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  1. I picked it up (love everything those folks are doing), yet haven't started reading yet. I love the name 'Yellow and Unpleasant Land' which I may read first simply because i cannot resist. From what I understand, they also have a 7e CoC manuscript with Chaosium but i can't remember the name. I'll pick that up too when it's out.
  2. I think you're reading it correctly... probably an accident. I would add Fighting and Firearms to the enlisted.
  3. I don't have the 2nd ed but you got me curious and i looked it up in my 1st ed copy... and it was there under the Hellfighter occupation. I would definitely include it. All 4 regiments in the 93rd Division were infantry regiments and fought with the French.
  4. That would be an awesome thing to see. Do it good sir!!! It has already been done. I am sure I have a PDF somewhere on my Hard Drive. Inquiring minds want to know
  5. That would be an awesome thing to see. Do it good sir!!!
  6. I love mythic Earth myself. When i'm not running an established RPG world, i'll use mythic Earth for my setting... there's alot of good stuff out there and you can plop your own down too. Anyway, good luck and have fun. Cheers, G
  7. This is a great problem to have and a compliment to the creators, Chaosium, RQG and the fans. Bravo folks!!! Keep it coming, my purse strings are itchin'.
  8. SPOILERS for those wanting to play The Smoking Ruins - The Grove of Green Rock scenario. .. .. .. .. This scenario covers exactly that. The PCs are hired over several years to guard the growing of a Shanasee tree in an Aldryami grove... every sacred time for like 4 or 5 years, something like that. This scenario describes the changes in annual growth every year if the PCs are successful. It goes in the elven defenses and is good all around. If the PCs are successful in t hose years, the result is a new elven forest. (Actually, the Smoking Ruins was just released in
  9. A while ago, like 10 years, i was itchin' to run an Aldryami campaign and I made list of Aldryami articles that were out there. I'll try and find it. One thing though, Shannon Appelcline apparently wrote a manuscript called 'Oak and Thorn' I believe, but it was never released. I would love to purchase that (probably not canon anymore but still, he wrote good stuff on them... and a lot too.) Here are a few more items that can give you some Aldryami info. *Heroquest Voices - Elves section. *Smoking Ruins - The Grove of Green Rock scenario is about helping the elves and you'll learn abou
  10. I'm reading The Labyrinth right now and loving it. Their lore and info is so damn good... you can read it as pure enjoyment instead of a rules set. So DG started off as supplements for CoC before they went to their own D100 systems. Those earlier DG CoC supplements are pure gold. If you want get into some fantastic writing, i recommend picking up Delta Green Countdown. You can get the pdf on DTRPG for $20... although i recommend the hard copy. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/99299/Delta-Green-Countdown . I say pick up all the earlier DG CoC supplements but Countdown will really set t
  11. Yes, an excellent post. Gives good info where there's not much written about. I've been researching things like Beauchief and White Faces from HQ Voices. There is a cool map showing some small towns/villages on the plateau and Vulari peninsula. Similar to the map from the "A Gazetter of Kerofinela" but i dont think it was ever published, but pictures of it have been posted here in BRPCentral.
  12. Thanks. I knew Rikard had been skirmishing with some Uroxi.
  13. Is this with Rikkard and his seshnegi cataphracts your're referring to?
  14. Are there other Aeolian tribes in Southern Heortland besides the Bandori? So the Bandori are in Bandori county. But what about north of that. Since the Aeolians tend to be mainly urban in this area, would they be more of city factions in their cities? Like Mount Passant would be their tribe/faction while say Duchamp is theirs with each owing up to their ruling talar... as i believe the commoners elect their ruling talar, so there's probably loyalty there. I would then think the ruling talar would do what he could to remain in authority. Maybe his council, a talar ring for lack of bet
  15. 10baseT


    This has been a great discussion to read and i've learned a lot and have some thinking to do on some house rules. I think a couple of you can write a Jonstown Compedium on some optional rules that go into shields, weapons, melee combat in general. The way GURPS will put out a small PDF on say ancient sword combat or close quarter battle or why a mace/maul has 2 points of armor penetration... It gives more insight and options and some explanation for those that wish to go a little deeper. From what i've read, you have it... and i'd buy it
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