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  1. So I ordered 2 copies of the books from RPG meetings with the cards, took about 4 weeks to arrive The book seems remarkably dense, I have books with twice the page count which weigh less. Not a complaint, just surprising. Looking forward to the read, my 12 year old daughter has claimed my second copy to read as well
  2. Yea the best way to end up with a million dollars in the RPG industry is to start out with 2 million
  3. But if i want to play basic D&D Id just bust out with the Rules Cyclopedia, and actually play it BECMI was so much fun
  4. This is why I was considering doing a Lets read, review of it. That and I'm curious just how different from RQ6 it really is.
  5. sounds awesome How did you convert the magic system over?
  6. magic world does not use hit locations, it can (optional) but its not the default
  7. consider Magic world at 276 PDF pages, and Runequest 6 at 458 Both are excellent at what they do, but RQ6 is more rule intensive. I'm considering doing a Lets read Magic World starting in July If you pick runequest 6, Best RQ6 Sheet evar
  8. Well I did do a lets read Let-s-Read-RuneQuest-6-by-The-Design-Mechanism
  9. Personally I use Maptools, while it is challenging to learn at first, once you get the hang of it, its awesome It has some of the best Fog Of War, and Line of Sight effects available. You can also make your own mapss using it frameworks Legend-Runequest Check the screenshot a little down the page
  10. Picked up a copy at my FLGS... When I first started ordering books,they only had the one copy of call of cthulu stuck on a back shelf with the other low volume stock. Seems they now carry the BGB in quantity, as well as CoC and various supplements. The games have a shelf 8 books wide in prominent placement with the warhammer 40k and shadowrun lines. (warhammer minis are huge at this store so the placement matters) Just wish Magic World was bits and mortar so I could get the PDF at a more reasonable cost.
  11. both options are equally vaild depending on who is the attacker/defender Cinematically speaking you see both cases often in movies and books thematically speaking, in a true life or death fight, most people would parry, and think it was thier awesome parry that caused such a horrible miss logically RQ6 encourages the parry since if you successfully parry a missed attack you get 1 special effect, and depending on your success, may get 2 effects which include compless surrender, disarm opponent, injury damage weapon, entangle, and many other possible effects Being defensive does not me
  12. Well in RQ6, you can parry an attack which missed, which greatly increases your change for getting defensive special effects, which offer a decided advantage
  13. I'm not advocating that you ignore every strike and pray armor holds, but there are situations where a player should be willing to risk the damage in order to get his strike through. I checked the rules, there is nothing that says you absolutely must parry, or attempt to parry every attack I can foresee where a player with superior initiative will hold action in order to attempt a simultaneous strike, knowing he may well die in the action, self sacrifice for the greater goal and all..
  14. you know i didnt even check before posting.. ill have to rectify that
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