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  1. And you probably don't even need to be heroic to do it.
  2. 7 team members, focus on getting in AND out.. well, hmm, it has some resonance with the LBQ, too.
  3. I think Harrek's more chaotic evil than chaotic neutral, really.
  4. We can't all be Americans! Thanks for the pointer.
  5. Sure, names are names though, and the point is that there is a face behind the name.. * * * On further contemplating the Red Goddess in regards to Yelm, I did some digging to give fuel to my contemplation as I'm still trying to unfurl the complexities of her role and better get a grip on her position in the Solar mythos. The Red Goddess, as Verithurusa, helped kill Yelm. That's pretty damning, I guess. Under Lesilla, the Mernitans who venerated her became rebellious. In response, the Emperor Lukarius killed her and made slaves of the people of Mernita. As Gerra, she snuck into the Sky Dome, was later mistreated by the Emperor and blamed for the world's troubles, was staked and then the Sky Dome was shattered. Her current form, Natha, is the Goddess' Shadow Portion. Considering Solar associations with Kazkurtum, this doesn't sound like much of a good thing either. So, she's not exactly a beneficent figure in Solar myth. This isn't a reason for her not to have a place at all of course, but the myths would imply that she's more likely to be a recipient of propitiatory worship and sacrifice. Certainly she has a place in the culture, but to me she seems often to be the scapegoat, the demon, at best a wrathful protector, etc.
  6. In regards to this theory, I think one new piece of the puzzle is that Yelm certainly exists in Six Ages. So, either this knowledge of Yelm was lost until it was restored within Time, or..... somebody did some God Learner level tweaking of the Godtime...
  7. Thanks for sharing this! Very cool. Also, just to give @Jan Pospisil some very well deserved credit for that art, am I the only time who is dying to see a Gloranthan comic in this art style? I can't think of a better artist for the job. Here's hoping you'll remain a part of the Gloranthan pantheon of artists for a long time!
  8. I don't know, that makes a lot of sense to me, the way I see it. Yelm's cult is very exclusive, while Nysalor was for everyone (even if Illumination remained rare, his charity and deeds were felt by all, and even the chance of Illumination really is open for all). So, that tweak to the culture doesn't feel like much of a bump. I can definitely accept that as the truth, but I do have a little trouble wrapping my head around it. I do wonder what's the Red Goddess to the Yelmites? Is there a need she fulfills or a mystery that she unveils that was previously unaccessible? I guess culturally she's a little like the common folk's Illuminate like I posit Nysalor to be above, but there is something about the co-existence of the two cults that doesn't just immediately grok in perfection (which, I guess, leads many to believe there must be friction).
  9. In the sense that Occlusion is just a word and that it can sometimes be used arbitrarily to describe a very complex and hard-to-define phenomenon, you can argue it doesn't exist or is too simplistic a term. Put another way, I don't think there is an "Occluded" modifier you can put on your "Illuminated" classification on your character sheet, for example. But in the sense that for some Illumination does lead to the kind of "freedom that psychopaths" enjoy that @EricW described earlier, I think we can speak of an Occlusion that does mean something practical and unwanted. Essentially, I think this is exactly what you mention earlier as well: that the temptation to become self-serving is there. I would argue that a truly self-serving Illuminate is likely Occluded. Illumination sees the One and Many become intertwined. The logical development here is empathy and benevolence, not avarice and expedience, nor psychopathy. Yet, we know that sometimes occurs, and that failure of schooling/development can warrant a term of its own. Whether the system of Examiners then genuinely seeks out the misguided to appropriately label them, or uses it to further its own political purposes is a separate issue. Certainly the Examiners can move the goal posts around according to their own whims or political needs, but when that is happening it implies a certain level of corruption already in the system and a thus a failure of the Examiners at their own task. I think the question and concerns implied by "who watches the watchers?" is apt here.
  10. Yeah, there is that and that's why a recently Illuminated mind might benefit from a little guidance so it doesn't descend into nihilism/Occlusion. I think this might be a key difference between early Nysalorean Riddle-based Illumination and latter Sedenyan Sevened Illumination. You're not just gifted/cursed with the Illuminated mindset and left to your own devices, but you're actually schooled in it. Of course, the system of Examiners, ostensible set to ensure a non-Occluded development, can also certainly became (as alluded to earlier in this thread) an Orwellian tool of societal control, where only state-approved Illuminates are allowed to prosper.
  11. Yeah, exactly. Illumination doesn't make you a hero or a villain (and how boring it would be, if it did). It's what you do after which decides that. It can be a great impulse for good, and I would argue that in a world where tradition and hidebound culture is at the root of much bad behaviour it indeed mostly is that, but certainly it can also lead to bad things. Frex. from the Illuminated viewpoint, it is the non-Illuminate who is the slave, but whether that realization leads one to a benevolent will to liberate all beings, or to a crazy realization that as slaves their lives matter not at all, is up to the individual... and one can slip from heroism to villainy (and back again) along their path, too, and not just live in either extreme like a caricature. Of course, it is precisely the un-Illuminated mindset which would tend to believe that you're all set, unchanging and unredeemable...
  12. Come on, plowing is sex (and definitely not non-consentual, it's not like Broolings sprout out of the earth or anything*): reproductive, fertile, wholesome, sweaty. * That would make a decent adventure hook, though.
  13. Except, well, that's prettty much the opposite of what Illumination is about. You could argue that a system of state-supported Examiners that approve one Illuminate over the other is an Orwellian apparatus of control, and I'd prolly agree that it definitely has that possibility as a potential problem, but Illumination itself is an increase of freedom.
  14. Bravo, well said. Certainly not stupid (maybe not even a theory).
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