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  1. EricW


    Of course you don't have to embrace chaos if you are illuminated, the problem is when liberated from cult obligations or social conscience a lot of people do embrace chaos. There is the example of Laughing Talor who "cursed" the Telmori. More likely he forced a resolution on the Telmori, stripped away the glamour, revealing them for who they truly were. I wonder if Dorastor was the same thing on a larger scale. Under the dazzling light of Nysalor/Gbaji it was perfectly reasonable for your neighbour the vampire to invite you for dinner and sip a little blood, while providing good food and wine, and friendly conversation - its what friends do. But when that light was removed, people suddenly discovered they were living next door to a frigging vampire. Obviously all this is highly speculative.
  2. EricW


    I think it is worse than that. Illumination mocks the very idea of the victory over chaos. Before illumination "I fought we won" was a glorious last stand, Gloranthans victorious over the ultimate enemy. Illumination taints this victory, by creating a suggestion that people only stood against chaos because they were obligated to do so on pain of punishment from their gods, not because they chose to do so of their own free will. Gbaji's empire, where "entire cities sprouted chaos features", proved that when people are truly liberated, many of them don't choose to oppose chaos, they embrace it. Arkat redeemed the corruption of Gbaji, by demonstrating even completely liberated people sometimes choose to do the right thing - but Arkat's is a fragile victory, constantly threatened and undermined by the rise of groups who demonstrate their utter disregard for the rules, like the EWF, the God learners and the Lunar Empire. Perhaps even Argrath sometimes threatens the victory of Arkat, by his acceptance of forbidden draconic knowledge for the sake of expedience.
  3. Pretty evil - seeking salvation at the expense of others is what Vivamort did when he begged Wakboth to save him from his chaos wound, no matter what the cost. Maybe a Krjalk ritual? Even though the villagers drove off the monster, what they did was monstrous. The "payment" for participating in such a foolhardy ritual would likely be chaotic, say the Krjalk "conversion" spell (secret chaos feature, no obvious taint if you are lucky) cast on all the players and any villagers who participated, maybe more than one casting on the "bear"? The PCs might not even realise what has happened to them, they might just think they have been empowered by the ritual.
  4. EricW

    Building Gringles

    If you export the model as a GLB file you could set up a web page containing your model which you could interact with. I'm in the middle of building a 3D chess game, the models were built on Blender but the website uses three.js to display the model using webgl - the three.js libraries let you move the chess pieces around, or move your viewpoint around the board to see the board from different angles. https://chess.desirableapps.com The game is incomplete, it is not ready for launch yet, but if you create an account you can see how the three.js technology works, move a few pieces around, use the mouse or mobile device touch screen to rotate the board, zoom in, whatever you want.
  5. EricW


    A few weeks ago when I was trying to figure out what was wrong with my metal working lathe, I opened the drive gear compartment to see why the engine was whirring but nothing was moving. All I found was a few bits of string. The drive belt had disappeared, all that was left was a few pieces of string. Asking a few old engineer friends, they suggested the belt had been eaten by cockroaches - the string was reinforcing material which used to be inside the belt, which was left behind by the cockroaches when they ate the rubber. Still don't know what is wrong with the metal mill attachment. I finally found a replacement belt in England, it still hasn't arrived. My point is, making machinery work is difficult, even when you have a good idea what you are doing. Very simple machines, like a sword with permanent bladesharp, everyone knows how a big knife works. But something remotely complex, like the machine which made that sword - unless you are a Thanatari with heroic access to consume scroll and a library full of forbidden technical manuals, just getting one machine to work would take an entire lifetime, if you were lucky.
  6. EricW

    Young gods

    @Darius West contends there should be a subcult Orlanth Murderous, based on Orlanth killing Yelm. I guess in the absence of canon you can make your own choices. There are enough obscure Orlanth subcults that one more wont change game balance significantly, like “Orlanth Martyred” from “Blood of Orlanth”. If you need to explain why Orlanthi sever spirit is not widely known you could give the cult an onerous condition of membership, like a requirement to challenge a sun Lord to a duel to the death in front of his followers once per year
  7. EricW

