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A druid in BRP (similar to WoW)


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Good morrow,

My and my group are going to play BRP for the first time this weekend we are not totally new to it since we have been playing an Icelandic system witch is really similar to BRP. But has not evolved since it came out in 1994 and we have been playing it on and off since 1994 :D so we have grown a bit tired of it by now. BUT.... one of the group has been playing World of Warcraft for quite some time and really loves the Druid there... and he wants to be a Druid in BRP or some one pretty similar to it. What would be the best way of going by this?

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I don't know the WoW-druid, and it's capabilities, but I reckon this would be a good opportunity for any edition of RuneQuest, and it's cults to shine.

If you go searching the web for the quite excellent Warhammer Fantasy-game, you'll find that the druid, as a career(WFRPsk for class) was cut from the new 2.edition. Strike to Stun have a couple of neat fan-made druid-downloads, made to rectify this oversight. These could be used as inspiration.

Hope it helps

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If your "druid" must be a nature-lover shapeshifting healer as it is common in commercial fantasy like D&D or WoW, there is a good depiction of Druids in Signs & portents, the free Mongoose zine. Cannot remember the exact issue but it should be between 38 and 42, and there's an index somewhere, here or on the MRQ wiki. Of course it's for MRQ so it uses Rune Magic and Heroic Abilities, but these are easy to adapt.

If you want a real historical druid then you just need a spirit magic practitioner without shapeshifting or discorporation abilities. I'll provide a description for it in Stupor Mundi 2 but we are definitely not close to publishing it, so I suppose you cannot wait.

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