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Magic (and Psionic) (and Stunts) ideas...

Lloyd Dupont

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I am playing in a D&D inspired kind of settings...

The magic chapter in BRP while nice is lacking something for that settings.
Inspired by Classic Fantasy I think I will divide spell in Rank (1,2,3 / Common,Uncommon,Rare) and also categories(in CF it is Illusionist, MagicUser, Cleric, Druid spells).. 

Inspired by these I am tempted to:
Create various Sphere skills: Alteration, Illusion, Mental, Evocation (still coming up with those), .. that would unlock some spell list... (Rank1 at 50%, Rank 2 at 100%, Rank 3 at 150%)...
Going to put spell in the various rank / make list of the various spheres....
Probably not gonna use cost reduction, it's good enough to do fantastic feats, I feel, and spell can be at different rank in different sphere... Plus a Wizard staff helps a lot
Magician can memorise INT/2 of each rank that they can use...

For Psionic the skill would be "Psionic Mastery" only 50% need for Minor disciples and 100% needed for Major discipline unlock.

This has the advantage
While the system is still classless it create an entry cost to each power, and make some power inherently harder. Coupled with XP I can have all power (feat, magic, divine magic) in the party and still have each player specialising.... despite authorising people to learn anything anytime and players to teach each others! :)

But this is prevents me to:
1. have individual (or profession) that practice just a couple of spell. I'd like some Elite forces of some sorcerer to also know Teleportation and Sharpen.
2. some races might have some natural abilities, like the Mind Flayer.. 
3. I wonder if I could use that to provide some entry cost to the feats power (from Blood Tide supplement)

Problem 1.. is a conundrum... maybe use a special allegiance skill to unlock some unique spell list perhaps? (with spell unlocking at some allegiance %), this is very ad-hoc.. but has a nice secret society feeling... dunno how it would work well out with player creating a secret society though...

Problem 2: might be easy to solve. For example MindFlayer might start at.. say 45% in psionic mastery and have psionic blast as minor. And one can imagine funny outlier mind flayer without psionic.

Problem 3: maybe I need a Feat skill... and authorise Feat% / 10 feat to be learned?


Any ideas? Comments? Suggestions?


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Have a look at Revolution D100 (link to the SRD is in the subforum) and the Red Moon Rising package (it is in the download section). It implements something similar, and works seamlessly with Innate powers and feats.

In particular, Psionics and Red Moon Rising magic categorise powers in "families" which require knowledge of the basic power to learn the most advanced ones.

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Another idea after a night's sleep
Level and table are annoying... Basically some spell should be "more complicated", i.e. cost more to cast and learn perhaps. But how?

Example of "more complicated spell": Fireball, Disintegrate, Prismatic Wall, Resurrection, Gate (between planes), Charm-Suggestion-Control, Petrification


Some spell might just be different, with maybe some extra cost:

Petrification: Might be like Change, but across reign (animal to mineral), last only 10 round or pay 1pow to make to permanent

Some spell might be combinatory spell. For example

Fireball and the like can be done by making them the combination of 2 spells: Flame + ElementalBall. Flame for damage, ball for area.

Disintegrate: maybe blast and disintegrate. blast for damage, disintegrated for SIZ point. If the creature is killed it is disintegrated? cost 1pow?

Resurrection: might need to be called with Heal. Resurrection enable to heal dead character, its level cater for time since death or bodypart, and heal should heal to full HP for success + 1 POW

Gate, Planar Gate, Teleport DimensionDoor could be 1, 2 or 3 combined spells


Charm-Suggestion-Control could be either weaker version of control (1mp instead of 3) or new spell (last much longer hey?

PrismaticWall: the odd ball out hey? Who need thats? Or maybe it's a combo of: CounterMagic, Blast, Wall, Petrification, Gate + PrimasticThingy

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