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  1. I wonder if Lunars have a problem with soldiers becoming disillusioned by what they see while serving the empire. That would be my default explanation for high profile leaders who suddenly decide to lead a quiet life. See it all the time in business - employees who are not quite p*ssed off enough to leave, but no longer feel a burning urge to perform.
  2. Pick a size 🙂. Maybe pigmy Rhino size? Almost as tall as a man but much bulkier? they had to remove internal walls, but the floor was still intact. Give the PCs a chance, maybe a mythos roll, and a chance to notice whatever is in the locked room is very big. “The nethermost caverns,” wrote the mad Arab, “are not for the fathoming of eyes that see; for their marvels are strange and terrific. Cursed the ground where dead thoughts live new and oddly bodied, and evil the mind that is held by no head. Wisely did Ibn Schacabao say, that happy is the tomb where no wizard hath lain, and happ
  3. Have they burned the body? Or is it sitting there, waiting for some ghastly ritual to reanimate it? If Lavinia is still alive Wilbur can still pass for human, so he is not in a desperate hurry yet, and Noah has a copy of the Necronomicon. Wilbur might decide it’s worth the trouble to resurrect Noah, if he hasn’t learned what he needs to control his brother. A resurrected Noah would be a nightmare, because some rituals like essential saltes would cure his dementia and restore his full faculties. Dont underestimate Noah, a back woods self educated wizard who almost singlehandedly e
  4. I usually apply to flesh ward first, There is a case for doing the opposite, applying to armour first. Imagine the horror of seeing flesh broken, then instantly reknitting, growing severed limbs, becoming whole as quickly as it is damaged, while the evil sorcerer laughs at the futility of those trying to hurt her. Kind of like watching The Thing absorb bullets. Sanity check? 🙂
  5. The King in Yellow appears to impart some knowledge or insight which tears at the sanity of the victim. Just reading the second chapter of the play is enough to mess someone up, but the physical presence of the king is far worse, in the palace in Carcosa people are trapped in a permanent now, suffering for all eternity, unaware that time has passed. There are hints the secret knowledge may somehow take people’s security away, maybe show them the world is in some way unreal. There are also hints the king is somehow associated with unconstrained creativity or change - Carcosa flows and
  6. Exactly my point. You cannot defeat Gbaji by becoming Gbaji. My theory is Arkat defeated Gbaji by renouncing Gbaji’s magical parasitism, by owning up to his personal misdeeds and accepting punishment from the gods for his transgressions.
  7. I don’t think there is evidence Humakt can tell which of his followers is illuminated. Illuminates can identify other illuminates, but nobody can use divine magic to identify another illuminate. If Humakt could identify illuminated followers, he could pass this information on via divination. As for the death rune shattering, nobody who suffers the sword breaker oath can wield a sword, even the unbreakable sword. And the destruction of the unbreakable sword clearly did not end Humakt’s mastery of death. Maybe by breaking, the unbreakable sword died and returned to the hand of its master.
  8. Arkat was an illuminate according to Cults of Terror. All possible - though it was unbreakable. I proposed a sudden application of the sword breaker curse as a reason why the sword might have broken. Speculation. Gbaji was about temptation, seducing people to embrace chaos of their own free will. He certainly would have attempted to talk Arkat out of attacking him. Sorry maybe I should have made it clearer that some of what I said was speculative, but it seems a neat explanation.
  9. There is one possible explanation. After the battle with Gbaji, Arkat was no longer an illuminate, at least in the sense of being able to escape the consequences of his actions. The sword broke because he was a dishonourable Humakti. This in turn implies the final battle was won when Arkat rejected temptation and chose to atone and accept responsibility - something no dark side illuminate ever does. If Arkat had failed to atone, the being which walked out of the tower would have been Wakboth. Gbaji didn’t attack Arkat, he tempted Arkat, by offering to surrender all his powe
  10. Official execution implies you keep a criminal alive, and who has the resources to do that, unless you are expecting a ransom? Maybe someone who really upsets the tribe will be kept alive for the next holy day. There are plenty of cults active in Orlanthi society which have no problem with gruesome executions, so someone who hurts a woman would probably just be handed over to Barbeester Gore fanatics, providing everyone can watch.
  11. Hmm. Your mad prophet could actually be kind of dangerous. 35 points of sanity from becoming an antagonist. Maybe the mad prophet knows some horrible ritual which would really help the investigators, but they must persuade the mad prophet to help them perform it, he's frightened to do so for a reason he cannot explain...
  12. A plot to tamper with the climate - I love it. But it might be risky territory, some people might see a climate scenario as a mockery of their real world concerns. Something which substantially increased cloud cover worldwide for a sustained period would cause global temperatures to plummet, or a series of major volcanic eruptions. Increasing cloud cover is almost something current human technology can achieve, so mythos monsters should have no problem, other than opposition from other mythos beings. See Toba Catastrophe Theory.
  13. I’m not sure human beliefs would survive prolonged successful contact with the mythos, though they might keep fragments of their original ideas, like a desire to breed a race of superhumans. There is a book, Macroscope, where the main character has 2 personalities. The good person has been in charge most of his life, the bad, submerged personality is the greatest genius the Earth ever produced, but his reawakening would be a global catastrophe. The genius was the product of a breeding program who decided he didn’t want to serve, so he hid behind the second personality. However they a
  14. Sure. Trigger warning, some people might find this politically offensive. I’m providing this as a code example only, not to push a political view on this forum. All the code is javascript in the page itself, so you can create your own by changing the list of stock phrases. Every time you refresh it generates a new random essay. https://desirableapps.com/kant.html
  15. Very nice. The only suggestion is to make the handouts PDFs rather than images, that would allow you to generate multi page handouts, and PDFs are more durable. Some email services resize email images whether you want them resized or not, but are less invasive when it comes to PDFs. The only downside of PDFs is they don't work on some Android devices. The other thing you would do is include a Cthulhu kant generator, for creating insane babble. There are plenty of examples on the web including source code. Hours of fun.
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