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  1. Manu

    Umathela and Brithini

    And another point: the Daughters of Menena of Talur is a groupe of powerfull sorceress that fought the Fonritians. If I understand it well, they are not at all Sedalpists as they fought. I like the idea of bad ass female sorceress in a world of 'peacefull' wizard!!!
  2. Manu

    Umathela and Brithini

    Thanks. Where can I find this 'Mythology' with Menena?
  3. Manu

    Umathela and Brithini

    While reading the GoG, I saw that in Umathela, the malkionist are mostly Sedalpists. And this is very close to the Talar on the Brithini (cannot carry weapons) Also, In Talur, there is a sect of 'Daughters of Manena'. In the Britini Society, the Menena is the woman's caste. Is it just 'luck' or is the link between the 2 cultures stronger than I thought?
  4. Manu

    Who are the Tamali

  5. Manu

    Who are the Tamali

    Fire or Darkness? Darkness seems more likely as it is said in the text (dehori) Martin, where do you get this information? (just curious)
  6. Manu

    Who are the Tamali

    They are compared to the Britini, as immortal being. It matches with the Mistress Race. And what are the Tilnti?
  7. Manu

    Who are the Tamali

    In the Glorantha Sourcebook, they speak about the Tamali 'The Tamali were a cross between a band of Dehori and Tilnti.' It seems that they are more like the Britini. But never heard of them
  8. Manu

    Yellow elfes (Embely)

    Hi, It is very clear what the Vronkali are (pine,... confierous trees), what are the Merli (Dedicious like Oak, apple tree, ...). But the Embili? Which plants/trees?
  9. Manu

    RQG : Some questions

    Hi, I plan to play next weekend a RQG scenario. Rulewise, it is based on RQG and if something is missing, then I'll use RQ3 But I have few questions that ight be answer (and I don't care if they are not 'official' How do we determine the spiritual damage. We have an example from the PC, but no rules. I also have some question about parrying with weapon and shield. If the shield parry is successful against and special attack, the shield receive the special damage. But what if critical attack? Is the rule the same for parrying with a weapon? I would say yes and the shield is just better because it can parry missiles And concerning the shield vs missile, it is not clear (to me at least) : when it is said that a small shield protects only the shield arm, does it mean that a successful parry is useful only if the hit location is the shield arm? Thanks
  10. Manu

    Plant rune in RQG

    As I want to create Aldryami characters, they should have a strong link with the plant rune (at least some of them). If I lok at the rune tree, as it was done for humans, I don't see this rune. I imagine that I should replace the Beast rune by the Plant Rune. Also, in the RQG Quickstart, the Plant rune is not there. What could be the associations for the plant rune?
  11. Yes I like it. A little bit too much for what I want to do, but very good ideas. Thanks
  12. Alas no I don't have this book
  13. I'd like my player to participate to the (Pamaltela) Aldryami spring 'heroquest' where they beat the winter (and the mountain snow as the forest is beside a mountain) and allow the spring to come. Any idea on how the 'myth' should be structured? I'm not a myth specialist, but I want something nice and divers.
  14. Manu

    Aldryami passions

    Thanks for the ideas guys
  15. Manu

    Aldryami passions

    Hi We go on preparing our Aldryami campaign in Pamaltela. Any idea of possible passions we could propose to our player (except Hate Uz and the like)?