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  1. I do own agony and ecstasy . But unless I missed something nothing on using Mysticism
  2. I played Superworld and like the system. And am going to be starting a new campaign as soon as lockdown is lifted here. And it does not break down but the main problem is that in Superworld hero's are not as powerful as in other systems. 4 thugs with assault rifles can be a threat to 4 hero's Also powers are not balanced . Mental powers can be extremely powerful as Most people will have zero defense . If you want to play the Green Arrow , or Blade or Netflix Defenders , Superworld is great. If you want to play the Avengers , look for a different game.
  3. What to people think of the Idea of running a Classic Runequest Sorcerer as a Mastermind Villain in a Superworld game? I feel one would be versatile in what he/she could do, but would not be very combat oriented ( Thats what minions are for) But Im not going to even try to point out the cost though.
  4. I really like the rules on Mysticism . And I also like Superhero role playing. Has anyone have idea on how to use Mysticism in a SuperWorld type game to represent a Martial artist in a reasonable way?
  5. TRose

    Mythra Wushu

    I have always liked the Mysticism in Mythras and am also a big fan of Chinese Wushu dramas which I think Mysticism would be a good fit for.. Has any ever thought of doing a Wushu adventure or supplementfor Mythras ?
  6. Have my copy of Lors of the middle sea in the garage some place. All I can say is Im looking foreward to raiding a sunken library or action on one of the floating cities.
  7. Thanks for the reply. Might point out Nine tailed fox are not a creature of fear in China as a physical threat.. But are some times feared as a threat to the sanctity of the family. In China even today to call a woman a white fox or a nine tailed fox is to say she is an adulteress or a Mistress.
  8. Shape shifting animals are very common is Asian folklore and perhaps the most common are Foxes Japan has its Kitsune while in China its the Huli Jiang and in Korea its the Guhmiho . While the difference between the Kitusune and Huli Jiang is mostly Cultural as the Kitsune is often depicted as a loner and mischievous seducer or a loyal wife while the Hul Jiang often belong to families and clans and family honor is important to many , The "good" Huli Jiang often falls in love with the hero and sacrifice her life for him while the evil one tries to eat the hero. The Huli Jiang is o
  9. I would probably used Forbidden Love for my Gumiho if I wrote one up as there more information there.. There its mention that Gumiho are twice as strong as comparable human . And Female lead can leap on top of a Church and balance herself on top of a streetlight as she waits for a target to come out of a building. I dont remember any advance sense of smell spoken of( But I would not rule it out). but they can see in the dark like a cat. Here a fan made Music video that includes some fight scenes . Note the Human police officers is a CHOSEN ONE by the fates( For lack of a better term) so
  10. Well if you meet a pretty female Gumiho , just ask her if she plays with her food😃 . Besides when I was single I met many a female that where into eating mens hearts so these ones eat livers instead of hearts.
  11. And Finally Nine tailed fox: Forbidden love: Korean Asian sure love their foxs. Here the Gumiho( Korean for nine Tailed fox) have a secret society in modern Korea , Ruled by the council of Elders. Guhmihos are twice as strong, much faster and heal much quicker then humans.To top it off a handful (5 to be exact) are taken at age 12 and subject to intense training to become the Fox Warriors, the Guardians of the Fox race. Problem is Gumihos need to eat a portion of Human liver each full moon . Which comes into the first conflict . The Council of Elders has prohibit killing of
  12. Following two need a little longer explanation . Hansen and the Beast: ( Chinese) Another Fox( This time played by Yifei Liu ,Disney Mulan) falls in love with a Zoo keeper in Modern Shanghai . Problem is the Shape shifter government (yaolings)prohibits interspecie romance of any kind and has the B.O.T (Bureau of Transformer) to enforce its laws. Human are not to even know shape shifter exist. Here the movie on Youtube.
  13. I dont know if I should of added this to Favorite TV superheros or not but I have become a big fan of Asian Dramas and movies now you can stream shows all over the world and many have idea for a Super powered game. Strong Woman Bong Soong:(Korean) A shy young Lady who has super strength given to her by a magic book as long as she uses it for Good The Item :(Korean) A wealthy Sociopath and a Prosecutor battle over 10 items that give people special abilities . There a bracelet that gives super strength , a camera that takes pictures of the future a kids toy that turns into a energy
  14. If you want to use Superworld to run something totally different. , I recently watched a series of Chinese Movies called Trek of the Mutants. Yes mutants in Ancient fantasy China. But I think Superworld would be a good fit if you want to run a Chinese Wushu style game . I mean what other system beside a Superhero one will let you run White Snake and Green snake?
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