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  1. I agree a party mix needs to make sense or you will have half the party killing the other half, even if they are all human. A party consisting of a Lunar, an Orlanthi, a Malkioni, and a Waha worshipping shaman would only work if they where heading to wipe out a Thanatar complex and would turn on each other when they where done. Argan Argar worshipping Humans and Trolls easily group together . A Wind child and a group of Orlanthi would be OK. Duke Raus has Newtlings on his payroll and they can fight alongside other Zola Fel worshippers with no problem. Biturian Varosh hired Baboons to guard his caravan . I have no problem with players playing a non human if they can explain why. But if they want to play an Agimori because they have great stats the answer is NO
  2. Also the traditional Japanese Samurai was also an Archer first on the battle field ,not a swordsman. A Japanese Samurai would fill the sky with arrows then engage in sword play after the enemy was weaken. And a shield is more of a hindrance then help to an archer.
  3. Two thing about Broo and Broo rape First Chalana Arroy has worshippers among the Broo, The Wild Healer of the Rockwood and a few in Doraster. Some Orlanthi will state its not really Chalana Arroy that is worshipped by the Broo in Doraster but no one say that about the Wild Healer. Now about Broo rape and Broo larva. Years ago while in Thailand I was told the told that local fishermen thought of themselves as good Buddhist . And they did not kill the fish they just let them come onto their boat and if they died that was the will of the Gods and it would be a shame to waste the meat of the fish . A similar attitude could be with cure chaos wound cast on some one pregnant with a broo larva. The spell could expel the broo larva unharmed from the host . And if the larva is unable to survive outside its host body well that bad for it. Might mention I don't see most Gods in Glorantha being rules lawyer when it come to the behavior of their followers( Well Solar deities maybe)
  4. Well if you are going to hve windmills , can they then be built over an Air Geyser? Granted air geyser are no more predictable then water geyser and some spew poison gas.
  5. Might mention the earliest known Wind Mill we have proof of are in 6 century AD in Iran, while the water wheel is known from the 1st century AD. both well into the Iron age. ,
  6. So in Prax as an adventure I can escape the Baboons at the Monkey Ruins with a beautiful Herd girl on my horse and then as I ride along the coast, I see the Statue of Liberty buried up to its neck in sand. Or a different Statue since this is Prax.
  7. While Glorantha is not Earth, I would like to mention most non nomadic ancient culture adopted some form of literacy in a few centuries after they came in contact with it . And while the tribes are nomadic , the Priestess at the Paps are not and would recognize the value of written records . The Cherokee And Sequoia are a prime example.
  8. MIght try to run a Demo at my FLGS. But first I must check with my master " She who must be Loved and Obeyed and who voice I tremble from" to see if I am free that day.
  9. As far as Corflu after it was sacked by the Wolf Pirates. A large part of the population of Corflu was made up of Riverfolk , who I doubt would have stuck around to be pillaged and sold into slavery by the Wolf Pirates. They would have quickly took to their rafts and boats and headed into the safety of the bog while the Lunar garrison and settlers where dealted with by the Wolf Pirates. And return only after the Wolf Pirates left Same with the Trolls, I doubt they would have stayed and fought a losing battle when they had a safe place to retreat to. And if the Trolls took their Dragonflies with them I doubt the Wolf Pirates would stay long. The Wolf pirates might be willing to Fight a horde of Chaos horrors, but to fight a horde of Mosquitos is another thing. . Corflu would be smaller and poorer then when the Lunars where there, but every now and then a Ship would stop and trade for goods from Prax or buy Provisions and the Riverfolk would continue their life as they had since the start of time.
  10. two more questions. What is Orlanthi law and the White Bull feeling about enslaving Lunar settlers instead of killing them? If An Orlanthi return to the farm that was seized by the Lunar government and tells the Lunar settlers he taking his farm back and you are now my thralls or you will die is this acceptable behavior? Second is the Grantlands and Duke Raus. In most games Duke Raus has retired and replaced by a player character of a Neutral Cult. I know my Yelmalian player character would quickly try to reach an understanding with Prince Agrath and not fight a suicidal fight to the Death unless that was the only option.
  11. If you can finder a copy of it "Srangers in Prax" has the Lunar coders, a very powerful elite trouble shooter team for the Lunar Empire. You could look at the background of the Coders to get an Idea of how to play Lunars.
  12. As for as Bison riders go, I have both the Lance and Laser and Ironwind Bison riders. Ironwind are true 25 and are about half the size of the Lance and laser and are very poor quality. They look like they where made for wargaming mass armies not roleplaying . I use the Ironwind Bison for adolescent riders I might add. I do like the fact that the Ironwind Bison is cast separately from the rider and hope Rapier does the same. That way I can change riders out and perhaps even mount a Lunar Officer riding a captured Bison or Rhino.
  13. Long ago I made some gorps out of some left over acrylic grout( called Mastic in the UK I believe.) Stuff really great for modelling. Not sure what it called in other countries but it the stuff used between tiles when you are putting new tiles in the bathroom etc.
  14. Legs come unattached. There are three holes on each side and you can attach the legs anyway you want to.
  15. For the record I recently bought the scorpion men and Ducks from Rapier. And while I am satisfied with the scorpion men. But I should mention that their Ducks are much bigger then the Old Mongoose ducks I have .. . The Rapier Ducks are almost the same size as a true 25 mm Figure so are about 50% taller then the Old Mongoose ducks. Might mention when I ordered all six scorpion men and I received some extra weapons, the Champion comes with the four sword pictured while the Queen has a staff, the other other figures can be armed with spiked clubs, spears , shields , , a sling , jabbers and claws . Wish I could have given the Queen a sword so I could use it for a certain Humkati Scorpion Queen but maybe we can get another female scorpion man in the future. For the record I want Morokanth first , along with a dragonsnail. as I can use other figures for human of Prax but there is really nothing close I can use for a Morokanth
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