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  1. Manu

    Runes of Selarn

    Hi A simple question : what could be the runes of Selarn (Afadjanni / Dorradi thief god)? Darkness - Disorder? Any other idea?
  2. IN RQG, there is a precise list of languages and relations with other languages in Dragon Pass. In the GtG, for each culture, they describe the languages spoken. But they are not as precise as in the rule book. For instance, in Fonrit, Afadjanni and Kareeshtu are described as 'It is related to Afadjanni and Banamban, although the languages are not mutually intelligible.' Does it mean than if you speak Kareeshtu, you cannot speak a work of the other language? Is it 1/10? 1/5? 1/2? In the western culture, they say ' Malki: spoken by the Malkioni of Umathela. Closely related to Seshnegi.'. Closely related, is it 1/2, 1/5 or 1/10?
  3. Are there myth about Seseine and Uleria?
  4. Jeff, you speak about the 2 brothers (gods that are worshiped by the Wolf Pirates). never hear of them...
  5. Ok, except the Naggan desert (it was my far South, thousand Km from Fonrit, Umathela, ...)
  6. I have read that Asrelia had special snakes, living in marshes, called Oolings. Any other info on them?
  7. In Pamaltela, the Chaos is far less present than in the North. No armies of Broos, scorpion men, Walktapuses, Gorps, ... (except in the far sourth) Why aren't there no priests of Chaos (Thed, Malia, ... You name them) traveling south and starting to build temples, create broos, spread the Chaos there? Whty are they so attached to the place where they have a strong resistance (Storm bull, ZZ, Orlanth,...)?
  8. Manu

    Magic in Fonrit

    Humakt, I see. But ZZ??? Any Uz there?
  9. Thanks a lot Jeff for this. Very interesting. Are all Wolf pirates now in the North (Genertela)? No more Wolf pirate in Pamaltela? I can easily imagine that during his tour around Homeward Ocean, some ships have stayed and plunder the Southern coasts. Is there a relationship between Harrek and the Violet mer-king of the Dashomo Sea?
  10. Manu

    Magic in Fonrit

    Whouaw, I like to ask questions on the forum... Always good info and ideas for my campagne But I come back to the topic questions (RQG) : If my player are to meet a group of Fonrit adversary (they are in Nikosdros, and there are a lot of Fonritians), should I make then initiate of Ehilm/Worlath with spells and magic same as Orlanth/Yelm (from the RQG book). For a game play perspective I mean
  11. OK, but it is not a main cult. No great temple of Yelm in the Forest
  12. Manu

    Magic in Fonrit

    Without wanting to be Godlearnist, but how can they worship god of Chaos and at the same time Yelm and orlanth (as Sun and Storm gods)?
  13. Really? Yelmalio, but Yelm?
  14. Manu

    Magic in Fonrit

    There is this Are they Sun worshippers or Sorcerers? Do they use rune magic or Sorcery? Also, I thought they worshipped Ikadz, a Chaotic God. How can this be with Ehilm and Worlath?
  15. OK, thanks. Varama in Fonrit and Doraddi.
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