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  1. I was haunted by this idea of sorcery in Runequest/Glorantha and just wanted to give it another moment in the sunlight. I think there's some real juice in that and i would be an interesting expansion of the game/theme whenever we do move to look at more Western focused supplements.
  2. And let's not forget going to see Gonn Orta, who's also looking for the very same duck! And, as we know, when he finds that duck, the Hero Wars will begin...
  3. The WBRM/Dragon Pass board game features several scenarios, but it isn't totally clear from the descriptions which battles from our imagined history they actually represent or when they are supposed to happen. Can anyone let us know which battles and/or dates the following scenarios depict: Stemming the Tide High Tide Argrath's Return Counterstroke Hearts and Minds Dousing the Flames Rising of Tarsh Thanks for any input!
  4. Yes, but also and perhaps more to the point, -nen (thus also preserving the occasional overlap with the diminutive). -nen also maps to the Finnish tribes: Karjalainen, Pohjalainen, etc.
  5. That's actually pretty interesting (and fitting)! That life can be restored when the ebb and flow of creation calms and comes together... so I wonder about the 7M. Seems they reach that powerful point of balance via the cycles of the Moon, and that point of balance is the Red Goddess herself. She (or her Empire) weaves the Moon rune into the fabric of all existence (or rather reveals how it's already there, in one phase or another), intent on healing it with that same trick. That's how I'm seeing it, anyway. As an aside, if her effort to supplant Orlanth from the Middle Air would have been successful, would she have supplanted Orlanth as the resurrector of Yelm too? And why does that asking that question bring to my mind the name Nysalor. Hmm.
  6. Can I get a little more idea / context on what is the difference here?
  7. Yes, an absolutely fantastic statistic! 🤣 Of course, this will inevitably lead to this situation: Basic Murder Hobo PC: So, how much if we just kill all of them?
  8. The link to Son of Light Awakens is broken, btw. 😕 And ah, that's exactly what you said in your post - sorry for this superfluous note!
  9. I don't mean to be too obvious, but I think we need a comic.
  10. That was a thought that I had too after reading the Entekosiad. Admittedly, I've read it only once thoroughly and not really studied it more, but I also read something like that into it...
  11. Errr, Gold Gotti among the pirates? Well that's a surprise! 😲
  12. Looking at the myths of Six Ages, we see that there Elmal is married to Nyalda, who to me looks more like their version of Esrola than Ernalda. We have the story of "Nyalda's Bride Price" there which details how Elmal won over Nyalda over her other suitors. It would make sense that there'd be some overlap between this story and how the Orlanthi see the two getting married (referring to the versions of the myths Bohemund presented earlier).
  13. One would think that the Pure Horse People - who have an origin among the Hyalorings - would preserve a lot of these old customs (even though it also seems that they are their own special thing even among the Riders). Of course, there's the general disappearance of Elmal to account for, and the resurgence of the Yu-Kargzant/Yelm worship (and whether that just popped up with the Dawn, or required some re-jiggering as by the Bright Empire), but we may get some insights into this as Six Ages rolls along (though it's as likely that the story will become more centered on the Berenethelli). And well, sure a lot what we know of the Grazers for example looks quite different, but the line of descent is there. Also, who knows the Pentans could be pretty close to what we see of the Hyalorings. So, yeah, I mean a lot of it isn't directly applicable, but I think it is a useful look at the past. One wonders about the existence of Elmal among the southern Heortlings, but not among the northern Orlanthi, where he entered the pantheon, though. Of course it is likely Yelmalio has just overridden him there and it is the south which is farthest from the Yelmalian heartland, so..
  14. So, it might make sense that a Summer Queen is chosen when there is an eligible Esrola Priestess (probably junior) up for marriage and males from different clans will vie for her in some form of contest. This would not really be a yearly event, but more like once a generation or so. Of course, Twisted Morganeth doesn't seem to be an Esrola Priestess, so there is that. I also wonder should the male candidates be restricted to initiates of Heler or Elmal, or would any Orlanthi apply (and if so, should they still choose to champion either of the aforementioned gods or could they stand in for their own).
  15. I hope you don't mind a little necromancy, but I've been looking at the Heler-Elmal conflict between the Red Cow and Dolutha, to mine some adventure ideas... but I have had a few questions raised in my mind. Twisted Morganeth is stated to be a Summer Queen, but I couldn't really find any information about that whole concept. Do we have any established canon about this among the Orlanthi that I am missing, or are we looking at a more general "one girl is chosen as the best one via some rite and a contest for her hand ensues" type thing? I took a look at Ian's old Red Cow material (pre-Coming Storm) and there the Priestess of Voria gets a status much like this (and again I wonder if this is a general Orlanthi/canon thing, or something that's only extant here?). Your knowledge and ideas would be appreciated!
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