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  1. I think initiate count would vary depending on need. For example, a tribe which lives in an area afflicted by undead, surely they would have loads of Humakt initiates. I mean, imagine an army of say 50 Humakt initiates, all of whom have sacrificed for single use sever spirit. What a nightmare that would be to attack. That's at least 30 or so casualties on the opposite side pretty much whenever they want, enough to punch a big hole through a defensive line. And if pressed in battle, what if a bunch of them have successful divine interventions, and the power of Humakt turns a proport
  2. When Argrath led the attack on the wolves they didn’t do so well, so maybe they relied on their enemies never quite getting organised to eradicate them.
  3. You could go all Terry Pratchett, call it "cuddles": As the evil looking Alynx with glittering eyes and long, needle sharp claws emits a low growl like a distant rumble of thunder, a stalking malignant expression of bestial cruelty, taunting their quivering prey before pouncing... "Oh cuddles, he's just a big softie, give him a poke if he bothers you"
  4. There is a bronze age example of high population density - Tenochtitlan in pre-Spanish Mexico. Central America had a high population density because they had a great climate. Although Sartar does not have such a benign climate, its easy to see how Gloranthan magic could make up the difference.
  5. Is the goddess a mask of the Devil? Or is it possible for the Goddess to be strengthened by chaos, yet reject and somehow separate herself from the nihilistic destruction represented by the chaos gods of the Greater Darkness?
  6. I suspect Lanbril stole any alchemical tricks he mastered, there might well be a hero quest where he offers to help Mostali repair the world machine but instead grabs and runs off with something valuable, like a book of formulae. Lanbril to me is about keeping low key. He carefully avoids being chaos like Krarsht or Thanatar, because being chaotic would attract too much attention. He probably exists in every sizeable settlement, in many different forms - many of which likely wouldn't even recognise each other as being the same cult. Like he is going to tell even his own followers all his se
  7. I think every moment the violation of nature is visible is an opportunity to observe something new, to gain a deeper understanding of the mythos. I once saw a deadly Australian brown snake disappear into a gap in one of my house walls. Being familiar with it and knowing what it was did nothing for my sanity that night. Seeing death slithering by and violating your sense of safety is not something you really get used to. If it had happened the next night I don’t think I would have felt more relaxed about it.
  8. I think a lot of people focus on the military strength of the empire, but overlook their power to seduce the minds and hearts of people who live at the fringes of their influence. Their magic is redoubled once per week, plus the "lunar way" offers an easy path to mastery of a wide range of magics. Their missionaries are well funded. They keep the chaos hidden - except occasionally when some "obstacle" to progress needs to suffer an unfortunate accident in the dark of the night. They offer education for the children, and food for the poor. I suspect to anyone unacquainted with the da
  9. But Brother Jeff - in Orlanth is Dead there was a lot of reaching out. People who lost everything in the winter sometimes turned to Lunar missionaries for relief, so those missionaries were active during the occupation 😉. Lunars providing cheap healing and food parcels for the hungry is an obvious way to win favour with the commoners. All they had to do to receive this aid was listen to a charismatic priest urging them to accept the chaos moon as their guide.
  10. Outcasts, thralls, poor cotters. The benign face of the Goddess is the healer, the repairer, the salvation from all the world's injustices and miseries. Orlanthi society might be great if you are strong and heroic, but not so pleasant if you are timid and weak and frequently bullied. The Goddess offers hope to people left behind by the brash barbarism of Orlanthi society.
  11. Hilarious - the first thief ring. If Trickster does what he is told and the theft succeeds, the Trickster loses their affiliation with Eurmal - they become a Lanbril cultist. If Trickster messes everything up, going behind everyone's back, lying, stirring up mischief, causing the participants to descend into a free for all brawl on the way to the job before they reach their target, Trickster gets an especially strong connection to the disorder rune; any organised enterprise in which Trickster is a participant will always go spectacularly wrong in some unhinged way, except for the LBQ.
  12. I wonder if Lanbril ever reaches out to Trickster? Could be a hilarious scenario, say a raid on the private chamber of a Lunar noble, where only trickster magic can defeat the protections. I mean how would you get trickster to behave and not completely stuff up the job? How do you prevent trickster running off with the prize?
  13. Visiting temporary breakdowns of the compromise is a possibility. Just as it should be possible for a third age Gloranthan to visit the first age Sunstop, would it also be possible for a dawn Gloranthan to travel forward to the Sunstop? What about visiting Castle Blue? Or the battle of Night and Day? Or the moment when Orlanth struck down Zistor? Or the moment Argrath tore down the Red Moon? Obviously journeys to visit cataclysmic compromise breaking events would be horrendously dangerous, both physically and spiritually. And most of the people participating in such events would be too bu
  14. Cults of Prax says "He was instrumental in halting the festering growth of evil before the return of the Sun.". I accept though that if ZZ had fallen someone else might have stepped forward.
  15. Lanbril takes theft seriously. Trickster is an opportunist who steals stuff because it’s bright and shiny, or because someone says he can’t have it.
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