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  1. Manu

    orlanthi cults in Umathela

    Then, if I try to summarize.... There are at least 3 Storm gods (Worlath (close to Orlanth), Baraku (may be more like Storm bull) and Coalot (And Tyloque?)) We have a equivalent to Humact (Humct) We have a equivalent to yelmalio/Helmal (Ehilm) Nothing (yet) of the equivalent of Issaries, Lhankor Mhy, Eurmal, Chalana Arroy, Odayla,... Ernalda is present but mainly the Aldryami side (like Babeester Gor) Most probably myths are very different here. No Lightbringer Quest I imagine Life is not easy if I want to start a game in Umathela (Except taking Dragon Pass cults and putting them there...)
  2. Manu

    orlanthi cults in Umathela

    I like you both... So passionate in your discussions!!! But I'm afraid that I can't always follow you guys.... But thanks for all the info If I only take the Guide (I don't have the other sources you have) : In Nikosdros, there are temples to Orlanth (not Worlath), Lankor Mhy and Issaries (And Dormal... Meaning that many sailors are worshipping Dormal and not the Invisible God) Tortrica has a ruling dynasty of Orlanthist (and Issaries) Janamal (Kallima) : Temples of Babeester Gor, Ernalda and Issaries Ordruvela : largest temple of Ernalda The Guide also said : The revolt of nature against the God Learners brought ruin. The start of their downfall is marked by the False Gods Revolt of 901, when priests of Worlath, Ehilm, and even Jogrampur (an imaginary deity invented in a God Learner experiment) displayed effective magic and destroyed the University of Yoranday. I imagine that there were a cult to a sum god at that time It seems that in the Guide, Orlanth is Present in Umathela. Worlath is just described as a 'false god' (even though it 'gains' power at the revolt.)
  3. Manu

    orlanthi cults in Umathela

    Tyloque is only mentionned once, as the son of Orlanth. Pretty weak reference to make it a cult in Umathela. But why not.
  4. Manu

    orlanthi cults in Umathela

    Worlath and Baraku could be the same 'god' ? Worlath more as the standard Orlanth cult, Baraku more 'Orlanth Adventurous' mixt with Eurmal? I kind of like the idea...
  5. Manu

    orlanthi cults in Umathela

    In Umathela, 50% are Malkionists (Sedalpists for most), 50% are Orlanthists Except Orlanth and Ernalda, what are the other 'common' cults? Humakt seems appropriate. As I would see that most of the big business is in the hands of the city merchand princes (Malkionists most probably), I would say that Issaries is quite small and only in the villages. Chalana Arroy should be present Lankhor Mhy? Again, big university are in cities, hence mostly in the hand of the Malkion Wizards Maran Gor? Babeester Gor? To protect the Earth temples Eurmal? In the villages (or every where as they are always every where... ) Storm bull? Not so much Chaos in this part of the world... Yelmalio for those closer to the elves. Odayla for the hunter Some worshiping Aldrya?
  6. Manu

    Sedalpist sorcery

    I imagined (but my ideas change) that he would be from a noble house of merchand, with a great fleet of vessels, lots of slaves and employees. He could have a wizard tutor (hence knowing some sorcery) but destined to be the next 'Man of the House' (or woman of the house...), therefore he needs to be from the noble class (or can they be both?)
  7. Manu

    Sedalpist sorcery

    Forbidding some runes should do the thing. No death rune, no movement rune,... And prefered runes : Man, Statis, Law, maybe fertility... As I looked at the already existing spells (from RQG), is Castback accepted by the Sedalpist? What about Dominate spells?
  8. Manu

    Sedalpist sorcery

    P338 of which book?
  9. Manu

    Sedalpist sorcery

    Whouaw, thanks guys for all the answers and ideas (even if I'm not sure to understand all posts...) I think it would be more like a merchand's son, someone important in the city. He wants to follow the ways of his father (Sedalpist) but need to go to the outside world (adventures) in order to understand the world and create new business (with some friends/ hired mercenaries / slaves) Also, I really don't see why Sedalpists could have deadly magic against other non-humans. It seems that most regions of Umathela have good relationship with Aldryami and Uz are quite far and doesn't seem to be a big problem to them (Fonritan are the biggest enemy for them). Hence I won't take Sandy's version of this sect.
  10. Manu

    Sedalpist sorcery

    I'll start very soon a campaign in Umathela, where the Sedalpist are numerous. And most probably one of my player will play one. It is said (in the Guide) that : Sedalpists have incorporated many of the meditative techniques of the Cult of Silence, and seek to attain a state of Perfect Reason through meditation How could I translate this into game play? There is no 'mysticism' in RQG that could fit.
  11. Manu


    In the Guide, at the Umathela chapter, the list of population list the different kingdom/region/tribes. All are listed except the Ediruss Kingdom, East of Cerngoth. But the Kingdom is well int he maps (Page 624) with a population of 230k (not a small region) Is there a reason? Or is it just a error of the Guide?
  12. And Prax is missing too. As a rule of a thumb, what is right? The participating homeland or the modifiers?
  13. when I created a character for one of my player (he was from Old Tarsh), I was confused. Year 1597, participating homeland : Esrolia, Grazelands, Lunar Tarsh, Sartar But lower you have : Year 1597 Events Modifiers: Grazelands, Old Tarsh, Prax: –5 to D20 roll Prax and Old Tarsh is not in the list of participating homeland. What should I do?
  14. Manu

    Umathela and Brithini

    And another point: the Daughters of Menena of Talur is a groupe of powerfull sorceress that fought the Fonritians. If I understand it well, they are not at all Sedalpists as they fought. I like the idea of bad ass female sorceress in a world of 'peacefull' wizard!!!
  15. Manu

    Umathela and Brithini

    Thanks. Where can I find this 'Mythology' with Menena?