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    Over the last 25 years I have played a lot of role playing games including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Champions, Dungeons & Dragons, Fantasy Hero, Scion, ShadowRun, Traveler and Vampire the Masquerade. Having said that I am at best an intermediate level game master (GM) and only have real experience running Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition, Hero System 5th Edition and just recently Magic World. The only other thing to know if that I generally prefer non-narrative games.
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    I do strategic planning for companies. I am married to a beautiful and awesome wife and have the world's smartest 6 years old daughter.

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  1. I don’t know how many more D&D races are written up for BRP but there might be a few more in Toxandria and also Age of Shadows. Also The Big Damn Book of Monsters (if you already have a copy) will definitely have Drow written up. There was also 3 volumes of All the World’s Monsters and 2 Volumes of Monsters from Legend (Mongoose) that might be helpful.
  2. Wow you guys are really doing it up right. Now between Chaosium and Stygian Fox, we will have loads of gaslight goodness!
  3. What a genius move! This will give you a whole bunch of high quality CoC materials to sell and I would imagine there might be some pent up demand. I have several of these but I will probably fill out my Cthulhu Britannica selection!
  4. Thanks for the clarification Rick. I knew there was some program out there for some brick and mortar stores. Sorry @Dustin O'Chaosium
  5. Somebody from Chaosium may check me on this but depending on which hobby store you bought it from (and if they are in Chaosium's program... I forget the name), you may be able to send a copy of your receipt to Dustin and get the PDF... At least I seem to recall this being possible...
  6. The Unknown East with some common house rules works well for a fairly low power, somewhat flexible and easy system to use. It’s challenged if I remember right by having fixed parameters for things like range and duration. The Second Way addresses those issue at the cost of having to use charts for range and duration
  7. Worldwide. Will be called Elric the rise of the young kingdoms if I remember right.
  8. If I get a vote it would be for Sacraments of Evil. Between it and what else Chaosium and Stygian has coming out we would have a good suite of gaslight stuff.
  9. Hey, you’re pretty smart! I think you hit the nail on the head!
  10. “Enlightened Magic” by John Snead is total genius if your interested in ritual magic. On a similar note I would recommend GURPS Voodoo
  11. Woops my bad. I have looked over Worlds of Wonder but never played it. It seems a lighter version of BRP than current Magic WOrld.
  12. Oh yeah. Magic World is my favorite game period. Don't misunderstand the book has lots of typos and layout issues and was more than a little rushed but the rules are a thing of beauty.
  13. Try in Search of the Trollslayer by Chaosium. Nice little dungeon crawl
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