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  1. I always have a problem when my scribe has to check if he has some knowledge on historical/mythical information. I'm playing in Umathela and they disscover ancien Artmali ruins and other ruins from the past. Homeland lore seems too 'present' and Cult lore too 'cult related'.
  2. Ok for a Myth point of view. But for a game point of view, 1 rune point for 2m diameter, it is crap. As it reduce the visibility to 1 m.Therefore, you are visible. Or you need to spend 2-3 rune points (or even more) to make it useful. Shield 3 is far more useful then. I understand that spell should be backed up by myth, but the area of effect (or the power) is more related to game (and fun). This spell is not fun. Neither is he useful.
  3. Hi, I saw that Orlanth is providing Cloud mist, a bubble of... 2m diameter!!!! of mist. Darkwall is 10 meter square Isn't it a typing mistake? Isn't it 20m diameter?
  4. I like this idea. Can you explain how you use the rune wheel?
  5. I'll send soon my player to Jrustela. And it seems that there is a lot of Vadeli there (brown and red). Any idea of the stats for these races? I imagine that the brown are very similar to humans (maybe more intelligent). But the red?
  6. Sorry but I still can't see how to handle it. Isn't it a generic rule on how it happens? What is Darkness against fire? What is air against earth? What if any one of them against any one of them? Because the combat description is totally referring to humanoid life. They don't have spirit combat skills and spirit combat damage. They don't have 'generic' damage'
  7. I have a player with a fire elemental. They will meet soon an enemy with a water elemental. If one send his elemental against the other, how do we play this. Fire elemental cannot be drowned. Water elemental cannot be burned. For a general point of view, if 2 differents (or the same) elementals fight, how to play it?
  8. it is said somewhere in the Guide that Waertagi used Giant crabs to raid coastal regions. Where they 'allies' (meaning with some intelligence) and just war pets (like we use elephants, horses and more during war)
  9. Manu

    Merfolk vs human

    Thanks ;). I was hoping of some myth to send my player on a heroquest and reconnect to Tanian and that could help them fighting the malasps. But I'll come up with my own myth then (And no I don't have the eleven lights)
  10. Manu

    Merfolk vs human

    Lets say some heroes want to find a way to worship Tanian in order to fight merfolk. How to worship him? Which pantheon should He be part of? What kind of magic could he provide? Any myth?
  11. Cloud races??? never heard of them!!!
  12. While thinking of my next campaign, I was wondering... There is a lot of land-dweller in Glorantha. Most of the races are walking There is also many sea creatures. But nearly no flying creature. Which is weird as the most powerful gods of all are the gods of middle air. But noone is living there (ok, some but very few). Why?
  13. Manu

    Merfolk vs human

    Is it still possible to summon Tanian (or worship him and gain some power to kight the merfolk)? Is there some myth of orlanth (or other land dwelling race gods) that people can reenact in order to gain some powers to fight the merfoks (here I talking about Heros)? What kind of tribute malasp would ask?
  14. Manu

    Merfolk vs human

    I wonder how humans can fight against merfolk (at sea)? It is easy for the merfolk to sink a ship, then to slaughter the sailmen (as many of then barely can swin anyway). But I imagine that with the time, human sailors have put in place some tactics in order to have a chance against them. On the other hand, if the merfolk want to keep the boat afloat (to have some prisoners or to loot the ship with probably loosing some of the ship content), how would they do?
  15. I need some comments on these sorcery spells Slow (Summon, Stasis) This spell double de SR (Melee SR or Dex SR) of any action of the target (if POW vs POW fails). The target could not act at all if the Melee SR + weapon SR is more than 12. Solid water (Combine Water, Stasis) This spell makes a surface of water totally motionless for 3 cubic meter +1 cubic meter/strength of the spell. It become solid enough to block a passage (str = 3/strength of the spell) or to walk onto it. Create wall of water As the wall of flame but with water (no possibility to light anything, but everything is wet afterwards) Please comment if you like
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