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  1. Grievous

    Orlanthi Weaponthanes vs Housecarls

    I guess kind of, but I don't see it really in the order or way you present it above. Once you have a plow team and the necessary skills, you can ask for land to work on. In a case where all land was redistributed, it would simply be distributed to the people who have plow teams/skills and the rest would simply realize that they'd have to rent land from one of those guys to get by (or find another profession) - and I guess the freemen won't really mind having some extra folks on their lands either, so it's not really a bad thing, it's just how it is. I do personally like the term half-free here, but I guess it is a bit odd/rough for Orlanthi, hmm.
  2. Okay, this isn't an astronauts vs. cavemen thread as you may have hoped, but one about definitions. I've been struggling to make sense of what we should be calling the elite warriors of the Orlanthi clans - and what to make of them when they are called this or that. So, we have the term weaponthanes, which is basically a warrior-leader supported by the clan (or tribe, as it may be). However, sometimes (as in the Coming Storm) we see housecarls used instead. Is the intention here that there is a distinction between these two terms, or are they intended to be largely interchangeable? In looking for a distinction, perhaps you can have weaponthanes who do not live with the chief/king, instead occupying some other strategic piece of territory (which certainly makes sense), who would be differentiated from housecarls, who are specifically the weaponthanes who guard the chief/king. Also, a weaponthane has his Four Storms, but they are really not considered to be thanes themselves (I assume). However, I would also assume that they are likely to be supported by the largesse of the weaponthane in question (so, in that sense, their difference to thanes is actually somewhat minor, making them more like "minor thanes"). If we go by the distinction I outline above (ie. housecarls being the weaponthanes of the chief's bodyguard), are their Storms considered to be housecarls as well - if not, what exactly are they then? One might contemplate a situation where the housecarls wouldn't even have Storms at all, as one might not want to incentivize bodyguards to develop followings of their own, but not sure about that. Another way to think about housecarls is to, well, look at the words. It says they are "carls", so one might consider these to be warrior retainers not benefitting from a thane's rank... which is an entirely different line of thinking all together. Looking for a simple set of answers here, guys. 😅
  3. Grievous

    Do Clan chiefs go adventuring?

    So yeah, PLENTY of adventures for the chiefs/kings to do, if you tailor them for the responsibilities of the position.
  4. Grievous

    The Many and the One, or has there always been a Yelm?

    If Yelm is a construct of the Bright Empire, then presumably Yelm wouldn't exist before the Bright Empire.
  5. Grievous

    The Many and the One, or has there always been a Yelm?

    Regarding the premise of this thread, I guess Six Ages lore is pretty much at odds with it. Of course, we're not at Time yet there (and thus we could be in a re-jiggered Godtime), but I don't think there's not going to be a Yelm by the Dawn rolls around. I guess we could still be surprised, though.
  6. Grievous

    Swords of Central Genertela

    Even the Orlanthi have thralls, so yeah, we don't need to look beyond our backyard to find it.
  7. Grievous


    That's a good point. Indeed. One could imagine a fictional writer/storyteller like that being essentially equal to or even explicitly a Chaos worshipper! That's actually an interesting idea for a bad guy..
  8. Grievous

    Tips for new Glorantha GMs

    Who is Arkat? Uhh, yeah, that's a doozy and a question that definitely also gets asked in "modern" day Glorantha as well. His story has a pretty simple seeming beginning, but it gets complicated rather quickly until answering that question becomes pretty difficult - and also an enjoyable mystery in itself, which plays in the current day game world in the form of the fragmented and divisive Arkat cult. He was a hero of Western origin, who became the first expert experimental Heroquester. He did some pretty deep investigations of the Godplane - so deep in fact that he ended up confronting himself over there. He also did something pretty rare in Glorantha and hopped from cult to cult, changing greatly in the process - so much so that he may have become a troll(!). To me he seems something of a Conan-meets-powergaming PC-meets-Thanos figure, but admittedly that's an odd bunch and doesn't really take into account just how unique of a character he is. What exactly happened when he confronted his great enemy Nysalor and fought him is also somewhat shrouded in mystery. If someone wants to lay down some deep insights on his later development and the twists and turns that are part of his history, I'd be interested to hear pretty much all your theories as well. Also, this is Arkat:
  9. Grievous

    learning spirit magic

    Part of me really likes the answer that it goes through to the beginning of Time. The original spells could've been inherited from the God Time. Since then there has been a lineage that teaches this stuff and keeps the magical knowledge alive (ie. the cult). In cases where the line is broken, you're going to have to do some Heroquesting to the Godtime to regain the magic. And yeah, making sure that the high level spells continue would be a priority for the cult (and for the truly unscrupulous the killing of their possessers would an option). That is very evocative and really resonates with Glorantha in the sense of Time's relationship to Godtime (and maybe also with the idea that the 4th Age will have less magic in it..).
  10. Grievous

    The Lore of Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind

    Yeah, this distance and the fact that there really aren't any Hyalorings in this mold around is a bit of a bummer for anyone who wishes to use this material in current era Hero-/Runequest. I've really no idea how their traditions might still survive (the Pentians seem like very distant ancestors at this point). Maybe a campaign focusing on a Heroquested Hyaloring resurgence somewhere would be somehow doable, but there's not to much work from there. Maybe the last planned installment of Six Ages in the Dawn Age will help, but even that is a long time ago and Hyalorong is long gone from the maps.
  11. Grievous

    What was the Sun Dragon?

    Those are pretty concisely insightful paragraphs! Makes a helluva lot of sense to me. .. but I'm not sure I'm following you here. And what if there's an Emperor on the throne who is having none of this Dragon nature business? Can he still be worshipped as part of the Sun Dragon cult or is there a disconnect (and the Sun Dragon is considered a separate, maybe utuma-created, part still hidden on some other layer that is not identified with the Emperor?).
  12. Grievous

    Are Lunars God Learners?

    That is a fair point. I do think what they did in the process to dissolve the myths as they found them is effectively some post modernist wizardry however, even if they were aiming at something beyond just deconstruction. In fact, I think that's the merit of post modernist thought in general, whereas the weakness is precisely in that it doesn't really seem to easily lead to anything very fruitful by itself. It is very much the "solve" part of the old alchemist's "solve et coagula", which is effective, but only part of the whole toolset... but here we are, veering out of Glorantha again.
  13. Grievous

    Are Lunars God Learners?

    I find it difficult not to see the God-Learners as pretty much post modernists themselves (though ultimately this is a pretty meritless line of consideration as we are talking about Glorantha here, not the real world). I've linked this before on this forum, but I think this is a great comedic view into the God Learner Secret:
  14. Grievous

    The Many and the One, or has there always been a Yelm?

    The cosmos is ossifying under the tyrants and the Chaos is necessary to break that. Of course, some Chaos in excess of that needed for a healthy cosmos tends to spill over and cause a little too much ruckus. However, I'm not sure if the Red Goddess is actually a tyrant purely in that mold, because she is also offering the cure. Hmm.
  15. Grievous

    Notes on the Many Suns and the Sun Gods of Prax

    I have to say that this has been a great thread. Though it had its dark moments where I was pulling at my hair because I thought I had sorted out this Elmal-Yelmalio thing only to be dragged back down into confusion, at the end I think I at least came out with a better - esp. a more gameable - view into the whole thing. So yeah, solid thread, y'all. Now nobody say anything controversial! There's Ian' thread OVER THERE for anyone who wants to dip back down into the depths of the God-Plane and into the Font of Potential Argument (another good thread for discussion though, too).