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Dark Elf priestess cult ideas

Lloyd Dupont

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I am putting my Dark Elf down... They are loosely inspired by all the dark elf lore around but just loosely! ;) 

Those Dark Elf are long lived and practitioner of magic, also slavers, occasionally planar traveller and generally a scourge on the other races and even other Dark Elves.

Their main goddess would be, hey why not, named Lolth! :P  But I don't care much about existing Lolth lore, I already called her the goddess of Nightmare.

I gave them the following

Cult Idea for discussion:

Dark Wall, Demoralise, Second Sight


Cloak of Darkness (vs magical attack)
Summon Nightmare (sounds good, but what the heck is a 'nightmare'?)
(last I was thinking...) maybe Mass Demoralize?

I was thinking could look like a black cloud with dark lightning tentacle? Or maybe a deadly spider warm? (i.e. they are small and numerous and bite hard and poisonous), Or maybe an invisible tentacled fighter?

Care to offer some more precise stats on those 'nightmare'?! :P 

I guess we are missing a demon Entry in the bestiary! :D 

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