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  1. dracopticon

    Fantasy economic system - starting money question

    I think I actually have that one, at least the one they made for the game. I own several versions of Harnmaster, but I can imagine yours are better, fan made stuff often are!
  2. dracopticon

    Fantasy economic system - starting money question

    Good ideas! Thank you!
  3. dracopticon

    Fantasy economic system - starting money question

    Yes, I should use more barter and I think it's more the model in the rural areas, especially since I am running a low fantasy campaign. But I should be mentioning, it isn't low-fantasy right now. It's very high fantasy at them moment. Then a great catastrophe happens and everything gets much more low fantasy - but with chaos effects - minus the magics since the Gods have barred all knowledge like that after the catastrophe. The lives of the characters are also many hundreds of years after this catastrophe. Am I making any sense here?
  4. dracopticon

    Fantasy economic system - starting money question

    Lead is also poison, so there is of course a "shortage of health". Bad puns aside, I am thinking of other possible materials for coin. Maybe ceramics...
  5. dracopticon

    Fantasy economic system - starting money question

    Thank you! And now, I "just" have to figger out how to adjust this table for the denominator in my game: lead coins. The other, more precious metals are all very seldom seen in this setting of mine. It is almost always only the high nobles and royalty that have access to the better metals, except lead. Metal weapons among more successful middle class member *can* be of copper or even bronze, but is exceedingly rare even then.
  6. dracopticon

    Fantasy economic system - starting money question

    That's was smack dab in the middle what I wanted Atgxtg! Many thanks. It's at least easier to convert from that list you gave me, than anything else I've come across in my searches. Is that "d" as in "denarii", the same denominator they use in Pendragon, and the like? //Erik.
  7. Hello! My question(s) stem from the world construction I am dealing with these days. I am trying to complete a generating system for my own RPG, the EBROS system (and world), a fantasy setting emulating a kind of low fantasy "Europe" (around 1400s without the powder weapon technology) on another world. There is a continent spanning empire called Magna Rex on the main continent and several other independent states there as well as many others on two other continents. The status system/table for PCs that I use for my game is the following, heavily influenced by "Central casting: Heroes of Legend" and the BGB book (see pic) My question is: Is there a starting money per status (and profession) table or suggestion somewhere? Thanks for any help! //Erik.
  8. dracopticon

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    Great Grief! One of my absolute House Gods are now gone. I own one of the books that was his personally, bought from him on Ebay, the first edition Runequest. As I am a serious collector of all Chaosium materials over the years except Superworld and Nephilim, this is the man that started my turn into the GOOD stuff. I will mourn your passing Greg, and light a candle. May your soul go to Orlanth and Yelm both. You were at least as mighty and as warm in your friendliness as them. Kindest possible thoughts, Erik Brickman.
  9. Sorry for the late reply here! No, unfortunately I am not well versed in Spanish. So I have to decline that version. Thanks anyway! //Erik.
  10. Hello Soltakss! Is it possible for you to send both parts of the adventure to my address too? Kindest regards, Erik.
  11. Good answers there all over, MOB. And yes, things are out of print, new players must get their hands on the goody stuff, just as I have. But puh-lease, Chaosium (not that it's a BIG chance you'll be reading this) make sure the new version(s) are all extensively play-tested and exposed to meticulous proof-readings to detect potentially unnecessary material, like I feel a lot of the new material was in HotOE 2nd ed... Quantity is often a poor replacement for quality.
  12. Sorry but I don't feel OK with this. This is somewhat of a "disease" today, when size and glossy coverings is more important than the actual content. I am gamemastering ("keeping") the Horror on the Orient Express 2nd ed these days, and I have a lot of complaints about it, compared to the first edition. Almost all the extra material/scenarios is subpar or present such a large step-off from the main story that they only represent unnecessary obstacles to getting the campaign underway and in a flow. It's a lot like when Peter Jackson decided to make the Bilbo movie in three parts. It didn't make the film better IMO, quite the opposite. There's too much focus on the size and not the actual writing.
  13. I just spontaneously have to express my sincerest happiness for the general usefulness and fast accessibility of the 7th Edition Quick-Start Rules booklet. I know it's not really fast of me, as it's been up for some years now, but THAT is what the gist of the BGB should be according to my taste. Light, only the core mechanics and lots of room to house rule the existing guide lines.