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  1. if I simplify a little, Umathela is Malkion/Orlanth (Orlanth mainly on the battle field) and Fonrit is Chaos (or Chaos friendly). The conflict is territorial (as in the Season wars), but also religious? Is Fonrit seen as 'Chaos' for the Orlanthists? (a little bit like the Lunar were invaders but also 'Chaos related'). the Slave (Fonrit) vs Freedom (Umathela orlanthists) is obvious. Is there Uroxi in Umathela? Because there is not big Chaos nest close by (except maybe Fonrit)?
  2. Malkion in Umathela

    From a 'gamer pint of view', what is the Vadeli school? I have never seen any info on the Vadeli school of magic. Do they have casts? What are the relationship with other casts? And non Vadeli? What are their belief?... Well, anything I need to role play a little bit Cult of Silence? I didn't know it was a school as such. I didn't see it as related to Malkion. Ompalam cults aren't they more 'theists' than 'Western'? OK, you mean a lot of small sects. But no Hrestolism, Rokarism, ... Not actually Thanes? Did the orlanthist of Umathela forget all their Orlanthist ways? But they still worship Orlanth, Ernalda, the Lightbringers,...?
  3. Malkion in Umathela

    I love the discussion about Mythical Pamaltela, but I like more 'mundane' information... In Umathela, the main Malkion School is Sedalpism. But is there other school present? On the barbarian villages, are the Thanes Henotheist?
  4. best Pamaltela sources on the internet

    Thanks guys for the answers. I have the TotRM. Where can I find the 'Revealed mythologies'? Never heard of it. I'll check all the links (and I'll try not to get lost in the depth of the digest...)
  5. Hi, On top of the GoG, where can I find information on Pamaltela (mainly Umathela and Fonrit right now, but the whole continent is good too). Web? Other books (than the GoG)? Thanks
  6. Hi, I'm gathering as much info as possible to create a list of possible events for the grand-parents and parents of my future player. y campaign is set in Pamaltela, Umathela. But I have no idea which event could have influence the grand-parents or parents. Is there some guide line? Something like : 'if it is between 1550 and 1600, then it is grand parents, between 1590 and 1620, it is parents'. Just to be coherent with the future rule book.
  7. I like what they did for Cthulhu 7th Edition in French (I don't have it in English, therefore I don't know if it is the same). But for non aggressive NPC, they just put some generic stats like : knowledge 25%, Physical 50%, social 75%... Not a list of skill, but it is easy to see what the guy is good at and if sole skill tests are necessary, we have a quick idea of its expertise. And for the more 'fighting' opponent, more skills are described (like weapon skill, ...)
  8. is it possible to have an idea of the workload to convert it to RQG? I never played Heroquest Glorantha and I have only the RQS.
  9. RQG : Why should we parry?

    isn't it too much book keeping? Hp of the player (for each localization), plus hp for each weapon/shield? (OK, I'm whining a bit. I still love RQG)
  10. RQG : Why should we parry?

    If I read well, you can dodge as frequently as needed. parry, it is -20% cumulative after the first try. Also, you need a big shield. Otherwise, with a small one, you get hit all the time (or you put a big arm's armour) For the %age, I say that if you use weapon and dodge, your dodge should improve as quickly as the weapon, as you'll use both of them pretty often. As for the oarrow, can't we dodge arrows? If so, then dodge them all
  11. Hi I just read the RQG. And I have the same question as for RQ3 (the one I played a while ago) : Why should someone learn how to parry, as dodge is far better?
  12. Any idea when the RQ Kickstarter will be?

    Good news for my friend then
  13. Any idea when the RQ Kickstarter will be?

    Good news. Can't wait!! Any idea about a possible translation in some other languages? French? (I have players not speaking english at all!!!)
  14. realm works and BRP

    Strange. I asked first the question in the RW forum, and they told me that I should ask Chaosium. Well, I'l keep on asking
  15. realm works and BRP

    Thanks. But I more interested in RW than hero lab. But I'll start the begging then