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  1. Good explanation of frequency, it paints a good picture (i think it's me not knowing how to read these). For overall rain, would it be safe to say for example, Sea Season gets a total of 30cm of rain for the season, Fire Season gets a total of 13cm for the season, etc. (These are just the cm numbers for Early and Late season added up). The reason why i ask is, i'm looking at salt pans on the coast, so harvesting can't be when it's raining a lot.
  2. Thanks, i was wondering if it was low/high range in cm over the season. Because in Late Fire Season it's 5cm over 6 days which is 0.83 cm/day. Then in Early Sea Season where i would think it's more wet, it's 15cm over 20 days which is 0.75cm/day... so it's more rain in Fire season than in Sea Season (understood all averages), which very well may be the case. Anyway, that's what got me curious, not critical, merely curious... (i'm doing scenarios in this area which concerns rain).
  3. Hi Jeff, just wanted to ask about the Rainfall on the chart. It's listed as cm/days, but it looks more like a low/high range. I know it's only a draft, is this a typo and should be low/high? (and thank you BTW, this is excellent stuff!!) @Jeff
  4. Thank you, this has been very informative. So in the large village/small town with Aeolians/Esvulari and traditional Orlanthi (ie non-Esvulari), would the shrine/temple be called the Aeolian temple or the Orlanthi temple? Would that distinction in name be made by the townsfolk? Or maybe it's the same building with the Aeolians calling it the Aeolian temple and the non-Esvulari calling it the Orlanthi temple?
  5. Page 286 of the core rulebook states the wyter can cast any rune spell or spirit magic known by it's priest, which is probably the village/town talar i'm guessing, the leader anyways. The actual Aeolian priest being is a sorceror. So just trying to reconcile the two. I'm guessing the answer is yes and the Aeolian talar in all probability worships Orlanth... Then what about the Aeolian temple? Would it have a wyter because sorcerory could possibly be involved at this point.
  6. Hi folks, what is the Faro wheel? Is it like a roulette wheel? Reading the rumors, it sounds big. Since it glows and its like acts like a beacon to ships in the Troll Strait, is it outside or in an open arena in a gambling hall?
  7. Yup, it can get deadly. In general, i've tried to make the spirit encounter survivable as in, if you can't beat it, you can at least run. Although, i've also had it where rumors suggest the spirit is very strong. As the PCs near where the spirit is at, they see skeletons, husk, corpse on the ground (suggesting it will be tough). In this case, it will be a knock-out drag-down spirit fight. Hopefully the PCs have some sort of spirit screen or high power. Sometimes the PCs just need to make the decision to run or not. I think we did this several time down in Balastor's and Rabbit Farm. (i have an upcoming encounter where there's a spirit and simply engaging as is, will be tough.) Edit: forgot to add. I don't just let players cast bladesharp on their weapons then let them attack willy nilly,... that's too meta for me. Here's how it usually goes. Me: a spectral visage of a goat beast manifest, shreeks and dives into player 1. (Player 1, you feel cold... you're in spirit combat) Player 2: I cast bladesharp 4 and attack. Me: You hit Player 1, roll damage. Player 2: What, no... i don't swing like that. Me: What do you do then? You see Player 1 with his hands clutching his head, convulsing, jerking and shaking about. Player 2: Mmmm, i place my sword against Player 1's chest? Me:......... Player 2: Well, does anything happen? Me: Not that you can tell. You don't see a spirit sticking out or anything... not saying you could see it if it was. What do you do? Player 2:.... (thinking hard) For the most part, that's how i run it. Although, i'm more lenient if you are attacking the spirit in this manner, when that spirit is attacking yourself. YGMV.
  8. I backed it... i really like their stuff. I think it would be awesome if they did one for Jerusalem/Antioch... heck, i'd also be happy with a Dark Ages in these areas too.
  9. Is glasswort a tuber, like taro? (Salt Point, Great Brackmarsh, Vulari Peninsula area)
  10. If i'm looking at southern Heortland, small towns, villages, etc where the Aeolians are in charge (think Vizel, Mt Pasant area), what would their leader be called? A chief, talar, thane, lord? I'm guessing talar and how would he be addressed, something like Talar Joe? Would all Aeolian nobles be referred to as this. This also leads me to the sorcerors or priest. How is an Aeolian priest called... if he was an advisor as well, maybe Councilor or Advisor? And would his skin be blueish? Maybe his lineage is watered down from true blue Zzaburi so he only has a tint of blue?
  11. Looking at these pictures of the Heortland coastal plain, below the cliffs... Salt Point to Vulari peninsula area. Would it support cattle, sheep and/or goats? I'm guessing it's pretty grassy because of the moisture (fog and low clouds not getting over the cliffs).
  12. Most excellent. I like the way SAN is done. My Player's PCs will definitely suffer from some sort of imbalance of the humors... nothing a good bloodletting won't cure.
  13. Howdy Diana, (otto bubba - Gil from FB here). Cheers. (currently pouring beer over my teeth trying to finish scenarios).
  14. I can't wait to pick this up. I've always wanted to run Pagan Call and now i'm going to. Well done!!! Edit: I just realized my copy of Dark Ages has a different scenario called 'The Tomb'. It's about 40 pages or so.
  15. My campaign home area is along the Heortland coastal plain, below the cliffs from Salt Point to the Vulari peninsula. I'm going to have my PCs encounter NPCs from Talor Hold. Some questions: *Talor Hold Scouts/patrol/expedition, would they have an apprentice Zzaburi with them, possibly? From what i understand, the Zzaburi are identified and begin training young. So as their young training (i imagine they have a master and are under a sort of apprenticeship), would they be doing real-world task like if they were in an internship? (Like accompanying a patrol or working in Refuge.) *Talor Hold, Would their be tug tug boats? I think they were called this and I can't remember where i read this, but there were special boats from Talor Hold i think. Does anyone remember this and can they elaborate? I'm looking to make a naval encounter from Talor Hold. The PCs will eventually encounter things off the coast of the Clanking Ruins and over to the Zoo. I'm just starting to flesh it out. Thank you ahead of time and much appreciated. (Note - I said Talor Hold but i maybe i should have said God Forgot in general, i dunno).
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