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The Arthurian Library

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I was looking at the Kickstarter page for  "Le Morte d’Arthur and The Arthurian Concordance", a project created by the late Stewart Wieck. Part of the pitch indicates that this will be the beginning of a larger project called "The Arthurian Library". Fulfillment has been understandably delayed by Stewart's passing. 

Interestingly, recent updates say that the whole Arthurian Library project has been moved to Chaosium. The last update includes this:

"The delay is being caused because Chaosium and Nocturnal Media are reworking the layout, final presentation and approach to the books in order to better have them support, compliment, and exist in the long term alongside King Arthur Pendragon." 

Does this mean that The Arthurian Library will be like the old Pendragon Fiction line? I sure hope so... 

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