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13G and SRD


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13th Age (13A) is its own whole (non-Gloranthan) RPG.

13th Age in Glorantha (13G)  is the rather brilliant Glorantha-fication of the 13G rules, with a modicum of rather-brilliant 13A-fication of Glorantha.

I'm sure one could derive 13G from the "first principles" of both the 13A SRD and the corpus of Gloranthan literature (just as the several rather brilliant game-designers and Gloranthan grognards did, over the course of a year or two (or more?)).

I would not expect that to be done spontaneously at the gaming table...

Also, FWIW -- the SRD is iirc MUCH larger than the 13G core rulebook.  I honestly don't know it well enough to comment on what all is in it, taking up all that wordcount...

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On 12/24/2019 at 10:53 AM, Ufnal said:

A question to people who actually ran 13th Age Glorantha - is the 13th Age SRD enough for running the game, or would you say buying the core rulebooks is essential?

No, I used the SRD - "Archmage Engine". My advice is generate some characters using the SRD and then fight them against some monsters.

Also helpful are:



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Search the Glorantha Resource Site: https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com. Search the Glorantha mailing list archives: https://glorantha.steff.in/digests/

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