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Liege Lords?

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If you have your campaign start in 485 the Book of the Warlord has a pretty comprehensive list for Logres. A less complete listing for all of Britain is in the old Knights Adventurous, more or less (you'll have to skim through, there's no table of lords), which is for the 530s; the Savage Mountains and Beyond the Walls and Perilous Forest books also focus on the 530s and add detail to everywhere (but we have nothing (published yet) as detailed on Cornwall, Brittany, or Gaul). The Book of Sires has some information for outside Logres but it's sparse and focused on major events dating back to the time of Constantine and forward.

Too much detail would leave the GM with less space to improvise, of course.

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On 8/14/2019 at 2:52 AM, Cornelius said:

The Book of Knights and Ladies gives ideas for PKs from other regions. It also gives a list of the liege lords that go with it.

I don't consider "ruler," "sub-ruler," "officer," etc., to be a list of liege lords. Actual names, yes; I could do what is in the BoKaL myself.

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