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    Play D&D 3.5, the wonderful Star Wars RPG by FFG, and recently found the AWESOME CoC RPG!
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    D&D 3.5 and SWRPG
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    Have done a few one shots. looking for a regular COC campaign in Sydney

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  1. We are looking forward to trying this! Cheers Honest
  2. Hello Everyone, There is a learn to play Cthulhu RPG afternoon coming up, details below Where: Good Games Miranda Suite 7, 589 the Kingsway Miranda When: Saturday August 1st at 1pm Format: FUN! Pre-made characters, the session will end around 4pm Entry: $5, and that gets you a set of dice to get you started Please contact the store on (02) 9524 7293 or miranda@goodgames.com.au by Thursday July 31 to book in, covid means we need to manage the amount of people in store. A lifetime of fun awaits!
  3. Are they 7th ed, or need some converting? Thanks!
  4. Not sure on the release date, but can tell you stores were instructed to run the launch event Dec 10-13 Hope this helps! Honest
  5. For the Launch Event, Good Games Miranda (Sydney, Australia) are hosting one! Details below! Where: Good Games Miranda Suite 7, 589 The Kingsway Miranda, Sydney Australia When: Wednesday December 12th. 7pm start Entry: FREE! Format: Pre Gen characters and a wonderful and experienced Game Keeper to run you through the new box set and the fabbo system-and to scare your hat off! It will be a fun night. If you aren't in this part of the world, I hope your FLGS is also running this event. Take care Honest
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