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Dragon Pass Board Game Scenarios


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The WBRM/Dragon Pass board game features several scenarios, but it isn't totally clear from the descriptions which battles from our imagined history they actually represent or when they are supposed to happen. Can anyone let us know which battles and/or dates the following scenarios depict:

Stemming the Tide
High Tide
Argrath's Return
Hearts and Minds
Dousing the Flames
Rising of Tarsh

Thanks for any input!

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I think that Counterstroke is the Battle of Heroes - it has Harrek and Jar-eel on their first direct encounter.

But then, all subsequent scenarios have both these superheroes, too, whereas the next few major battles lack at least Harrek, until the LBQ when Harrek apparently returns from Laskal once more.

Argrath's Return should be the battle of Storm Hill, but the scenario doesn't have any magical units other than the Dragontooth Warriors.

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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