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  1. I'm putting together a new Gloranthan fanzine called 'Hearts in Glorantha' and I'm looking for articles and art work.

    I have a bit of a problem here, in that I think I've gone off Glorantha a bit recently. Not more barbarian culture articles, please! I'd prefer a BRP fanzine. But if BRP stuff is allowed, it's probably worth supporting. (Rules for converting HeroQuest to BRP? >:-> No, I don't have the HQ knowledge to do any, just exploring the limits of heresy... ;))

  2. Well, Gwenthia could just be a world accessible via a Gate, so it could be part of the Shared World but separate.

    As could any other BRP/RQ-compatible Shared World. So, you could go from BRPWorld to Gwenthia to The Young Kingdoms to Berlin61 to Glorantha in some mad, meaningless campaign. There's not much point going to Slaine or Newhon, though, as not a lot happens there.

    Yes - madness, meaning and the point of a campaign are supplied by the GM. :) GMs control use of the gates - so they could say 'never!' (and probably should say 'almost never'). The important part of the 'gates' idea is Authors collaboration on each others settings.

    If we publish some settings, hopefully one or a few will be interesting enough for other people to add contributions to them - and they will grow, faster than a lone author could make them.

  3. 2) A shared universe, with several worlds/settings. These settings can be connected by gates or FTL travel if the individual GMs would like so. The settings would mainly be developed by individual members. The setting developed in project 1 would form just one world among the many in the shared universe.

    How to you view it?

    My view is people could publish their already-developed worlds/universes*, and others can contribute to them if inspired to do so. It would be up to the Author of that world/universe to accept any particular contribution or not. I'm hoping that some settings will get popular and they won't have to be developed just by the one individual author - although he/she would retain editorial control.

    * Yes, this might lead to some settings having to be in separate universes (for example, if their Authors have defined all galaxies or said their world is Earth, or said it's a cube floating in an infinite sea of chaos...). But 'gates' (of whatever form, and I think it should be up to individual Authors to decide) cross that barrier just as easily!

    Although my own setting is just continent-sized and fairly bog-standard fantasy, it probably wouldn't fit too well with anything else in the same universe: Future-Earth, following a mystical coalescence of many alternate Earths; All histories are true; Many pantheons of gods from the astral plane and native star-sized planet-consuming Cthulhoids fight it out - via mortal pawns, of course. History will be chosen by the victors. For added drama, I might like to define it as the last living planet remaining (although I haven't, yet).

    Would the proposed framework accommodate that?

  4. Hi J. (In Triff's absence, welcome a-board!)

    Yes, bin that AD&D and go BRP! I had an AD&D campaign since the 70's, and wasted 20 years being dissatisfied and trying to fix the rules - before finally switching to a BRP/RQ-like system. And what a relief: It's great! It works! It feels so right! (And vampiric ducks are entirely optional).

    You'll love it, since you so like CoC... (oo-er, missus!)

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