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  1. is it possible to have an idea of the workload to convert it to RQG? I never played Heroquest Glorantha and I have only the RQS.
  2. isn't it too much book keeping? Hp of the player (for each localization), plus hp for each weapon/shield? (OK, I'm whining a bit. I still love RQG)
  3. If I read well, you can dodge as frequently as needed. parry, it is -20% cumulative after the first try. Also, you need a big shield. Otherwise, with a small one, you get hit all the time (or you put a big arm's armour) For the %age, I say that if you use weapon and dodge, your dodge should improve as quickly as the weapon, as you'll use both of them pretty often. As for the oarrow, can't we dodge arrows? If so, then dodge them all
  4. Hi I just read the RQG. And I have the same question as for RQ3 (the one I played a while ago) : Why should someone learn how to parry, as dodge is far better?
  5. Good news for my friend then
  6. Good news. Can't wait!! Any idea about a possible translation in some other languages? French? (I have players not speaking english at all!!!)
  7. Strange. I asked first the question in the RW forum, and they told me that I should ask Chaosium. Well, I'l keep on asking
  8. Thanks. But I more interested in RW than hero lab. But I'll start the begging then
  9. Hi I'd like to know if Chaosium (or any third party) planned to put BRP rules, adventures (or Cthulhu, Runequest,...) into Realm Works (from Lone Wolf)?
  10. Thanks for all these answers. But does that mean than the average people of Maslo are of the Agimori type? How can I describe them to my players? Men-and-a-half african men type? Mesoamerican type? Skin color? Hair? Size?
  11. Hi, I plan to start a campaign in Maslo. In the GoG, it is said that 'they are of Agimori Physique'. I then imagined that they would be of dark skin, Like the one described in Jolar. But a few page later, there is a drawing of the grand harbor of Westel. And the people depicted there looks more like mesoamerican type (Mayas, Aztecs,..). Which I find nice. But then I'm don't know how to represent them (and how to describe them to my players, used to play in Sartar) Someone can clarify this for me?
  12. Nice, I orderd FSG. I'll have all my answers then... Thanks
  13. Hi, I'm reading (slowly, I know) the GoG. And sometimes I'm confused. For instance, the South of Pamaltela is a very hot place, even the water is on fire. But also, it is said that it is from the south that Chaos is invading the continent. Is Chaos coming from the fire?
  14. I'm not sure that it is a good idea to translate. As not all sources will be translated (in German, Spanish or French), then you will have difficulties using all sources. It took me a while to find Applelane, when I was using 'Sentir de la Pomme' for many year. (and it was the easy one. I don't even remember how they translated 'Furthest').
  15. Hi, aren't there any Dragonewt outside Genertela? Why? No dragons outside this part of the world?