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  1. book of feasts is my favorite supplement by my table. by far.
  2. I just wanted to come back here and say the campaign is still going strong. I've had some notable things happen in my game since my last update. We're embarking into year 491 tonight and so far here's some wild stuff: My players nearly dying in every damn combat walking away with horrendous wounds. Had a mysterious plague combined with a spurned druid leading to family drama and a nod to Robert Chamber's works Countess Ellen died mysteriously (survival rolls + book of the entourage survival/death tables The shitshow that was the battle of lindsey: Gareth fumbl
  3. The structure of the feud (christian/roman/feudal law) on the nature of hospitality, religious values, love, and law is on firm ground. For my game, the Earl in my game is fine with a same-sex couple. They have an heir to the manor they're already raising (basically whatever the lowest form of a regent [guardian?] is) and in the meantime they're serving as the knight in regards to service. Feel free to change the details of the genders of knights so it works better for you! RE: the stupidity of Lilo -- yes. It was absolutely brazen and reckless. Being from Cornwall, they've heard the Earl
  4. alas i did not use book of sires for my campaign but reading yalls experiences has been quite fun
  5. Just finished the first half of 488 tonight! Things are going smoothly. I've slowed down the pace of the game after doing 1 year in 2.5ish hrs back to back! In preparations for this week's adventures I wrote up some small mini-adventures that can slot into one's campaigns. I hope you like them. WHEN IN ROME... While on patrol, the knights come across Praetor Syagrius and his retinue en route to the easter feast. The Knights are welcomed into the military camp to drink and cavort with the Romans where they become the butt of a Roman custom. Do they roll with the custom or do they take
  6. Awesome! I met him this year at gencon. Nice fellow!
  7. See i didn't see an age for lady ellen in the book or know about ages being set in the Uther expansion. Thanks for pointing that out. I'll go back through and correct the ages.
  8. Whoops! Yeah it was page 86. When a character acts against a passion got construed into my head as when a character doesn't act a passion.
  9. Advice heard! Yeah I'll be avoiding that as much as I can. I appreciate the warning. Something I noticed in the book that I'll ask for next session is, if you did not roll a passion, it degrades by 1.
  10. We had another great session this monday. I wanna check in here and share some of my thoughts, outline, and good takeaways. I sorta hope this thread can continue to be a good resource for new GMs to Pendragon. Learn from my successes and my mistakes! After SO many experience rolls, our poor Urwen couldn't level up to save his dang soul. Something I forgot to do: So I rolled on book of the estates special starting buildings. Colin (Syr Gareth) got an extra manse in a town that costs $1 (I put it in there as part of the dowry from lady elaine along with the 4 other dem
  11. I believe its an editing/omission error. I have no backing to support this other than it makes sense that you can game and wager at the high table assuming those proper knights and ladies would be interested!
  12. Hello pendragon fans! I'd like to present a barebones Copiable Google Sheet of the Salisbury region for any new Pendragon campaign. Copy it to your own google drive and start editing! Here's a template partially filled in w/ NPCs from the core book for tracking things like age, glory, skills, or marriage eligibility. The main sheet is the NPC tracking sheet. It has data validation (drop down selectable entries) and sorting built in. You only need to edit the year of this sheet and the other sheets will update! The other sheet included is a place to put down manors and their as
  13. Thanks for the pendragon mentorship, friend! Your caution is well advised and heeded. I don't wanna change things unless there's a significant reason. I am a new GM to pendragon but not to GMing in general having played my fair share of other games and I know how much system matters. (fun aside -- I've also played the first 10ish years of pendragon in a streamed campaign and Luke Crane and I still greet eachother w/ our Pendragon character names irl at conventions!) Helping me track so much in Salisbury required a Pendragon Excel Sheet with a list of NPC knights, stewards, ages, manors, and
  14. I do not want to lose the generational thing, for sure. I think part of it will be randomly decided or your parents or earl deciding for you. Your family is doing whats best for their child. If I limit the number of knights who possess such valuable skills, then people will compete over that mentor! I will also take what others are saying about random values to skills as well as the valuable vs not-so-valuable skills and just make a list of +5 or +10 to a specific skill and the associated knight.
  15. Apropos of nothing, I'm thinking the next time I do Pendragon character creation I'm going to replace that family bonus with a Mentor bonus with an NPC knight. What skill did the knight you serve stress to you? (Get 2d6 in a non-combat skill as a bonus)
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