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    I started with White Box OD&D and Metamorphosis Alpha. There are more games that I've forgotten than I can remember at this point (getting older doesn't help).
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    Star Wars (FFG edition); Heroquest Glorantha; Monsterheart; Doctor Who; DCC, Swords & Wizardry.
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    I used to enjoy GMing most; now I'd rather play. I love worldbuilding though.

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  1. The reason this seems confusing to you is that you aren't illuminated in Schrodinger mysticism. An illuminated Schrodinger Mystic can perceive all elements of the simultaneity of Godtime at once. Until you can observe that, subcults are both never separated from the larger cult and always separated from the larger cult.
  2. Thanks! this is exactly the kind of information I was looking for. I do actually have the GPC; I just forgot to mention it. Looks like I'll start with Estate and Entourage and then Sires and Feasts after that. Then, eventually, Warlord and Uther. Thanks again!
  3. I haven't kept up with the most recent (and even not so recent) Pendragon releases due to a variety of RL issues. However, I do want to get these books upgraded but it's going to take awhile and I'm not sure what publications I should start with. My most recent copy of the Core Rulebook is version 5.1. My copies of The Book of Manor/Battle/Armies/Knight & Ladies are the softcovers released between 2007 and 2009. I can probably afford to get any two books right now and the rest later. I'd rather get books that are the most different from the originals first but I don't know which ones those are. Also, there are some books (like the Book of Sires and Book of Feasts) that I don't have at all. Which ones would you recommend picking up first? Thanks!
  4. I always thought it was interesting that most people are unable to read while in dreams or text is viewed as nonsense characters. I wonder what the mythic association for that would be.
  5. I don't post very often but I've really enjoyed this thread. I look forward to seeing the finished book.
  6. On a somewhat related tangent: How does the idea of Lay Membership apply to the Humakti? I was always under the impression that if you were a devotee of Humakt you wouldn't be associated with any other cult due to the idea of the Humakti being separate and cutting off all other ties. Is that not correct? Do the main cults of Humakt even really need Lay Members? They always struck me as being quite secretive. How much "open" worship does Humakt actually get?
  7. "Spirit World: This world is made up of non-physical (discorporate) entities and things. It has a correlation with the Middle World in that many spirits maintain their relative spatial positions in the Middle World and the Spirit World. It is a place of sublime beauty and life, but also where lost spirits wander, where broken dreams coalesce, and where nightmares feast. The Spirit World can be visualized as a place without gravity or an exterior light source, but which is instead filled with various shapes of color. Real perception is limited, and depends on both the power of the viewer and the viewed. The Spirit World is made of many smaller parts that are distinct but connected to other locations through spiritual pathways."
  8. I always wanted to do a Dragon Pass wargame using the Combat Commander ruleset. The biggest problem I have is that I have no good or easy way to make the cards.
  9. How common is the Plant Rune in Sartar? I'm making a character for a HQ:G game and I wanted to pick Runes that I normally don't play. In this case, the Runes that I picked (admittedly rather quickly) were Darkness, Life, and Plant. But when I looked at them, I was having a hard time imaging what cult (if any) he might belong to. I know that Flamal is known in Sartar (mainly as Seed Man, one of Ernalda's hubbies) but I couldn't fine any info on whether there were any cults to him or whether any cult gave any importance to the Plant Rune at all. I suppose I could just replace Darkness with Earth and initiate through Ernalda but I really wanted to go with Runes that I never personally used much. Thoughts?
  10. Jolt

    Other Runes

    Thanks all! David Scott, that list is awesome. I've never seen most of those before.
  11. Jolt

    Other Runes

    I came across a set of fonts that I had picked up over 10 years ago but never installed. Both are Gloranthan Runes but there are some that I don't recognize. I've uploaded a Word doc with the symbols that I don't recognize (looking at them again, I do recognize the Yinkin rune and the variant Plant rune; some old notes that I have state that the black square is something called Malign Earth but I don't know where I got that from nor what it means). Anyone recognize any of them?
  12. Jolt

    Reversed runes

    Can someone give a more in-depth description of what it means to have a "reversed" rune. For example, the Guide says that the most common rune for men is the Air and reversed Air runes; but I don't know what a reversed rune represents. Also, is there a book where reversed runes were explained?
  13. I never even noticed that it was ever listed as a Power Rune (it's not). It's a Condition Rune. Many years ago, I downloaded a bunch of fonts some of which were Gloranthan Rune in nature. They're still in my Fonts folder but some of those Runes I have never figured out what they were.
  14. Let's say you have some Sartar rebels striking into Tarsh to disrupt Lunar operations but the rebels get chased into the hills. Sacred time comes around. Do the Lunars keep pursuing the rebels? Are there rites the rebels can do while on the run?
  15. Jolt

    Hungry Jack?

    I was wondering how much information has been released about Hungry Jack. I know little of him(?) outside of what is mentioned in the Dragon Pass wargame. I don't have a lot of the earlier RQ stuff and outside of the Dragon Pass inclusion I've only stumbled across the name in a single table in Arcane Lore. What else do we know?
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