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I think any/all of these can be gotten...

  • Broken Tower
  • Stealing the Eye
  • Darkness at Runegate
  • Remembering Caroman (GenCon, 2019 contest)
  • Fainting Spirit (GenCon, 2019 contest)

As I understand it, the last two (from GenCon) may still be a little rough, not having had enough time to get proper layout/etc... but that may be "old news" and they may be really done.

Looking at the existing "Chaos Library" -- indeed, using forum tools to SEARCH it -- reveals several of these are not yet posted to the CL, which in turn suggests they may not have had sufficient time in layout, or playtest feedback from GenCon revealed work needed, or what-have-you...

It'd be nice if there was a sub-library for RQ-specific content!  What say you, @Todd@Chaosium?

Also -- for those who are insufficiently-lazy -- there is the option of writing your own, and posting it here.  I see others posting their efforts!  I cannot do so at the moment, but hope/expect to do so in the future.

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