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    Got into D&D 30yrs ago after reading the Dragonlance Chronicles. Bought the Red Box set and never really played. Then about 10yrs ago my wife bought me the Baldurs Gate and I got back into again. Started playing AD&D 2e (even though I had the D&D 3e books. Then our group started playing 3E then 3.5 and moved to D&D 4e. Always been a lover of fantasy fiction, particularly Michael Moorcock and of course Elric. Bought Dragonlords of Melnibone D20 never ran a campaign or adventure.
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    Unfortunately, Pathfinder F2F. However have just started in a PBP Mythras version of The Spider Gods Bride
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    Penrith, NSW Australia
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    Also doing a bit of cartography for TDM, primarily their Classic Fantasy line but have also done a set of maps for a Thennla supplement.
  1. There's also a little something inspired by the tale of Agak & Gagak...
  2. Hi Alex, Missed this. I'll send you an email.
  3. Late to the party as usual. Legend is completely OGL. You can use the mechanics however you wish. You must however comply with ALL of the requirements of the OGL particularly in regards to listing the copyright of ALL OGL source material (including yours). Your work, apart from designated Product Identity - usually proper nouns and art, must also be OGL. If you comply with all of that you are entitled to use the Legend Compatible Logo subject to it's term of use; essentially you can place it on the cover of your work at any scale but can't otherwise modify it. Check out "The Blood Path" published by myself and Alex Greene, the author, and my little scenario "Bedlam in Blackcliffe"
  4. Hi folks, please see updated Drivethru RPG product listing:Blackcliffe, the Fortress City, capital of Anglsea, a city whose rugged beauty rivals that of Danzipa, the City of Trances, is under threat. Deathsinger cultists plot to weaken the city from within by fomenting a war amongst the merchants, leaving Blackcliffe ripe for invasion. The streets will run with the blood of the innocent unless the adventurers are able to defeat the cultists.Bedlam in Blackcliffe is a short scenario for the Legend game, suitable for a party of 4-6 moderately experienced adventurers. Ideally, each adventurer’s primary skills, i.e. combat or professional skills, should be around the 70-80% range. It is easily used with most D100 games with little or no work required.The scenario is written for Swords & Sorcery styled games but can be easily adapted to any fantasy style or time period. Enterprising Games Masters may like to flesh out the greater world hinted at in the adventure to suit their groups tastes or can slot Blackcliffe into their own campaign worlds changing the names as appropriate.The scenario also contains a Cult to pit against the adventurers and a number of statistic blocks for typical NPC's and of course, the major villain and his henchman.Blackcliffe, Karimor and San Pell will feature in an upcoming OGL setting for the Legend game - stay tuned!
  5. Hi Folks, Had an issue with the full size preview on Drivethru RPG, I've updated the file and it now works. Cheers,
  6. Hi Folks, I've just released a scenario for Legend, Bedlam in Blackcliffe, easily usable with most D100 games, on DrivethruRPG. For those who may not know, I did the development/conversion on Mongoose's, Arcania of Legend: Elementalism. Have fun with it!
  7. Old thread I realise. I think the MRQII rules 'fit' better with the stories but the other versions have a following for a reason! Go with what suits the magic flavour and style of game you're looking for would be my advice. Your character sounds very interesting. Is he going to be the focal point of a campaign or some such? If so, please keep us updated!
  8. [quote=Rich Tom;54381Perhaps the real balancing aspect of RQ6 is the way hit points are governed with each body part only having a few each, whereas In BRP/ you get a hit point pool, which if heroically played can be quite high. So overall I think the two systems workout about the same with perhaps the BRP/MW system being very slightly more dangerous. However generally if my players get attacked by dragons in either game, we end up writing out new ones.
  9. An updated version is now available. The update corrects some minor errata and includes 2 additional spells, Crush and Desiccate (Earth and Water versions of Wrack).
  10. In Mongooses, Elric of Melnibone for MRQII/Legend, allegiance isn't used at all. Adherents to one of the powers have a PACT with either the higher power in general, or in the case of the Lords of Chaos and Law, a particular deity, Arioch, Arkyn, Xiombarg or whomever. Gifts and Compulsions are accrued with each pact (generally as a pair). When trying to avoid behaviour imposed by the compulsion, PC's roll against the Pact score and if they 'succeed' the compulsion wins and they act accordingly, if they 'fail' then they are able to exercise free will. A similar mechanic can be adopted for use with allegiance scores for example; Terak Ghastarn rolls D100 and gets a result of 43. His allegiance scores are; Chaos 35, Balance 45, Law 40. So for this action he would take the 'middle' balanced path. If his result was 30, he would act in a chaotic manner.
  11. Hi, I think what you're doing is great and very similar to how I do it (when necessary). NPC's in basic terms, i.e. sans magic, are not overly difficult at all to convert over. For Monsters, I think option 2 is definitely the way to go. Don't know if you're aware of it, but Dan True has done an excellent Eberron conversion that may give you some ideas. Check out the link in his signature on the Mongoose Legend forums. I like your take on the cults; I agree it's probably best to base the cults on domains and then assign them to the Gods as appropriate. This also has the benefit of being more 'universal' for other D&D/PF pantheons, not just those in the FR. re Monsters, I prefer to port over the 4E critter if there isn't something suitable in Legend/RQ6 as the stat blocks and special abilities are heaps easier to convert. You just make a 'special ability' a trait and viola! Job done.
  12. I've been watching the Legend forum re this and Darren Pearce is the author given the task of correcting the flaws as they pertain to NPC stat blocks and some other minor corrections. I must say, from what I've seen on the forum, Darren is doing a great job and the updated book will be welcome on my shelf. Once he has completed the work and the book is updated, the corrected PDF will be available from DTRPG. If you've already purchased it, rest assured a properly converted version is not far off.
  13. I haven't purchased the book yet and after reading some of the comments here, I doubt I will. This is extremely disappointing as I was really looking forward to this supplement. Damn. Mongoose's lack of attention to detail strikes yet again. Matt promised the faithful that after the faults with Pirates of Legend that more attention would be paid to future conversions - obviously this is not the case, which is a shame.
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