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  1. EricW

    Sorcerers vs Shotguns

    The Terrible Old Man didn't have any problem handling multiple armed assailants. The Terrible Old Man was never alone, he had lots of companions other people couldn't see, companions capable of rapidly inflicting horrible damage on people he didn't like. A large armed group can ruin a sorcerer's day, for example in The Call of Cthulhu the group of devil worshippers in the New Orleans woods were rounded up and arrested by the police. But guns against sorcerers is very risky, especially when attacking elderly sorcerers who have probably seen a lot of guns in their lives.
  2. EricW

    Are Lunars God Learners?

    In Blood of Orlanth its pretty clear that Delecti the Inquirer was a senior God Learner Sorcerer who defected to EWF. As someone with both God Learner and EWF abilities, who survived the cataclysmic end of EWF, I think it would be difficult to argue that he doesn't or didn't at some time know the secret. Ralzakark is also mentioned in various sources as having been raised by God Learners in the second age, and immediately enslaving his rescuers, so its difficult to see how he wouldn't know the secret. I've lost track of whether all this is still canon or not, but its evidence that a few uniquely powerful beings retained secret knowledge from the second age - though whether they can still use that knowledge is another matter.
  3. EricW

    Are Lunars God Learners?

    There is at least one being who knows the God Learners secret in the Third Age - Ralzakark (assuming he is still cannon). So it doesn’t seem unreasonable an extremely difficult heroquest could uncover the secret, and that someone powerful enough to uncover the secret could also fend off the doom. Although someone who is already that powerful probably mostly already knows the secret, or as much of the secret as they need to further their goals.. But my question was more about more or less normal lunar college of magic types who somehow seem to tinker with myths on a scale comparable to God Learners, though possibly all the difficult work is done by very advanced heroquestors?
  4. EricW

    Are Lunars God Learners?

    The Lunars tamper with myths and bend the rules. Even the Godlearners never attempted to kill Orlanth. The Lunars openly use and accept chaos, well beyond whatever use God Learners may have made of chaos. What protects imperial sorcerers from the Doom Guardians? Given all their abuses, what more would Lunars have to do to trigger immediate retribution?
  5. EricW

    Chalana Arroy's Mirror

    Showing a corrupted creature what it could have been without chaos, how it could be liberated from pain and hate if it renounced chaos, what it would have been had it taken a different path, a glimpse of its healed self, could be deeply confusing.
  6. EricW

    Urox and Lunars

    I don't see how the Stormbull guard around the Block would be possible without bulls having at least some discretion about whether to charge chaotic foes, otherwise all the block guards would have been killed resisting the Lunar incursion. I mean imagine a Lunar raid for truthstone around the block, if Bulls couldn't behave strategically the raid would start by luring out all the Stormbull guards by driving a herd of obvious chaotics past the Block, then ambushing them and cutting them down with a barrage of long range missile weapons after they go berserk. The bulls might have taken heavy casualties the first time this was attempted, but if they kept falling for this trick every time there would be none left.
  7. EricW

    Lunar Hell -Underworld

    I've never met any Yelmalio ;-).
  8. EricW

    Lunar Hell -Underworld

    Darius, Illuminated Yelmalio serving Nysalor during the first age is canon. In the third age, the HellWood Elves somehow mix chaos with their mission to protect the forest. You could argue that illuminated elves (or humans) ignoring cult rules and embracing chaos is not the same as a perverted chaotic version of a cult, but the outcome is pretty much the same - so are the concepts really so different? What happens when an illuminate goes on a heroquest and does something really bad?
  9. EricW

    Lunar Hell -Underworld

    Ha - a bit like elves who turn to Yelmalio the Krjalk to protect their forests? Or maybe a group of illuminated Arkat followers who join chaos cults to save the world from chaos? Our world's history is full of groups which embraced insanity with the best of motives, like one group which believed that the softness of modern life had derailed natural selection. They believed that internment, sterilisation and ultimately mass murder was required to restore the balance which our foolhardy failure to embrace the cultural wisdom of our forefathers had upset. So its no stretch to suggest that a fictional group which plans to reengineer the universe and its gods to heal the imperfections of the haphazard Godtime mythscape would be prepared to embrace chaos, to risk the end of the world in order to achieve their rose tinted vision of how the world should have been, and could yet become. Remember the Lunars believe they can control chaos - they likely believe the risk of accidentally destroying Glorantha can be managed, through careful planning and meticulous mystical research and engineering.
  10. EricW

    Beyond the Mts of Madness

    You can read most lovecraft stuff for free online. Much of it is out of copyright. http://hplovecraft.com/
  11. EricW

    Physical Deformity in Glorantha

    Trollkin are badly deformed trolls. I guess most deformities in Glorantha can be healed, in a world where limbs can be reattached or regrown someone local has “cure deformity” skills. Only very poor people or people afflicted with powerful curses would have to endure unwanted physiological problems.
  12. Ride. Motorbike is very different to a car, more like riding a pushbike.
  13. EricW

    Troll Diet

    I thought I read somewhere trolls eat Walktapi to get rid of them...
  14. EricW

    Lunar Hell -Underworld

    Just speculating, but I always figured the seven mother’s hero quest was a twisted lightbringer quest. What happens if lightbringers (including a darkness cultist!!) make it to the court of justice, and ask for the return of a chaos god? Perhaps they receive a goddess who is a confusing mixture of light and dark, who plans to heal the world with chaos.
  15. EricW


    What about Urain? Too much fun to leave out. And he does gather followers, warriors who discover they enjoy the battle a little more than they should.