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  1. Can we use Martial Arts to help in Grapple attacks? How would you play it? A successful grapple and Martial Arts would gibe +5 to STR for the immobilization or the throw? Any other idea?
  2. OK. Conclusion : Bound spirit (except if Shaman) is useless on all these situations Thanks
  3. Thanks Other situation : a PC is attacked by a spirit (as the spirit see the POW of the PC, he will probably attack the weakest). How can the other PC help him? Bound spirit can be of any help? Or is he doom
  4. When you don'"t have a shaman or a Free Ghost at hand? Can anyone with a bound spirit ask this spirit to attack the Ghost in order to make it leave the body? Any spirit?
  5. Still not convinced... Spending one rune point for a spell you use only when student??? What the heck? One shaman, you will never use this spell anymore (as it is self). My RQ will certainly vary on this one....
  6. How can they learn spirit dance, spirit travel if not discorporate? And as a Shaman, the discorporate spell is not the first choice as they would be able to do it for free after few years...
  7. When I read the rule about discorporation, it is always the shaman. But can an assistant discorporate? I think so as he has all the necessary skills (spirit travel,...)
  8. How does Malkioni see the afterlife? Reincarnation?
  9. I'm sorry Joerg, I'm not sure I followed you 100%. OK I understand that Class mobility was created long after the Sedalpist arrived in Umathela, therefore there is little chance that they would follow this approach. But the rest, I'm lost!!!
  10. Hence Sedalpist could be a cross-breed between mystics and Wizards? And as they don't want to taint themselves in killing Humans, they could learn to master 'martial arts" (like Aikido) in order to defend themselves against outsides and also possible dangerous animals Nobles, instead of running tournaments with heavily armored knight, could challenge each others with dance, music, poetry and some martial art contest. (sorry for this of topic imagination coming from the previous post)
  11. I don't find anywhere this information... Do Sedalpists allow class mobility? Are they more Rokarists or Hrestolists?
  12. In the RQG, there is a travel table for land travel (outdoor movement rate). But not for boat (I know it depends on currents and winds). Any clues?
  13. i imagine that the version Combine Harmony Earth should do the same?
  14. Why the man rune? Do you want this spell not to work on animals? Or should it be another spell?
  15. I would say Pamaltela, no?
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