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Found doc on Argrath


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Yes, I wrote that.

As I state in the introduction, I wasn't able to attend the RQ convention in the US, which dates this to some time between 1994 and 1998, probably tending to the earlier cons.

This may have been intended or used for the con booklet.

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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Compared to the hardcover/pdf, the softcover version of King of Sartar had a few differences in Minaryth Blue's "Events of my life", especially for 1630:


1630  Wolf Pirates sack Wilmskirk. Kallyr kills Gunda. I lose my three fingers. Harrek follows, kills the good queen and plunders Boldhome, then remains for the winter.

The softcover version also inserts three years with sacks of Bagnot before it places the Siege of Furthest in 1634 rather than 1632.

As you can imagine, having Kallyr active in 1630 created a major headache concerning the mainstream timeline, especially the re-lighting of Sartar's Flame after the Battle of Sword Hill.

However, the document doesn't mention any of this, and only attempts to explore the agenda of the author of Composite History of Dragon Pass, and why there are such recurrent discrepancies. The 1626 and 1629 appearances of Moirades remain in the CHDP of the hardcover, and the newly inserted Fazzur piece (a Tarshite source?) has Moirades active at Fazzur's refusal to return to the imperial cause (p.140, IMO the preparations for the Battle of Sword Hill). The Guide agrees with the Tarshite time-line, while all Sartarite sources have Moirades alive and active in 1626.

25 years ago we didn't have a definitive timeline for Moirades. The Guide cemented 1610 and gave us the cause of Moirades' disappearance, introducing his (and Jar-eel's) son Phargentes II. A name which makes the loyalties of the Phargantites in 1625 less clear - were they loyal to Pharandros or to his heroic half-brother by Jar-eel? At age 14 he would have displayed suitably heroic stature already.


Telling how it is excessive verbis


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