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  1. Yellow elfes (Embely)

    Hi, It is very clear what the Vronkali are (pine,... confierous trees), what are the Merli (Dedicious like Oak, apple tree, ...). But the Embili? Which plants/trees?
  2. RQG : Some questions

    Hi, I plan to play next weekend a RQG scenario. Rulewise, it is based on RQG and if something is missing, then I'll use RQ3 But I have few questions that ight be answer (and I don't care if they are not 'official' How do we determine the spiritual damage. We have an example from the PC, but no rules. I also have some question about parrying with weapon and shield. If the shield parry is successful against and special attack, the shield receive the special damage. But what if critical attack? Is the rule the same for parrying with a weapon? I would say yes and the shield is just better because it can parry missiles And concerning the shield vs missile, it is not clear (to me at least) : when it is said that a small shield protects only the shield arm, does it mean that a successful parry is useful only if the hit location is the shield arm? Thanks
  3. Plant rune in RQG

    As I want to create Aldryami characters, they should have a strong link with the plant rune (at least some of them). If I lok at the rune tree, as it was done for humans, I don't see this rune. I imagine that I should replace the Beast rune by the Plant Rune. Also, in the RQG Quickstart, the Plant rune is not there. What could be the associations for the plant rune?
  4. Yes I like it. A little bit too much for what I want to do, but very good ideas. Thanks
  5. Alas no I don't have this book
  6. I'd like my player to participate to the (Pamaltela) Aldryami spring 'heroquest' where they beat the winter (and the mountain snow as the forest is beside a mountain) and allow the spring to come. Any idea on how the 'myth' should be structured? I'm not a myth specialist, but I want something nice and divers.
  7. Aldryami passions

    Thanks for the ideas guys
  8. Aldryami passions

    Hi We go on preparing our Aldryami campaign in Pamaltela. Any idea of possible passions we could propose to our player (except Hate Uz and the like)?
  9. Aldryami Babester gori

    I saw that in the Aldryami Pantheon, there is Babester Gor... Does that mean that we have Aldryami with Axes???
  10. Aldryami vs uz

    It is exactly what I meant. Uz are well described in the RQ rules (whatever the version). Aldryami have poor description. If I want to play a band of elves on a mission and they meet Uz, it will be a tough challenge (Rule wise). Uz with 1 natural armor, 2-4 armor plus a protection spell is nearly unkillable But thanks for all the good ideas. Food for the brain
  11. Aldryami vs uz

    From the guide, there is more than 8 millions elves and less than 4 millions uz...
  12. Aldryami vs uz

    I’m playing the devil’s advocate here but uz are smart, are very good at sling. And forests are often dark. Hence their darksens works very well
  13. Aldryami vs uz

    Elves and trolls are known to be ennemies. They fight each other very often but in a rq point of view, how can elves win battles against trolls? Trolls are very strong, good armour, stealth,... elves are weak. What makes the elves good enough to win against trolls?
  14. Status update?

    As I plan to start a RQG campaign beginning of March 2018, is there any chance that the PDF version of the rules will be available soon? Otherwise, I'll postpone.
  15. if I simplify a little, Umathela is Malkion/Orlanth (Orlanth mainly on the battle field) and Fonrit is Chaos (or Chaos friendly). The conflict is territorial (as in the Season wars), but also religious? Is Fonrit seen as 'Chaos' for the Orlanthists? (a little bit like the Lunar were invaders but also 'Chaos related'). the Slave (Fonrit) vs Freedom (Umathela orlanthists) is obvious. Is there Uroxi in Umathela? Because there is not big Chaos nest close by (except maybe Fonrit)?