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Looking for Ideas about a specific Magic Item

Lloyd Dupont

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I have some sort of "powerful magical item" that's going to be found by the players soon.

Although, while powerful it's not that useful. I have a list of powers ideas for it.. and I am wondering whether the last power is a good idea and how it could improve the campaign... hence asking for feedback...

- 1st it let user broadcast dream to all in a large radius
- 2nd it can communicate telepathically with one known target anywhere
- 3rd, perhaps it can scry, as if bird view, in a large radius

and finally, the last power I am wondering whether it is a good idea or not, or how to make it a good idea... otherwise I might just skip this power

it can let the user project his mind in some particular domain in the astral sea (one related to the previous owner's deity) and perhaps the user can visit the place in dream form.. or perhaps creature from the domain can materialise around the magic item (to steal it back, for example).

Now I wonder if this power is really going to be interesting in play... If monster can materialise from it, most likely it will be an overwhelming force, not very rewarding gameplay to crush the players without warning and apparent reason. And why would the players visit the realm? It's probably be quite hostile to non believer...

I wonder what other GM take would be on such ability / concept? as a way to spice up their campaign?...

And nope, players have no advance warning & knowledge or clues about the item....
Although.. I have an opportunity to retrofit it, if they take go some future path I have in mind... A path that is very poorly lit, they can super easily skip it...

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they may visit the astral sea to follow a quest for new powers or traits or trigger a particular effect on the mundane world (a bit like the gloranthan heroquest), to ally some creatures (like shamans do with spirits), or to find answers to some mysteries.

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Hey thanks for answering! :)

This is a tricky one btw, it's not really a general purpose Astral Travel device. **IF** it allows astral travel at all, it will be only on a domain controlled / allied to my version of Lolth the goddess of Dark Elves (in my campaign she is a dream goddess, not an evil spider goddess, though she does champion slavery and obedience to your dark elf master).. so it would be nice if there is a possibility for them to gain something... 

But it seems hard to me to go to an opposed deity and gain something.. Those adventurers are not that powerful enough for such challenge.. or could they? 

Maybe I should just draw a map of the domain, put the goddess palace very far from the entry point, and place some interesting stuff here and there... Mmm....


You gave me an idea... instead of leading to a stronghold of the enemy divinity, it could lead to some challenge realm of the divinity, where follower could go for training and experience and looting... and so could the player now?! I think that's a possible concept...

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