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  1. EricW

    Draconic Eurmal?

    Who are we to judge right action? We know Eurmal was instrumental in saving the world from the devil, therefore either on some level what Trickster does must be right action, or dragonewts are agents of chaos working to complete what the devil started. Is the continued existence of the cosmos wrong? If you believe that existence is right, yet you question the rightness of the actions of a god who helped save the Cosmos from dissolution, your questioning of the rightness of Eurmal is really just an expression of your cosmic ignorance and inability to embrace a higher level of consciousness.
  2. EricW

    Draconic Eurmal?

    New Eurmal Spell - Eurmal's Draconic Wisdom. Trickster takes on a luminous aura, and sits floating in the air. Functions as a continuous lie spell, everything the Trickster says is perceived as ultimate wisdom, until he repeats a word he has previously spoken or accidentally tells the truth, after which the glow is abruptly extinguished, the trickster falls to the ground with a thump, and the audience is left feeling like complete idiots.
  3. Is Eurmal a master of dragon magic? Or does he regard dragon magic and draconic thinking as a joke to be inflicted on others?
  4. There are videos online, the best resource was a university study I read, I can't remember who wrote it. Bear in mind picking locks or having lock picking tools on your person is a serious criminal offence in many jurisdictions, carrying the tools of burglary is frequently accepted by courts as proof you intended to rob someone or worse.
  5. Ability to be restored to life, no matter what harm has befallen, through being buried in the Earth? Being buried then rising from the dead? That could cause some confusion... 🙂
  6. EricW

    The Rainbow Mounds

    9GB is immense, must have taken you ages! Agree not something you could easily post on a website. But you might be able to post interesting pieces. I wrote a 3D model explorer, just a move forward, back, side to side, rotate, with the model hanging in black space. It was fun to navigate through models on a web page. Unfortunately the code is long lost, and this wouldn't by itself solve Scotty's problem of how to add this capability to BRP.
  7. EricW

    The Rainbow Mounds

    I completely understand blocking foreign HTML, but the raw 3D models themselves are not HTML, they are effectively a kind of image file. But just allowing uploads unfortunately would not be enough, you need to add a few javascript files to the page template to make it work. I'm not familiar with Invision plugin system, I mostly use Wordpress as the CMS when I do plugins, though I could figure Invision out pretty quickly, its what I do. There seems to be quite a demand for an invision 3D plugin, but probably not enough demand on this site for you to commission a bespoke plugin. Let me have a think about it.
  8. EricW

    The Rainbow Mounds

    Absolutely beautiful. I wish BRP website would let people post 3D models, its straight forward these days to display a 3D model on a web page, and provide basic interaction, so people can move around and explore it. The following is a partially built 3D chess game in a web page, which you can interact with, which I am posting as an example of this kind of technology. Click the pieces to move. The game is not fully operational, the main missing bit is if you move a pawn all the way to the other end of the game, it doesn't offer the chance to change the pawn to another piece. But the computer player is backed by stockfish, a brutal open source chess AI, so you probably won't get the chance to do this. https://chess.desirableapps.com
  9. Absolutely - the bit about "if you are not serious..." is a tell, they'll remind you of this when they hit you with the membership fee.
  10. New Eurmal spell - the summoning of fun. Causes gold coins, food, images of attractive people to appear in front of tricksters over a large geographical area, leading the tricksters to converge on the caster, where they scream at each other, complain, steal and fight until Eurmal appears. Naturally any non tricksters who catch on to what is happening attempt to break up the gathering before it reaches its terrifying finale.
  11. They’re all thieves and cause mindless property destruction if it amuses them. I think of them as street hobos with dangerous magic. Barely tolerated, regarded with deep suspicion, but in Glorantha occasionally utterly essential, when normal paths to overcoming an enemy are closed. I don’t think anyone would tolerate a large collection of tricksters under normal circumstances. What if they manage a large enough worship group to count as a temple, giving them access to who knows how many dangerous trickster spells? Everyone remembers the infamous Sartar Teddybear Picnic. Better to disperse them, by force, before there is any chance of that happening!
  12. Argrath and Elusu at the bar. ARGRATH: Your round. ELUSU vanishes. ARGRATH: You little shit...
  13. You mean like Loki? 😉 Trickster is a despised outcast, a storyteller, unreliable, blamed for anything which goes wrong, utterly indispensable when only deceit and cunning can save the situation.
  14. I don’t think it’s directly comparable, our world doesn’t have the power to summon ancestors who lived through those times to answer questions. In “Orlanth is Dead”, after the divine storm magic fails the first thing the tribes do is summon hordes of ancestors to ask their help figuring out what is happening.
  15. The tribe members would have chatted to ancestors returned from the dead every sacred time, so they would have a good knowledge of what happened to their tribe, stretching back to the greater darkness. They would be very aware the skill they used to survive great upheavals. They would know about Lokamaydon, the traitor who sided with Gbaji. I don’t know if they would be aware of everything the god learners did, they were enemies, sorcerers, evil magic. The Empire of the Wyrms Friends memories might be confused, a lot of knowledge was ripped from people’s minds by dragons. Theu would know about the first dawn, how Orlanth and the lightbringers saved the world. The Lunars - some tribes are friendly, many hate them. Everyone knows they use chaos and a weird form of sorcery, which is a huge challenge to people who hate chaos and sorcery. But they are too powerful to challenge openly.
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