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  1. EricW

    Lunar Hell -Underworld

    Just speculating, but I always figured the seven mother’s hero quest was a twisted lightbringer quest. What happens if lightbringers (including a darkness cultist!!) make it to the court of justice, and ask for the return of a chaos god? Perhaps they receive a goddess who is a confusing mixture of light and dark, who plans to heal the world with chaos.
  2. EricW


    What about Urain? Too much fun to leave out. And he does gather followers, warriors who discover they enjoy the battle a little more than they should.
  3. EricW

    Lunar Hell -Underworld

    There is an interesting reference in King of Sartar; Obviously the Goddess might have built a special hell just for Sheng Seleris, so maybe Seleris' personal hell has nothing to do with the fate of dead Lunars in good standing with the Goddess. But Sheng's Lunar Hell can be reached by a very difficult deeper quest associated with the Lightbringer's Quest, so Lunar realms of the dead are at least tenuously connected to the Gloranthan underworld (maybe).
  4. EricW

    what is the mythic basis for addiction?

    Trickster could still have been involved. I mean, imagine the Aldryami coming across the smelly scene of Trickster's careless vandalism of their green space, wondering what the hell to do to clean up the mess. Then someone notices a few humans smoking the strange plants which grew from Tricksters earwax or nasal debris (or worse). Just as they're about to attack, to prevent more careless use of FIRE in their forest, some of the humans who smoked the strange plants started cuddling the trees, behaving like elf friends . Horrible - they burnt some of the plants, used FIRE in the FOREST, inhaled the smoke. Then they cuddled the remaining plants. What a dilemma - they're burning some of the strange plants that Trickster left behind, then started cuddling the trees. That hazia dryad looks cute - a little loopy looking, but very pretty. Maybe the mess left behind by Trickster isn't entirely useless after all... And thus the cult of Green Eurmal was born.
  5. EricW

    A New Chaos Gang for The Big Rubble!

    Ha - could make the sun worshipper a follower of Yelmalio the Krjalk.
  6. EricW

    what is the mythic basis for addiction?

    Perhaps Hazia grew from fragments of Trickster's ear wax or other unmentionable detritus which he carelessly dropped in the stinking forest during the green age...
  7. EricW


    Ralzakark - Perhaps a few loosely connected fragments of Gbaji which somehow got loose? The Godlearners may have been trying to resurrect Gbaji when they unleashed Ralzakark. And Ralzakark seems an oddly divided entity, badly knitted together maybe.
  8. EricW

    Who's the Orlanthi deity of...

    The cult of Eurmal Odorous has a strong affinity with cabbages and sprouts. Provides the Trickster "flight" spell. Eating cabbages or sprouts can increase duration.
  9. Ha. I see your unviable Boltzmann brains and raise you eternity. You are right that most Boltzmann brains will die pretty much the instant they appear. But even if the chance of a minimally viable Boltzmann brain is as unlikely as the chance of a Boltzmann brain arising in the first place (so we have tiny fractional probability multiplied by itself, producing an even more ridiculously small number), in an infinite period of time all possible unlikelyhoods are inevitable. And there seems to be concern that if Boltzmann brains outnumber normal observers they might have strange and outlandish effects of the structure of the universe, though I don’t understand the reasoning behind this issue. Of course all this is highly speculative. We know other universes exist because they have been observed. The most distant stars are effectively not part of our universe, because they are forever beyond our reach - even if we had a near lightspeed starship, we could never travel to those stars because the accelerating expansion of the universe means some stars we observe billions of years away are now receding from us faster than the speed of light - they are beyond our cosmic event horizon. Another question is what would a cosmos size Boltzmann brain look like? I suspect it would be full of planets and stars, and maybe even intelligent beings who ask deep questions about the nature of the universe. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosmological_horizon
  10. EricW

    Who were the God Learners' Heroes?

    Personal visit from Arkat? The God Learners did a lot of harm to Arkat's designs, breaking his cult, plundering his empire and abusing his secrets. Perhaps Arkat found a way to return for a short time. I doubt he would have been pleased.
  11. EricW

    Old Pavis - Ogre Island [spoilers]

    There is precedent for the God Learners mutating into chaos monsters - the twisted beings working to resurrect Zistor. And we know Delecti who had some God Learner heritage turned to chaos when all else failed. As for what Pavis knew, perhaps Pavis underestimated the Ogre threat. Some arrogant bull might have assured him they were all killed off in some purge. After all, ogres are very good at concealing their presence, and survivors of a major storm bull incursion would be better than average at concealment, even for ogres.
  12. EricW

    Balancing combat encounters

    You could desk check the characters - create or find a set of NPCs, spend some time doing trial combats using your PC character sheets to see whether the PCs are at too much of a disadvantage. If they are at too much of a disadvantage, find a way to even up the odds. The other alternative is to suggest your characters innovate a bit. In RQ not every hostile encounter needs to end with a fight - if you are faced with overwhelming odds maybe you should try something different than pulling your swords and getting killed. I played a trickster character a long time ago, he just lied a lot, hardly ever killed anyone. Having said that he was quite formidable when he did have to fight, NPCs kept convincing him to go on dangerous trickster heroquests to try to get rid of him.
  13. EricW

    Eurmal cult description

    Eurmel’s harmony - a powerful new trickster spell which causes everyone in the area affected to talk over each other and assume everyone else agrees with whatever they are saying.
  14. EricW

    Eurmal cult description

    Make up your own description. Whatever you claim might be true - pinning down a unique description of the god of tricksters in a mythological landscape as fluid as Glorantha is a big ask. In fact, why don't you provide different information to different PCs - Eurmal would be immensely entertained by a heated theological dispute between PCs, especially if it led to them doing silly things to try to prove their position.
  15. Cthulhu might actually exist. Scientists have predicted the existence of unimaginably strange intelligences of potentially immense power since the late 1800s - though most scientists believe this prediction is evidence of a horrible mistake somewhere in their calculations. Source Wikipedia The odd thing about this prediction is that it has survived several major revisions of theory. The original thermodynamic Boltzmann prediction was found to have a parallel when Quantum theory was discovered. Even the newest cosmological theories have room for Boltzmann brains in their calculations. The famous physicist Richard Feynman added to the confusion by calculating that universes containing a single Boltzmann brain should be far more numerous than universes full of structure and stars, like our universe. (Same link as above) If Boltzmann brain theory is correct, a big if, the only thing protecting us from unimaginably strange encounters with such entities is they are all locked away at the end of time, or locked away in different universes. The probability of such a being arising in our region of spacetime is ridiculously low, as in one in one followed by a ridiculous number of zeroes. By the time Boltzmann brains become common, the universe will be a very different place to the cosmos we know - dark and cold and pretty much empty, except for the Boltzmann brains. Of course all this assumes we understand the nature of space and time. There may be ways to travel across the empty ages, to leave otherwise empty regions of the cosmos, to visit the brief spark of light at the beginning of our universe, the space and time we inhabit. Beings who have nothing else to do but contemplate a dark eternity will have plenty of opportunity to discover such pathways to other realms, if such pathways exist. This is highly speculative. The theory is so immature that the Boltzmann paradox might really just be a mistake in the calculations. Or just maybe our island of comfort and peace is even now being hungrily eyed by the desperately ferocious denizens of a cold and empty high entropy regions of the universe, who yearn and hunger for a brief taste of our universe's brilliant light and life.