out on the poor old sorcerer is is unfair. Especially since we're talking about a *pure* sorcerer... Do *pure* theists or Spirit magicians have the same flexibility? I think you don't understand the straw man fallacy... Especially since you don't actually address specific points I make. This! This alone (although I'd been thinking it for a while) tells me you just have some sort of problem with sorcery in general. Maybe the RQ3 introduction left a sour taste in your mouth? But there's definitely something that says you'll never ever say a positive word about it.... Until, of course, there's a new scroll that needs translation* and interpretation, and you're the only one with Logician to translate it, and then to add to the extra knowledge skills to understand what it all means... So, sure, you won't have all your Sage skills super high to advance up the cult ranks... But you *can* have *EVERY* knowledge skill over 100%... Al(most) all Lore skills (don't understand why Spirit Lore is different...), every R/W, Battle, Bureaucracy, even herd and farm... And one presumes a similar spell for Communication skills can be created as well. (*Translation Rune spell gives you only 15 minutes...) To me, that screams flexibility far more than extra (fairly similar) effects from additional RPs spent. OMGs.... qualified slightly positive words... Yes, for many similar spells, the sorcery is going to be about half as powerful per point as Rune Spells - that's always been the case, along with spirit magic! MP vs POW... of course! (However, they can stack to higher than most theists would be willing to spend their RPs on...if that was even an option). Some individual spell effects, as written with the small amount we have currently available, are narrower... but again, you can create your own spells (even if they are at low starting values... but, average 10-15% magic modifier, add 25% or more from ritual practices, and you can attempt a casting with reasonable success fairly regularly (for a long duration spell). Law of averages, that spell will be cast! Add someone in the background who is chanting or singing (or, more likely, telling everyone around to shut up) for another 20% or more... 60% ain't bad! (add in the effects of sympathetic magic - season, time, magical objects etc... and it's looking at 100% or more... yes, I grant the rare circumstances of those all coinciding... although Day and Components aren't too hard to get right). Re: number of magical effects - which theist can access magics to ALL Elements? And to ALL Forms? Without having to slowly up-skill? Sure, it takes time, but this is where I consider sorcery much more flexible than theistic or spirit magic! Can they react as effectively to unplanned situations as well as theists or spirit magicians? Depends entirely upon the situation and the magician... Fundamental fact - no one individual is going to be able to handle every and all situations effectively by themselves (until they've hit real hero level)... So your "Clearly, they start far behind and stay there. " I disagree with! Especially if you take into account a party with 2 theists vs 2 sorcerers... if the theists have 3 RPs, then between them they have... 16 spells (12 of which are identical). The sorcerers can have 12 (or more) between them - all of them unique. What's more, those 2 sorcerers could (potentially) teach each other their unique spells - something the theists will never be able to do! (this is the definition of 'flexibility that I go with!)
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