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    Over the last 25 years I have played a lot of role playing games including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Champions, Dungeons & Dragons, Fantasy Hero, Scion, ShadowRun, Traveler and Vampire the Masquerade. Having said that I am at best an intermediate level game master (GM) and only have real experience running Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition, Hero System 5th Edition and just recently Magic World. The only other thing to know if that I generally prefer non-narrative games.
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    I do strategic planning for companies. I am married to a beautiful and awesome wife and have the world's smartest 6 years old daughter.

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  1. Thank you!
  2. Please excuse the novice question but what is a discord server? Is that like Roll20 or Mumble?
  3. Panty Explosion - you have to be kidding!
  4. Gosh I wish I could play in your game! The way you describe it is awesome!
  5. Me either. I have the original version but I imagine The Design Mechanism will clean it up and illustrate it nicely. I will buy a copy when its ready. John Snead if you are reading this will the content be exactly the same as the original book or something different?
  6. I think their was a Stormbringer band starring Michael Moorcock!
  7. Hey Clarence! Don't forget to add Reflux to your signature line! Thanks for the pre-gens!
  8. Does Revolution deal much with cybernetics? I seem to remember some examples in the book
  9. Yeah - for those of us that are Swedish language challenged... Did M-Space win? I hope so!
  10. Nick I really like the concept of attaching certain abilities to a character's allegiance score. I am going to be forced to steal that idea :-)
  11. I am not sure it's the same file but if you go to the downloads section of this site and search for feats, a file called Feats and Aretes is available for download.
  12. If you decide you like Deep Magic try our homebrew rules located in the downloads here called The Second Way. Provides a mix of Deep Magic and Ars Magica for a more grounded (rules based) freeform system. You can find a link in my signature.
  13. Yup - I mean't more about it. Thanks Clarence!
  14. We recently played In Search of the Trollslayer. Very good BRP title that easily runs in Magic World. Wish there were more titles like that!