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  1. Six Ages has them both likely originally coming from Nivorah, though. The horse-riders and chariot folks will have gotten spread out since, and have come back from those spread out places..
  2. Grievous


    I can definitely see how we go from this Elmal to Yelmalio. It's a form of the god that has forgotten parts of his core myths and Monrogh re-revealed them. Now I just need to understand how we go from the earlier Elmal (as seen in Six Ages) to Yelmalio. I mean sure, Elmal is cursed to be forgotten, but we've only seen a small part of how that will play out... Even as we go forward, seemingly towards a simpler interpretation, it seems Glorantha plays its tricks on us and Elmal will continue to elude us!
  3. Those stats refer to the old White Bear & Red Moon / Dragon pass board games. My horse for a republication, btw!
  4. That'd make a sweet downloadable product (and/or for JC). Family trees would make me extra happy too. JUS' SAYIN'. 🤪
  5. It would be very interesting to see a canonical mapping of answers to the clan questionnaire to the different types of Orlanthi, in as much as such exists as a trend.
  6. Also something funny going on with the lineage of Thinala-Pala-Treya, who are all listed Orlmarth in various places (which doesn't really make sense).
  7. Daravala is also listed as second cousin to of Erenava (p. 57), but this doesn't work out either... Also, Ereneva should be Taraling, not Ernaldori? Daravala's clan affiliation is up in the air, too, really.
  8. Yeah, can't wait for the Cults Book to open up some views into the Pelorian mind. The thing with grokking the Solar-Lunar connection is that it does feel a little like squeezing a square peg in a round hole. So, the Sun rules everything, but uhh we're subservient to the Lunars? I don't see the problem of integrating the Lunars into the Solar worldview in its totality (it wouldn't be difficult to see Sedenya presenting an odd and even greatly influential Illuminated cult in the orbit of the Sun, offering freedoms and viewpoints previously unavailable), but what I see as the pre-eminence of the Moon seems difficult to reconcile. Sure, the Emperor is both a Yelmic Emperor and the Red Emperor, uniting the two strands. I'm even down with that, but Sedenya still seems oddly triumphant in comparison to Yelm otherwise. So, I do struggle with this a bit as well.
  9. I kinda appreciate the snark, but clearly that's not what he was saying: indeed, he was saying that idea (of playing the game you paid for as you wish) is pretty much implied in being a member of the hobby. Anyway. I actually agree with the poster's sentiment and have usually, if not actually disliked, somewhat shrugged at the YGWV stuff. I still want a consistent Glorantha and I don't think the quest for that should be sneered at. But yeah all in all it's a fairly minor point in my musings, but just saying I empathize with the concerns raised by datreus.
  10. That's a very ... optimistic way of looking at how that usually works.
  11. I could see Orlanth in the Red Goddess' pantheon and mythology relegated to mostly a bandit god, venerated by outcasts and renegades, a king of nothing but his band, who occasionally (with the Goddess' indirect or direct guidance) takes his rebellion against tyrants and authority figures who have lost their righteousness (ultimately as judged by Sedenya, of course). His natural ill-manned oafishness thus sometimes helps to restore things to a better order. Sedenya can't entirely fix the bandit god, but she can ensure that his contribution to the cosmos finds it's right course.
  12. Well, maybe the Red Emperor as the phallos of the Red Goddess could indeed ritually be made to do that!
  13. Yeah, it took a while to get to the phases and the whole emphasis on cycles, which I feel is pretty key to the Red Goddess. In another thread there were some thoughts about how it's a bit of a shame that the Moon mythology has sort of been superimposed on the Solar pantheon. I've thought about this too and had that tact for a bit, but I actually think a focus on the Goddess' cyclical nature also allows her mythology/religion to mesh very nicely with the Solars. Faced with crazy, illuminated priestesses of the Red Goddess, who emphasize the ebbs and flows of the world, even the Solar pantheon's priests struggle to put in a counter-argument: the Sun quite clearly sets at night and rises at dawn. On a macro-mythological level perhaps Yelm itself is more of a title that has passed between divinities and this is something the priestesses will not find puzzling, instead they will see it as revealing a fundamental truth embodies by their goddess. So, together the two viewpoints can come to agree that there is one greater truth that is revealed through the many phases of the world. And if the Red Goddess can integrate even the seemingly monolithic Solars, she can certainly integrate other pantheons. We are all Us. The differences between cultures and pantheons can often be seen through an emphasis in cycles which explain the apparent differences. An illuminated understanding of the principles that underlie various cycles and how change occurs can become a glue that binds, rather than walls that separate.
  14. Gah if there is one thing that I find confounding it is the Red Emperor business... I haven't really found a source that truly explains this beyond leaving it very cryptic and quite inaccessible in regards to using it at the table. I mean, I get that the original Red Emperor got ganked by Sheng and thus needs to incarnate via the Masks. However, the Mask business doesn't seem to be working exactly, but I can't fathom how exactly.. perhaps the Masks retain too much of their original personalities? And how the heck do the Egi still fit in?
  15. They were probably followers of Indlas Somer coming for the tanning lotion.
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