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    Proud player of rq in all and every version of the game and co-creator of the As crónicas de Gáidil game.
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    Openquest, Brp, Fantasy age, Trial and Call of Cthulhu and Pathfinder
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    Jack Burton says...What the hell!

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  1. That would be great news! ...and mr. Newport think about all the people playing pen&paper rpg in my language!! Here in spain there are a lot of people playing with the old books of Stafford´s Glorantha from the 80´s today! We´ve got a very serious yahoo group (the name is Glorantha Hispana) and personally, I know a lot of players (old ones and no so old ones) who play to the Big Old RQ week after week. I´m not a pro of the publishing world but I suppose that a Spanish version in pdf with a link to lulu.com or so can work. Well, thank you very much. And May Harrek the Berserk stay away from your way!
  2. I´m preparing to play the first module of the "Book of Quests" Campaign for RQ with OQ. I´m thinking to blend it with "Life or Dead" or Savage North... Crucible of Dragons...maybe. First I want to try the system with the group of the saturdays night. "Hardass" Glorantha´s players (In RQ the third, of course). I like OQ much more for the simplicity but these Orlanth b*st*rds are...stubborn! Nevermind. The game will be great whatsoever!
  3. Version 1.0.0


    A Simple translation of the regular Character sheet to Spanish. Performance Skill is still with the same name because I don´t know a better word to describe all the fields of this skill.<shame> I hope you enjoy it!
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