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  1. EricW

    Lunar Heroquests

    Orlanth myths are vulnerable, Lokamayadon usurped a portion of Orlanth's power in the first age, which allowed him to simultaneously appear in all the Orlanth temples and demand they worship him instead. In the third age, the Lunars caused the windstop with a magical attack on Orlanth.
  2. Give them a point of mythos every time they use such powerful spells. The external manifestation of the spell says nothing about the internal mechanics. Maybe during "return thee to safety", Nyarlathotep appears and carries them personally through impossible dimensions, while whispering horrible advice in their ear. Maybe during the transformation into a crow they sense all the other possible forms they could transform into. Sanity loss for the people who see their friend suddenly vanish or transform. Cue hearing strange flute like notes in the night. A mythos point might even encourage them to use the spell.
  3. EricW

    Lunar Heroquests

    My understanding is a major advantage of the lunar way is Lunars get to substitute their "lunar way" skill in place of other magical skills. So its like instant mastery of strange magic systems, as long as they have been integrated with the Lunar pantheon. What about partially integrated pantheons or systems? Maybe accessible via Lunar Way skill, but you need to perform a heroquest to affirm Lunar supremacy? Or even foreign gods, worth a hero quest to integrate a truly strange and interesting magic. How many Lunar heroes perished attempting to integrate Orlanth into their Lunar way? How many succeeded? King of Sartar mentions a "moon wind", is this a partially successful attempt to integrate Orlanth? Orlanth myths are not immune to this kind of tampering, consider what happened in the first age.. Or how about even more dangerous powers, imagine applying Lunar way to Thanatari magics. Obviously the world would severely resist this experimental hero questing, but Lunars are persistent. Their imperial might is a measure of their success against the old powers.
  4. The Elric book Stormbringer has an interesting treatment of this idea. Elrik visits an idealised afterlife, where his father questions him about disturbances in the realm of the dead, and his fear of a prophecy that their afterlife would endure as long as the Dreaming City existed. Since Elric had led an expedition to destroy the city a few years earlier, it was a fairly uncomfortable encounter. The characters don't have to visit the literal second age, they could visit a dream version. What happened to all the people who died in the Dragonkill? Its possible they were simply consumed by the dragons, but this isn't the only possibility. Maybe it happened so quickly they never realised they died, perhaps they still think they are alive, living in an idealised fantasy world where they restored their friendship with the dragons, regained their dragon magic and restored the empire to its former glory. Who knows what strange magic or perils you could encounter in such a place? There is a story in which Elrik does actually travel in time, back to the immediate aftermath of the civil war which cemented his people's allegiance to chaos, but I thought the dream version was in some ways more interesting.
  5. I kind of think of a shaman as being like someone walking around with their mobile phone in their hand all day - holding conversations with people you can't see, bumping into stuff because they're too busy looking at their phone, yet at the same time that phone provides all sorts of useful information they wouldn't have if they weren't staring at it. Maybe they'll dial up a rain shower to water the crops.
  6. Enjoy 🙂 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1lCOGdTYzfYbQoJLzBfeUCAWV4MlMzq1G (3D STL file - for 3D printing). The 3D print could be used for a plaster or sand impression for casting, or spray gold paint on and call it job done. OpenSCAD script for generating the 3D image: module tentacle() { translate([-20,0,5]) rotate_extrude(angle=80, convexity = 10, $fn=150) translate([22, 0, 0]) circle(r = 4); } difference() { union() { cylinder(h=5, r=30, $fn=150); difference() { sphere(r=15, $fn=150); translate([0,0,-25]) cylinder(h=30, r=30); } for (i = [0:7]) { intersection() { translate([0, 0, 4.5]) rotate([-22, 0, i * 45]) tentacle(); translate([0, 0, 1]) cylinder(h=30,r=29, $fn=150); } } } translate([0,0,18]) sphere(r=5, $fn=150); }
  7. The NAZIs would have raised Cthulhu and probably every other horror they could imagine if they had the knowledge. Its not like they were short of potential sacrifices to fuel their necromancy.
  8. EricW

    Gark vs Vivamort

    My understanding, Vivamort is about personally becoming a vampire, Gark just wants to turn everyone *else* into zombies - Gark priests are usually living people.
  9. EricW

    Magic in Glorantha

    Why would a lunar consort with a barbarian magician? Almost subversive that is.
  10. David Brin wrote a story "Thor Meets Captain America", an alternate history in which the NAZIs were saved from final defeat by the sudden appearance of the Norse Gods, all of whom side with the suddenly re-invigorated Axis powers, except Loki who betrays his fellow gods and joins the Allies. The story focuses on Captain Chris Turing, who leads a suicidal attack on Valhalla, and his personal quest to understand the mystery of how and why the Gods appeared. In his final moment Chris understands the awful secret of the gods, why Loki never told them, and why his friends must never learn the secret. Very well written - although the allies had nuclear weapons in this alternate reality and the NAZIs didn't, Loki counselled them not to use the weapons, because the power of the Norse gods would have increased in the resulting nuclear winter. The story could make an interesting template for an unusual CoC scenario.
  11. I think it is reasonable for someone who already has significant mythos knowledge to suffer bouts of insanity if they try to acquire more knowledge. I don't see any reason to go easy on someone who ignores the warnings and dives headlong into the nightmare. Bad things can happen to people who strive to learn secrets no man should know. HP Lovecraft, "The Festival"
  12. Stephen King also did an excellent homage to the Cthulhu mythos, set in modern London.
  13. Yes. This should be a Cthulhu story, about an attack on humanity so subtle yet utterly devastating only a handful of people realise what is happening. Think what the deep ones might do if they wanted to kill off all the humans.
  14. A player who is insane might think the other players are now enemies. Or they might not interpret the situation is threatening. Or the might attack the wrong person, or act wildly inappropriate to the situation, like ask the hat stand to help save them, or scream and run around in circles. I think taking away control is an option, but not necessarily the only option.
  15. Dr. Who / The Pyramids of Mars is a past / future Cthulhu story, except instead of Cthulhu the bad guy is Sutekh . One powerful scene the Doctor's assistant Sarah asks why they can't escape the horror of fighting Sutekh and simply return to 1980. The Doctor hops in the Tardis and takes Sarah and Laurence, a local from 1911, forward to 1980 to show her why they can't simply run away; because they haven't yet stopped Sutekh, the 1980 Sarah sees when the Tardis doors open is a ruined wasteland. ... LAURENCE: So a man can change the course of history? DOCTOR: To a small extent. It takes a being of Sutekh's almost limitless power to destroy the future. Well? SARAH: We've got to go back. DOCTOR: Yes. ...
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