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  1. Surely it should be called “Yelmium” 😉
  2. That's probably down to the lubricant in the lock being more viscous when it is cold, preventing the levers from moving freely. As an alternative to warming, you could probably also fix this by squirting a little methylated spirits or gasoline into the lock before trying to pick it. I suggest you don't do this to a lock you care about, alcohol or gasoline would to an extent wash away the oil or graphite, and might even draw in some moisture before it evaporates, leaving internal surfaces in the lock exposed to corrosion.
  3. When I was a young man while staying with my grandpa for a few weeks, I watched my grandpa whittle a new firing action for a gun, using a piece of steel plate, a sharp cold chisel and lots of patience. While he worked he looked just like someone whittling wood, except each "shaving" was so fine that you couldn't even see it. But over a few weeks of whittling while he watched TV, he produced a piece of precision engineering. You don't need sophisticated tools to do some remarkable things, just skill and patience. Making a set of lock picks would be child's play compared to what I saw my gran
  4. EricW

    Building Gringles

    The earliest reference I know of to hazia is 1972 The Farthest Shore, in which the Wizard Ged sets off on a dangerous quest to discover who has broken the world and fix the damage. The people who should have been leaders, artists, poets were killing themselves with hazia because they were being driven crazy by the breach. The hazia in that story sounds like opium.
  5. People would be more likely to make the lock picks themselves, from spring steel or tool steel. Those days you made stuff. Anyone with locksmith training would know how to shape a few picks, you would start by cutting blanks, trim to shape, sand or grind it, use simple hand tools to finish it, then heat treat it to the required hardness. Probably only a day or two work for an experienced metalworker. The lock picks would have to be kept well oiled to prevent corrosion, but everyone from that era was aware of the need to keep tools covered in machine oil or grease - although stainless stee
  6. I think its important to consider giving the magic a cost which goes beyond a bit of SAN accounting. Most of the Cthulhu stories the magic had side effects, attracted the attention of otherworldly beings or stirred up forces the wizard didn't want or wasn't aware of. For example after using shrivelling (yikes!) your PC might have a horrible episode where they fail asleep and wake up next to a shrivelled corpse, apparently after sleep walking and doing something unspeakable with no conscious recollection of what they did. Of course its up to you to decide if the PC was actually responsible for
  7. Don’t be too Orlanth focussed. There are plenty of other useful powers in the Orlanth pantheon. For example Trickster knows how to survive being hunted by very angry people, and his shrines are well hidden from desecration.
  8. It think it makes sense this would be an exception. Illumination provides some protection against detect [motivation] spells. The consequences of traitor turning the bat against the empire in the middle of a key battle could be unthinkably bad for the empire. People entrusted with controlling the bat would surely be subject to continuous extreme scrutiny, they scrutineers wouldn't want anything to interfere with their insight into the loyalty of the bat handlers.
  9. In that case glow spot + extension means no Lunar army should ever suffer a significant magical disadvantage in battle - unless soldiers with access to reusable glowspot spell are so rare it doesn’t make a substantial strategic impact. Or maybe casting glow spot makes you such a target soldiers avoid doing it?
  10. Lunar heroes must to some extent be free from the phases of the moon. They cant lose all their power during dark moon, otherwise defeating them would be too easy - trick them into venturing outside the glow line, then kick them when they are down. Yet Lunar armies, even armies led by heroes, suffer magical disadvantages during dark moon phases. Has anyone thought about how this could work? Do Lunars in the immediate vicinity of a hero sometimes discover they can cast magic at full strength? Why haven’t Lunar heroes quested for the power to create their own glow spot
  11. Many of the conversions would be lay members - no spirits of reprisal. As for initiates or even priests or rune lords, I wouldn't be surprised if Lunars offered "assistance" with dealing with spirits of reprisal, at least for influential, valued influencers who converted willingly. As for the rest, who knows what horror the Lunars would inflict, to make an example of them. If despite seeing their family marched in front of them with scimitars to their throats, important conversion targets still refused to convert, any sadism is conceivable; forcible ingestion of chaos ooze on Lunar temple
  12. Unity is never a problem when trickster is present. Eurmal’s Harmony: Causes everyone in the meeting to talk over each other and leave with the understanding that everyone else agrees completely with whatever they said.
  13. Maybe the ships are undead, boats built from green wood which has not quite died, with "create vampire" cast on them. That would explain the secrecy around the "sorcerous ritual", and Belintar certainly had an unusual relationship with death, so he might have passed on a trick or two. Vampires don't have to be human, and possibly don't even have to be intelligent, so the ritual might work. A solution that bizarre, perhaps even someone as intelligent as Zzabur might have overlooked the possibility. You could imagine Dormal running short of ideas, noticing the wood in his latest boat is sti
  14. Interestingly a few years ago I wrote to the author and suggested a third movie based on an unstoppable ancient disease, which emerged from a corpse buried in permafrost which melted due to global warming. Only one person’s blood has the antibodies, because the immortal is the only living human who ever encountered and survived the ancient disease. So to save humanity he has to reveal his secret. Author liked the idea but sadly the third movie never got made AFAIK.
  15. Make it less obvious the bodies were eaten, misdirect everyone into thinking there’s a horrible disease loose. Make it a big town. Town goes into quarantine, enforced by the army (quarantine was deadly serious back in the days of smallpox and plague). Your bad guy could be one of many selling patent medicine cream containing exotic herbs to ward off the sickness.
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