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  1. You mean a klanth... I don't get why the crossbow is being given as a cultural weapon. They don't seem to be all that common, such that everyone in the culture would have learned to use one at some point.
  2. I don't understand this line of thinking... Not many merchants anywhere run on 100% profit. Most are getting by on 2-20% (after expenses). Shouldn't the Bargaining roll be the final adjudicator? Especially if the player is an Issaries.
  3. Oh... I thought you were going for Law, Chaos and The Cosmic Balance...
  4. It looks dragonscale to me. However, that's pretty unlikely, so I'll suggest Dragonewt scale instead.
  5. Could a Summon Cult Spirit 4+ be used to summon larger, more powerful, etc, elementals?
  6. I like it! But it opens a whole can of worms (not the plough, but I suppose it could do that as well). It would mean a whole stack of spirits could add a whole stack of bonuses to a whole stack of items.... and players being what they are...
  7. Use your imagination!!! Snake... Pipe.... Hollow........ 😜
  8. The descriptions of the initiation rites alone are worth it. The sort of thing that really evokes what RQ is about, and how players get attached to the setting. If I GMed it, I'd probably want to do quite a bit of party splitting, just so each player's experience is different and "unique".
  9. Ooops, I confused myself.. You're right! Unless.... Your deity isn't directly associated with an element, and so for the purposes of clarity, non-elemental cults can't simply use SCS to get an elemental... ??? Maybe resurrect the Ask Jeff design question thread?
  10. Maybe add FDWC's bit... Summon Elemental gets you an unintelligent bit of air/fire etc. Simple, easy. Simmon Cult Spirit gets you a sentient spirit of a certain type requested. I.take Lore to just be knowing about the cult, God, myths, and appropriate ways to act. Worship Or Devotion to the deity is about the connection between the supplicant and the actual god... If you're on good terms with them, you get mate's rates πŸ˜› (ETA - it also makes getting that skill up worth something)πŸ˜›
  11. I'd have thought that during the "ask deity to send a spirit", the type of spirit is specifically requested, and that's what you'd normally get. Maybe toss in a Worship (Or Devotion deity) roll to fully determine... Success = you get what you ask for; fail = you get something different: special and crit for higher stats; and fumble gets a spirit of reprisal (but non-violent).
  12. That's what happens when you constantly question the value of life...
  13. I find that odd.... Especially given what's required to cast... time, effort, concentration... I thought sorcery to be the most obvious... (well, ok, not as obvious as invoking the gods, although - Lie is very much a subtle spell...)
  14. Wee bit too close to the library though... And the Merchant's quarters.... And, well, the city in general.... πŸ˜›
  15. Very nice! Can't wait!!! (metaphorically, of course) I had always imagined the Jonstown Library to be, well.... greater...
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