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  1. I like all these ideas but I am particulalry struck by the notion of using the first chapters to provide a basic, frill-free version (perhaps Magic World) and then use later chapters to provide options that can be applied to the basic version. For example perhaps the basic version does not use hit locations but options ould be provided to add that.
  2. Yeah, I probably didn't communicate that correctly but if you want Superworld to be more sucessful then one way to do that is to limit its marketing to iron and bronze age comics. That way customers know what they are getting... A gritty superhero game... One approach might be to do something like they did for Extreme Earth (iron age comics). Perhaps that is too limited but it would certainly allow people to play super power shows of late. See -> https://rpggeek.com/rpgsetting/28550/extreme-earth-dystopian-superhero-setting
  3. I would be interested as I am in The Design Mechanism's product as well. But does it make sense to tie Superworld to a bronze or iron age comic setting rather than aiming it at all superhero genres equally? I ask because iron and bronze age tends to be more gritty and less cosmic (or so I have been led to believe).
  4. A clarification... Chaosoium has no current SUPPORTED product that serves as a gateway to their product. Magic World is exactly this and for the moment Chaosium still has print copies and of course the PDF files.
  5. I think I have a copy of Stormbringer 4. I will check it out!
  6. Also what would be the Myyrrhn's tech level? Would they be the same as the rest of the Young Kingdoms? Maybe they also have to share their territory with Clackers?
  7. What do you think of modelling what the Anasazi native Americans did in Colorado with cave dwellings on the sides of canyons? The difference would be there would be no footpaths between the various dwellings.
  8. Anybody do this yet? What kind of home / land would you imagine for the Myyrrhn? Note it doesn’t have to be canon!
  9. Oooh, tell us about Junkyard Blues?
  10. This is the MOST interesting discussion. I am planning a sci-fi game (alas minimal space travel) but I can guarantee that it won’t be nearly as well thought out as what y’all have put together.
  11. Oh by the way, the download section has an absolute trove of goodies collected over a long period. Highly recommend.
  12. The download section is accessed from a tab on the home main menu that says downloads. But the tab doesn’t exist on the mobile site (though you can still search for a download).
  13. The download section is accessed from a tab on the home main menu that says downloads. But the tab doesn’t exist on the mobile site (though you can still search for a download).
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