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  1. Gloranthan Dance/Ritual

    The lyrics are from a poem from Kanteletar, the song by a Finnish folk band Värttinä (you can find that song "Raijan Joiku" on Spotify, at least) and I actually found a decent English translation: You are very welcome here my grand, my honoured guests to join our joyful party to celebrate the day We rarely meet each other or come together these days, not in these fields of Väinölä or the song lands of Kalevala Sing, sing out, my dearest brother Call, call out, my darling, Take your time to celebrate, Sing your joy for all to hear! Take your lovely kantele, play your golden song, fit your fingers to the strings, Let the tones, the songs ring free! So that the whole village and people everywhere would hear the sweet sounds of Savonia, The beautiful songs of Karelia.
  2. Gloranthan Dance/Ritual

    Yep, in fact the Bear would be a far more important animal/venerated deity for the "run-of-the-mill" Finns in those days. Of course, the Sami do live in what is Finland today as well, and at least nowadays reindeer flocks are a thing for any old Finns - Sami-heritage or not - that live in the north (Lappland). But yeah, reindeer as such aren't a thing in mid or southerly Finland.
  3. Gloranthan Dance/Ritual

    I was watching this video from the Finnish National Ballet and - though I usually wouldn't consider ballet to be very Gloranthan in feel - this one sort of struck a chord (it's a rehearsel of a ballet inspired by Kalevala, the Finnish national mythos, so has a more traditional feel). My mind's eye can see this in Glorantha. The dance starts at around after 3:50 (-11:05), if you wanna skip the rest. https://www.facebook.com/oopperabaletti/videos/10154893126881716/ Maybe someone will be similarly entertained/inspired!
  4. Pentan religion

    The Arkati at least seem to have figured out that many of the appendages they were feeling out weren't actually part of the elephant at all, but belonged to other feelers! Later the God-Learners told us that it was a clay elephant (and please ignore the feeler).
  5. Unification vs individuality?

    I think that's a theme that's certainly there, but I don't think it's intended to be the defining or a singular theme. It's just in mystical experience, there tends to be (at least at first) a polarity and dynamic relationship between all and none, one and many, and pretty much all dualistic ideation, etc. At the end, it tends to resolve in the manner that the mystic recognizes there is actually no distinction between the two opposite ends of the spectrum. For a roleplaying/literary setting, esp. focused on myth and mysticism, those polarities are great drivers of story tension. Build opposing factions at the ends of these polarities and watch them go to literal or metaphorical war, with individuals transcending the particulars of the conflict and their cultures to acquire an Illuminated understanding. New cultures and religions can then develop from ordinary people trying to interpret these mystical insights, facilitating a future turning of the cycle of opposition. This dynamic of tension and paradox is wonderfully illustrated in Arkat vs Nysalor. At the end of Arkat's and Nysalor's battle, it seems like Arkat wins, but even in winning, he has come to resemble his enemy. Maybe it wasn't Arkat who triumphed? Or maybe the Arkat who triumphed was more Nysalor than Arkat. Whatever the case, the two started at opposite ends, but with mystic insight, perhaps they came to see themselves in their enemy. I have always struggled to put the EWF precisely into these terms, though. Not a branch of Glorantha lore that I'm in any way well versed in, I feel. The "We Are All Us" Lunar Empire vs individualistic Orlanthi fits very much, I think. The paradoxes are there as well: what's a whole culture of individualists who seem to cleave almost bindingly to tradition? Or the Lunars as a conquering collective that is (at least for the highest of Lunar devotees) all about individual ascendance beyond restriction? The Lunar philosophy seems to (at the high levels) recognize this paradox and plays around with it. Argrath seems to be doing something similar to the Orlanthi. I think any winners in this conflict will have come to uniquely understand their enemies and have been transformed themselves by the process. But again, I think there's more threads there than just individualism vs. unification. Hrm, a bit long-winded here, but I think that's gets at it.
  6. Pentan religion

