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  1. 15... Sure (easy). 20... No problem... But 25??? Requires three 17s. From a 98 point buy, all at 1:1, could give 17, 17, 17, 14, 11, 11, 11... (or similar)
  2. 25% Category Modifier.... Is that some lucky rolling? Or some other stat allotment? (ie, min-maxxing?)
  3. Sounds like someone is confusing "limbs" and "arms", forgetting that legs are limbs as well...
  4. So, it's a good place to go for a date? (Is that pun too dated now?)
  5. You've really fallen for all that gobbledygook the Orlanthi priests have been feeding you... 😛
  6. I'm aware... The concept of a melee round being a summary of all the feints, jabs, parries, etc... Rather than an actual single attack... Never sat well with me...
  7. I was thinking that when reading @French Desperate WindChild's post regarding cultures. I'd be fairly certain no LM would ever use the term "sorcery" in Theyalan, to describe what they do. It's a shorthand (God Learner-ey) thing that we players do. So, LM "sorcerers" will be using their own (possibly unique) term to describe their god's manifestations of power... Which I'd expect all Orlanthis to be aware of and tolerant towards.
  8. Except that quicker strikes with magically enhanced weapons leads to higher damage - Although RAW doesn't allow for this 😞 There should be a mechanic for short, quick repetitive thrusts. And when there is, those 1D4 +4 (Bladesharp) thrusts 3 or 4 times in a couple of seconds are going to be nasty.
  9. E.g., long-lasting lighting, heating (or cooling). A merchant who can access a Preserve Item could make a killing with foodstuffs to distant (or not so) lands. Super fresh (and chilled) Apple Lane apples should sell awesomely in Nochet. (Add in a good spell for improving Bargain, and you're set for life) And I'm surprised that the Jonstown Library relies on anti-fire enchantments, rather than judicious use of Call Light, especially since the latter is of much higher quality (and luminescence) than torches or lanterns)... And doesn't smoke. (Although, obviously, you'd want anti-fire spells at the ready anyway). Which makes me wonder... Given that Issaries (in particular) has no issues with Sorcery, is there any reason a starting merchant couldn't start with a bit of sorcery? Transfer a Rune Point or 2 (or just sacrifice the POW) for the Runes and Techniques, and put a couple of 10/25% into spells.
  10. ??? P389-390... Under the section Learning New Spells. As a rough guess, the same as researching a spell, as per above citation - 1D6 + Magic modifier. Your points about it being Dragon Pass oriented are quite valid, but that's sort of the point of the thread.. Many of the occupations would be the same regardless of the area you're in. Some would have minor adjustments. Would you think that an Aeolian sorcerer apprentice would have a somewhat different skill selection to a Zzaburi or Lunar apprentice? It ultimately comes down to - What basic skills would they need, and in what proportion?
  11. I'm not seeing a logical difference between the language and the culture here.... That's my point. Your argument should apply to both skills If, however, the Culture was by clan or tribe, rather than a Homeland, then it would make more sense.
  12. Just a thought... Mechanically, that'd be a Customs (Homeland) roll... Obviously. Make the roll and you're safe. Fail and you die! (ETA: which makes me think that the 25% base is far too low! By 20 years old or so, as our starting adventurers are), they should be as familiar with their local customs as with their local language, and so I'd suggest a base of 50%)
  13. Perhaps hospitality is only offered to those who follow the appropriate formalities? Much as many places expect.
  14. Sure (I'm not 100% familiar with all you write, but about 85%)... I started this thread because of the other one on the Aeolian sorcerer. Do you agree with @David Scott's interpretation above? I don't, because it would mean an apprentice sorcerer would be almost identical to the Philosopher, except for the income. As I mentioned above, I don't think the sorcerer needs 2 random lores and orate. I also disagree with the income and ransom... Should be much lower for an apprentice.
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