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  1. Hmmm.... Yeah, fair call! I suppose if the Restore Health is working, it'd be worth it!
  2. Honestly, why bind when you can just put them in a low POW storage crystal? I'm not going to waste my perfectly good POW just for that! I'm waaaayyyy too much of a munchkin!
  3. Very important question!! "We set an ambush... I wait until one of the troll/kins goes into the bushes to crap, then silently kill him". 6 hours later... "Oh come on!!!!!!! One of you...!!!" (*yes, I know Uz wouldn't care about where they do it.... especially in the woods!)
  4. Firstly, apologies for the resurrection (who knew threads had HQ/Shamanic abilities???), but in talking about the GaGoG, I was linked to here... So - what's to stop an Elmali from getting the Sunspear spell if the gods are actually the same? They could be going to the Yelmalian temple (out of curiosity?? To replenish RPs), having a chat with the local priest who tries to convert them, and being told of the awesome powers that Yelmalio/Elmal has, and you should have a try... I'd see this situation of not having the spell more as "I didn't know I could get it" rather than "It's absolutely not available". If we take the getting of Rune Spells to be a mini-HQ, then all it should take would be to know of it, and then performing it. The Elmali could then return home and tell everyone that - yes, the gods are still different, but somehow we've forgotten that he still has that power (ie, Sunspear). I'd presume that the gifts/geases are a similar deal... we didn't know we could get them! The lack of Fireblade and Ignite in Yelmalio's cult is purely cultural (or could be argued as 'aspects'). Similarly, I can't see why an Orlanth Adventurous can't get the same spells as Orlanth Thunderous...if the god is actually the same.... (I can live with "isn't usually available, because we don't know those myths"). My perspective on this whole debate is fairly pragmatic... if Elmal was killed or trapped, would Yelmalians (and others involved in this argument) also lose all their powers? What happened to the other Air deities when Orlanth was 'killed' by the Lunars? Lastly, when will someone realise that Monrogh was Lied to by a Trickster?
  5. You enter the room quietly. Unfortunately, you've been seen. As you peer into the gloom, you see - and hear - a huge barbarian charging towards you. He roars as he throws at you... A really bad pun! Roll to dodge.
  6. Ps... What's the definitively correct spelling for the goddess of disease?
  7. Cool! So, Kolat is now getting his own entry!?! Will Elmal get a nice subsection? Last question (for this post 😛 ) - how many pages for each entry? (On average)
  8. That would be fine... Except... Doesn't suggest anything magical. Unless, such book magic is *extremely* common to the point of being mundane... So mundanethat simple records automatically become magical (as they're being updated too!)
  9. I know this is only intended as a sneak preview, but... What's then the significant difference between a book and a teacher? I note that reading the palace archives gives a flat 5% increase to *two* skills... Whereas a teacher would give only 1D6-1 to one skill.
  10. True, but a healthy dose of magic is involved. Mostly originating or associated with a cult. I don't think they'd get excommunicated... Just a talking to. My main point was that it wouldn't be as easy, or profitable, as suggested.
  11. Wouldn't need to. Firstly, most of these will be cult owned and operated (need to be to get the spells). That's a serious piece of competition to go up against. Secondly, since we're talking about Rune Spells provided by the God, unsanctioned methods can just lose their ability to be cast ... Not in the God's interests, especially if measly little initiates are opposing the priesthood and temple. Thirdly, for a group of adventurers, it's simply not worth the hassle... The amount of time, effort and energy to finally get that show on the road *efficiently and effectively* alone would be virtually impossible (without significant outside support - which goes against the "alone" bit).
  12. HA! There's only 1 "deity"! Those you mentioned and their ilk are more like angels! Being tricksy, are we???
  13. Of course! Uroxi are their favourite roar food.
  14. Sad face... Do they really get into the world of Middle Earth? Or just superficially like the ideas?
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