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  1. YGGMV, but if this was the case the first age empire of light could have been crippled by enemy priests identifying dark side illuminates to their god. The dark side illuminated healers spreading plague weren’t destroyed by spirits of reprisal, they were rounded up by Arkat and killed. Illumination IMO is like foul Thannatar magic except instead of carrying a few heads of slain and bound enemies, who are forced to use their divine magic in the service of chaos, the illuminates do it to themselves.
  2. Orlanth is dead suggests Lunar spies are everywhere stirring up trouble and mistrust. Some of the dirtshines, high ranking child hostages returned by the Lunars after years of indoctrination, would be illuminates. I think illumination would still be recognised as a factor, everyone knows the story of Lokamaydon. But yes, the accusation would likely be the offender is a Lunar spy.
  3. I think there is a strong case illumination prevents excommunication, so if someone incurs the displeasure of the local religious leaders yet retains their magic, expect the accusations to fly, at least in private. As for setting up a new temple in defiance of authorities, that would likely draw a severe reaction. During the first age illuminates plundered gods by setting up false temples, so a suspected illuminate outcast setting up a temple in defiance of religious leaders could be seen an attack on the faith by degenerate chaos worshippers.
  4. The One Ring gave Frodo divination skill, but the magically enhanced vision Frodo gained didn't really help him. If someone starts using divination skill in the vicinity of a mythos horror surely they would start seeing images of what will happen if the party fails to stop the plot. The presence of a powerful mythos being influences planes other than the mundane, and they haven't successfully stopped the conspiracy yet, so the mythos being is still on track to win.
  5. During the sunstop the elves were strengthened - perhaps they started to appear in places where previously they were just a rumour or a memory.
  6. Argarath sacrificed the gods to liberate the world from the risk of Wakboth. Arkat sacrificed himself, transforming again and again until he defeated Gbaji in the form of a troll.
  7. Perhaps this is what cult hopping does to illuminates - metaphysically they actually a bunch of different people, merged into a single body while they are alive, but the bonds are weaker when they pass from the mortal plane. Ralzakark when he returned was a bunch of different physical beings as well.
  8. Bhuddhism has a rich tradition of pacifying or appeasing demons. Angkor Wat was a royal tomb dedicated to Vishnu, but very quickly became a Buddhist temple. However much of the Angkor Wat site has fallen into disrepair. I think you could have a lot of fun with this. Which demons where the priests attempting to propitiate or subdue? Is their mission slowly failing? I love HP Lovecraft's concept of thin spots (brilliantly portrayed in Stephen King's Crouch End) - places where the fabric of reality is weak. Maybe all the temples were built to prevent something from entering our
  9. Yet there are trans-humanists in Glorantha - heroes like Jareel, Harrak, Zabur and Ralzakark. Arguably anyone who heroquests has taken their first step on the path to trans-humanism.
  10. Robert Goddard, father of liquid fuel rockets, demonstrated a Bazooka to the US Army in 1918. But if you say wanted to take down a bank vault you might be better with a small field artillery piece.
  11. How about Snake Pipe Hollow itself? You could have a lot of fun with that. Perhaps the Red Emperor wants to declare a special administration zone, similar to the deal the Lunars offered to Orlanthi who settle Riskland on the borders of Dorastor.
  12. Eurmal is the Orlanthi god of change. He brought death into the world, kicked off the entire second age by splitting someone’s tongue, innumerable other outrages and affronts to order. It’s just when it all gets too crazy and out of control Orlanth reminds his bondsman he promised not to break the world, and promised to help clean up the mess.
  13. Mythically trickster seduced Barbeester Gor, so things are likely to get complicated very quickly with the temple guards if there is a trickster in the party - real love hate thing. They might demand the trickster wait outside with them.
  14. Jar-eel had heroic abilities almost from birth, no doubt the result of some serious heavy duty magic. I think Arkat was the "son of Humakt" because you know, if you win the unbreakable sword and overcome an astonishing series of challenges people are going to say nice things about you. Or consider all the candidate Argaraths, they all had a chance to win the prize by virtue of their heroism. But Jar-eel is likely the outcome of a genuine compromise bending effort to infuse a human with god like abilities.
  15. Depends what drives the merger. Usually when big companies merge there is a good reason, and the top execs of the junior company get some top positions in the senior company. In Glorantha a reason for merging is better access to magic - bigger congregation, larger temple. Plus you have more warriors to drive off the next broo incursion.
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