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  1. A sense of scale

    California is plenty big... I think it's important to realize that before the size of our Earth was known - i.e., the later Iron Age, most geographers believed the world to be a to smaller than it is. Glorantha reflects ideas about the universe similar to those of Cosmas Indicopleustes (though he should have known better, and was an outler in his time, I think he based his notions on pre-scientific tradition: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosmas_Indicopleustes). Cosmas saw the world as a cube. The inhabitable part of the world in his map consisted of Europe, Africa north of the Gulf of Guinea, and Asia as far east as India. Thus his world map is rather approximately on the same scale as Glorantha as a whole, and his notions - shared with more orthodox geographers like Ptolemy - of the size of Europe shows a continent the same size as North America, or even smaller.
  2. I painted these for my daughter and I for our game. The girl in the rainbow dress is Kora, wearing Sacred Time robes for her role as Voria; the alynx is "Fluffy" - not my first choice of name, an intelligent member of the clan thanes; and the fierce looking redhead is her father, Rolan, chief of the Gavrenings. Anyone else got some little guys or gals they want to show off?
  3. Six husband-protectors of Ernalda

    Yes, that's true... extrapolating from King of Dragon Pass, a bit, where in the 14th century we find a correlation of the Bad Emperor with the Sun, though Elmal remains the Sun God. Harono I think has been noted above. He's the Sun God in Esrolia, who was displaced by Kodig/Orlanth; it is Ernalda that returned him to the sky at the end of the Great Darkness. I believe that this name is related to Halamalao, Yelmalio among the Elves. R is interchangeable many languages with L, hence the Esrolian Yelmalio might have been *Haranaleo. My reconstruction of the proto-Esrolian (pre-Vingkotling) myth of the return of the Sun: *Haranaleo probably was birthed by Ernalda from her dead husband's seed to bring light back (Hell, as the trolls know, is also a womb). He became the lover of Esrolia, her daughter (nothing like incest between the gods, after all). Despite his parentage, Vingkot-Orlanth (*Wingak) or his mortal representative accepted him as his son and thane, because this was part of the marriage bargain (if the wife is pregnant at the marriage). This may well be what Aldryami still believe. After all, sun, earth, water, and wind are all necessary for plants to be birthed and prosper. [Heler no doubt also was present in Ernalda's bed at some proper point] I know this doesn't work at all chronologically - but it kinda does if one acknowledges the Vingkotlings and Kodigvari as ultimately a symbolic construct for "common ancestral rulers"; I strongly suspect that Theyalan and Earth Tribe myths have been reconciled and were once further apart. Edit: I should add, Argan Argar is 'cool shade'. Properly "husband-protector" therefore means "the powers that permit the seed to germinate, grow, and produce more seed" - the fertility of the Earth. Every region makes into a husband god the most important local factors to that end. In rice regions, the pooling water god and the sun god are chiefly important. Forest regions may promote the wind-god, as he spreads seeds and pollen. In volcanic regions, the fiery mountain makes rich soil directly.
  4. Six husband-protectors of Ernalda

    Recall also that the Bad Emperor is associated with the sky and fire, but is not identified as the Sun by traditionalist Orlanthi. Ernalda was a slave-wife to the Bad Emperor, so even though he wasn't a protector, he was a "husband". Elmal, however, served as husband-protector while Orlanth was exiled and possibly during the Lightbringers' Quest (when he was "dead") though in Esrolia I believe they identify Ernalda as Ginna Jar and the secret leader of the quest. Of course a part of Ernalda was warmed by hearth-Elmal while another part lay in the hall of the dead gods, given that she has many aspects. Or at least I see it that way.
  5. Aldryami Zombies

    I'm pretty sure that the only think more appealing than eating an elf for a proper Zorak Zoranite is burning their kin alive by in-rushing elf-zombies on fire through the forest. But any other troll devotee would be rather appalled at the waste (and the fire).
  6. 17th century Paris

    I have a contract to write something else game related this summer - this was a standby and the project I'm on was a surprise. I will pick this up again when the other project is finished.
  7. 17th century Paris

    I have an unfinished manuscript of 17th century Paris (detailed at length) and notes on the Mythos - i.e., the Cultes des Ghoules, Borellius, Averoigne, the Affair of the Poisons (and the Three Musketeers) I had in my files. I'm planning on finishing it up for the Repository. (I do have the new Reign of Terror book, of course) Some questions: Does this spark any interest? Also if you want to share any useful ideas or suggestions, and are content with a thank you in the pdf, feel free to message me or post here...
  8. re-incarnating with others' bodies

    It's slightly off topic, but in South Asian myth, Ila/Ilā, ancestor of the Lunar dynasty, who was the consort of Budha, son of Chandra (the male Moon) was an androgyne, able to father and bear children. In Indo-European myth the sex of the moon god is one of the more noticeably divergent features. Of course, the Sun, where the Moon is male, is often female (as in ancient German myth). However, I suspect that the Gods Wall genders gods according to function within Dara Happan society rather than according to physical sex (or lack/ambiguity thereof).
  9. Clans of the Dinacoli

    Whatever it is, it is possibly a Helering clan. The closest settlement is Herongreen. I suggest this also suggests a watery clan.
  10. re-incarnating with others' bodies

