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  1. One of my player asked me if there were Bird animal totems. And I found many. Does it mean that they have the spell 'sprout wings' and can fly? For instance, in the GoG, there is the Zukonegi (Fire Wren People) or the Inkvazzi (Fish Eagle People). Can they fly? .
  2. Manu

    Making an Effective Sorcerer

    I see easily a starting sorceror using spirit magic, and 'forgetting' them as he grows in power...
  3. Just to be sure to understand. You say they are immortal. But they rely on immortality spells for that. Therefore, they are not like the Britini! They are not REAL immortals. But thanks on the info on these guys.
  4. Manu

    2 cults at the creation

    I don't totally agree. Orlanth, Storm Bull, ... are cult that were described many time as the creator of the game considered that they would be the nice cult to play. It is a designer choice to give the nice fun spell to these cult, and nothing to the others. And with the time, they justify this with Myth, Culture and a lot of game material. Why is Art, Dance, Entertainment less important? When a troup comes to a village, the whole village comes and sing, laugh, ... This is a lot of people for the 'worshiping'. Maybe even more than in the Orlanth Temple (where there is manly the males) or in the Ernalda temple (where they are all female). My point is : Why should a small cult (i.e. a non described cult by the authors since decades) be less fun to play than the big ones? I don't see that as minimaxing, but more as 'I want to play this and it should be fun...', and being fun also come with basic spell as extension or Heal wound. But I know the answer : YGMV (but I like to read others opinions as it feeds mine and in the end, I find a way to have fun with my players
  5. Manu

    2 cults at the creation

    In the Donandar discussion, I asked why Donandar cultist didn't have access to all the common rune spells. And someone told me that everyone is anyway initiated of Orlanth, hence have access to all common rune spells. But it seems that it is far easier to give common rune spell to all cults (because I still don't get why some cults don't have access to them, except maybe subcults). Otherwise, it doesn't motivate players to play some 'exotic' gods. (small gods)
  6. Manu

    2 cults at the creation

    The reason a PC receive 3 RP, is sthat he sacrificed during he youth 2 POW for Orlanth (on top if the initiation). He could easily use these POW for Donandar? I was thinking of 1 RP minimum for Orlanth, the rest for the other God (here Donandar).
  7. Manu

    2 cults at the creation

    On the topic of Donandar, someone told that Donandar is most probably not the first cult a young boy will be initiated to. At 15, all Orlanthi boys are initiated to Orlanth and the girst to Ernalda (most of them). But then later on, someone can choose his/her own path and (for instance) wants to worship Donandar. How do you play it at the player character creation? But cults? How many rune points for each cult? 1 for Orlanth and 1 for Donandar?
  8. Sorry for the blue skin... Brow indeed. Ok, small human. Immortal. But as they are mostly slaves or lower class, shouldn't they spend more time working and surviving than train their stats? Or even skills? Except maybe the one used for their day to day job.
  9. From a pure RQG point of view (rules), are they as normal humans with blue skin?
  10. Speaking of Gargulla. I see the text but I can't find it on the maps...
  11. I played in Sartar for years. It was quite easy to imagine chat could be opponents in adventures in Sartar and Prax : Broos, scorpionmen, Tusk rider, all other haos, prax tribe, Undead in the marsh, Lunar, bandits, ... But I have more difficulties finding this in Umathela : Lascerdans are dead, Vadelis are defeated, no chaos, ... Then except a skirmish from Orlanthi tribes, what can give challenges to the PC (on the combat side I mean)? What are the big threats, monsters, dangers?
  12. Manu

    Donandar. Comments appreciated.

    I don't understand why he has no access to the common rune spell Heal Wounds'? He has the Harmony rune and heal/cure spell have this rune. Traveling is dangerous, There could be stage accidents, ... Why not all common rune magic like all cults (except Yinkin)? And I can easily see Chalana Arroy give Donandar 'Harmony' spell to calm an angry crowd (after a bad performance? Or in order to have all the audiance attention?)
  13. Manu

    Coal in Glorantha

    If I remember well, metal and gems are from the blood and the bones of gods But what about coal?
  14. Manu

    Human worshipping Aldrya

    My player want to be a wood specialist in order to select the best wood for building boats. With all the respect to the Forest and Aldryami needed. Aldrya seems to be the perfect choice...
  15. Manu

    best cults for Alchemists

    The Invisible God could also be a cult for the Alchemist