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  1. I love, love, loooove this visualization of Glorantha, esp. the Vingkotlings which simply blow me away. Outstanding.
  2. I think it's interesting that we used to have lots of boxed sets (back when I got into the hobby anyway) and then they totally went out of fashion, but they've been creeping back. I don't really have a strong preference, but I guess a box is a nice thing to put stuff in (I mean that's literally what boxes are for beside all the feline functionality) that wouldn't really work that well as add-ons with books.
  3. I would think that anyone who gets elected into the ring also becomes a thane, or probably in most cases already was one. Though that said the current description kind of leaves it open if priests for example are thanes, or just "effectively Thanes" (ie. similarly supported), ie. whether a Thane is a purely martial role or not (yes, it was originally that, but does is still retain that role has it become a more general noble rank). Edit - Hmm, I guess on a second reading of Jeff's excerpts, priests are not necessarily thanes (unless they are martial priests), so there is an idea of a
  4. We discussed that greave thing on Facebook briefly. I and a few others noted that when using a shield to fight, you really only need the left leg covered (and it better be covered as it is a major target IME). That's valid while still using the shield - the situation might change once you lose the shield (in which case at least I would prefer to switch to a right leg forward stance and then armor on both legs would be really nice). But yeah, greaves on only the left leg were also definitely also a thing historically, but their utility can be attested to even today by anyone who's done any figh
  5. Oh wow, had missed Heler in Facebook. Very cool. This book is... well, it's going to go into RPG history/hall of fame.
  6. Hmm, I've also thought about how logical it would be for there to be Western styles of martial arts. It really makes sense that certain ways of moving and acting with the human body would be more attuned to the ways of Malkion, and that most humans move in ways that are out of sync with this original, more powerful way of moving (also probably doing harm to themselves in a sort of karmic or even just health based manner). But someone trained in the right arts... could put themselves in sync with these true principles and gain martial power, much like a sorcerer does with their mind. I can real
  7. Thanks, I think that's a useful historical summary for us who weren't around to see it all unfold. There's two kinds of confusion around this whole issue: the "bad kind" and the "good kind". The bad confusion is basically angry people (men?) on the Internet. The what happened when and "why did they do this to me" ties into it, so your summary is good relief for this ailment. The good confusion is the web and weave of the mythology; Elmal, Yelmalio, Cold Suns... what's Elmal doing in Six Ages, Monrogh, etc. it's good confusion because it is interesting for those who enjoy deep dives into the se
  8. Orngerin's clan is in the Cinsina (since 1613), though. Of course, this might actually change, too.
  9. This (and also the Elmali Dolutha that are descended from them) is really the only thing still nagging me in this paradigm, but aside from not being able to square that circle, I'm liking what I'm seeing!
  10. Yeah, but this core question really shouldn't be... that's my controversial opinion anyway!
  11. omg omg (I just hope we won't be doing away with hexes)
  12. Yes, indeed, we have all been foolishly skirting the real issue: is Boldhome/Sartar overopopulated by ducks?
  13. I do think this thinking is a trap that people unintentionally fall into, leading them into believing Illumination to be a thing that it (at least in my view) clearly wasn't intended to be by the concept's creator (ie. Greg). I wouldn't really mind it, as YGWV and all, but it does seem to lead a lot of forum discussions into a particular mold of Illumination-bashing. Oddly this reminds me a lot of certain critiques of Buddhist thought (and I'm mildly loathe to bring in iRL religion here, but this is particularly appropriate), where the Buddhist notion of sunyata (ie. emptiness) is sometim
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