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  1. 10baseT

    Heortland - Queendom of Jab

    I figure Bullpen fell as well then. One thing i noticed, was Bullpen isn't mentioned in the Guide to Glorantha or 13th Age Sourcebook and i haven't seen it on any maps other than the map from 'Dragon Pass. A Gazetteer of Kerofinela'. But that could be because it's just a small village and one can't mention every small village. I figure this is where the Uroxi camped. (I used Bullpen as a base of operations for going into the Print).
  2. 10baseT

    Heortland - Queendom of Jab

    So i posted a few days ago about Queen Gagix and found out she's alive post circa 1625, and rather flourished, with Backford falling (thank you for the 13th Age Sourcebook reference). So i read the 13th Age Sourcebook and page 43 says she's extended deep into the former Malkonwal. Does that mean Durengard and Duchamp have fallen as well? I'm not sure what the former area of Malkonwal covered or how deep her Queendom now extends (and it could be it's not defined and YGMV which is fine.). Many thanks in advance.
  3. 10baseT

    Is Queen Gagix Still Alive?

    I've always wanted a PC forcibly birthed into a scorpionman. You just gave me an idea. The PCs will run into some for sure. I think if one were going to die, i'll just say things go dark. Then surprise them with their new PC. The look on their face lol.
  4. 10baseT

    Is Queen Gagix Still Alive?

    Hot dang, i didnt know that, thanks. That means Bullpen probably fell as well. (I'm going to have some folks on the Syphon... on a runaway raft into the Print.) It normally started at Backford, but maybe not anymore. Actually, given the way the Syphon runs, maybe closer to the shore. I think it will add some Glorantha flavor as they get washed away going uphill.
  5. 10baseT

    Is Queen Gagix Still Alive?

    Greetings everyone, is Queen Gagix still alive in the start time of the new RQG rules (i think it's 1625)? I'm rewriting a scenario and it concerns the Footprint. I imagine it's still a chaos next, but is Queen Gagix still in charge and a power there?
  6. 10baseT

    Artillery Question

    I would keep it as a general artillery skill, no specialization. If your running in the 1920s, a veteran in the AEF would have learned the French 75mm or 155mm howitzer in they were in an artillery regiment. If they were a Marine that was in the various Banana Wars, a light artillery piece, the 3" naval gun would have been used. So, i think a general artillery skill works fine. Artillery batteries also work as a team to fire the piece and, especially for observing the round and adjustments. If only one person was operating the piece, i at the very least have them roll at disadvantage (maybe double depending on circumstance) and at a very reduced rate of fire.
  7. 10baseT

    Cover reveal - Free RPG Day 2018

    If anyone is in LA or Orange County CA, i'm intending to run this at Brookhurst Hobbies in Garden Grove CA. I ran RQ their last year and they have a good setup. (i'm contacting them today to get on their calendar). If you'd like to join, just let me know. Thx, Gil
  8. 10baseT

    Exciting news from HPLHS!

    Oh hell yeah!!! I love what they did with the Brotherhood of the Beast. I am on this, thanks!!!
  9. Hi folks, anyone know when this is slated to come out? I was reading a Cthulhu Reborn post and it described this as the tentative title and was a compilation of Australian historical scenarios for Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition. (One of the scenarios about the Rum Rebellion, is the forerunner or seed resulting in Convicts & Cthulhu... something like that) I like the art and here's one of the pics for it (although i don't know if they'll be kept). Anyway, really looking forward to getting this. (it's with Chaosium at the moment, which is a good sign).
  10. The Hanging Garden issue 5 is a western themed issue and has some cool western scenarios, for BRP there's "The Run Away Bride" and "Once Upon a Mine". Then for GURPS western there's "Damned of the Earth" all easily convertible to 7e.
  11. 10baseT

    World War I, The Great War

    Also google for US Service of Supply in WW1 (service of supply was basically in the rear where infrastructure like this would be). The AEF wasn't in France in 1917 except for about 4 divisions. (For AEF, 42 US divisions will have gone to France in WW1 almost all being there in 1918... too late for Verdun). Also search for Salvation Army, Red Cross and YMCA in WW1 and you'll find some great pics as well.
  12. 10baseT

    Cubicle 7 and Call of Cthulhu

    Amen, I use their Cold War Cthulhu for Delta Green. I'm reading American Cousins right now, great stuff!!! Love this series!
  13. 10baseT

    [M-SPACE] Black Friday Sale

    Thank you, just picked up Reflux. Keep 'em coming brotha. (i needed a space RPG and MSpace is it)
  14. 10baseT

    Status update?

    Me too. I can't wait to play and i'm hoping there's some adventure content right off the bat so we can jump right in and start playing in new adventures/scenarios. Then, consistent release of even more scenario content.
  15. You can get the Call of Cthulhu supplement Secrets of Kenya pdf from Chaosium. Besides being a good read, there's 2.5 pages of diseases like malaria, dysentery, hepatitis, etc.