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  1. Shiningbrow


    Thanks. Do you have references for this? What I've read only slightly suggests an Orlanthi beginning (from the south). But like a lot of the history, the *specifics* are left out (same with RW history).
  2. Because it's not one single attack. It's the culmination of what goes on over that period of time. So, it includes movement, feints, deception, trickery opening up gaps in the other person's defences, intimidation (keep your weapons pointed at their eyes!), etc. It's also the ability to anticipate she your opponent is going to do, and responding to that. As well as making your opponent do something to your advantage. Q: are Olympic fencers (and other athletes at that level) at only 100%? Or are they higher???
  3. Shiningbrow


    Can someone point me in the right direction for information about the Hyalorings in Colymar? Something with more detail than Adventurers, the Guide, and a bit on a couple of websites. My thinking is - the Enhyli, Narri and (now) Taralang follow a line from Hyalor horsebreaker, who follows Yu-Kargzant (aka Yelm) as the Pure Horse People. Many got wiped out, and after moving became the Grazelanders. It would make sense for the Hyaloring Triaty to have come from the Grazelanders, from a geographical perspective... However, they could also have come from the north or east... Albeit a rather long journey. Either way, if they do actually follow Hyalor's line cleanly, they should be worshipping an aspect of Yelm, not Yelmalio. Unless.....
  4. Shiningbrow


    After checking, that's most of Spain, Greece, Italy, Turkey.. so, nice warm sunny places...
  5. The Heroquestor has to figure out those rules, AND then learn all the different myths...
  6. More of a suggestion than a correlation, p67 in The White Swan: Any adventurer with Cult Lore (Ernalda).. I'd add " or Cult Lore (Orlanth)", given it was his wedding present to her...
  7. I know this is way late, but... P65 says "(the centaurs - plural) never let on their true degree of fluency in Tradetalk (65%, but they pretend it is much lower)". However, their stat-block on p67 only has them at 35%. Dappled does have 65% though...
  8. Ah crap! Yep, using mobile... Yes, "by sub-vocalising"..
  9. Shiningbrow


    I finally got my hands (mouse??) on Smoking Ruins today. Perhaps you can understand my bemusement given this thread (and others like it) at the opening lines of the first adventure... "It is Waterday, Harmony Week, in 1626, a typical day in Clearwine Fort. The weather is beautiful: bright, sunny, warm. Yelm shines in all his glory, his worshippers couldn't ask for anything better. Auspicious indeed". Unless, of course, you're Orlanthi!!!
  10. Shiningbrow


    That's actually a good argument, and should have been up front and centre. Although, my understanding is that a lot of Sartar, Holy Country and surroundings aren't that high up... Perhaps it's just me... This "we really don't care much about the sun" just seems really odd! If Elmal was left alone as the sun, (even as a sub-cult in a Yelmic monomyth), perhaps losing *some* of his Fire powers, it would all makes sense. If Orlanth chained the sun, and it therefore does as he commands, it also works... Ignoring, laughing at, pitying the god that you actually rely on, and enjoy being out in - doesn't. I know Glorantha isn't real, and thus RW logic doesn't apply, but I kinda figured that humans are pretty much humans... is there a RW example where people anthropomorphised a natural phenomenon that they need to survive into a god that they shun?
  11. Shiningbrow


    Is there a good scenario or 3 in which new players are slowly introduced to various cults, in a way which is clearly described for GMs (and players) new to Glorantha can find relatable? Like a Biturian Varosh campaign... But one that *doesn't* require a lot of knowledge about the cults. The ones I've seen require a lot of presumed knowledge... I'm guessing they're out there, but I don't recall reading any.
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