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Some RoH Rules Clarifications


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Hi!! I have the RoH Refreshed Edition. I'm going to run a mini campaign starting in a couple of weeks. Yesterday the group made characters, but I have some questions that I hadn't found the answer in the book.


1) Pilot skill: the skill is listed both under Practical and Knowledge categories. The RoH sheet puts it under Knowledge, but I think it should be under Practical...

2) I can't find how long a human lives... Bioroids seem to have unlimited age given that they can repair themselves... Genies should live loinger than Basline Humans I guess... same thing with Tweaks?

3) Tweaks seem to be massively overpowered. In RAW, in addition to the 6 augment points they get one Tweak Package worth 10 aug points!!!




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1. Personally, I think there's a case for putting it under Practical (with the base of Int + Dex) , but the John the author has put it under Knowledge so I'm going to respect that. The PDF will get updated to remove the duplicate Pilot entry in. This will also get removed from the print version (which is still going through the proofing process).

2. There isn't anything in the rules, and I'd say its an area where the GMs common sense comes in.

3. Soon after publication I answered a set of questions/concerns about the subspecies over at rpg.net. I've cleaned this up and put it in the soon to be published To The Stars! The short of it is that Tweaks are massively overpowered compared with the other types of subspecies. They are a bit like Elves in D100 fantasy The article does point out the limitations and downsides of Tweaks, the're is a real danager that they can get to be a bit of a one trick pony. . If you want to have a level playing field for your player characters, have them all as Baseline Humans or Genies and reserve Bioroids and Tweaks as npcs. It I were to do a proper 2nd Edition, which Refereshed isn't, this is the approach I would take.

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Thanks for answering.

I don't mind having a balanced selection of subspecies but I'd appreciate a brief but concrete explanation of what are the downsides of having a Tweak. Maybe it is something that shows up in play, but it'd be nice to explain to a player why it would be a good idea to choose some other subspecies.

Meanwhile I'll wait the PDF version of "To the Stars"



Check my Lobo Blanco - Elric RPG (now in english!)

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