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  1. omg omg (I just hope we won't be doing away with hexes)
  2. Yes, indeed, we have all been foolishly skirting the real issue: is Boldhome/Sartar overopopulated by ducks?
  3. I do think this thinking is a trap that people unintentionally fall into, leading them into believing Illumination to be a thing that it (at least in my view) clearly wasn't intended to be by the concept's creator (ie. Greg). I wouldn't really mind it, as YGWV and all, but it does seem to lead a lot of forum discussions into a particular mold of Illumination-bashing. Oddly this reminds me a lot of certain critiques of Buddhist thought (and I'm mildly loathe to bring in iRL religion here, but this is particularly appropriate), where the Buddhist notion of sunyata (ie. emptiness) is sometim
  4. As an aside, with the very real possibility of aerial opponents appearing in Gloranthan battles, I guess it would make sense for organized armies to keep unengaged troops behind the lines ready to deal with them. These could run the gamut and would of course depend on the army's available resources, but anything from specialized archers, "siege" weapons, to specialized magicians (if the army has these, they're gonna be behind the lines). Not sure Martin's Armies and Enemies of Dragon Pass dealt with this, as I am one of those fools who's waiting for PoD options on these things. This isn't goin
  5. Nooo, or at least the way I've understood it from what communications we've got is that it's going to more like the Great Pendragon Campaign. At some point someone was musing that it might be split too, but not sure about the source of that. Whatever form it's going to come out as, I do believe it's going to be the whole thing.
  6. I actually dropped the Barrow half-way on my first read. When I restarted it out of pure interest for the setting, I devoured it though (I knew what I was getting into), and the sequel Blackheart that's at work over on Patreon is very, very solid. I think he's really nailed down his tone and storytelling in that one (and the porn feels less gratuitous overall - and I'm not saying I'm at all opposed to a fantasy story with more abundant sex, but I can definitely understand that it can be jarring).
  7. Every now and then I think I have a pretty decent grasp of Glorantha and some of its mysteries, then along comes a thread like this and.... it's like I know nothing at all. Enjoying the reading and my feeble attempts at connecting the dots tho!
  8. As I've understood it, it's unlikely the comic will get finished, but we will likely see Artesia's story picked up in the novels - here's hoping they turn out to be commercially successful! Of course, things might always change somewhere down the line... From my perspective, while I understand the shift to the novels as a less cumbersome way of delivering the story, it would be perfect to bring the comic to at least somewhat of a conclusion before moving into pure text though, instead of the immense cliffhanger it currently ended with. Also, the comics stand out as one of the most amazing
  9. Huge fan of the Known World setting and Mark's art. I have wanted for more Artesia RPG stuff to come and know he is thinking about a 2nd edition, which might indeed use RQ. While it is a relatively good fit, I do also very much like what he did with Fuzion, making it very much his own and giving the game a unique feel. So I'm a little bit on the fence on whether he should ditch that uniqueness to come into the RQ fold. Very happy to see him involved in making art for Chaosium and Jonstown Compendium
  10. Of course, there's many ways you could go with this, but a few suggestions come to mind. If you want to focus on the entire clan's story, it's probably best to play as members of the clan ring. This will be a more political game. If you want a smaller slice of action, focus on one of the clan's settlements outside of the main one (you could be the settlers that set that place up). This type can include a dash of politics, but also veers more on the adventuring side as players tackle local issues. A third suggestion would be to play the chieftain's huscarls. This will put the players in the mid
  11. I thought Belintar was Captain Planet?🧐
  12. I know, I am a baneful freerider, but I just want to appreciate this product in my way.
  13. Indeed, if your PC's work for/with Argrath, then you are already part of this (at least for the Lunar Empire and the Red Goddess).
  14. Grievous


    Well, I googled Elric and went for it. /shrug
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