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  1. My campaign home area is along the Heortland coastal plain, below the cliffs from Salt Point to the Vulari peninsula. I'm going to have my PCs encounter NPCs from Talor Hold. Some questions: *Talor Hold Scouts/patrol/expedition, would they have an apprentice Zzaburi with them, possibly? From what i understand, the Zzaburi are identified and begin training young. So as their young training (i imagine they have a master and are under a sort of apprenticeship), would they be doing real-world task like if they were in an internship? (Like accompanying a patrol or working in Refuge.) *Talor Hold, Would their be tug tug boats? I think they were called this and I can't remember where i read this, but there were special boats from Talor Hold i think. Does anyone remember this and can they elaborate? I'm looking to make a naval encounter from Talor Hold. The PCs will eventually encounter things off the coast of the Clanking Ruins and over to the Zoo. I'm just starting to flesh it out. Thank you ahead of time and much appreciated. (Note - I said Talor Hold but i maybe i should have said God Forgot in general, i dunno).
  2. I just saw this post so figure i'll add my 2 cents. DG is utterly frikken amazing/brilliant. You can read their source books just for the love of good fiction and a great read. You'll be like WTF!!! I would go ahead an pony up $19.98 for the old Core rule book... forget the rules, you're getting it for the content. It is soooo rich with tons of content. It will set the tone for you and you will know. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/99212/Delta-Green Then, when you're left crying for more (because you will be) pick up Countdown https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/99299/Delta-Green-Countdown ... the encounters, background, write ups, cults, etc. are unmatched! Then soon you'll want Eyes Only and Targets of Opportunity and you'll find, where the hell have i been all this time, seriously, you will not be let down. These don't just set the stage or the bar, they roundhouse kick you and break your jaw!!! Edit - I checked Amazon and you can get copies of Countdown in the $44-$50 range and the $50 one is Amazon prime so free shipping and quick delivery. 5 out 5 psychiatrist recommend this https://www.amazon.com/Delta-Green-Countdown-Cthulhu-Roleplaying/dp/1887797122/ref=olp_product_details?_encoding=UTF8&me=&qid=1577838398&sr=1-1
  3. I'd be happy to help with proofreading and playtesting.
  4. This is has been a good read. To me, this is a lethal situation almost assuredly resulting in PC death. However, the melee wasn't fought by pulling the trigger, it was already lost at that time... that's the end result. In this case, the melee was fought by the stealth of the attacker and the failure of the victim to detect. Surprise is combat is almost always lethal... which is why ambushes and getting that first strike on an unknown target many times decides the outcome. This is why tactically you want to surprise and why patrols in the bush are always so intently alert/scanning. (I think most RPGs fail in this aspect. Mostly because it most likely results in an easy kill i'm guessing... and i get that,... i myself play unapologetically. Don't get surprised.) For the above, i would say automatic hit (well, roll d100 and 00 is a miss... you sneezed or gun jammed, a revolver wont jam so maybe bad round, etc), major wound and automatic half damage at a minimum. I like the idea of bonus dice to increase the change of impale damage. Remember, the melee was already fought during the sneaking up on the victim.
  5. Really liking the scenario, thank you... and we got it free, hot damn, i wont complain. Will be running it very soon. Looking forward to many more and ready to spend some guilders and sovereigns, no lunars here!
  6. This is a great thread, thanks! My campaign centers around Salt Point, the marsh south of it and the Vulari peninsula area. This really helps get an idea of how the coastal plain looks like from the cliffs to the Mirrorsea or marsh.
  7. I'm glad to see the penetration the game is getting, well done!!! (Good problem to have i'm guessing). (I'm going to pick up Reign of Terror now with the coupon).
