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    I have been roleplaying since i was about 13 years old roughly. Played all sorts of game systems but BRP is for me.
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    BRP,cthulhu,runequest 2nd edition.
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    upstate NY (Gouverneur)
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    real name: Aaron nicknames : skull,skully,skullz, TRFN(The Raw Fruity Ninja)

    I design rpg's,game worlds, and do game conversions.

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  1. g33k

    @skull -- just saw & "followed" your Gamma World content.  I'll be d/l'ing it shortly, I expect, but I'm on a "temporary" device (a chromebook), pending getting something with more storage & processing-power).

    I have a back-of-my-mind GW campaign on my long-term radar, and I may just use your rules for it...

    1. skull


      Well remember use what you like, skip what you don't like nothing is set in stone.

      Also one of my uploads has conversion notes that may help if you need to convert a new creature from a GW module.


    2. skull


      If you have any questions feel free to ask me for help! :)


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