    That seems pretty significant! Is this a soul vs spirit thing a general feature or something unique to the Praxians? That raises some pretty meaningful and interesting questions regardless. What's the other significant points of having either a soul or a spirit? What about when you die? Can you go -get- a soul and from where - a god perhaps? What the heck is a soul anyway? What about getting a spirit (from a spirit, or a spirit to -be- a spirit)? And is there a similar distinction that leads folks towards sorcery? Those are just to scratch the surface!
  7. A trio of HQG titles now available at DTRPG

    Does that mean we won't be getting a Red Cow. Vol III with a focus on the future? I'd support that. In any case, I was considering the eras in regards to Mankcam's idea of having a set of systemless Pavis, Sartar, and Sartar Companion books. That said, I'm also fully behind the idea (with my wallet in hand) of just re-printing the books with improvements (esp. as pertains to art)! As an aside, I'm planning to use the Red Cow campaign with Runequest mechanics for my gaming group. I might end up using Heroquest as a layer on top of that for some of the more meta/sweeping/large scale resolution. I'm hoping to find/develop some synergy between the two systems in that sense and I'm kind of enjoying that this is a possible thing going forward.
  8. Pentan religion

    For what it's worth, I don't think you're nitpicking and I appreciate you voicing these concerns. It's a topic that I'm trying to wrap my head around as well and some comments on this thread do muddy the waters a bit. It seems to me that at some point there was a policy decision that lessened the strict division of the different worlds. Having grown my understanding of Glorantha based on the old paradigm, I'm still not sure how to square that circle. The idea that "theistic magic is about being something, spiritual is about having something, sorcerous is about knowing something" still seems valid to me, but at the same it seems the difference between being, having and knowing themselves may have eroded. I'm having to exercise my Illuminated third eye to get at that and just swallow the paradox, but if a discussion here can bring a better understanding of this topic for me (and others), I'd be very grafteful.
  9. Pentan religion

    Yeah, I see those as pretty significant things to make note of, even without any God-Learner concepts being thrown in. It would also probably have an effect on how you'd go about opposing such magics (or perhaps whether you'd oppose them at all).
  10. A trio of HQG titles now available at DTRPG

    I would LOVE a repurposed set of Sartar/Sartar Companion (and why not Pavis) in that vein, ESPECIALLY if the art was received a pass, just bringing it up a notch and updating to reflect the current art direction on the Orlanthi. The only wrinkle in the ointment is how to handle the timeline going forward, without losing information, but not getting swamped in stuff, since we're bumping along to the future.
  11. Not that I wish to use the situation to collect points, but I do think this thread sort of proves my point that clearer language in the source text would be useful (ie. could avoid a lot of needless argument that reflects poorly on all things involved) and being intentionally vague is a bad policy, even where the goal would be to empower the reader by a form of sleight-of-writing.
  12. I appreciate your viewpoints and I don't entirely disagree - but I guess I disagree enough. Let's put it this way. I think the rules of an RPG intended for Gloranthan play are supposed to give you the tools to "heroquest" in the mythic realm of Glorantha. The provider of the rules is the community facilitating this. If the result is division and discord, not play, then the community has failed. Of course, you can't avoid all conflict and Chaos will rear its ugly head (hah, either in a Gloranthan or Petersonian meaning), and you'll handle it when it does, but you really shouldn't build for it, either.
  13. I'll have to respectfully say that I think that's a rather bad policy. Writing in vague language that results in gaming groups having uncertainty and actual arguments, not to say anything about forum wars and so on, is - I'd say - bad policy, when all of that could be avoided by clear language. That may sound trivial at fist glance, but we're talking about literally hours of people's time and effort (and emotion), all of which reflects on and gets associated with the product being discussed (and despite a persistent saying to the contrary all publicity is not good publicity). Of course, that said, not everything in every situation can be made explicit considering limitations on length of text. However, if something needs to be established as a thing that can be taken in two, or multiple different ways depending on preference, then that is something that a sidebar, note, or something along those lines should accomplish. There is a huge difference in something being vague and something being optional, even if it is a case of a writer employing sleight-of-writing.
  14. Reprinting the RuneQuest Classic Books

    Well, at least this thread alerted me to the realization that the Cult Compendium Hardback that was still available on the online store was a rare beast (ie. bought now, rather than later).
  15. Notes on the Red Cow/Coming Storm

    Yeah, but then to end up working seemingly happily with King Kathelranda is strange.