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  1. I understand that. But I think most GMs prefer to get the rules sooner with less art instead of waiting years to get the best art. You already have a system where the pdf is released before the hardcover books. Why not have a first version of the pdf without all the art. That would also help with the cashflow.
  2. 2 and a half years of "wrapping up the text". I think you need a new editor 😉 This is one of the most important source books for a GM and I think its better to get it out than to make it "perfect". Going from 99 to 99.9% of perfect is rarely a good way of using time or other resources.
  3. Any news on the release date? I will try to start a new RQ campaign and it would be great to start with this set.
  4. Definitely! I have been waiting for official Heroquest rules since around 1984... .
  5. Yep. And we were told both of those were prioritized. But are we talking 2021 or in some kind of undefined chaosium future?
  6. Any news about the things we have been waiting for a couple of decades, official RQ rules for Heroquests? We was promised that they would follow soon after the new rules. I think it is great that the Jonstown Compendium gives us scenarios and settings. But I think that Chaosium should prioritize official Heroquest rules and official cult descriptions. That is more important than "the art". I would rather prefer an ugly word-file in 2021 to the most beautiful book ever in 2027 or something.
  7. Will ”The Great Pendragon Campaign ” be updated to the version 6 of the game? I am thinking of buying it but can wait if necessary.
  8. Thanks for the replies and I hope that you all are right. I know that there is a lot of old material. But at the same time I really like the new way of creating characters for a later year in Dragon Pass. I think that most new players are hesitant to rework old scenarios.
  9. I wonder when we can expect new scenarios and campaign books for RQG? When the new rules where announced to come out we heard talk about a plan for releasing new content every other month. It now feels like we have the most beautiful rule books in history (I really love them) but very little content to play with. If Chaosium have to choose between high quantity with good quality or low quantity with excellent quality I really prefer the former.
  10. I ordered immediately om Wednesday but it has not yet been shipped from UK. Is there any problem?
  11. March 28. If (a hard IF) there is a hard Brexit on March 29 I think we can look forward to some chaotic weeks before the shipments from UK arriwes in mainland Europe. I think that Brexit will be postponed but it may be an extremely busy period for the logistics industry. A lot of people will try to order things from the UK next week if there seems to be a Brexit on the 29th. The pound will be very cheap and the tariffs will come after.
  12. Hi, I made an order for the Leatherette version of RQG with a coupon (I boyght the PDF). I now realize that I was charged for postage from US instead of from the UK. Strange as I am a returning client and used my regular address. I want it sent from UK so that I dont need to pay tax and tariffs. I guess that postage is much cheaper from UK as well. Postage from the US is also quite slow. How is this fixed?
  13. This would be a great list. I havent played so much in Glorantha since becoming an adult but is now planning to launch a campaign with friends. But I also own most of the old products and are thinking about starting in 1616 or 1621 so that I will be able to use the old scenarios. I guess/hope that Chaosium will have published a lot of 1625+ material when my group reaches that year. I think that the groups can start in Prax and Pavis, return to Sartar (for the HQG campaigns converted to RGQ) and when join the Hero Wars in 1625.
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