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Fire, Lightning, Blast... spells, cost change ideas

Lloyd Dupont

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I am not quite happy with the Fire spell.

On one hand I like that it's expensive.

On the other hand I don't like it's priced to such a ridiculous degrees as to be useless. For example Mind Control is only 3 and probably way more potent. Polymorph would cost 4~5. Both would be resisted with a likely hard POW vs POW check. But a (deadly) 4D6 fire ball would cost 12, and be resisted (cumulatively) with parry/dodge (though you can game that by casting last), armor and the resistance spell.

I was thinking to make it, and other similar spells such as Lightning and Blast, somewhat less expensive. Which add another complication. Lightning is hard to avoid, should I make price it differently?

I had the following ideas:

- reduce price with skill. reduce cost by (score% - 50)/10 (i.e. -1 at 60% up to -5 at 100%)
- I notice that Classic Fantasy supplement used reduction cost on all spell base on Spell Knowledge score beyond 100%.. I am not sure I like that... maybe I should play more BRP to see how common it is.
- reduce base price to 3+1, i.e. 3 magic point + 1 per level, or maybe 3+2, 2+2....

3+1 is my latest idea. With 3+2 for Fireball, but then I wonder.. what about.. Lightning... maybe they are not all the same cost? and Lightning could be 3+2?


Anyway, I am very undecided as you can see, and I might dilly dally and stay undecided for a while... But I would be curious to know what other people have tried / changed about those spells.

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In the (original) MagicWorld rules that inspired the BRP Magic rules, the cost was 1 point per d6 of damage.

If you want flash! pow! high fantasy magic that economy might make more sense to you.

Rule Zero: Don't be on fire

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I switched to general HP. 
Makes futuristic weapons, area spell and effect less oppressive. So general HP with major wound (though planning to redraw the major wound table using hit location, but that is a small detail).

Mmmm I can see how it is very important... 1D6 in every location is very different from D6 to general HP indeed. Very good remark! 😮 
You should get 10 likes from me for that very important question! 😮 


As a side comment, the more I think about it ,the more I like Classic Fantasy approach, with a Spell Lore skill, Spell grade (common, uncommon unlocked at 100% spell lore, rare unlocked at spell lore 150%) and cost reduction (for Spell lore above 100%)
But I also plan to use Sorcery (as divine magic) in the same setting and Psy power (a bit in this setting and a lot more in a future scifi campaign) and.. mmm... Sorcery (i.e. divine magic) does not need cost reduction. BUt Psy power might.. Might need to do some work here... And Psychic power could benefit from power grading...


Thinking more about it:
Only Elemental attack spell are prohibitively expensive and beg for cost reduction... I Think I will reduce the cost of those, as Prinz.Slazar implied, it's costed for hit location. And got rid of of cost reduction with spell Lore. But keep Lore spell to unlock uncommon/rare spell and increase spell limit.
It seem all fitting better that way! :)

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