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  1. 10baseT

    Shadows on the Borderlands

    **** SPOILERS BELOW****** (My players please don't read, yes that's you John, Ted, Norm) * Where are the Storage Tunnels mentioned on page 23? They're not on the village map - Gaumata's Vision. Since the rocks were used to build the huts and other things, i'm guessing nearby. Maybe to the left or right of the Yelmalio shrine, in the cliff? (This is also where the lamiae are hidden). I re-purposed this scenario for RQG. It's on the coastal plain between the Vulari Peninsula and the plateau cliffs, on lower terraced cliffs. Before investigating here, i had the players investigate a Pelaskite village in the Great Brackmarsh... which lead to the Sea Caves (also re-purposed for RQG)
  2. Picked it up and I really like what i'm reading (not surprised though). I have Mythic Britain, Logres and this just adds more quality and detail. I always look forward to more from The Design Mechanism.
  3. 10baseT

    God Forgot - Horali

    Given the situation in 1625 in the Mirrorsea/Heortland area, do you think God Forget would have any designs to take advantage of the turmoil in the area and seize more land? Like maybe colonize the Vulari Peninsula for farming or take some Right Arm islands? I think many troops in Heortland are fighting the scorpionmen horde's incursion and with the City of Wonders sunk, there's probably less authority in the bay. And would the Horali from God Forgot, cataphracts or infantry, would they know spirit magic? Or is it more of, their zzabur would put enchantments on their weapons and armor?
  4. 10baseT

    Subsequent parries RQG

    Lol i was thinking the same, kicking it around in the head actually. More of a rolling combat round... well no round, but rolling/continuing once it starts i mean. The SRs continue and no round reset. (Again, just another thought that went thru my mind as i lay awake at 3am.)
  5. 10baseT

    Subsequent parries RQG

    You're right... i havent thought about it too deeply. It was just something i kicked around in my head. I like the SR mechanics, the round just seems a bit long... i guess i was thinking too much on GURPS which i like they way they do missile fire (but then again, i'm playing RQ and not GURPS and i'm very happy with RQ).
  6. 10baseT

    Subsequent parries RQG

    Kind of like defensive fighting... i like the sound of that.
  7. 10baseT

    Subsequent parries RQG

    I always thought about doing this since the combat rounds seem a bit too long for what one can do. My thought was to make the combat round 2 seconds long and keep all other mechanics the same, ie 12 SR in a round. For Movement i was going to make one's Movement equate to meters. A human has an 8 move so can move 8 meters in a combat round, x3 if they run. Now i'm not complaining mind you. I'm happy and play rules as written, but i have been kicking it around.
  8. 10baseT


    I use it to enhance the mood... convey the setting. Then i also use it sometimes to affect tactics. For example, pea soup fog rolls in and visibility is 5-10 feet. What the PCs don't know is, trolls are waiting to ambush and they're using darksense. Or it's raining/snowing real hard where visibility is reduced and climbing on the rocks is treacherous, and that's when javelins come raining down from the baboons on the rocks, they then move out of site. Do the PCs climb the slippery rocks? It's also been constantly raining and you've had your bow out, or it got drenched when you forded the flooded river... when you go to use it, the bow string is worthless. What do you do? It's not always like that, but i do use it so the PCs take weather into account... or maybe to just keep them on their toes. (it's been fun believe it or not... PCs fear the fog lol)
  9. 10baseT

    House Rules

    So far, Statement of Intent in reverse SR order, RQ3 missile hit locations, and STR x 2 in meters for Thrown Weapon range.
  10. 10baseT

    Coastal Plain Heortland

    Thank you both... and I did mean both of what you've shown, the narrow coastal areas in yellow and also the coastal area between Salt Point and the Vulari Peninsula. You both mentioned Cental CA areas, thank you, that really helps (and yes, minus the car dump lol). It helped me determine any potential fertile land for a small farm... (so you could do more than fish and salt pan).
  11. 10baseT

    Coastal Plain Heortland

    What would you say the coastal plain between the plateau and Choralinthor Bay is like terrain wise? Like Baja California with scrub, rock and some dunes, like Scotland's Balmoral/Aberdeen area, or more like Florida with grasses and mangroves? I'm trying to determine, if one were to settle there, what would they do. Maybe farm but not if the soil isn't fertile so maybe they herd sheep? I dont know. (I have Pelaskite fisherman in the marsh area but i'm thinking more of the coastal strip besides fisherman, if any). (i was inspired by the Tradetalk and TotRM sea articles/issues).
  12. I think i'll do that as well. I need to look at the old RQ2 Cults of Terror for Vivamort, but yeah, think i'll do the same.
  13. Good evening folks, just came back from a fun session of Runequest. I have a few rule questions for the collective: *The Sleep spell, does it affect vampires, or zombies for that matter? (Checking the Bestiary, we couldn't find evidence either way) *Attack skills over 100%, does Attacker they keep their critical and special percentages based on their skill that's over 100%? Example, if i have attack at 150%, even though i go down to 100% attack, then minus 50% from my opponents parry, does does my critical stay at 8% and special at 30%, which are based on my 150%? (The page 202 example, 2nd bullet point upper left, points to yes that your critical and special would be based on the 150%. But the sentence "the chance of a special or critical success continues to increase or decrease, based on the final modified chance of success", seems to contradict. *Shadow Cat base rip attack damage, is it really 3d6? On page 159 of the Bestiary, a Shadow Cat does base rip damage of 3d6 (+damage bonus). A Shadow Cat has an average SIZ of 3-4. A Sabre Tooth Tiger has a base rip damage of 2d8 (+damage bonus). Something isn't jiving i think. The base rip for a Shadow Cat is too high. (I understand it has an average damage bonus of -d4, but still, that base seems too high for a Shadow Cat rip).
  14. 10baseT

    Rule question - Fighting Back & Firearms?

    If in hand to hand combat or melee and an attacker was shooting a firearm, i would allow the opponent to use Fight Back. To me, the rules dont fit in this case so i would adjust accordingly. Remember, the rules are just a guideline. If you're unsure what to do because a rule seems to run contrary to common sense, run it by the players and see if you all concur what you are doing/changing makes sense, if so, then do it.
  15. i'll have to check out that podcast, thanks. I read 'The Good Earth' by Pearl S. Buck and it was great insight into Chinese village life/culture, etc., circa WW1. Just good info overall.