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  1. Manu

    Odayla and giant herd beasts of Pamaltela

    I don't have all these books... But I agree that FoundChild (or a similar God) should be more the hunting good for the Umathelan Orlanthi. The defending warriors - Humakt, Elmal and others. I was thinking a bit of the Orlanthi cults in Umathela. The civilized part of Umathela is ruled by Malkioni. And the Aldryami are the great power of the area. Therefore I imagined that the main religion is more Earth Cult than Storm Cult (for the ruling point of view). Orlanth worshippers are mainly mercenaries, always far from the villages. Earth cults are ruling, and as there are few wars (The Woodland Judgement prevent it), few are the ones protecting the villages. If Orlanth and Humakt worshippers are not in the villages, I imagined that the function of protecting the villages against beasts (the main threat) would become part of the Hunting God (whatever his name there). Maran Gor cultist would take care of the Dinosaures, and FoundChild of the other beasts. As it requires a very good knowledge of the beasts to find the right way to drive them away (and to kill one of them once in a while for meat) I like the idea that Umathelan Orlanth (Worlath and Baraku and more) are not the Orlanth Rex of Sartar. And that other gods would get his 'functions' in the Umathelan Orlanthi society Just an idea though (I know that MGMV), I just like to share to have other peoples view on this. (and thanks for your comments )
  2. Manu

    Odayla and giant herd beasts of Pamaltela

    Sorry for not being clear enough. I was more refering to the Umathelan Orlanthi. They could have Odayla, no? I Know that now, hunters are also there to control the population of the wild animal in order to prevent them to destroy crops. Who would be the protectors of farmlands in a area where huge beasts are common?
  3. From what I have read, it seems that Pamaltela has more giant sized wild herd animals like dinosaures, and mesozoic type of animals (and also predators) than Genertela does. It seems that the Odayla cult would be slightly different in the Orlanthi regions of Pamaltela than in Genertela. Because hunting these giant beasts is not the same as hunting a deer or a boar. You need more men (or women), maybe traps. Also, a group of boar can do a lot of damage in a crop field. But a group of Daeodon or Chalochotere can do even greater damage in a field or in a orchard (without speaking of the big herbivorous dinosaures). Therefore I can easily imagine the Odayla cult being in charge of driving away these beast from any farm fields.
  4. Manu

    Creatures in Pamaltela

    Martin Helsdon did a very great job in Google plus, by gathering many common creatures in Pamaltela (And Genertela) But I can hardly find any stats in the existing books (but I don't have them all). Here is the list Amebelodon shovel-tuskers, Anaconda, Andrewsarchus, Arctodus, Arsinoitherium, Baluchithere, Bat, Crocodile, Eland, field elephant, Fire Wren, Fish Eagle, Frog, Giant Sloth, Gigantopithecus, Glyptodon, Gomphotheres, Green Heron, Hippopotamus, Homotherium, Jaguar, Lion, Milk Antelope, Rhinoceros (two), Sea going crocodiles, Sky bulls, Sivatherium, Stegodon, Sun Fish People, Tiger, Titanothere, Trihorn rhinoceros, Vulture, Warthog, Wildebeest Thanks
  5. Manu

    Malkioni Sorcery

    They are. I could get them
  6. Manu

    Which cult(s) for a city thief?

    It means that the cult itself doesn't give much to their followers (from a player point of view... Few rune magic,... and players likes to have a little something special for being in a cult)
  7. Manu

    Which cult(s) for a city thief?

    I have the cult description of Lanbril. I like the idea of less Rune magic for more skills. But FastTalk is now a standard skill. And I'm afraid of having at the end a lot of very specific skill. I'm more in favour of more generic ones. Shadowing for me is like Hide. Otherwise, it means that noone except Lanbril thieves can follow someone in the city... Same for Foil restaints. It can be Sleight But for the time beeing, it will do the trick.
  8. Manu

    Which cult(s) for a city thief?

    It is what I will propose to my player. Initiated to Orlanth Adventurous for the 'normal days', and Lanbril for the 'normal nights'
  9. Manu

    Which cult(s) for a city thief?

    As he has the Rune of Illusion, why hasn't he the illusion spells?
  10. Orlanth could be a possibility, but any other? Lanbril has no Rune Magic (Therefore less fun for the player). Eurmal is too much 'disorder'. The player want just to play a 'street rat' : sneaking, stealing, getting info and selling them to the right person, ...
  11. Manu

    Spirit rune

    The Daka Fal cult is described with the Man and Spirit rune. Where could I put this rune in the character's creation? What is the point of have this rune (On the game point of view)
  12. Manu

    Malkioni Sorcery

    Phil, I see that on your website, there is the sandy's sorcery rules (that can be a good inspiration for creating the RQG Malkioni sorcery rules, while I wait for the official one), but in HTML. Do you have the 'file' copy of this rules? Easier to print and read.
  13. Manu

    Malkioni Sorcery

    Thanks Peter, i knew you would come up with great ideas...
  14. Manu

    Malkioni Sorcery

    What could be the cast restrictions? Like the Humakt Gease? Free INT bonus only seems a little light for me. When you see all the Shaman abilities, I would expect something more. But anyway, as there is no plan for a Malkion bookj anytime soon, I'll create my own rules...
  15. Manu

    Malkioni Sorcery

    In the RQG, there is this line under the malkioni sorcery Sedalpist may not eat meat. Does that mean that they have a bonus as long as they don't eat meat (Or kill someone, ...)? What kind of bonus? +x%? Shorter Casting time? more free INT?