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    I started with Basic D&D in 81' then moved on to Champions in 86' in 90' I discovered Chaosium, Call of Cthulhu and Stormbringer...The die was cast.
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    I have Autism Spectrum Disorder (AKA Asperger's syndrome) so I try to say as little as possible so as to not be a jerk without realizing it...

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  1. Like a true chuckle head, I forgot to check here before I sent a message to Chaosium....I should have known others were in the same boat as me and I will wait patently for that container to reach their warehouse when I will buy the heck out of that slipcase!
  2. Just to be clear we had a hard time reading the font once printed and needed a better font for ease of seeing...I don't want to put the "stink" on their initial design, we're just old and squint a lot.
  3. I have access to Adobe Acrobat and didn't care for the default font on the fillable character sheet so I changed it. Is it okay for me to share it? (new font: open Sans as it's free)
  4. I've been hoping to get a solid answer from Chaosium if they were going to make the Masks of Nyarlathotep available on Bits and Mortar when the PDF is ready so we can preorder the hard copy from our local shop and get the PDF the same day so we don't have to choose between getting the book as soon as possible or supporting our local shop. I realize things are moving very fast at Chaosium with all the new product coming down the pipe but as soon as they confirm this, I'm bringing some cash to my local store and making it happen.
  5. I like the fact that you're getting the "heavy lifting" out of the way before you go to kickstarter...There will be a kickstarter, right? I want to get the PDF asap but I also want to pay for a physical copy so I don't have to pay twice.
  6. When I first got the Derelict and read it I have to admit I was a little disappointed. When I play Cthulhu I like to have some sense of a bigger context and that was miising IMO. So while I was running it I had a flash of insight and decided to put a broken wooden sarcophagus in the ice broken by the ships bow. It was covered in what appears to be Norse runes. While this small bit of detail seems unnecessary I found it gave me a better handle on the situation. I didn't feel like just a "bug hunt" but now there is some history and story with the creature. Just thought I share.
  7. That is a very classy move by Chaosium right there. Thanks a boat load
  8. I don't think they're allowed to sell copies...
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. I too am waiting with baited breath for this document to drop...I remember first seeing this when I was browsing at my old job...15 years ago and have been checking back on progress at least monthly since. I'm glad this got done and I will be throwing my money at this both in PDF and in dead tree format
  11. I just got it, read the first few chapters and paid more for it...it's pretty good so far. Great Job on a very interesting period in a location I wasn't familiar with but turned out to be really cool.
  12. I have every intention of Running MON using Pulp Cthulhu...I am waiting for the PDF to drop so I can get started...
  13. Has anyone run Masks of Nyarlathotep with the 7th Edition rules, and if so are there any problem areas I should be ready to deal with? Thanks
  14. I just called Chaosium and it's still up so I'm good to go...thanks.
  15. So I just joined the forums today and I bought the PDFs from Chaosium. Is it still possible to order with a discount for the PDFs...Something like this should have been emailed to purchasers or listed on the site to be fair. Is this discount only available to kickstarter backers?
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