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  1. Exactly. House Ruling is, as so many times before, absolutely essential. I do it all the time, with every game I run. But this time it seems, when I want *Heroes* for Hero Wars, I can't really go with certain parts of the basic RQG. The character's are generally too weak, there's too much magic flying around for my own taste - even if Glorantha IS steeped in magic. Still want to see magics as something rather mystical, at least the Runic part. The Spirit magic less so. I think I will go with the fact that the PCs are not initiates from the beginning, and they get that status during play, but can start with one Spirit Magic spell, unless you're playing a priest, in which case I allow Runic Magic and 3 spells at start. I'm also down sizing the opponents magic in the adventures.
  2. I beg forgiveness if this thread started in the wrong department. Please move it or delete, whatever suits you moderators. It was not intended to aggravate.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion Raleel! I will look more closely at that possibility.
  4. Thanks for the tip hkokko! I have already been reading your fantastic resources on the net! I am going to use the spell pages, but with much less beginning magic for starting characters than original rules use, like beginning PCs can take one spirit spell before initiation (which I choose to move to an ingame development). Likewise downsizing opponent magics and abilities. That last part will probably be a hairy business.
  5. Yes, the modularity of RQ6 should be a basis for easier mixing. I just assumed, just as you said, that by both of them being BRP it would not be that much problem. That someone already had, and it seems by hkokko's words, it's possible. I will be checking. Thanks for asking the important question if this should be ported to the Mythras section. It probably should. The general idea is that I want: hero points, I want less magic to beginning characters, I want (as I said earlier) more robust characters HP-wise/combat wise. I am also probably going to be using my own idea that character's have as much minus-HP as they have full total HP, but become unconscious at zero HP. And also, I am not a big fan of hit locations, which perhaps will be much harder to avoid.
  6. Hello everybody! I just want to thank everyone here who helped me before with ideas on how to possibly change the statistics rolls and other stuff earlier. Anyway, now I am going "Swear in the Church" (a Swedish proverb, meaning "to say something out of place" or "not allowed"). The thing is, I adore some parts of the new RQ: Roleplaying in Glorantha, especially the setting and general feel of the game. It's just fab to be able to roleplay such wondrous RQ characters and we owe so much to the many talented people making that possible in this age of AD&D/D&D spinoff OSR and other horrid stuff, *shudder*, most prominently of course Greg Stafford himself. I am so lucky to have been able to buy a 1st edition from him on Ebay. But: I am also in love with some parts of the Mythras "RQ" system, such as the combat system, the (better) strike rank system, the general robustness of the character in Mythras compared to RQ:RiG and other parts. So, my question (my swearing in the church) is: has anyone made some kind of hybrid system of these two, where the best/most balanced parts of both BRP variants have been put together into a better thing? Thanks for any replies to this. I apologize if this has already been replied to in another (by me unread) thread. //Erik.
  7. That is helpful, although I still don't have that total overlooking grasp of the whole magic system. But I'm wondering, what would happen if I was to allow just one spell per character and that's IF they reach intitiate level (as lay member nothing)? The priest/shaman on the other hand would have 3 spells (Priests = rune magic, shamans = spirit magic both 3 each) from start. And the type of spells as I (and you) mentioned earlier: Dismiss Magic, Warding, Sanctify, Divination, etc. are the domain of just the priest and/or shaman?
  8. Yes! This sounds very good as a soothener on my concern that I might have overdone it a bit. Thanks for clarifying this. And I myself should clarify that I only have the pdf's of the basic rulebook, but the physical books of everything else that has come out for RQG (except the bestiary and the GM pack). I have gotten a heads up from the store it is being packed and shipped today (I am awaiting the slipcase set). I am also not much of a mathematician. In real life I am a social worker, so not much use of that there.
  9. I understand that my approach to the whole "Hero Wars character feel" is confusing, as it seems I want beefed up characters in the characteristics departement but not in magics. The reason for this is that I want magics and runes to be more of a mystery and something that comes from experience. So yes, I think I will both run the "before-initiate" start for PCs and also lessen the amounts of possible magic they can have/use, and give the majority of such knowledge to the priests/shamans.