  8. Central Asia and Northern India, hell yeah!, ditto, well done! i'm ready to pre-order
  9. Pocharngo’s Berries Description A mushroom patch with the mushrooms rumored to give the eater magic, or kill him. These appear to be one of the fabled Eurmal’s crumbs. (POW rolled as a % secretly rolled by the GM, reveals it looks a little different than the Eurmal’s Crumbs they’ve heard about… buy hey, it’s all rumor anyway.) Anyone eating a piece or even licking it, roll 1D10 with the below results. The mushrooms will detect as chaos if a successful detect chaos is done. Cults Associated: Pocharngo. They will recognize the mushroom’s for what they are. Everyone else will believe them to a Eurmal’s Crumb. Knowledge: Automatic, everyone has heard of Eurmal’s Crumbs if they can roll under POWx5. (unless POW as a % is rolled in which case they notice it looks a little different). Enemy: All anti-chaos cults (although, they must recognize it first). Procedure A Rune Priest of Pocharngo can eat one of Eurmal’s Crumbs and cause a patch of Pocharnge’s Berries to grow that will appear as a patch of Eurmal’s Crumbs. When the Rune Priest defecates next and sacrifices 5 magic points, a patch of Pocharngo’s Berries will sprout and grow over the dung. The intent is to spread change. Powers 1 – 2: Gain Chaotic Feature, roll on Chaotic Feature table, page 89 of Bestiary 3: Gain 1 INT (or PC’s choice, roll 1d6: 1-2 gain 1 INT, 3-4 gain 2 INT, 5-6 lose 1 INT). 4: Gain Gorp Resilience. Anytime you’re successfully attacked by a gorp, roll 1d10. Subtract this from the gorp’s acid damage. 5: Roll 1d20, that hit location deforms and doubles in size. Double the hit points to that location and normal size armor/clothes does not fit. (Example, a 4 point Arm becomes an 8 point Arm.) 6: Next time you have intercourse, your partner (male or female) will give birth to a gorp in 1 season. They will suffer damage as described in 7 below. 7: You will give birth to a gorp in 1 season. If will forcefully birth itself out of your mouth (head 1-3) or urinary/anal tract (abdomen 4-6). Roll 1d6 to determine location. That location will take 1d6 damage upon birth. If that location goes to 0, the victim dies. 8: Roll 1d20 and determine hit location. If an arm or leg is rolled, when the PC wakes up after a night’s sleep, that limb will have withered and fallen off. This cannot be healed. If the abdomen, chest or head is rolled, roll 1d6. That’s how many hit points that location permanently loses, it cannot be healed. If brought to zero, the PC dies. This location now appears malformed. (A successful divine intervention can reverse the effects). 9- 10: Gain Chaotic Feature, roll on Thed’s Curse table, page 95 of Bestiary. Unlike Eurmal’s Crumbs, these can be taken multiple times for multiple results. But, there is a chance of turning into a gorp if more than one mushroom is taken. For the 2nd mushroom eaten, roll d100. If POW x 2 or less is rolled, the eater will turn into a gorp. Third mushroom, POW x 3, etc. Those turning into a gorp maintain their INT and POW and they will have a MOV of 4 and Chaos rune at 60%, unless they already have the Chaos rune in which case +10% to the Chaos rune. Value Varies. Those thinking it’s a Eurmal’s Crumb may pay up to 200- 500, depending how much they will chance hoping to gain something beneficial by eating it. Anyone recognizing the mushroom as chaos will not pay anything and will attempt to destroy it or alert the authorities… unless you are chaos. In which case you may want to buy it, or steal it, then put it in someone’s stew, or…
  10. Branch That Whispers or Whispering Branch Description This is an Aldryami war bow. It looks like a living tree branch and is similar to an Elf bow, but larger and somewhat sentient with its forest. Cults: Associated: Aldrya Knowledge: Cult Secret History In the Second Age, the Aldryami had a hard time defending their forest against tougher invaders like large Uz in lead plate or iron clad Mostali. The Council of Elders decided better defensive measures were needed. The Gardner then cultivated and grew these new bows from seed around their sacred grove. Procedure Upon planting in Sea Season, Fertility Week, Water Day, the seedling bow is blessed by the Great Tree. Then blessed again upon harvest one year later on the same day, Sea Season, Fertility Week, Water Day. As a new bow is harvested, a new seedling is planted. Throughout the seedling’s growth cycle, it is cared for by the Gardner. Every Aldrya holy day, a magic point is sacrificed to each seedling. There are only a few growing at a time and these appear as small trees in the ground. Upon harvest, a Whispering Branch is born. For those Marching Aldryami units on patrol, hunting intruders or general defense, there is typically at least one Aldryami in the war band armed with this bow. Sniping is the typical tactic. These bows are communal to the defense of the forest and would never be taken out. They are passed to the next war band going out on patrol or kept with a war band for the season it’s on patrol or defensive duties. Powers The bow is in tune with its forest and has elf sense. It aids the Aldryami user by assisting in the draw and aiming. *Damage 2d6+2, HP 9, ENC 2, range 120, Rate S/MR *Stores 2d6+2 Magic Points that are refilled by the forest at the normal recovery rate. *Adds +20% to hit, the forest tends to know then move out of the way of arrows fired by these bows. *Adds +20% to Elf Sense. *Range is not halved in the forest. Value These are not sold. If somehow taken out of its forest, it will just become a branch within a week.
