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  1. I may be making an obvious statement reflecting 100% of the community's opinion, so bear with me for being this obvious, but I'm sure we're all pretty much pumped at the possibility of getting our hands on all the French/Dundealos material that is being created for the French edition. While I don't speak French, I do have a wallet which I am not afraid to utilize to buy whatever translation may come to exist! Also, great map of a lovely looking town. Those large areas in the middle are for the horses, I assume. Cool stuff.
  2. With all due respect, we've come a long way. I mean that sincerely too, and recognize that for many of the folks out here there's lots of nostalgia, but for me the journey to find out about Glorantha involved a look into Runequest during the olden days.. but I bounced hard off the aesthetics. Ultimately I came to see the creation for the brilliant thing that it was and now here we are hooked.
  3. I bet the surfing's goodin Maniria. You can find those crazy Indlas Somer worshippers around there.
  4. Yeah, not using magic when you could be using magic, well that's just not really even trying, isn't it...
  5. I've thought about this in regards to charm effects in RPGs quite often. I've a question that I've used to bring perspective into this, though: have you ever talked to someone who is so attractive that you know that their beauty and/or charm is effecting your way to interact with them? Yeah, so yeah, you know you've been Charmed, but in most cases it kinda still doesn't matter/help.
  6. I like the idea of extending Mostali ideas of Chaos to cover the buggy organics. "Sorry, Sir Mostali, but we have trespassed on your lands only to hunt a Chaos warband..." "Designate Overseer has judged that you are Chaos. Your erroneous self-destructive vocation does not alter your fundamental registry, thus the suggestion is to start with yourself. However, your presence will be tolerated until system wide repairs are completed. You may proceed, but do not disturb any work crews working at higher than Beta-8 priority." Surely the Compromise is only a temporary patch that keeps
  7. I can see the thinking that leads to seeing them as somewhat the same kind, of thing yeah, but I don't think it's fundamentally right. A lot of western occultist thought in the 19th and 20th century actually looks a lot like post-modernist thinking (to really badly turn the complexity of it all into a phrase: "you create your reality"), so there is that, too. So, I think some of the mystical strains may actually have been building towards ideas that later emerged as post-modernism. However, just to pick one thing, and I think this cleaves in on the experiential (as opposed to simply philosophi
  8. I think that's a fair warning about one potential issue with Illumination (which indeed is fairly well represented in the core story of Arkat-vs-Nysalor), but still, in most cases the checks and balances you remove are actually more likely to be such that they mandate awful behavior and thus you can actually be a far better person than someone who can't see beyond the blinders that cause grief and suffering to one and all. To put it in practical and less mystical terms, it's stuff like: "No, we don't actually need to enter a cycle of vengeance that our gods demand, but we can forgive instead";
  9. I'm not sure (and have been wondering, actually) whether Dayzatar has Illuminate associations. I do get a little bit of that vibe. Then there's all the bits that went into Sedenya that were around in some form. Rashorana certainly, in her various forms, and Zaytenera seems Illuminated. I've kinda been of the opinion that there were bits and pieces of Illumination in and around the Solar system, but it just got a lot more formalized (and open, perhaps being restricted to closed or fringe cults before) with Nysalor. As an aside, I think there's some very odd views into Illuminatio
  10. And you probably don't even need to be heroic to do it.
  11. 7 team members, focus on getting in AND out.. well, hmm, it has some resonance with the LBQ, too.
  12. I think Harrek's more chaotic evil than chaotic neutral, really.
  13. We can't all be Americans! Thanks for the pointer.
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