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  1. EricW

    Eurmali Troll(kin?)

    The cult of dark Eurmel - wicked lightbringers who teach the food to bite back!
  2. He he - it already did - EWF. Eurmel did start it, when he split the tongue and brain of Rostand the Speaker, according to King of Sartar.
  3. The Crimson Bat actually is actually uniquely vulnerable to Trickster. There's no limit on the number of points you can stack on a swallow spell. Even the Lunars might have trouble re-summoning the bat if it disappeared into Eurmel's stomach.
  4. Probably not for long - someone would eventually throw up...
  5. I think “how do we fix the problem” would get a “there is no problem” response. After which, I’m sure communities afflicted by gross trickster abuses would want to turn the fate of the liar into a learning experience for other tricksters.
  6. Demolition. Electrical repair won't tell you where to set the explosives or how much explosive to use, or whether you have fast fuse or slow fuse, how many detonators you need. I mean an electrical repair person should be able to figure out how to connect the wires, but they could blow themselves up by not observing one of the protocols, and they certainly won't know how to place the explosives to achieve the desired outcome.
  7. Barbeester seizing death from invaders and using the weapon to drive back the invasion might work, that way maybe you get an axe which gives some kind of bonuses.
  8. Its not like it would have taken a significant effort, the monitoring of inbound passengers could have been almost completely automated. The airport in Taipei had a thermal imaging camera set up to ping if someone registered an elevated temperature, the first symptom of the SARS illness. Airport security was also watching the monitor, but the camera equipment itself would have let them know if there was a problem with one of the passengers. How much effort would it have taken to set up a camera, and ping the guards if they need to have a closer look at one of the passengers queuing up at the passport control gate? We're only talking about maybe $5-10,000 dollars worth of equipment at every entry point. Ah what am I talking about - as I said, the airport in the UK wasn't even checking passports.
  9. I don't think we can begin to imagine the horrors of the plague. Mothers driving out their infected toddler children, to try to save the rest of their family. Infected people with nothing to lose indulging their darkest most bestial passions, because for them there are no consequences, they will be dead within days. Entire cities depopulated. Survivors and refugees being hunted and killed, lest they infect new regions. And everywhere, death and dying, starvation, war, insanity, civil breakdown. The rise of Cthulhu would be worse, but not by much.
  10. The SARS outbreak thankfully wasn't as contagious as initially feared, though it was very deadly - a lot of people who contracted it died. If it was as contagious as say Smallpox the entire world would have been scr*wed. I learned something about how people behave in such situations, by my personal experience. I had a packet of paracetamol, I had a mad plan in my head that if I got a fever, I would use the paracetamol to suppress the symptoms as much as I could until I made it back to safe ground. I don't know if I would have done something that selfish for real, I hope not - but I was very frightened that if I ended up in an Asian quarantine facility and the epidemic spiralled out of control, my health wouldn't have been the top of their list of priorities. It was also a lesson on how poorly prepared governments are. For example there is an Ebola outbreak raging on Congo now, close to out of control because of cultural beliefs that foreign doctors want to kill them off, so a lot of health workers are getting attacked. The thing about Ebola is, some of the survivors become carriers - there was a case recently where a woman infected her husband with Ebola a year after she recovered. My point is people who feel in danger can act very selfishly - I know this because I experienced these feelings. They won't necessarily tell health workers they are worried, especially if they are afraid of being deported if they are discovered to be infected with something nasty.
  11. Monsters which can pass as human are the most terrifying. I mean some slimy thing with tentacles, as long as you figure out how to hurt it, its just a bug hunt - people might die, but that's just combat stress. But give me a deadly disease with a symptom free infectious period, or a world threatening monster which can slip past your defences, which can pass as human, like The Thing, or the beautiful woman out of Species, now that's scary. I once accepted a very large sum of money to provide software consultancy in a viral hot zone, during the middle of an outbreak. They chose me because I was the only one crazy enough to do it. I've never drunk so much grapefruit juice in my life, every morning in the hotel lobby a government doctor was there to check my temperature, if my temperature had been even slightly elevated they would have whisked me off to a quarantine facility. There were thermal imaging cameras everywhere, and lots of billboards advising people what to do in multiple languages. The journey back was a little shocking. At the time I lived in England. In Hong Kong there were a few desultory people with thermometers, nobody bothered me, even though I'd come straight from the hot zone. In the Amsterdam stop (I was flying KLM) there was no interest in people's health. In London Gatwick that evening they weren't even checking passports, there was a p*ssed off guy reading a newspaper in one of the passport booths. I could have been carrying a contagious deadly disease straight back from a hotzone into Europe and nobody would have known.
  12. Are there religions in Glorantha which are fake? False priests who lead worshippers on with promises of power but the worshippers (and priests!) never receive any magical return for their devotions?
  13. "I'm a healer Humakti, if you strike me you shall face the swordbreaker..."
  14. The scariest monsters are monsters which parody humans - deep ones, werwolves, vampires, zombies, the fungi of Yuggoth wearing human disguises, gloves and mask made from your former friend, that identity stealing horror out of The Thing. Even Cthulhu had almost human attributes, for all his grotesque splendour. Humans experience an “uncanny valley”. Scientists trying to build convincing Androids struggle with the fact the most violent feelings of revulsion are directed against their best efforts. People reject things which seem almost human far more vigorously than we reject something truly alien. So fill your beastiery with warped and broken humans...
  15. The heroic version of lie spell bends reality, so whatever is said becomes the truth, with supporting evidence. Of course horrible things happen if the trickster tries to use the magic for personal gain, or just because ;-).
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