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  1. There’s a terrific fiction book The year of the Horsetails, about a refugee from a Eurasian horse nomad army who assassinated a senior officer finding shelter with peaceful villagers. Then the nomads hunting the refugee find his refuge, and report back what the found - a people ripe for the plucking. Great reading for a bit of inspiration into the life of that period.
  2. All over in 5 seconds... 🙂
  3. Eurmal probably provides a “become mistress race troll” spell at some shrine somewhere, for tricksters who fancy a bit of troll mama action. Spell lasts until someone accuses the trickster of not acting like a troll.
  4. Not being funny but why not make it out of spray painted 3D printed or moulded plastic? If you need weight make it hollow and fill with concrete, like gym machine weights. Solid metal sounds cool but it’s just a prop isn’t it? You’re not actually trying to perform a ritual which requires an aluminium disk are you? (yikes)
  5. The fence to whom Lanbril sells stolen goods might well be a Krarsht worshipper, maintaining a public facade of respectability. From Cults of Terror; It could even be fun to deceive PCs into forming a relationship with a useful supplier of illegal services and information, then when they are utterly dependent, taunt them with inconclusive evidence (supplied by a captured enemy) that their "friend" is actually a chaos cultist. If challenged the "friend" would deny everything, maybe ask the PCs to come back later that night to help work out which assistant is the real chaos infiltrator. Please don't bring Storm Bulls, they would tear up the shop and ruin his livelihood even if they didn't find anything, he has a reputation to uphold!
  6. They could learn about some Krarsht tunnels. That could get very interesting - why would an informant betray such a secret? What is their real motivation? Who or what is lurking in the tunnels?
  7. Agreed. You asked for suggestions, I provided a suggestion. You don’t have to accept it.
  8. I think you're being very kind to your PCs, allowing them to quest for such power with their sanity intact. You could spice it up, in Imprisoned with the Pharaohs, HP Lovecraft introduces Nyarlathotep as a false friend, someone who deliberately leads people astray. In The Haunter of the Dark, Nyarlathotep takes the forms of a monstrous being which accepts sacrifice and provides insane insights which may or may not provide any value whatsoever for the recipients. Another story, Dreams in the Witch House, Nyarlathotep is attracted to a seeker of knowledge who ultimately meets his doom. In the story Nyarlathotep, the god brings doom upon the entire world (maybe), leading those he meets into desolation by entrancing them with wonder. I wonder if Nyarlathotep could take the guise of a cat of Ulthar?
  9. There's an interview with Greg Stafford from 2005 which details under what circumstances a hero can provide rune magic. My reading, Greg seems to be suggesting a hero can only provide rune magic to worshippers when they retire to the other side. https://www.glorantha.com/docs/heroes-immortals/ I think this makes sense, otherwise Glorantha would be awash with demigods powered by worship from their communities - every village would have their living more than human immortal champion.
  10. Treack Markhor, the renegade knowledge priest who founded the cult of Atyar the knowledge devourer
  11. How about Blood of Orlanth? Brilliant three way struggle between EWF zealots, old ways rebels and God Learners trying to establish a beachhead into dragon myths. Add Orlanth’s secret vulnerability, a source of unspeakable power which if misused could change the balance of the world.
  12. Suggesting there is only one Earth goddess is like suggesting their is only one air god, that Orlanth, Storm Bull and Humakt are all expressions of Umath. Ernalda has daughters who are likely chaotic (Dorasta), even undead (Ernalda's undead grotto). Granted there is a close connection, a progression. Perhaps daughter is an anthropomorphism, the different land goddesses could be what Ernalda would have been if she had travelled different paths, now frozen in time. But for whatever reason, there are differences between the Earth goddesses, in some cases as profound as the differences between the air gods. The God Learner Goddess Swap was attempted because the God Learners thought there was only one Earth Goddess. The Goddess Swap failed because they have were wrong.
  13. My view insanity should if possible be worked into the game narrative, without getting too worried about strict definitions. For example if someone starts experiencing paranoia, don't tell them they are paranoid - instead, play the paranoia. All their senses should be warped by their illness. If they roll a spot hidden on one of their fellow party members, they should see some kind of hint that the person is a traitor - a scrap of coloured thread which suggests the other party member has had illicit contact with an adversary. "you suddenly remember that thread looks like the cloth of the jacket wicked henchman was wearing". If they try to denounce the other member, all good - but warn them other members of the party have been behaving strangely lately, perhaps more than one member of the party is under some kind of malign influence. It could be dangerous to speak openly - who to trust? If they become insanely obsessed with magic, tell them weaving Cthulhu magic doesn't seem to be upsetting them anymore. Tell them they have the impression their last insight somehow armoured them against further san loss. Don't make them roll san checks anymore. Naturally all their sanity is withering away behind the false calm of their obsession, but they don't need to know this. All sorts of wicked fun to be had.
  14. I think your idea is on solid ground. There is an awesome description of an illuminated Humakti scorpion woman who became a true chaotic abomination in "Lords of Terror - The Cults of Dorastor"; Could have all sorts of fun with a scorpion man character. Is the former character sane(ish), like K'Rana, or are they insane, like the madmen out of Bird Box, utterly determined that the rest of the party should also be transformed? Even if they are sane (sort of), will they try to convince the party to accept them as they now are? Ask for help to heal their unfortunate chaotic transformation? Will PCs volunteer to go on a crazy dangerous heroquest to confront Bagog, and demand their friend back as they were before the rebirth?
  15. My impression is EWF took themselves soooo seriously. Leading people in bizarre quests for fake fragments of draconic trickster wisdom, to fully harness the power of Eurmal in the service of the great dragon, is a game which would never have grown old - at least for the tricksters leading their fellow dragons into utter bewilderment. I can just picture solemn groups of draconic tricksters leading earnest seekers into utter stupidity. Count the boggles before you sleep, because the boggles ate the sheep.
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