  11. Fish Road Gravel Description A small flat piece of an unknown material that looks like a piece of white shale or flattened pearl or ivory. It’s iridescent like the inside of an abalone shell with the size and thickness of a clack, it varies but they’re small. Cults Associated: Water cults Knowledge Automatic, Cult Secret. Those in the Holy Country recognize and know how to use these. But only the initiate level and higher of Water cults and Lurdoch associated with the Mirrorsea Bay know how to find them and they keep it a secret. History In 1616 when the God-king Belintar disappeared at the Masters of Luck and Death tournament, part of the Holy Country’s magical infrastructure suffered. The Fish Roads were damaged and part of the magical damage manifested as pieces of Fish Road gravel… broken white chips of shale looking material that fell to the sea floor from the Fish Roads in the Mirrorsea Bay (they are not found in the Syphon River). Procedure Only the Lurdoch and Water cults in and around the Mirrorsea Bay know how to find these… first, it seems there must be a water affinity. The first pieces of Fish Road Gravel were found by accident. To find them, one must merely look for them. However, it takes luck and knowledge. One must be lucky to be searching in an area where a Fish Road was damaged, then also possess the knowledge of the general area to look and know what they’re looking for. For every 8 hours spent searching and sifting the Mirrorsea Bay floor, several rolls need to be successfully made. *First, must be at 60% or greater in the Water rune. *Make a Special success on a Search roll. *Roll POW as a percentage. Success results in a piece of Fish Road Gravel found for that 8 hour period or searching. Powers 1. Land dwellers can breathe underwater as long as the gravel is in the user’s mouth. 2. Water dwellers can breathe out of water as long as the gravel is in the user’s mouth. Value 300 Guilders in areas where large bodies of water are present (prized by fisherman as it can at least triple their annual income).The value is much less in desert areas.
  12. Pol Joni Cloak of the Brave or Pol Joni Cloak Description A brown cloak made from the hindquarters of a horse. The horse’s tail is still attached and when worn, the tail hangs behind the wearer’s neck. Praxians refer to these derogatively as ‘horse-butt cloaks’. Cults Associated: Pol Joni tribe Friendly: Grazelanders Hostile: Waha, Praxian beast riders Knowledge Automatic, Cult Secret, Few History In 1489 at the Battle of Denzis Water against the Praxians, a Pol Joni warrior, single handedly rode out in front displaying horsemanship and bravery, and broke up an ambush of charging Rhino Riders. The only remains were the hindquarters of his valiant steed. To honor him, the tribe took the remains and made a cloak. In a ceremony to honor the fallen, the brave were recognized and the cloak revered. Derek Pol Joni leading the rituals, imbued the cloak with the below powers, to recognize the bravery of the fallen Pol Joni warrior. These cloaks are given to warriors of the Pol Joni clan or allies who have distinguished themselves. Several more cloaks of the brave were made in this manner. All Pol Joni know of these cloaks as well as most Praxian beast riders. Powers The cloak has the below powers where are bestowed on the wearer as long as he wears the cloak. 1. +50% to Ride skill. 2. Continual Mobility on any horse the wearer mounts as long as the wearer is mounted. 3. Can hold a bound or allied spirit. 4. Immune to the spirit magic spells Demoralize and Befuddle. Value It’s unknown what the value is as most are thought to be with Pol Joni warriors who wouldn’t sell it and none have been known to be bought or sold. But it’s rumored a Marcher Baron has offered 6,000 silver in land for one. (Note, i saw on the RQ facebook page someone post about a real horse butt cloak on ebay. I thought it would be cool to make this an item. Then i saw this contest and voila.)
  13. Good Afternoon good people, did the Aeolian saints get redacted or are they still in use with RQG? I'm making some Aeolian NPCs in Heortland, mainly Salt Point, Viziel and Duchamp. If I wanted them to follow Orlanth, would they say it as Orlanth or St Worlath?
  14. 10baseT

    Harpy Dung

    I want to ask the collective, would you say Speedart or Multimissle work on Harpy dung? Would you also give Harpy dung a -5% to hit per 3 meters like when they drop stones, page 100 of Bestiary? It also mentions, only Chaos creatures would associate with any victim hit with dung. I know my PCs wouldn't abandon one of their team hit with dung per se, but i want to encourage this 'dis-association' effect. Maybe anyone nearing the victim runs a small chance of being exposed to a diseased and if within 10 meters, also suffers -40% to skills due to the debilitating stench. I dont know, what would you do, any ideas?
  15. 10baseT

    HP in RQG

    I use the average of CON + SIZ. And if there's a 0.5 remainder, I even let the players keep it in their general HP. (they just note it with a little '+' sign by their HP). It didn't make things easier or harder, but i felt it reflected things better without any hassle or rework. (I play a duck and his HP are better than most. Of course i didn't mind, but I thought my house rule put things more inline.)
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