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  1. Grievous

    Culbrea Partitioning

    Well, all right, but as I pointed out we have a contradiction in there. The Lorthing clan is part of the Cinsina in the Sartar Companion and not listed as such in the Coming Storm. Not a huge issues, obviously, just saying it's there!
  2. Grievous

    Robin Laws to pen two RuneQuest Books

    On the themes of Deadwood (Source: http://www.denofgeek.com/tv/deadwood/22970/celebrating-deadwood). Also, from wikipedia: Though Rome doesn't really strike me as a wholly lawless city or state, I think there's some ideas to be inspired by for Glorantha in those. On a side note, I wonder about that Barbarian Town sourcebook that's been mentioned..
  3. Grievous

    Culbrea Partitioning

    YBoT#2 specifically for Gorde and a lot of Culbrea stuff (which certainly bears some resemblance to the Culbrea of today). However, the old non-canonical sources are not really the point - I'm trying to figure out what's canonical now.
  4. Grievous

    Culbrea Partitioning

    We know the Culbrea got dissected by the Lunars after Starbrow's Rebellion and a number of its clans were given to the Cinsina and the Aranwyth. However, our sources differ on who went where exactly. That's what I want to pin down here. I see older sources mention that the Gorde, Greenhaft and Blueberry were lost to the Cinsina and the Kortal clan was lost to the Aranwyth. In the Coming Storm, which should canonically take precedence, it is the Goldberry, Greenhaft and Blueberry clans which become Cinsina and the Aranwyth clan remains unnamed. Also, the Gorde do not exist and the closest equivalent is the Lorthing clan, which is still firmly Culbrea. Sartar Companion - it's canonicity uncertain, I guess - names the Lorthing clan as now part of the Cinsina in contradiction with other sources. The Coming Storm political map on p. 89 is interesting and somewhat unhelpful with its odd borders. Elsewhere there is this mention regarding the Owlflight Crest though: "This range of hills was the border between the Culbrea and the Aranwyth tribes but since Starbrow’s Rebellion, the hills have firmly been under the Aranwyth’s control." This gives the options that either the Owl clan that controlled the Crest lost this patch of turf (and maybe no clan was actually lost), or they themselves joined the Aranwyth in which case the Owl could be the Kortal (who are now absent from mention) who were stated to have gone to Aranwyth in older sources. It seems as likely that the clan lost to the Aranwyth could be the one to the west of Toena, too (Oramani? It is slightly unclear where they should be placed based on the map). So, it's all a bit unnecessarily confusing, Do we have a canonical consensus on what actually happened? On another note, I would kill for a map of the tribes with all the clans named and positioned (at least for the major and important years of our timelines, eg. at least 1620 and 1628). I know there's probably this idea that keeping them unnamed will allow for player/GM creativity, but I tend to think that it is easier to be creative and break something when you know what you are breaking and where you are diverging. It doesn't stop creativity, it just allows for you to better control the unfortunate ripple effects that may follow.
  5. Grievous

    Kinship and Exogamy in Sartar

    Hmm, didn't the Alakoring changes actually separate the Priest role from the Chief/King role, so as to make this a rarer incidence rather than the norm? I think - based on what we've seen (more recently in the Red Cow campaign) - the bloodlines tend to be larger than what you imply - ie. second cousins are par for the course (and even third, maybe fourth cousins). Realistically, I do agree that bloodlines should probably fracture a bit quicker, so that clans would actually have more bloodlines in general, but this doesn't seem to be reflected in the fiction, so it seems this isn't actually a thing and that bloodlines tend to stick together quite far down the line. Also I don't really see this idea of changing bloodlines reflected in fiction either - and one assumes it would involve marriage at least. Anyway, aside from these few things I felt I needed to comment on, I like your thinking/ideas here, so thanks!
  6. Grievous


    May I refer to you to the Holy Grail.
  7. Grievous


    I'd need an example to get behind that impression. Fairly sure that's not intended nor actually the fact.
  8. Grievous

    On illumination and real world enlightenment

    Too bad I missed it (as a fellow Finn - but didn't attend Ropecon this year)!
  9. Grievous

    Elmal Yelmalio thing

    That's an interesting viewpoint, which makes a bunch of sense!
  10. Grievous

    Tournament of the Masters of Luck and Death

    Hmm, do we know the process how one becomes a Reverend Grandmother and why the process failed to produce one after 1610?
  11. Grievous

    Two weapons and multiple parries

    I really like that rule and it jives nicely with my real life experience. I've fought plenty with two weapons (sword and dagger, mostly). Using two weapons is something that gives you a big benefit primarily via an increase in defense (and by increasing your offensive options after having made the parry, ie. as you make the parry you have a free hand with an unengaged weapon available to do it's thing right then while the opponent - who is in range because of having made the attack - has nothing). It doesn't really play out like a double your attacks kind of thing in practice. Yes, a shield (or buckler, which is again something I have plenty of experience in) will usually be even better than another weapon for this, but requires a distinct skill set (then again so does two-weapon fighting vs. single weapon). For game purposes, I'd be inclined to give two weapons a distinct bonus of some sort over using a shield though (as long as the shield is clearly superior in a defensive sense) and the above rule seems about perfect.
  12. Grievous

    Route Between Runegate and Clearwine?

    I think down to Quackford and then up to Runegate through the Lismelder lands. Going through the Wilds sounds difficult, esp. for any larger entourage (and maybe entirely impossible if they bring any carts or such). That seems a possible feature of the Colymar lands - that they are quite split by the Wilds into separated northern and southern parts. It would be interesting to hear how you have handled this from any of you who have run Colymar campaigns (?). Frankly going to Jonstown from Clearwine looks pretty difficult as well, unless you go through Runegate or there is a route over the Thunder Hills into Arfritha Vale (which is pretty much how the Malani originally arrived). The Colymar being rather separated from Jonstown isn't really a problem though as they're not part of the confederation and it's not a market primarily intended for them. Then again the Thunder Hills aren't really all that high (seems to be mostly 500 feet above their surroundings) so they are probably traversable, even though there is no real road or path for carts and the like. The Starfire Ridges look a bit more daunting.
  13. Grievous

    Families in Runequest

    We don't know what you're talking about. We could guess and perhaps be wrong, so maybe indeed some context might be helpful. Do you want more rules or more (or bigger) sheets?
  14. Grievous

    Greymane, 1625 and beyond

    Well, hmmm, theoretically his son who wanted to support the Hendrikings (who maybe initially got him on that side of the battle?) could still serve Samastina faithfully, if he abandoned his father and brother. Other than the little bit of information on the Battle of Pennel, I don't think we know much canonically (?).
  15. Grievous


    I don't really roll that way myself, but I still absolutely love Quackatoa's stuff, so I don't think serious Ducks are an oxymoron!