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  1. Hi, While reading the new Cult book of the Lightbringers, I saw the cult of Daka Fal. Their, it explain how to become a Priest-shaman. And it looks a lot much easier than what is described in the rule book (on the shaman rules). Did I miss something? Or as Daka Fal is a rune cult, becoming Shaman-Priest is easier?
  2. Hi. It is not clear to me how to play a healing spirit. When a PC is infected (not possessed) by a disease, how the healing spirit attack the disease? Spirit combat (but then no POW or Spirit combat skill)? When a PC is possessed by a disease spirit, am I right to have a spirit combat between the healing spirit and the disease spirit?
  3. I realized that hunger is an important part of the UZ but also of Krarsht. Any link between the two?
  4. Hi MOB, On Chaosium website, this book is still only in PDF. As I wanted to order some books, I'd like to wait for it to be present (in order to save shipping costs). Any date when it will be available on the website?
  5. Hi, Is there myth of chaotic snakemen? Snake is strongly related to Earth (Ernalda cults and even Pamalt is represented as a snake man). Then there could be some chaotic snakemen, no?
  6. Then a village pure Earth pantheon (Ernalda), close to an Chaos nest, could have anti chaos baberter gory, or Aldrya/High King worshipper to protect the clan? And if this village is in the South (even Umathela?), they could have Pamalt worshipper?
  7. Is there a anti-chaos cult in the Earth Pantheon? Or are they always counting on the husband part (Orlanth, Yelm, ...)
  8. Oups.. 😄 I see it as a secret society where some of the rich of the city, those that descend from the first settlers (it is in Umathela) and the local thieves guild work together for the prosperity (and the naval supremacy) of the city. Therefore it could be more of an ancestor worshiping or founder cult than city cult. And also, part of the members are Malkionists (Sedalpists here). And I don't have too much of a problem to mix Malkion and ancestor. They don't call it 'worshiping'. For them it is more a question of respecting the Founders. Is Black Fang a type of ancestor worshipping?
  9. I have a bug city (5000-10000 people). The important and wealthy people of this city have a secret local cult of the founder (the wealthy founder). Should it be a local spirit cult? But it looks also like an ancestor worship. In the rules, I could only see Black fang (secret fightning society) and Oakfed (more wilderness cult). What kind of 'power' should it give (except the fact that you are a member of the Wealthy of the city)?
  10. Manu


    Uz are using a lot of insects, for many purposes. Grasshopper are very efficient in numbers. What stats should I use for them? Praying mantis but smaller and weaker?
  11. Manu

    Hard Earth

    While reading the ToTRM on the Delecti March, if read something about the Hard Earth. But I found nothing on the Hard Earth (and why this cult seems so bloody). Any clue on this God?
  12. Hi, I played already few scenarios doe RQG. Very nice. But why aren't there any scenarios with broos? Did they disappear from the face of Glorantha? None with Uz also (except maybe smoking ruins butI'm not found of this scenario at the first reading)! I probably missed some.
  13. Manu

    POW gain roll

    Indeed it could be a solution 🙂
  14. For a while, I thought it was clear on my mind. But re-reading the rule book, I not sure anymore Initiates gain a free POW gain roll at each High holy day of their God. And one more free POW gain roll at Sacred time. But what if the HHD is during the sacred time?
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