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OpenQuest/River of Heaven at Winter Con 2020 in Manchester

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I'm organising Winter Con 2020 a one day con (10am - 6pm) at Fanboy 3 in Central Manchester UK to celebrate the 1st birthday of Go Play Manchester a monthly rpg meetup I run.

As part of this myself and John Ossoway are running the following games:

The Guns of Olympus Mons

System: River of Heaven
GM: John Ossoway


Mars has fallen to the Renouncers, who continue to wage their relentless holy war against intelligent machines and their allies.

The Martian Space Tether is down, and as Renouncer war machines ravage the surface, a network of orbital kill-sats capable of destroying any ship approaching the red planet performs an effective orbital interdiction against Hegemony space assets.

Olympus Mons is the site of an important node in the command and control infrastructure for the Mars Planetary Defence Network. It is also the location of a Visser Cube  – a traversable wormhole paired with a twin in your home system of Alpha Centauri.

Both of the Visser Cubes are currently offline.

You are a squad of Hegemony Marines. Best of the best. Your mission profile is clear:

  • Get to the surface.
  • Penetrate the Olympus Mons Citadel.
  • Take and hold the Visser Cube chamber
  • Realign the wormholes, allowing the Hegemony to deploy troops to the surface of Mars directly from your homeworld.


So check those suit seals, warm up your smart rifles and show me your war face.

It’s game time.

Return to the Savage North

System: OpenQuest 3
GM: Newt Newport

You are the Drakkar, proud people of the Ice Dragon.  Who in ancient times liberated the Savage North from the Vampire Lords of the Outer Darkness at the end of the Blood Age.

The Ice Dragon buried the Vampire Lord Throk in its temple, under several kilometres of ice. The best thing for this fiend.

But now the Mad King of Sonderland wants you to enter the temple to find a magical mirror to settle a wager.

Salara the Wise Woman says the only way down through the ice is using the steel Sword of Krum himself

Problem is Krum cares not!

[Yes, I'm revisiting The Savage North as part of OpenQuest 3rd edtion]

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That Guns of Olympus Mons adventure sounds awesome!  Only 'Invading the face on Mars' might be slightly better as an adventure setup, but maybe not even then.  I'm getting a bit of a Halo ODST videogame vibe. 

Please let us know how it goes and whether we might see this as another published adventure for RoH?  Or maybe offered as a convention adventure for anyone who'd like to run RoH during a convention or Free RPG Day 2020? 


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I'm quite excited about Guns because its John's return to the game/setting he wrote after many years of absense.  Whether he will want to get it sorted out for publication is another matter ;)

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