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  1. Legend awards a set number of improvement rolls... This ensures parity of skill increase and the chance to increase less frequently used skills.

    But that approach makes it possible to increase skills you've never used, like the "killing orcs makes you better at climbing walls" flaw of D&D. Isn't downtime training a better way to get skill increase parity, if you want it?

    As to that skill-list itself, I think there are a few duplicates. For instance, Perform and Play Instrument(x). Also, recently I've come to think Fast Talk and Oratory are similar enough to be the same skill: I found myself unable to say players couldn't use Oratory in time-limited situations - so basically, it became usable as Fast Talk, and therefore unfair if the reverse couldn't also be done.

    Here's my suggestions to condense the skill list:

    Search = Spot [but 'INTx?' for general perception rolls, i.e. requested by the GM, not the player]

    Lockpicking = (Disarm) Traps

    Persuade = Fast Talk = Oratory = Seduction

    Perform = Play Instrument () [and Sing/Dance are just variations]

    Language () - simplify this to one skill, and a list of languages known (without individual percentages, but recently-learned ones might be at, say, x1/2).

    First Aid = Healing

  2. This is how the Ringworld RPG did it... an affluent futuristic high tech society would most probably use genetical engineering...

    Except for POW - but that's Luck, which the human 'breeding program' would take care of... :)

  3. Wasn't it the case, anyway, that the original RuneQuest utilized a uniform 3d6 for all scores?

    Yep, the original RQ2 had 3d6 for all stats. Earliest I know of using 2d6+6 for INT/SIZ was Trollpak.

    I quess they thought a SIZ 3 human was silly, and INT 3 just an excuse for mindless hack-and-slay (non-)roleplaying.

  4. Where a silver coin, the Guild, is worth $1.00 U.S. ... If they go in a bar and the bar tender wants 1 silver for an ale...

    Yep, this is pretty much the principle used by the famous "Ale Standard", in a White Dwarf article back in The Good Old Days.

    Except then it was 1sp = £1, and the price of a beer was 50p, so a 1sp ale should've been mighty fine... sigh.

  5. Yes, I think it's all part of the confusion over whether Attack/Parry are separate skills, or two uses of the one weapon skill. Which is one of the many option-choices in BRP.

    I assume that, if you use separate Attack & Parry skills (which I don't), then you'd have to pay for each separately if you use skill points.

  6. I suppose I was just throwing my own opinion out there, and hopefully it didn't come across prescriptive.

    No worries. Giving/receiving opinions is what we're here for! Just feel a bit 'got at' (not by you) when ideas are immediately rubbished as 'risking breaking BRP' (despite it being perhaps the most change-resilient system ever) and 'not playtested' (just like anything new, of course).

    Legend seems an OK system, but it's Combat Actions (and Manoeuvres, etc) are really quite different from BRP. The OP (or other reader) may not want to make the radical change to a whole new system - preferring just a minor tweak.

  7. Well, you cannot certainly blame ME for not publishing enough adventures :)

    Go on then - please give us a list of 'em... ;)

    In this case, the OP clearly wants something that plays like Legend: "I am quicker, I strike more often".

    It may be unexpected, but my alternative "Martial Arts gives extra attacks, up to a DEX-based limit" idea might be just what the OP (or another reader) would really want! :)

  8. Nah. For me, another important thing about BRP is that it gives the impression that "one melee attack IS a single blow".

    This helps players identify with their characters.

    BTW, Why are you guys doing such a sales-pitch for Legend? It's pretty new and, unlike BRP, not yet thirty years 'well playtested'. I think us RPG-ers would be better served if publishers came out with more *adventures*, rather than new rules/source-books every five minutes...

  9. Not quite true.

    Just quotin' zomben's interview...

    Q: Will future fantasy supplements be written for the Golden Book, Magic World or both? Will Magic World be Chaosium’s new default line for fantasy?

    A: My understanding is that MagicWorld will indeed be the core generic fantasy game line for Chaosium for the forseeable future.

  10. Did we lose the Magic World thread? If so, they'll have to start the argument all over again ...

    Sadly, it seems so.

    Luckily, I can remember the gist: It's nothing to do with the original Magic World. ;) It'll be Elric! with the Moorcock filed-off, so use Random Armour Points, No Hit Locations and No Strike Ranks either. And future Chaosium fantasy supplements will follow that model "for the forseeable future".

  11. Passion and traits do not take control away from players...

    I have not used them since I hosted pendragon, but it looks to be quite the same function.

    Yes, the Griffin Mountain traits mechanism Soltakss describes is virtually the same as Pendragon's, just d100 not d20. And it was used for Dragonewts in an early publication - to simulate their bizarre non-human behaviour!

    So that method does take away player control from their characters in play, I'm afraid (more than most of us would find acceptable, anyway).

    That's why the system I defined up-thread is better, IMHO - it ensures players are always in control of their characters.

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