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    Over the last 25 years I have played a lot of role playing games including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Champions, Dungeons & Dragons, Fantasy Hero, Scion, ShadowRun, Traveler and Vampire the Masquerade. Having said that I am at best an intermediate level game master (GM) and only have real experience running Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition, Hero System 5th Edition and just recently Magic World. The only other thing to know if that I generally prefer non-narrative games.
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    I do strategic planning for companies. I am married to a beautiful and awesome wife and have the world's smartest 6 years old daughter.

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  1. Wanted - Worlds Beyond

    Thank you! I was fortunate enough to find a copy in serviceable shape last week!
  2. [Skae'] Caretakers: Lore

    I like it! Very cool!
  3. Wanted - Worlds Beyond

    Hey all, My copy of Worlds Beyond is on it's last leg and I can't find it on Amazon or EBay. I am looking to buy a copy in very good condition. Anyone here interested in selling theirs? Let me know!
  4. New RPG site!

    Hi all, I was recently directed to a new RPG site that looks interesting. It's pretty new but already has a number of posters. You might want to check it out! Its at https://www.rpgpub.com/ PS - It's not BRP specific instead they seem to discuss everything.
  5. Hardcover or softcover?

    I would support it.
  6. In haven't read it yet but what about Stealing Cthulhu? Likewise Silent Legions might be useful.
  7. Darklight Corp (M-Space Circle)

    Dragoner, Clarence can't be bothered with anything else until he develops rules for a Blade Runner setting! Isn't that right Clarence :-) PS - Dragoner - just teasing!
  8. Hacking In Magic Systems

    I have Revolution D100 but haven't read it all yet. Does anyone know if Revolution has any equivalent to magic points? You would also need a sorcery skill (to roll against) to make The Second Way work...
  9. Hacking In Magic Systems

    Check out the rules for free form magic located here and also in my sig. These are homebrew rules but I am told they have a similar feel to the magic system in Ars Magica. My group and I have polished them a good bit so hopefully they will be easily understandable.
  10. Modern Supernatural RPG for Mythras?

    Loz did you ever read Snead's Enlightened Magic? I know nothing of the occult but the book reads (to me) as being much more realistic than anything else I have seen available for an RPG...
  11. Character Generator

    Pansophy (spic?) created a program a while back to generate Magic World characters that was great. If you play Magic World you might want to reach out to him!
  12. Hardcover or softcover?

    I prefer, and am willing to pay a premium, for hardcover.
  13. I Love BRP

    G33, you might consider looking at the rules "The Second Way" found on this site in the files section. It provides a noun verb based magic system for BRP games and I see no reason why it would not work for RuneQuest. I have been told The Second Way feels like Ars Magika though I can't confirm that (I have never played Ars Magika). You can get a link to it below in my signature.
  14. I Love BRP

    I have come to a similar conclusion. While my group has now widely adopted the Magic World rules for all the various genres we play (Except Super Heros) we frequently steal rules and ideas from Revolution D100 and soon we will start running pure RD100 games.
  15. I Love BRP

    Glad to have you back Pansophy. I still use that Magic World character generator you wrote frequently!