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  1. I'm reading The Labyrinth right now and loving it. Their lore and info is so damn good... you can read it as pure enjoyment instead of a rules set. So DG started off as supplements for CoC before they went to their own D100 systems. Those earlier DG CoC supplements are pure gold. If you want get into some fantastic writing, i recommend picking up Delta Green Countdown. You can get the pdf on DTRPG for $20... although i recommend the hard copy. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/99299/Delta-Green-Countdown . I say pick up all the earlier DG CoC supplements but Countdown will really set the tone for you and give you a taste that slaps you in the face, begging for more... and it will only set you back $20. Cheers, Gil
  2. Yes, an excellent post. Gives good info where there's not much written about. I've been researching things like Beauchief and White Faces from HQ Voices. There is a cool map showing some small towns/villages on the plateau and Vulari peninsula. Similar to the map from the "A Gazetter of Kerofinela" but i dont think it was ever published, but pictures of it have been posted here in BRPCentral.
  3. Thanks. I knew Rikard had been skirmishing with some Uroxi.
  4. Is this with Rikkard and his seshnegi cataphracts your're referring to?
  5. Are there other Aeolian tribes in Southern Heortland besides the Bandori? So the Bandori are in Bandori county. But what about north of that. Since the Aeolians tend to be mainly urban in this area, would they be more of city factions in their cities? Like Mount Passant would be their tribe/faction while say Duchamp is theirs with each owing up to their ruling talar... as i believe the commoners elect their ruling talar, so there's probably loyalty there. I would then think the ruling talar would do what he could to remain in authority. Maybe his council, a talar ring for lack of better words, would already have the commoners doing what they want the result to be. Or maybe that city's talar caste turn into big but subtle political jockeying... (anyway, i'm digressing.)
  6. 10baseT


    This has been a great discussion to read and i've learned a lot and have some thinking to do on some house rules. I think a couple of you can write a Jonstown Compedium on some optional rules that go into shields, weapons, melee combat in general. The way GURPS will put out a small PDF on say ancient sword combat or close quarter battle or why a mace/maul has 2 points of armor penetration... It gives more insight and options and some explanation for those that wish to go a little deeper. From what i've read, you have it... and i'd buy it
  7. 10baseT


    I think many may have this problem and it's not really acted upon but i think it can be with minimal fuss. I experience 2 typical load outs 1) on patrol (the intent to engage) and 2) travel, getting from point A to B. On patrol, you are expecting combat (going to ambush, engage in contact, etc) and do not have all the food, rope, supplies, etc. So you're carrying a combat load. Your supplies are left in a designated stating area and you patrol out from there. I think most PCs assume they operate here and that may not always be the case. Travelling, you are geared up and definitely encumbered. If you do not have a mule for example, you are carrying all your food, water, mess kits, sleeping kit, torches, etc... (expected resupply can lessen food/water weight). If you engage with this load out, you should be penalized. On the small man patrols i've been on when carrying 65+ pounds of gear, the only thing you can do is put one foot in front of the other. If expecting combat, you store your gear and move to the patrol posture i mentioned above. It is very unbalancing to fight with a bayonet when you're geared up, you can't dodge really. So, in general, i would expect PCs on foot to be overencumbered (where a smart foe will know it's a good time to ambush.... and will ambush when the PCs are going up an incline or negotiation some sort of obstacle... that's because their eyes will be on the ground.)
  8. 10baseT

    The Sea Cave

    As an update to The Sea Cave, i'm writing a hook for it in my Jonstown submission with a fleshed out setup to it (with the GM encouraged to purchase it in order to follow the hook.). I also suggested some changes in the setup and included an updated cave map since there were multiple. (It's in the Brackmarsh/Kenstone island area). PCs will definitely fear the water... (if you're armored anyways, or have a poor Swim... or actually if you have a fear of being pulled under even.) (FWIW, i'd still happily purchase the other scenarios in their raw or OSR format... it's new and i can tune it up then run it. I also think more would not purchase as RQG has gained a lot of traction since when this thread initially started.)
  9. Would followers of the Invisible God have a percentage in Law Rune? In the core rulebook page 389 the Aeolians and Malkioni worship the invisible god (Aeolians thru personifications) and in The Glorantha Sourcebook page 195 it states the owner of the Law rune is the Invisible God, so that got me thinking. Looking in the Bestiary under chaos, i see followers of the chaos gods Malia/Bagog (broos/scorpionmen) with a % in chaos rune. Admittedly that can be because the creatures are actually chaotic creatures.
  10. What is Free Inquiry? The GtG mentions that scholars and sages are attracted here because of the protection of Free Inquiry. What comes to mind is, there is a small temple of the Lankhor Mhy emanation of the Invisible God. Because of the Western influence of that, one can research things not normally allowed in traditional Orlanthi society? I dunno... forbidden magics or the abiding book... (is it related to the Jelenkev School in Duchamp thats about 15 miles up river?)
  11. This sounds interesting, thank you. I think that translates to 11:30am Saturday California time (good time to grab a pint). I've never joined a twitch stream before so i'm going to try and listen to this. Thx, Gil
  12. As suggested, give page 176 a skim. But it's an abstract way to do mass combat with your PCs involved... not really a skill for a party of PCs to use against another small encounter. Although, i can't see why you couldn't use that way if you wanted to. You can have both sides do an opposed Battle check with the winner having some sort of advantage and base that on the degree of success. I also play wargames and was a Marine back when i was young. So seeing this skill, using it at the squad level, or PC level, i'd say use it to: -Determine avenues of approach by the enemy or how you would approach. -What would be the best place to put your line of defense and would your opposition think this as well. Or best place to attack. -Is ambush possible or a chokepoint to impede movement... where would that be and would the opposition think the same. -In my overall goal of the engagement, would it be best for me to interdict, delay, observe, directly engage, etc. -Is there terrain i can use that would lend to what i'm trying to achieve. -If the enemy flees or if my forces flee, what is the best egress... can i force my opposition to retreat a certain direction, should i flee and also do i establish a fall back position. So, i'd go from there with Battle skill checks (let the GM roll it hidden). Then during the battle, an opposed Battle check (hidden) can obviate certain advantages/disadvantages. You or opposition gets +25% to attacks for this phase, or you or opposition get +3 armor points because of the terrain your in, or you get a free attack because of an ambush, or you get an ambush against you... anyway, have fun. Cheers, Gil
  13. 10baseT

    Barding. Again

    I always liked the walking land whale strolling about the Upland Marsh... this stuff is so awesome!!!
  14. Thank you. It's helping paint the picture in my head. With the henotheist Aeolians in areas with Orlanhthi, I was having a hard time trying to picture how things worked come worship time.
  15. Who would you think oversees the Orlanthi services then?
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