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  1. Tell Merlin I like the map. Tell him if he doesn't share more my friend Nimue will pay him a visit ! What's that Nimue...Yes Merlin does have a nice beard, I wouldn't call it pretty like you did but... um, yes I bet if you do ask nicely he will share all his secrets with you...what, what was that about a cave?
  2. I was kicking around on amazon looking to spend a gift card and lo and behold it looks like they got most of the Cthulhu monographs up on Amazon! There are some of the BRP monographs up as well.
  3. They added some more today. Looks like they might be adding all the monographs in time.
  4. Maybe they are waiting till they get all the titles up. They have more released for POD today.
  5. I always thought it meant "Big Gold Book" referring to the current hardcover and softcover version of BRP that others have mentioned gives you the many options consolidated and some like super powers updated from the original sources/games.
  6. Looks like it. I wonder why? I got mine just the other day in the mail. Glancing through it I noticed the book was bigger than previous releases and also noticed some errata. Nothing earth shaking just things like referring to APP instead of CHA (p. 70), The corruption table had three entries (Obese, Metalic skin, and thick hide)that refer "to all locations" or on all locations, and one of the pregen characters in his equipment had a "great word" instead of a great sword. Again nothing earth shattering so I'm not sure why it's gone. So far I've liked the book.
  7. tal

    Sword & Planet

    Thanks, I'm aware of Interplanetary and have Swords of Cydoria. I was looking to see if there were plans/interest for something else.
  8. tal

    Sword & Planet

    Any Chance of a Sword & Planet (also called Planetary Romance) sourcebook?
  9. ordered the POD this morning before work. Can't wait till it gets here!
  10. Thanks, For Loz and Pete, I know there was some talk about a single book or splitting up Classic Fantasy. I own a softcover and hardcover of RQ6 as well as the Classic Fantasy monograph and will not hesitate to buy the RQ6 version of Classic Fantasy with the full rules included. I'd prefer it that way than a separate book as I dislike having to go to the monograph and then the BRP hardcover.
  11. Any chance of Dorastor being adapted? Just to stay on topic I can't wait for RQ Classic Fantasy.
  12. tal

    OpenQuest 2 May update

    Thanks for the update.
  13. Newt, Thanks for the May update that answered this question.
  14. Any word yet on when this will be available?
  15. So does anyone one know when the book will arrive in stores? FRP and Noble Knight still don't have it in stock.
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