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[IRL] The Eclipse Dragon in Manichaeism?


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So Academia.edu is a free if annoying website with no sketchy ads where authors actively add their own content to the web.

Today an article that might be interesting to read for GLORANTHA fans was added because it is about cross-cultural ideas about the eclipse dragon! From Zur Lichten Heimat: Studien zum Manichäismus, Iranistik, und Zentralasienkunde im Gedenken an Werner Sundermann, Harrassowitz, Wiesbaden 2017, pp. 535-554.

Sample sentence: "Since both Syr. āṯālyā and ManMP gōzihr  (Ar. jawzahr, NP gawizahr) are well-known from Syriac, Persian, Arabic, and Byzantine astrological treatises, it seems only natural to assume that Manichaeans understood them in exactly the same way, i. e. as the 'eclipse dragon' who devours the sun and the moon and whose 'head' and 'tail' (the lunar nodes) came to be seen, at least in some traditions, as real planetary bodies."

the Qizilbash Woman

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