  10. Thank you for explaining this! Yes, I probably have misintepreted the rules a bit, but... I still think it's a lot of casting possibilities for budding heroes. As I say, just the possibility of all this casting is too much for me, let alone understanding for the players as they are quite new in this here. It should be a lesser amount in my mind - except when you are a playing a true representative of the temple/faith, such as a priest or a shaman/assistant shaman. I also think that the role of a representative of the faith is really lessened when this much magic and this type of magic is spread throughout to just about everyone. In my eyes, if a group or a person that is not this kind of representative(s) finds some rune magic laid on something hindering them, let's say a Spirit Block or a Warding, then the interesting thing would be to have these people understand that they can't solve that kind of thing themselves. They need a priest or a shaman to take a look on this problem. In my eyes, only such a person should be the solution to something like this.
  11. That is sad! I'd like to see your battle maps.
  12. Thank you for making me feel less alone in my view on the spell question. And the kind of ironic thing is that the foundations for this game is laid by the same man - Greg Stafford - that (in Pendragon) said something like this about magic; "It's not the flash bang nonsense of D&D". Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of almost all of his work, but while that line may have been solely meant for the KAP game, I would like the sentiment to be a basic law here too. I am NOT a big fan of land slides of magic being hurled back and forth for just about any encounter. It's much more OK if let's say, there's a big battle between the Lunar College of Magic and Sartar's equivalent. I have a very great desire to just let priests have that much access to magic, and the other occupations only one spell a piece. That would also mean downgrading the amount of magic on "ordinary" opponents. Hmm...
  13. A related question (but one in the opposite direction, at least for me as GM) is: do anyone else feel that it is A LOT of magic flying around for starting characters to be able to use? I mean 11 common rune magic spells, 3 pts of special rune magic and another 5 pts of cult spirit magic (if the cult has it)? As a GM I feel overwhelmed with the potential rules browsing this presents once the fighting begins, even if being well read up on the spells! If I have 4 or 5 players and everyone wants to lay different spells and they also meet opponents with a similar plethora of spells, phew! is the only thing I want to say. I understand that after a while the familiarity with the most common of them kicks in, but I still have a lot to run book keeping on during battle. And to be totally honest, the common rune spells of Command Cult Spirit, Dismiss Magic, Divination, Sanctify, Soul Sight, Spirit Block and Warding all sound like a priest would likely be the expert on, not just anyone, while the spells of Find Enemy, Heal Wound, Multispell and Extension sounds like more common to me. Am I totally in the wrong here? //Erik.
  14. Excuse me for being slow on this! I didn't understand there really *was* such a thing in the rules, util Crel told of his use of it.
  15. Wow this is a really interesting reply to my question! Many thanks Crel! And was laughing out loud when I read about the "persistently, weirdly compelling" Zoran Zorak berserker! That's the stuff of legend. Also very interesting with your Elite NPC approach and I have never heard of the 19D6 idea either, but I understand it's the comprised D6 dices from all the characteristics. Could it perhaps be 19D6 + 12 (or +6/+6), as the fixed bonus on SIZ/INT could be incorporated, that may be too much though? The Bless Pregnancy is much more in theme and a wonderful idea! I have many times felt, from experience of GM:ing many other systems, that even if there are a whole lot of dice as a basis for attributes/characteristics, the players almost never roll 6s. Sure, they end up with a quite a few rolls in the high range, but they most of the time end up 16s and 17s (with bonuses), which is of course also very high. The things I should tell you is that "normally", in other systems, whether BRP games or non-BRP and even in my own BRP-based game of EBROS, I have a rule that says: "If the player rolls 3 natural 6s on the same roll, they are entitled to go on rolling another die. If that die shows a 5 the 18 goes up to 19. but stays there. If the extra dice shows a 6, the 18 goes up to 19 but the player continues to roll the extra die. And this goes on until the die stops showing a 5 or a 6." This is a very old rule that we've had since the eighties. Not sure if I am adapting it to Runequest. But I may do that.
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