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  1. Yeah, that works. I'd appreciate rules that convey the flavor of Glorantha, though.
  2. Ok, but give me the rules for breaking crucial geases or similar rather extracurricular abilities. They don't have to look similar to the rules for other stuff, but they definitely could exist. Otherwise essentially GM fiat will create the rules for you, which will basically just keep the players and player characters in an inferior position (as the only approach is to "play the GM", which is adversarial and dysfunctional). A very old school approach to gaming, which in my view has been superseded by more modern approaches to game design.
  3. Yeah, indeed. That is a good point. However, I would definitely disagree with illumination being described as cognitive dissonance: in my view it's more the exact opposite (and the normal state of being is cognitively dissonant the from source).
  4. Much like a bloodline, the splinter group is likely to take their name from their leader or other notable figure. The new wyter, when acquired/found, might also point to a new name. How far they would have to go is so much based on the exact context - like much of the other issues here really. If they leave in good circumstances and there is farm land available, they could just go over the river/across the hills/etc. If no land is available, they'll have to go as far as they need to secure a future. Bad circumstances and relations to their neighbors could force them much further afield as well, or direct them in a specific direction towards any remaining allies. Omens and things like that will likely have an impact, too. Consider an example from the Cinsina/Red Cow. Before assuming leadership of the tribe, Ivartha was planning to create a new clan in the disputed/unsettled/Telmori-plagued lands not that far away.
  5. Except where it isn't, as my example of Blackmoor's lineage. But that is relatively minor and indeed, I do agree with your overall sentiment. All in all, I would love to see an updated Sartar book, with appproriate art and the canon smoothed out (maybe some changes to nomenclature relating to the Orlanthi would also be incorporated). I know it kinda feels like treading water, but I do think that it would ultimately serve the current and esp. next generation of Glorantha's explorers very well.
  6. I don't know if this has changed from the initial pdf release of the GM Pack, but there's also other substantive changes: the lineage of the Colymar kings in the Pack was substantially different from the one implied in S:KoH. So yeah, while those books don't seem to be crazily out of alignment with canon, there are some cracks in there.
  7. I understood the new printing might have brighter colors (?).
  8. Hmm, can anyone show me a comparison of the old printing vs new printing cover?
  9. I think the aesthetic may have moved on from that now, but back in the day the Grazers sure looked very Amerindian.
  10. I'm kinda on the fence about buying the second printing as a physical book myself, so this is a question that also popped into my mind.
  11. I really hope some of those more ill-defined books are from a more Lunar perspective...
  12. Well, then my question re: Red Cow's architecture might as well go for Dangerford - I wonder what that'd look like with "modern" Glorantha lenses. I hadn't really thought much about the settlements here with the idea that they were indeed re-settled ruins. Interestingly, IIRC (as I don't have my books here), Dangerford was first settled by the Red Cow clan after the settlement, which only lost it when the Dolutha came south over the river. That's a pretty significant loss to their holdings. I'd love some more pictures about the various settlements around Sartar in the new art style. Once you pop, you can't stop!
  13. One thing I've been wondering is how would Red Cow Fort from Coming Storm look like if it was written up a few years later. Should it be more along Clearwine's aesthetic direction? I'm not sure if it had any relevance during the EWF, or was it's time of relevance only during the old Vingkotling times, so not sure how to think about the ruins/walls/etc there.
  14. I guess kind of, but I don't see it really in the order or way you present it above. Once you have a plow team and the necessary skills, you can ask for land to work on. In a case where all land was redistributed, it would simply be distributed to the people who have plow teams/skills and the rest would simply realize that they'd have to rent land from one of those guys to get by (or find another profession) - and I guess the freemen won't really mind having some extra folks on their lands either, so it's not really a bad thing, it's just how it is. I do personally like the term half-free here, but I guess it is a bit odd/rough for Orlanthi, hmm.
  15. Okay, this isn't an astronauts vs. cavemen thread as you may have hoped, but one about definitions. I've been struggling to make sense of what we should be calling the elite warriors of the Orlanthi clans - and what to make of them when they are called this or that. So, we have the term weaponthanes, which is basically a warrior-leader supported by the clan (or tribe, as it may be). However, sometimes (as in the Coming Storm) we see housecarls used instead. Is the intention here that there is a distinction between these two terms, or are they intended to be largely interchangeable? In looking for a distinction, perhaps you can have weaponthanes who do not live with the chief/king, instead occupying some other strategic piece of territory (which certainly makes sense), who would be differentiated from housecarls, who are specifically the weaponthanes who guard the chief/king. Also, a weaponthane has his Four Storms, but they are really not considered to be thanes themselves (I assume). However, I would also assume that they are likely to be supported by the largesse of the weaponthane in question (so, in that sense, their difference to thanes is actually somewhat minor, making them more like "minor thanes"). If we go by the distinction I outline above (ie. housecarls being the weaponthanes of the chief's bodyguard), are their Storms considered to be housecarls as well - if not, what exactly are they then? One might contemplate a situation where the housecarls wouldn't even have Storms at all, as one might not want to incentivize bodyguards to develop followings of their own, but not sure about that. Another way to think about housecarls is to, well, look at the words. It says they are "carls", so one might consider these to be warrior retainers not benefitting from a thane's rank... which is an entirely different line of thinking all together. Looking for a simple set of answers here, guys. 😅
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