    Young gods

    Orlanth was the premier death god at that point in the narrative, he just slew the emperor of Glorantha. It should be possible to contact this aspect of Orlanth through a hero quest and sacrifice for at least single use death magic.
  8. There is strong supporting evidence Argrath wanted peace, in King of Sartar at one stage Argrath went to extreme lengths to avoid direct confrontation, and refrained from destroying the Lunar army when he likely could have.
  9. EricW

    Young gods

    Orlanth seems to be holding a nasty big sword...
  10. EricW


    I think a simple description of illumination is it strips away conscience. There is a strong suggestion IMO that spirits of reprisal strike worshippers who do wrong because they feel guilty, they know they did wrong. But illuminates never feel guilty - anything they choose to do is reconciled and justified in their own minds. At best an illuminate is a self righteous pain in the butt who never accepts their actions or intentions are morally questionable, at worst they are utterly corrupt, liberated from all restraints to indulge their darkest fantasies and vices, with not even the slightest twinge of regret for the pain their actions cause.
  11. God learners did have divine links, they heroquested and played divine roles to obtain power. It’s just they were very naughty, they did not respect the gods and spirits they manipulated. and had no qualms about acting out of character to achieve selfish goals. After they conquered Arkat’s empire they would have known about illumination and seen it as a massive advantage. All the Yelmalio, Humakt and Thanatar gifts all at once without worrying about the geases or divine retribution. Maybe a few steps towards becoming a vampire to slow down ageing, without going all the way. Maybe the odd chaos feature, with a healer standing ready if you didn’t like the outcome. Free power, and you don’t even have to take the risk of heroquesting, beyond a few basic initiation rituals.
  12. Einstein's Theory of Relativity "gets it right" in many respects, but scientists are struggling to reconcile the world view of Relativity with Quantum Physics. Quantum Physics "gets it right" enough to build transistors and integrated circuits and lasers and other modern marvels. Relativity "gets it right" enough to build GPS satellite networks which can pinpoint your location to the nearest metre. Yet both theories are fundamentally wrong in some hidden way which scientists are struggling to identify. Given such real world examples, its not difficult to accept that illumination or god learners theories get it right enough to grant extraordinary powers, yet contain hidden flaws so fundamental and damaging they ultimately lead to the downfall of those who deceive themselves into thinking their philosophy is the answer to all mysteries.
  13. I think as Jeff says most people don't know Arkat was illuminated. Those who knew would have kept it very much to themselves. Imagine the blow to morale if the army Arkat raised to fight Gbaji came to believe their own leader was one of those hated illuminates. As for Argrath, lighting the flame of Sartar would have been overwhelming evidence of Orlanth's approval for his actions. Anyone who accused their new king of being an illuminate would have been lucky to escape with their life, that's the kind of dirty trick a Lunar spy might try, to stir up trouble.
  14. Ralzakark ruler of Dorastor is or was a mask of Gbaji, he is someone who studied under Nysalor and learned much of his magic, and is also one of Glorantha's most accomplished heroquesters. What prevents Ralzakark from reconstructing Nysalor/Gbaji in full? Why is his Dorastor still just a shadow of the First Age? With Arkat broken and not seen since the Second Age, and with Arkat's victory further weakened by Sedenya tampering somehow with the Gbaji myth, what prevents Ralzakark from completing the job and creating a new City of Miracles, restoring Dorastor to its former "glory"?
  15. I like this view, it explains Lokamayadon usurping some of Orlanth's power, appearing in all the Orlanth temples simultaneously, yet still wandering the world as a living hero. I suspect Nysalor's gift was helping people achieve their goals, so if they wanted some crazy new power or magical victory, Nysalor was happy to provide his insight and maybe the occasional magical boost to help questers understand how to achieve their desired outcome. So Hsunchen want to be able to turn into wolves at will? Nysalor knows just the quest they need to win this power. Want to become a god? Nysalor knows how to get you there. Want a well of wonders? Nysalor will help - but that time the ritual went wrong, and all they got was a gigantic gorp. Want to convert atheists? Nysalor has an idea.
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