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  1. Manu

    Gark vs Vivamort

    Thanks for this information.
  2. I'd like to know why PC get a free POW increase (1d3) every time they defeat a disease spirit? Why these and not the other type of spirit?
  3. Manu

    Gark vs Vivamort

    Vivamort has the rune of Darkness and Undead. Gark should have the same, no? Does Gark has the rune of Chaos?
  4. Manu

    Gark vs Vivamort

    Is tee a difference between Gark and Vivamort? Except maybe the geographical regions of worship.
  5. I didn't talk about this with him. But I'll see him in Switzerland in May (the Hydriade convention) and I'll try to have more information
  6. I think it is not a secret. When I was at the Kraken (Germany), I had a talk with one of the author. They are very busy with it. Beautiful map, lots of NPC, plots, history, ... Don't ask me for a date (I didn't) but is is well in progress.
  7. I also like the idea of Pamaltela was evolving backwards. But I think it is backwards 'from an Earth point of view', meaning that there is more and more prehistorical life forms (and also dinosaures). Because from a Gloranthan perspective, there is no 'history' or 'Carboniferous age'. There is no 'evolution', just Myth. But if what Jeff says is true (Dinosaures comes also from Dragonewts in Pamaltela), it means that we could find ruins of dragonewts if we look well enough. Did the Artmali (tried to) erase all signs and myth of the Dragonewts in Pamaltela? And why?
  8. I know that YRQMV (and mine vary already as I don't like to tell my player that there is nothing they can do for many seasons.... Anyway, they will do things anyway as my campagn is a big sandbox with many possible plots...) But I wonder about the training rule : 1 season (56 days!!!) in order to gain 2%??? 10% for a whole year training? I remember that during my RQ3 campaign, there was a rule proposed by (I don't remember who and where) that you need your skill percentage in hour to gain. Fir instance, 25 hour to gain 2% if you have 25%. I like this idea (and maybe put us back in my game) as you improve fast for low level skills and slower as you get better.
  9. In the book, it is said that the sorcerer has to do a ritual and spend POW. But which ritual? Or is it a 'no roll' action?
  10. Manu

    Latest version

    I imagine that the question was asked 1000 times... but how do we know that we have the latest version of the pdf (Rules, Bestiary, ...)
  11. Manu

    Rock elementals

    Ah, transform elemental to gargoyle is the equivalent of transforming Earth elemental to rock elemental... I like the idea.
  12. Then a spirit attacking a human must defeat the human 'spirit' before going into it... it make sens. But the spirit can easily 'surround' the victim while attacking it (as it has no precise shape) I like the idea so far
  13. Manu

    Rock elementals

    Earth elementals can only travel through earth. Not plain stone. Is there any Rock elementals?
  14. In another topic, Joerg described how he played spirit attacks : the spirit is totally enveloping the target (making it very difficult to be hit by physical weapon) It make me think : can spirits pass through walls, ceiling, floor? Can it pass through living object? When it is visible? Can it do what Joerg said? I didn't see anywhere a description of how spirits moves.
  15. Manu

    Demons in RG:GB

    When I look at the 'demons' in RQ:GB, I'm not 100% sure they are spirits. Are they? Do they attack with Spirit Combat? Are they discorporated?
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