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  1. Manu

    Pirates in Umathela

    The North of Pamaltela est a very long coast with lots of harbour et merchand ships In Umathela, the mermen are masters of the sea. Every boat has to pay a fee to use the sea. Does it mean that there is no pirates? Is saw nowhere any trace of piracy in this area (in the GoG).
  2. Manu

    Some data on sorcey spells

    How can I see the 'version' of the pdf I have?
  3. Manu

    Some data on sorcey spells

    I did. Sorcery.xls And this is exactly why I did it. I don't want my player to select sorcery, select his rune from his background or from the way he sees his character, and then come to me frustrated as there is nearly no spell he could use (knowing that Sorcery is very long and mp consuming). They know it is a a difficult path, to be a sorcerer. But it must be fun also.
  4. Manu

    Some data on sorcey spells

    It make sense... For Sedalpist, one really missing is Palsy. It can easily be converted from RQ3 to RQG. Command and Man Same description. Meanwhile, I'll try to create the needed sorcery spell while I wait for more from Chaosium
  5. Some of my player may want to play a sorcerer (In Umathela, there is plenty) Well, the I looked at the existing spell (in RPG) I thought that some sects could focus more on some runes. The very classic 'fire mage'. But for instance, a sect of sorcerer more focus on Truth (like Lankor Mhy) or illusion, or any other rune When I do the math, the most described spells runes are Truth and fire (10 and 11 occurences). From the elemental runes point of view, I have 8 water, 5 air, 4 darkness and 3 for moon and earth (with the common spells) On the other runes, I have 7 for illusion Runes, all the rest are 4 or less I know that we can easily create spells ourselves. But why are those spells focused on Truth and fire (and water) and not the other runes?
  6. I started to do a family history for characters in Umathela. Just the Grand-parent at the moment. But I'd like to have feed back from you before I go on. 1561 Grand-Parents were born 1585 Vadeli invasion 1-10 : Not present (nothing) 11-20 : Present Sailor, Noble, priest, warrior : +5 1-10 : survived 11-15 : Killed. Hate (Vadeli) 16-20 : Killed with great glory. +1d3% reputation, Honor passion, Loyaulty (country) 1591 Umathela ruled by Vadeli Slave : -5; noble, priest, .. +5 1-5 : Sacrificed to the Vadeli: Gain hate (Vadeli) 6-15 : normal year 16 : died of natural cause 17-20 : Made good business with Vadeli : Gain 1d6*100 L 1594 Battle of Oenriko Rocks Komarkan, Sulauz, Humaz, Komarkan, Kallima : -5 1-10 : Not present (nothing) 11-20 : Present Sailor, Noble, priest : +5 1-10 : survived. if Cerngoth -> Expell Vadeli 11-15 : Killed. Hate (Kareeshtu) 16-20 : Killed with great glory. +1d3% reputation, +5% Orate, Loyaulty (Country) 1594 if Cerngoth Nikosdros : expel the vadeli garnison 1-18 : Survived. Withness Patriach gain power (Loyaulty (Patriarch)) 19 : Died in battle 20 : Died with great glory. Honor, +1d3% reputation 1598 1-10 Normal year 11-15 Feud : You participated to a succesfful feud with one adversary (Other mechand, other clan/tribe, other gang, other guild,...) You gain 1d6*100 L 16-20 Feud : You were victime of a feud from one adversary (Other mechand, other clan/tribe, other gang, other guild,...). Hate (adversary) 1601 All except Sulayz : +5 1-5 : Fight Mostali with Aldryami 6-15 : normal year 16-20 : participate to a Ceremony with Aldryami. Gain Devotion (Earth cult) if deity is Earth. Fight against Mostali 1-10 : Survived 11-15 : Killed. Hate Mostali 16-20 : Killed with glory. Honor, +1d3% reputation
  7. Manu

    Donandar : Skills, spells and passions

    Where do you get the information on Skovari/a and Drogarsi?
  8. Manu

    Donandar : Skills, spells and passions

    Thanks for the reading. It is a good start for my player (until the official version comes up). But one more question : Donandar is Illusion. Skald are Truth. What is the Skald God in the Orlanthi Pantheon?
  9. Hopefully this cult will be in the Cult book, but any idea of the cult skills, passions, Spirit and rune magic?
  10. In the bestiary, there is a description of an Agimori. But the description is the Agimori of Prax. Are the Doraddi as an Agimori (from the bestiary)? Do they also have 100% Sky Rune? And what about the Fonritians or any other 'crossbreed'? Which stats should I use?
  11. Manu


    I have a player that can use the whip (chariot driver). But nowhere can I see this. Is it a weapon? a skill?
  12. Manu

    Peaceful cut and butchering

    I think the 2 skills are independent. Peacefull cul is a magical ceremony (not in the technical way, but in the spiritual way). Butcher is just cutting meat
  13. Manu

    Sea gods worships in Umathela

    About the fishermen : The farmers have Barntar as God, what do the fishermen have? Is there a God of the fishermen in the Orlanthi Pantheon?
  14. Back with my Umathela questions... In the GoG, in Umathela, they say that the main Gods are the Invisible God and Orlanthi pantheon. But there is a lot of people living by the sea. And I'm always puzzled not to see more Sea God worshiped, as a lot of people are living thanks to the sea (fishing, sailing, ...). I would have imagined that the seamen would worship heavily sea Gods.