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  1. Also remember some wealthy Lunar might want Aldryami as slave just because they are exotic and different. Remember in anciet time slaves that where Midgets or Siamese twins or just far off often commanded a higher price then Thralls from the local farm. I could see a brisk trade in Aldryami, Baboons , Morokanth , Agimori, pygmies, and Kralorans slaves etc into the Heart of the Lunar empire based just on the fact they are exotic and rare. A Lunar Noble shows up to an Imperial event in Glamour in a coach pulled by 4 Morokanth, His Baboon manservant opens the door to the carriage and bows, His Agimori bodyguard scans the crowd behind him while an Eastern Island Maid demurely carries his belonging . He has made a bigger impression then the Noble who staff are all locals.
  2. One problem we have is we don't know much about Bronze age cities except those Ancient cities except the Highly Centralized Monarchy of Egypt or Highly Stratified ones of Sumeria and later Babylon. It would be nice to know about the ancient city that stood outside Stonehenge but outside it existed we know hardly any thing
  3. In my opinion the so called burial mounds in the rubble are more like mass graves . The Nomads don't want to admit that their Khan got ambushed by the residents of the rubble and he and his warriors where then slaughtered and all where buried in a mass grave so they come up with heroic stories that explain why he is buried in the Rubble.
  4. Beside the above listed cultures, you have Daka Fal/Ancestor worship types to whom burying the dead under the floorboard of the house might seem like a good idea. People there might fight as who gets to bury Grandma under their house
  5. MIght also point out a good population of the ancient Greek cities where in fact rural people who lived outside of the city. The rural folks where still considered citizen of the City, got to vote on all issues and served in the armed forces. And of course where given refuge during times of war. Also your wealth often determine what you where required to bring to war. The requirement of what each Roman citizen was required to come equipt with depending on their wealth is well documented and I can see Orlanthi having similar rules saying if you have this much wealth, you have to own this armor and weapons and if you own say 30 cows you have to come with a Horse and fight as cavalry , 50 cows and you need to bring a horse, a chain shirt and weapons of your choice. Some citiies also required their citizens to maintain a minimum amount of wealth. Go broke and you lost your citizenship until you got your wealth back. Athens was one of the few city that had no minimum wealth for its citizen, but that was because the poorer classes in Athens served as rowers on the Triremes where all equipment was provided by the city. Slave , those too poor to be citizens and foreigners did not normally serve in the military except in an emergency. After the defeat of the Roman army an Cannae Rome did raise a legion out slaves and foreigners and equipt it with weapons and armor captured from the Gauls twenty years earlier but then sent that Legion to garrison Sicily instead of employing it in front line combat against Carthage .
  6. As far as tribes and city Militia. I remember ancient Athens raised its Hoplite force from 10 traditional tribes that founded the city. Each tribe formed its own unit. The tribes did not live in separate areas but you knew which tribe you belonged to. I can see Urban Orlanthi being the same way. They would form Militia company's with their brothers ,sisters, cousins and second cousin and other family members in the same company's .
  7. As far as damage bonus due to strength plus size goes , I prefer the RQ6/Mythras system . A Large troll with a size and strength of 30 doing a plus 1d10 is dangerous but under say Magic World a 3d6 damage bonus means any hit has a good chance of instant death.
  8. One problem I can see with the Plough any field magic of Barntar is how does the local nature spirit feel about having her forest cut down? Glorantha is a land full of magical spirits and just because there are no Aldrayami around does not mean there is no spirit in the local forest that's going to make your life miserable if you start cutting down her trees. You don't placate the Spirit and Insect swarm your field, your Ox trips and breaks it leg, a Tree falls the wrong way crushing the cutter and other nasty bad luck happens.
  9. OldGlory has a line of cars for their Gangster line. Perfect for most CoC games. but I think they are for fit fo Their Road kill line is more interesting , but only if playing The Laundry.
  10. Well one thing Magic could be used for is detecting if a letter of credit is real or not. I bring a note from the Casino Town bank that States it worth 1000 wheels and try to trade it in at the Issaries Temple in Prax. People can use magic to detect if the note is real and did I steal it if it is. Of course I will still have to pay a large handling fee , but then I did not have to take a large sum of money across the waste of Prax.
  11. Well lets look how some spells could be used for every day life. First would be IGNITE. .Starting a fire to cook dinner or work as a bronze smith just got a whole lot easier . Not to mention one to keep warm on a cold rainy night. We got REPAIR to fix that broken chair or plate that was dropped. No longer a need to buy a new one. And there GLUE. It does not last long granted , but a cabinet maker or other craftman can use glue to make sure the wooden pieces stay in place before he nails them together. and then And lets go back to BLADESHARP. As pointed out it last just two minutes, but a Butcher or Lumberjack can cast it at the start of their job when the cutting is the toughest. And I can see a set of prized Butcher knives with a permanent Blade sharp being passed from one master chef to another. Not that any uncouth Orlanthi would ever steal such knives from Halcyon favorite Chef.
  12. As far as using magic to increase the wealth of the community. How does would magic effect farming , the source of most wealth in the Ancient world . Take Plowing and clearing fields something most people don't think about in a game. In the Bronze age the most common plough was the wooden Ard or Scratch plough. , Which was fine in the Nile valley or the Middle East , but not so good in the in Rocky soil or newly cleared land with lots of tree roots. To plough with an Ard you would first have to clear the area of rocks and tree roots by hand or using a hoe , a hard and time consuming task . I can testify that clearing out tree stumps with a chainsaw and a tractor is a long hard job, I don't even want to think about doing it with a couple of axes and a team of oxen. Now if you can get an Earth elemental( Or use other magic) to remove the tree stumps and rocks from the soil ,perhaps putting all the large rocks in a pile for later use. that 40 acre patch of rocky woods is no longer almost useless land. Come to think of it, can you cast bladesharp on a Plough?
  13. Speaking of Mostali, how much do we know about the Mostali at the Mostali Graveyard, besides that they are chaotic?. I was thinking Than Ulbar is the nearest thing to a City in the waste, but chaotic are not known for building much of anything, let alone a city. Could Than Ulbar have once been a Dwarven Stronghold that fell to Chaos and the Mostali of the Mostali graveyard are a remnant that was corrupted ? And perhaps the chaotic Mostali form enough of a portion of Than Ulbar population to enable it to function as a city. Might point out the nearby plateau of Statues is also something that could be Dwarven made in the God Time.
  14. My two cents on this old thread. I would run pure strain humans as more civilized and start out with access to more skills and better equipment. Or in other words Pure humans live in settlements that try keep learning and technology alive. Mutants come from roving bands close to what ever caused the disaster that caused civilization to fall and while they have good survival skills live an almost stone age life. Mutants could say later learn to read and write and later learn other advance skills but it of course would take time.
  15. Might point out many of the Lunar settlers where in fact worshippers of the Solar deities. A Lodril Worshiping Farmer could run and seek protection at the Sun Dome Temple. And at this point Prince Argrath would not be interesting in upsetting The Yelmalions so would allow them to seek refuge. Also there the Trolls to take into account. Trolls are encouraged by Kygor Litor to own non troll slaves to show the superiority of Trolls. But not many people are willing to sell Humans to Trolls as slaves . I can see a few Unscrupulous Agan Argar merchants offering to "Save" some Lunar settlers from certain death if they place themselves under their "protection". Of course that might be fate worse then death.