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  1. Manu

    POW gain roll

    Indeed it could be a solution 🙂
  2. For a while, I thought it was clear on my mind. But re-reading the rule book, I not sure anymore Initiates gain a free POW gain roll at each High holy day of their God. And one more free POW gain roll at Sacred time. But what if the HHD is during the sacred time?
  3. In Varchep (Umathela, Pamaltela), it is said that Hero Varchep fought the Nighstalkers. what are they? Uz? Or some other horror that dwells in the region?
  4. I wonder how the Cult of Silence could spread? How can you explain the righteousness of the philosophy if you cannot speak? And it seems that even books are not allowed for this Sect (as they walled up books and libraries)?
  5. I'd like to play the Grey Crane with my player. A one shot to put us back on the right track (meaning, playing again...) But when I look at Miskander, i don't see how he can be a threat... He is bound to the table, and the only thing he can do is talk, cast spells, and throw some objects (the room is quite empty, then not much to throw). The player can easily take the Grey Crane and leave. Or did I miss something?
  6. Just wondering how common/rare are the dryads in Aldryami forests. I took an example : Vralos : more or less 500 km by 700km, therefore 350.000 square kilometers. Population 730.000 (From the Guide). Therefore we have a aldryami density (Brown and green elves, not the others) or roughly 2 elves per square kilometers (as low as mongolia or Western Sahara). We know that elves have a tendency to gather in clans/groups. Has each group at least 1 dryad? If a group/clan is around 100 elves, and there is one dryad, then it means that in Vralos, there is 7300 dryads, with a density of 1
  7. Thanks for all the input. But I was referring more on a Mythical level. Orlanth never fought the Vadeli, the Malasp (oh... maybe), ... At least from all the myth I have heard of (OK, mostly from the Dragon Pass area) are not easy to use in Umathela. And when you are a 15 years old Orlanthi, you do your first 'small' heroquest to follow the path of Orlanth. For most of them, no broos, no Uz (too far), ...
  8. As I didn't follow the whole discussion, why is it shelved? I play in Pamaltela (more Umathela but still) and would have loved to see some thing about it. I really loved you western book.
  9. Hi, I'm still not totally confident of how to see (and play) the Orlanthi in Umathela. When you look at most Orlanth Myth, it is a fight against Yelm or Chaos. And none of them are strongly prensent un Umathela. Chaos is more on Fonrit side (quite far for most Orlanthi in this area) and there is not Broos roaming in this area. The only solar good quite common is Yelmalio of the Aldryami. Then how young Orlanthi can learn to be Orlanth if the 2 main adversaries of their god are... not existant. Or the myths are totally different in the South than in the north (but the O
  10. Manu

    Gods of stone

    I realized that in the Glorantha I know, there is no god of stone (Earth, yes stone no) : Miner, mountains, hard rock, quarrymen,.... And I can easily imagine that when you build a big city, especially in a magical world like Glorantha, they use magic to do it. But which God is helping to do it.
  11. Daka Fal has 'command Cult Spirits' as a spell. What are the cult spirits of Daka Fal? ancestors? Why does he need this? He shouldn't command ancestors...
  12. Gustbran is the redsmith God. But which spells does he give? Enchant(Bronze) is useless. Sumon/Control(small fire elemental)?
  13. The problem with language tree of the rule book (like alas maybe the whole RQG presently), it is totally centered on Dragon Pass. And if you play somewhere else, there is few things (or needing a lot of digging). That is the reason why I ask if someone did already the job.
  14. I'm not sure if it should be here or in the Glorantha section... Has anyone make a list of all Gloranthan languages, where to find them and which languages are related? Because the language information is spread all over the book. And for a traveler, it could be interesting to see that they can understand what others say, even though they are foreigners.
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