    He does have sentient undead, however, the Dancers in Darkness, who apparently do worship him. He clearly has adopted the guise on Nontraya and may even be said to be sitting on top of Ernalda and Orlanth's steads (see my research in other threads); an undead avatar of Ernalda is even resident in the swamp on one of the islets as a consort. I think he hero-quested to be Nontraya after his seizure of Ernalda's "not-dead" corpse.
  11. re-incarnating with others' bodies

    Well, she does presumably have seven parts. This reminds me of Osiris, who, of course, lost his penis when it was eaten by a crab before Isis could put him back together. Because the Red Goddess is probably made out of seven different parts of seven different Lunar gods, only one has to be male for her to have both genders. The only male one I can think of is Rashoran[a], but perhaps I'm overlooking something.
  12. Six husband-protectors of Ernalda

    Yes, me too. Thankfully in the States most people don't know them. It's always the English that trot them out...
  13. Six husband-protectors of Ernalda

    Well, Orlanth and Heler/Talhara have a thing on the side as well. Such Tomfoolery!
  14. Six husband-protectors of Ernalda

    Trickster is the Seducer, but he is not a husband, or if he is, it is a trick he played on himself. Ernalda is a goddess of sex (not the goddess, but definitely Ernalda the Lover is one of her aspects), so I don't doubt she has a very long list of friends and admirers. If Orlanth was jealous he would be a massive hypocrite also, which is not one of his many faults. Marriage is supposed to compel sexual faithfulness, but Orlanth isn't always her husband in the god-time - whenever he's in exile, presumed dead, dead, or young bachelor Orlanth, he's not her husband. Or when she's dead, which is a part of every year.
  15. Glorantha technology and Glorantha material technology

    Esrola, at least until she yielded to Argan Argar.
  16. Glorantha technology and Glorantha material technology

    Preservative or Fermentive magics? Though the latter is well known. The dwarf barrels = stasis = makes a bunch of sense to me.
  17. Hearts in Glorantha issue 6 now available

    If RQ does go the Miskatonic Repository route I could really see a "DuckQuest" project working out. Sorta like the Sartar book and Red Cow campaign, but with "Duck Valley: Quackdom of Hweroes" and the campaign being called The Red Fowl. Maybe it could cwonicle the saga of Arqwat, liberator of Delecti's Marsh and High Drake of Drake-on Pass.
  18. Glorantha technology and Glorantha material technology

    Oh yes. Which parallels the huge windmill shown on the DP map. However, it's highly dubious if Storm Age Orlanthi would have built anything like the above...
  19. Glorantha technology and Glorantha material technology

    Old Wind? On the Dragon Pass map? Not canon then...? Huh, I always rather enjoyed Church's art.
  20. Glorantha technology and Glorantha material technology

    Gustbran is a son of Veskarthen, so we can imagine how the myth goes, with a lot of innuendo.
  21. I'm writing the first part of a campaign, probably for the Repository, working with the Randolph Carter cycle. In the interest of efficiency I'm mainly discussing it at YS: http://www.yog-sothoth.com/topic/31797-the-silver-key-as-a-basis-for-a-scenario/ However, to summarize: The scenario is based out of the Cabot Museum/ "the Boston Detectives" mentioned in BtGoSK, and starts with an investigation of the disappearance of RC, funded by his friends. I've discovered the real world location of the Carter mansion (or at least the Snake Den) in the "rolling hills" between Salem and Arkham and a few snippets about the figure Lovecraft satirises as Ernest Aspinwall as well. As it turns out my Salem and Beverly ancestors lived in close proximity (I'm also closely related to the families that Lovecraft based all this on...). I'm gathering everything canon, semi-canon, and apocryphal on this subject together to winnow out problems. I have noted the DE Marigny write up by Kevin Ross in the recent New Orleans book from Golden Goblin, Penelope Love's Porphyry and Aspondel, and sourced a copy of "The Lord of Illusion". It remains to be seen whether I can sew in The Silver Twilight or The Chapel of Contemplation into the narrative. Eventually there will be time travel via astral projection, dreaming, and perhaps some jaunts to London or Persia involved. One key part of my plans is using the technique pioneered in Trail of Cthulhu where the NPCs have multiple possible motivations so each time its run it's unpredictable. Carter (or one of many Carters) might be an unreliable narrator and villain in one version, while in another De Marigny went more than a little mad in WWI. Ward Phillips (i.e., Lovecraft) could be a strange but decent man in one running while in others he's a cantankerous racist, or he's the catspaw of a terrible entity from his own dreams...
  22. Esrolian Merchant Ships

    Cranes were invented in Greece in the late 6th c. BCE. Edit: Glorantha no doubt has many magical and impossible in our physics solutions for lifting heavy or unwieldy objects. It's the sort of practical magical knowledge that every stevedore and carpenter needs. I suspect in Esrolia the Vogarth the Strongman cult is important partly because of building and moving goods.
  23. Esrolian Merchant Ships

    I am not so sure of this "left-over" concept with trolls, given they can eat anything. Garbage is more an open-air larder that attracts insect snacks. So bartering for beetle-shells might be more expensive, as Argan Argar's people are canny enough the realize the utility of them as dishes, storage devices, hats, coracles, etc.
  24. Tribal Edit Thread for Glorantha Sourcebook

    The ritual is more about transforming one's soul into a troll spirit, as visual appearance is secondary to Darksense... at least as I understand it. It's still gruesome and more often than not it fails and there's a feast instead...
  25. RQG - Where we are. And the new cover.

    When you are hero forming, you are the god. There is no difference.