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  1. So, what I can read on a short glance from these discussions - there isn't going to be a separate Gamemaster's Handbook, Campaign Kit and/or Noble's Book? Because there's a lot of references to these publications in the rulebook after all... Are those "just" big typoes? Thankful for any replies on this. /Erik.
  2. Interesting that you, Stan Shinn, like first editions of games - because I do to! For me, this is true with Call of Cthulhu 1st ed: a more fleshed-out education system, Stormbringer 1st-3rd ed: a fantastic chaotic character generation system and ritual magic system that fits the Young Kingdoms like a glove, and also King Arthur Pendragon 1st ed: where you could play a very mixed group of knights, even from Wotanic backgrounds, not to mention the awesome culture custom skills which gave you interesting situations and insights into other values and beliefs. I think the main reason why first editions often are better, is because the game authors making it for the first time is so passionate about it! And that's a passion is hard to summon for later editions, at least with the same energy for the whole project. But, heck, I don't really know. It's just my two cents.
  3. Thanks for your reply Darius West! I am sorry for my late reply, I don't get any info of replies to my Hotmail inbox, so I gotta change some notifications here. Yes, I also think that Masks of Nyarlathotep is very much a straight line and IMO particularly Horror on the Orient Express is like that in the most tedious way. Then again, railroading can be good if it's done well without too obvious "tracks". And yes! 🙂 I thought Phrenology would be an excellent wink to how various racial thinking actually were OK in those days, which is horror in itself. So the characters go around measuring skulls and performing physicals on the rednecks, who totally fall for the "scientific importance feel" of visiting "big city folk" and are much obliged for cost free examinations.
  4. Thank you Darius West for that excellent answer to my question! And sorry for my late reply back. Yes, I'm beginning to understand that "The Wizard" is not necessarily dead when he's taken down by gunfire or otherwise. That fact is horrendous in itself and once it dawns on the characters that he is back and this time perhaps more (pissed and powerful) - whether in a jar or not - they may just make a run for it. As a side note: I think I played the caves wandering part of the story a little bit too easy on them. And that's in spite of them seeing an NPC geting transformed into a translucent jelly and then he getting skewered on the grotto walls, splitting into several twitching parts before them stamping it out, SEVERE SAN ROLLS!. It was a collegue from the MU university that they had rescued from the pyramid. They themselves didn't even get near to that fate. I ruled that the 1920s gas masks held tight, possibly a bad revision of history, but I wanted to keep them alive. There's so much to experience in the Dunwich area, so much for them to do. I have run several side-stories connected to Dunwich, but ... The overall assignment for them is to conduct a three-year health survey of the Dunwich Valley for the MU, including a Phrenology skull-measuring analysis to see if the inhabitants are "lesser human beings" or the greater part of them have been mentally compromised somehow, as there are so much sickness and poverty happening there. I plan to run other scenarios interceeding with this one, at least try on the Masks campaign, as I thought the Peru part was quite good, even if it means backtracking timewise. But this sandbox first!
  5. This is my drawing of the old Whateley house in 1924, when it is still whole and obscures the hill side grotto entrance.
  6. Yep, I'll probably use the old "POWx1"-rule for their sixth sense to kick in and give a bitter taste in their mouths. I mean a Child of Yog-Sothoth, no matter how old or large, should somehow radiate evil that can be felt through wooden or even stone walls. Maybe they can have a kind of "waking dream-nightmare" insights. Either way I'll make sure they have enough chance to feel the oozing presence, even if they can't see it (at first). It will be a memorable few minutes. I have also checked beforehand if any of the players had read the novel "The Dunwich Horror", but no one had.
  7. First of all, thanks for your reply EricW! I thought I would never get any answers to my questions. So, I am really thankful for your words. Nope, they have not burnt the body. And yes, it's on the floor right in front of them, as they're all right now "alone" in the house (but not for long). The Child of Yog-Sothoth is of course on the second floor, but I have a hard time determining what actual size and maturity it is in now (in 1924, four years before the actual "Horror" story). That room is closed and locked, but they can of course pick the lock or perhaps find keys (?). Nice idea that the other family members can reanimate Noah. 🙂 I'll keep that in mind. The Necronomicon will come in handy. And the salts! yes, that is a grisly idea. 🙂 Thanks. This gives me incentive to build the next encounter. And if the PCs try to enter the room with the Child and it is anywhere near the horrendous creature it becomes in 1928, surely at least one of the snoopy investigators will be picked up by "something invisible" and in a true terrorizing fashion drained and eaten...
  8. Hello all! OBS! SPOILERS BELOW FOR THE "RETURN TO DUNWICH" CAMPAIGN! Do not read further if you are a player in the setting. I had been running the "Return to Dunwich" campaign for quite some time before Covid-19 came. BUT: I run the campaign BEFORE the happenings of the story "The Dunwich Horror". Now I am ever so slowly beginning to take it up again. But there's not really time yet. Maybe in a few weeks - or months. This has happened last we played: The year is 1924, not 1928 and the date is 30/7. The characters have trekked through the caves of Dunwich and managed to follow them (with gasmasks on) through all the way to the Whateley family house and came out inside it - surprising Noah Whateley who, after a heated exchange of words, tried to lay a nasty spell on them but was gunned down. Fortunately for the characters no one else was there (downstairs), and they have yet to examine the other parts of the house. So, neither Wilbur or Lavinia is there just now. They will be returning, and if the characters explore further, it can be a shortened campaign for at least one of them. To be totally honest, when the pandemic started I was in a pickle as a Keeper. As they had killed Noah, and the others were absent, apart from one very notable exception, the return of Wilbur+Lavinia was going to be equally bloody or not. I couldn't really decide how to proceed further. So my question is; now that I will begin the story again, what do you think should happen next? All input is welcomed. Thanks! //Erik B.
  9. Thank you! Sorry for the late reply! Kindest regards, Erik.
  10. This is so much fun to read Smiorgan! And that extra rules that you mentioned earlier: "... Revolution d100 conflict rules (outdebating the Vilmirian Inquisition was a high point of the conflict!)" sounded really fun! Where can I get hold of those? Please advise. I generally only GM the 1st/2nd version of Stormbringer, the reason being that I think the general chaotic feel of the character generation and especially the ritual magic with everything being creatures instead of spells, right in tune with the overall Young Kingdoms/Chaotic plane atmosphere. House ruling and bridgeing from other BRP games; RQ, Pendragon, etc. is testament to BRP being just a wonderful system - still after all these years.
  11. Just to make sure I understood you Rod, and excuse me for absolutely necroing your reply here but again, concerning my MUCH earlier question on whether you were going to include other characteristic rolling variations (as I said, like Unearthed Arcana's "Method V" ability rolling method) - you're not going to include it? It IS rather easy to just copy and paste the already existing method in UA, "just" substituting Wisdom for Power and Comliness for Size. But It would've been nice to see it there, so had to ask again!
  12. Sorry for putting this question forward so late in this thread - and it is totally possible I anger someone with me asking it here (apologies for that) - but will you have something like Unearthed Arcana's "Method V" ability (characteristic) rolling method inluded in the Unearthed Companion?
  13. Many great tips and tricks here! I apologize for not replying earlier. I get no notifications on my email on replies here, got to change that! Anyway, right now I am tinkering with the idea of maybe including "Schadenfreude" among the traits. Mostly because I hate it so much. It's a truly evil thing IMO.
  14. Thanks! Yes I recognized quite a few influences from the Manichean ideas being inherent in Kult.
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