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  1. According to King of Sartar, after Argarath pushed the Lunars out of Pavis, the moon was more difficult to see. So my guess its the visibility of the moon is very much dependent on the local Lunar influence, maybe the number of Lunars in the area and their political and military power, rather than geography.
  2. The moon is magic, and not entirely part of the normal world. Its light shines where it needs to. I think you tie yourself into knots trying to apply the physics of our world to Glorantha.
  3. The Lunar Empire is trying to heal the world, and that includes chaotics. There must be an approach which works for chaotics, maybe embracing illumination is the only way they can win freedom from enslavement. Ralzakark or Dorastor is an illuminate, at one time he must have believed in the harmony of Nysalor and achieved illumination to help construct the great unity. Maybe he still does. There are hints that there are significant numbers of other illuminates running around Dorastor, ranging from Hellwood elves to members of Ralzakark's Humakt legion who are forgiven their geases if they are illuminates - from memory illuminates are considered to be embracing honour at a higher level and therefore not subject to mundane interpretations of Humakt's cult restrictions. I think the problem with illumination is they feel totally justified regardless of their choices, so what outsiders perceive as madness and abomination is simply illuminates helping themselves to whatever magical tools are convenient to achieve their personal goal, whatever it is, without considering the wider consequences. Don't have time to read that pesky knowledge scroll which in any case is written in a language you don't know? Just consume it using Thanatar magic. Much more convenient. Want a bonus on your power checks? Join Malia. As an illuminate you don't have to spread her diseases, but you still get the benefits. Want to persuade atheists to join your cult? Spread a disease, then cure it, so they learn respect for your magic. Completely justified, you have plenty of healers ready to make sure nobody suffers providing they give up their intransigence and let you do your work, but a terrific demonstration to the atheists of the limits of their world view. Want to increase a stat, perhaps beyond human limits? Take on a chaos feature. If you don't like the result you can always cure your own chaos wound and try again later, hope for a better result next time. Where is the harm? Once you have a chaos feature or two which don't alter your appearance too much, you get the benefits of chaos without the downside, and even storm bulls can't tell what you've done to yourself.
  4. There is a section in RQ3 Lords of Terror which discusses this; I would argue that intentions are subjective. By this reasoning Lunar trainee illuminates genuinely believe in the goddess' mission to heal the world. It doesn't matter that Orlanthi have a very different view of Lunar illumination, what matters is what is happening in the head of the Lunar trainee who is seeking transcendence. If the Lunar illuminate subsequently in the heat of battle accepts their goddess' gift of chaos to give them the strength to overcome the barbarians, or seeks darker powers to further their holy mission, didn't their goddess choose chaos over failure when she was confronted by overwhelming odds? The light bringers who claim chaos is an irreconcilable enemy are really hypocrites, because when they made the great compromise, they chose to negotiate, to accept the continued existence of the surviving chaos gods, rather than risk the existence of Glorantha by completing the purge of their defeated enemies. The Goddess merely seeks to continue the dialogue, she works to create a harmonious future in which everyone has an opportunity to find fulfilment, a future of mutual respect free from the pointless bloodshed and meaningless conflict inflicted by uncaring paternalist gods who are too arrogant to admit their own hypocrisy and prejudice to their worshippers.
  5. You could have heaps of fun with that. There’s an excellent old story Brak the Barbarian which might serve a a good template, if you can find s copy - a caravan murder mystery which turns into something worse. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mark_of_the_Demons
  6. How likely is it that a dip in the ooze, a chaos feature, would cause an obvious mutation? Do Storm Bulls need Sense Chaos? Or can they just look at the monster and know? There seem several paths to hidden chaos, like Krjalk magic or the Lunar Goddess “Chaos Gift”, is this because raw chaos is too likely to make someone’s appearance socially unacceptable? Thoughts?
  7. I was thinking about why the Lunars tolerate Storm Bulls around the block - I mean sure, it might be typical Lunar pragmatism, keep the bulls busy killing the wild chaos in the area, hopefully kill off a few of the more annoying bulls. But maybe there is another reason they've proven difficult to remove; maybe lunar magic fails when the light of the moon is blocked by an enormous lump of Truestone? Thoughts?
  8. Never been a proper write up of Invisible Eurmel!
  9. An ambitious Lhankor Mhy sage may suffer temptations from the knowledge thief. Consider Treack Markhor, the renegade priest of Lhankor Mhy who founded the cult of Atyar. He retained his treacherous access to Lhankor Mhy's magic, but he also has access to mind stealing magics. Lhankor Mhy is very aware of knowledge stealing, so they will all be on the lookout for someone who advances too fast. And who knows? If your PC deliberately seeks illumination to pursue forbidden knowledge, well just maybe they could be presented with an "opportunity" to learn wrench some vital skill from the mind of someone reprehensible, all they have to do is cross the line and use chaos to advance their quest to save their friends, or rescue innocents, or bring down an evildoer. Of course, if Lhankor Mhy casts out your player because of their suspicions, or because maybe Irripi Ontor the Lunar knowledge god will be more understanding of their choices - the Lunars are more accepting of chaos, providing such skills are used in the service of the empire.
  10. Porcharngo worshippers are often spoken of as mutated beyond recognition. What if they are all seeking the perfect set of chaos features? Perhaps Porcharngo offers the spell “change chaos feature” - you get to re-roll a feature you don’t like. So for a little more power you have a shot at perfection. Or you could add new chaos features. Like plastic surgery addicts, worshippers would keep going back for “procedures”, yet never be wholly satisfied with the result. And if you run short of power, the temptation is to place one last bet - after all your next chaos feature might be more power.
  11. EricW

    Eurmali Troll(kin?)

    Of course Dark Eurmel could teach dragon magic if Eurmal did the mind split thing again - or PCs could be led to believe this might have happened. The thought of PCs rooting around trollkin camps looking for mystic wisdom, with some very suspicious trolls looking on, wouldn’t that be a delicious twist of cruelty? ”you know the trolls been having trouble with the trollkin lately, some say trickster taught them magic. One of them, their leader, some folks say he even did some dragon magic a few years back, or so they say, just like the olden days...”
  12. EricW

    Eurmali Troll(kin?)

    The cult of dark Eurmel - wicked lightbringers who teach the food to bite back!
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