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  1. EricW

    The Waertagi

    Given the sun passes through the underworld every night I think there is a good case for saying the underworld experiences time in the same way as the surface world, at least some parts of it do. Though I wonder if the underworld is really a single place; arguably there are different regions which might obey different rules. We have examples like Lunar hell created by the goddess, which is a place outside the cosmos yet still somehow accessible for those willing to dare the deepest parts of the underworld (ref King of Sartar).
  2. EricW

    The Waertagi

    Perhaps the Waertagi were lost at sea like everyone else on the water when Zzabur unleashed his curse, but managed to survive centuries at sea, using their repair magic and the sheer scale of and resources available on their dragonships.
  3. While the Orlanthi and Humakti argue over the gold and valuables, Storm Bull sniffs at the Etyries cargo and smashes anything dubious. Suddenly the trickster snatches the most valuable or interesting item and runs off, dodging rocks, thrown axes and other assorted missiles, and hides in the woods shouting, screaming, crying and throwing tantrums, trying to convince the rest of the party to let him or her keep the bauble, until the Orlanthi brokers a deal which lets the trickster return.
  4. The God Learners used missionaries to bring back fragments of myth, and used those fragments to weave new patterns...
  5. What about a vampiric sword like Stormbringer? There seems to be some ambiguity about whether undeath is chaotic, for example Zorak Zoran cultists seem to be able to create skeletons and have at least some powers over undeath, without triggering Storm Bull sense chaos.
  6. This one is English language
  7. Trickster artefacts probably talk back...
  8. Come to think of it, HP Lovecraft's story The Call of Cthulhu had a psychic character, an artist - his "talent" made his mind especially susceptible to Cthulhu's telepathic call. The Shadow Over Innsmouth the deep ones sent sanity destroying visions to the main character, so its not just Cthulhu who can use this talent.
  9. If someone puts a gun to the back of someone's head and pulls the trigger, I would give the victim a dodge role. Obviously have to roll a special, but actual contact with the victim means the victim has a chance to nudge the weapon and spoil the shot. There is a martial arts move I was once shown in JuJitsu class by a visiting teacher from Trinidad, which deals with this exact scenario - Trinidad is the kind of place where someone pointing a gun at you is a real possibility. He said most of the time it fails, but attempting this technique is a slim chance to survive vs no chance.
  10. Yes, but what happens if the shaman loses?
  11. HP Lovecraft treated divination as a two way street, you might get away with it once or twice, or not, but people exercising extraordinary abilities tend to attract unwanted attention. Think The Haunter of the Dark, or From Beyond In both stories the protagonist got their insane insight, but the cost was far greater than any value they derived. By all means use the power - but every time the player uses it they see unnatural shifting shadows and piercing eyes glittering in the darkness beyond the light of their vision, hungering for the opportunity to draw closer to the foolish mortal who so recklessly drew their attention. Soon the scary visions start to intrude even when the player isn’t trying to use their gift...
  12. https://www.primevideo.com/detail/Dagon/0U46UUT85V5Y7QL7MPZF94XJUB Crazy, sometimes cheesy, but simultaneously atmospheric, thrilling, involving, breakneck fast and terrifying. Based on The Shadow Over Innsmouth, a must see for Cthulhu aficionados.
  13. I know how you love this concept ;-). But I think its kind of a cool idea, a cult which can be twisted via a hero quest into a mockery. In a sense this has already happened with the seven mothers mockery of their original cult allegiances.
  14. If Arkat wielded chaos he as at least a little bit subtle about it. No great plagues or tentacles sprouting from under his tunic. But Arkat sometimes learned new skills very quickly. We know he hero quested a lot, but maybe sometimes he stole the knowledge. If you're going to kill a captured enemy, be a shame to waste their more valuable skills.
  15. The Nysalor followers were already dabbling in chaos and corruption, like when they unleashed a plague in Tanisor so they could pretend to be heroes by offering a cure. Of the hideous slimestone gorp, created when a first age magical experiment went wrong. Or the Trollkin curse. Arkat may have accelerated this corruption, as Dorastan illuminates heedlessly reached for the most horrific powers and magics they could to defend themselves from Arkat's armies, but he didn't start the corruption.
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