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  1. I would love to see the scenario that was in the 1st Ed rulebook that was associated with mission San Gabriel added... (i think it was in the 1st ed rulebook and 2 pages or so.)
  2. I'm glad folks posted. I totally forgot about Mortal Coils (which is excellent and with outstanding art) and A Time for Sacrifice which I still need to read (just too much to read.) Anyway, for Mexico completeness sake, there's a scenario in Mexico called 'El Dia de Los Muertos' which takes place in the Sea of Cortez on a small island. It's a Delta Green scenario, so modern yet easily converted to 1920s, but when DG was using the CoC rules. It's in issue 52 of Shadis (i dont know how i have this copy)... well written and in true DG style. Although, nothing really on Mexican history or politica
  3. In Worlds of Cthulhu issue 3, I'm pretty sure the Western scenario 'The Golden Scorpion' takes place in Mexico.
  4. That's pretty cool. When I did the RQ kickstarter, I was the 666 backer, on Backerkit (to respond i guess.) I waited for cacodemon to show up... maybe Nyarlathotep on this forum.
  5. 10baseT


    The Magnus Archives are also a good inspiration http://rustyquill.com/the-magnus-archives/ .
  6. These are beautiful! What program did you use, if any?
  7. Good topic and comments. What do you all think a human's swim MOV is, unarmored and unencumbered, 3?
  8. Hi Ferretz, I believe a low POW equaling a high skill in these is to maintain the parity with the standard SAN loss method. The Standard meaning a high POW gives you a higher starting SAN and thus easier for your to make SAN rolls. With this optional method, a low POW gives a higher Natural World/Religion which means it's easier to lose SAN. Conversely a high POW gives a lower Natural World/Religion and thus easier to 'make the SAN roll' for lack of better words. (So mechanics to maintaing that Dark Ages feel??) Anyway, just my 2 cents... totally just thinking out loud.
  9. I'm happy to see Steve getting so much support (and also add, Chaosium is such a class act!!)
  10. Take a look at Convicts & Cthulhu... it's colonial era in Australia and some damn fine stuff. I bought the core rules and downloaded all the Tickets of Leave, quality.
  11. I saw this post in the FB Group. It's about the Elder Things on earth. It mentions their war with the Flying Polyps and also the Yithians... there are 2 parts. Really good read. Part 1 https://mundotentacular.blogspot.com/2020/10/the-elder-things-part-1-from-conquest.html?fbclid=IwAR2vor1EGwKe8TFjDIaC2uBg5NBeJPSLmznZhAltLZGP4iqAqUjns9qjIm4 Part 2 https://mundotentacular.blogspot.com/2020/10/the-elder-things-part-2-from-decay-to.html?fbclid=IwAR2tAzJJUuud65NJQDrHMlnfYvglmQetRCAnvKzgL-9uUG_9-5wWlKvtty8
  12. Since they're amphibians and semi-aquatic, I would say they can definitely stay underwater longer than a mammal (not sure about the breathing part). And if you wanted to make it easy, say the same as ducks but i would even say longer than that. The real world newts here in California are under water for a long time... i see them when I go hiking. They're also poisonous. (I dont know if all are.)
  13. Do we know the names of any of the clans? The clans that went up into Sartar from Heortland had to originate from those that stayed behind, who are they? Then the rural areas are more Orlanthi than Aeolian. As the wars in Sartar sent refugees south, i think it's possible some where adopted into those clans instead of going to Refuge... or maybe those clans wanted nothing to do with them (I only say that as the descriptions of Refuge mention it's filled with refugees from the north.)
  14. Just picked it up. I quickly skimmed thru it and really like the Eyes (had to read that) and the map of Tsavo camp... i'll be reading this on the weekend, thank you. (When i first saw the title, I thought it said 'Shavo' from System of a Down, who would be a cool pic btw, but it said Tsavo... but anyways, this time frame in Africa, i'm liking it.
  15. I'm not sure which pregens to run, but you should listen to this podcast... it's more of a radio play. It's about 2 podcasters doing a story (2 players). Like the crew in Scritch Scratch. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p06spb8w/episodes/downloads. You'll see both radio plays and i think playing this one first worked better. (But Charles Dexter Ward is the first radio play... can't go wrong either way.) Enjoy, Gil
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