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  1. Good Afternoon good people, did the Aeolian saints get redacted or are they still in use with RQG? I'm making some Aeolian NPCs in Heortland, mainly Salt Point, Viziel and Duchamp. If I wanted them to follow Orlanth, would they say it as Orlanth or St Worlath?
  2. 10baseT

    Harpy Dung

    I want to ask the collective, would you say Speedart or Multimissle work on Harpy dung? Would you also give Harpy dung a -5% to hit per 3 meters like when they drop stones, page 100 of Bestiary? It also mentions, only Chaos creatures would associate with any victim hit with dung. I know my PCs wouldn't abandon one of their team hit with dung per se, but i want to encourage this 'dis-association' effect. Maybe anyone nearing the victim runs a small chance of being exposed to a diseased and if within 10 meters, also suffers -40% to skills due to the debilitating stench. I dont know, what would you do, any ideas?
  3. 10baseT

    HP in RQG

    I use the average of CON + SIZ. And if there's a 0.5 remainder, I even let the players keep it in their general HP. (they just note it with a little '+' sign by their HP). It didn't make things easier or harder, but i felt it reflected things better without any hassle or rework. (I play a duck and his HP are better than most. Of course i didn't mind, but I thought my house rule put things more inline.)
  4. Well, i always have more than 1 in my group so a single player scenario wouldn't be so appealing because of the single player aspect. But, if it's a rockin' scenario or has an interesting setting, i'd pick it up regardless. With your scenarios, i like them so i'd pick it up because of that. I dont know if that was helpful
  5. This is something my gaming group and I were discussing, and wondering. With CoC, we see many 3rd party scenarios and there's the Miskatonic Library. In the old RQ days, we did see some stuff. But with RQG, it's not there nor have i heard anything (besides a potential RQG type of Miskatonic Library). Anyway, this isn't a complaint, just wondering.
  6. My group uses figs all the time and lately it's been printed ones too. In the end, use whatever works for you and your group. If you're having fun or you like doing it, that's all that matters. Have fun, then have some more fun.
  7. Actually, i think you're closer than you know. Didn't Delecti string together various parts of creatures together, whatever he fancied? Like the walking land whale is one if I recall.
  8. I love DG... the best history out there is in their books. While a set time, like 5 weeks or 9 months, isn't given. I would base it on the Unnatural % gained and whatever condition you think the tome is in... and just fudge it. (So if Unnatural % gained is 8% and 'months' is the time frame. If the book is legible and good condition, say 4 months... fudge it.) I know that's not telling you much. Or, you can do what I do, i just use what CoC 7e states in the Keeper's rule book, page 237-239. These work perfect.
  9. It sounds like fun. I'm always leery of giving anyone any sort of magic but i do like your reasoning. One of the things i like about WW1 CoC or BRP is the different type of jobs a soldier could have. Like in your case, someone can be the pigeon handler and he has 2-3 in a little cage with him. Since they're lost, they hope that after the storm, they can let one loose and it will circle a few times, then fly to HQ. All they need to do is watch to see which way it goes... but they're sick and during the night, only 1 remains alive in the morning (make your animal handler roll). I read an AEF pamphlet on pigeon husbandry for a signalman and thought it was the greatest. Anyway, your scenario sounds fun.
  10. I really like this a lot as well. A different angle to hit the PCs with. I also wouldnt mind a straight 1920s era scenario that just dealt with the evils of mankind. Sprinkle a few red herrings and let the PCs mind run wild. And at the end of the day, it's just human evil. Not everything has to be mythos slanted, but the PCs sure will think it is... and they'll run with it. Anyway, i'm like these different types of scenarios.
  11. Yup, sounds interesting. And a little darker like what Stygian Fox is doing which i am really liking.
  12. I'm really digging the Western Cthulhu. I'm glad to see Kevin Ross stuff coming out. Been waiting for some time and i'm dang happy now. Can't wait to see more.
  13. Have a question on the shield parry rules on page 52 of 7e Cthulhu Invictus, under Defending with a Shield. It says the Shield user gains the Shield's armor rating even if they lose the bout of combat, and the shield can possibly take damage. Then on page 53 under Life of a Shield, it says when a Shield successfully blocks an attack, the shield itself takes damage. So my question is, what's the difference? It sounds like whether i successfully parry or not, my shield armor counts and my shield may take damage.
  14. If you want stirrups in your Glorantha, i'd go ahead and use them. The technology of a Gloranthan bronze age doesn't have to mirror our real world bronze age timeline. I believe in our middle ages, the Arab world had more medical and mathematical advancements than the West. It could be the Gloranthan bronze age has more advancements than our bronze age. I'd do whatever works for you.
  15. Yes, playing it and loving it. My setting is San Bernardino CA 1870. The area as a whole was part of the Spanish crown, belonged to Mexico, then the Republic of California for about a month before it became part of the US. The area was on the very edges of the Spanish mission in San Gabriel and became part of the Mexican rancho system. San Bernardino was then purchased by the Mormons for their new colony in 1856... (the area had been seen by Mormons from the Mormon Battalion that fought in the Mexican-American war). Brigham Young called the Mormons back and the area devolved into the true wild west. Before the Civil War it was also a hot bed of Southern sympathy. The Mojave Desert and Death Valley are to the Northwest, literally thru the pass (The Cajon Pass which straddles the San Andreas fault). The parents of Wyatt Earp live in the outskirts of town. The Serrano and Cahuilla native Americans live in the surrounding mountains trying to maintain their way of life. Gold and Silver are in the mountains, in the Big Bear area and in Calico (which today is still set up as a western town). There is a lot of desert and wilderness and the train wont be here for several more years. I converted The Haunting to be at the Barton Villa (Google it. Purchased by Dr Ben Barton from the Mormons in Old San Bernardino). I just bought the Stillwater campaign from Chaosium and am fitting it to San Bernardino. It's been real fun. I found some old maps the Mormons did of the city layout so i'm making a map starting from 'Whiskey Point' (so called because there was a saloon on each corner, which is the corner of Third and D. But anyway, i'm rambling... DTT is tons of fun. (Also have the the BRP Aces High supplements and Devil's Gulch). Also converting 'Freak Show' which is a CoC scenario with a travelling carnival.
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