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  1. you mean how he's a radioactive pile of ... butt débris? He put me on a hit list and I never interacted with him personally.
  2. The difference between hurufism and esotericism and scholarship is that one is mysticism and the other is ... not
  3. the Bitcoin model: having machines endlessly and randomly fill out crosswords in a language you don't understand in the hope of solving one accidentally in order to create opium so you can refine it into heroin. repeat ad nauseum.
  4. yay Jernotia/us, the non-Nysalorian indigenous Illumination tradition
  5. the Achaemenids are one of the earlier literary civilisations? Like, the Achaemenids used Old Aramaic, ruled from about 700 BCE, and ruled most of the known world at the time.
  6. who is Doburdan in the myths, Entekos? Is His name in Lunar Storm territories just an empty placeholder for Orlanth?
  7. The entirety of the Dara Happan empire is located in Soviet Russia and the Eurasian Steppes tho; summer basically barely hits 70. There's a reason they once got covered entire by glaciers.
  8. i don't think we have holy water in Glorantha. We have PURE water, for sure: the holiest of water issuing from a divine spirit would harm a Chaos creature, but so would pure Storm winds or even empowered Moonbeams.
  9. I don't think I'd allow much that didn't target Chaos. What is a poison going to do to something that has no blood in its veins, or is dead flesh? Annoy it? Things like vampires have souls but they're corrupted, I don't think a disease is going to bite. Don't Chaos creatures usually carry diseases? I'd imagine you could make a "disease", Glorantha-style, by summoning a spirit of Chaos purge. That would be immensely costly to summon, and learning how to do it would involve one crazy heroquest for a healer who could heal Chaos wounds, some shamans, a Storm Bull, and Humakti. I would de
  10. I've wondered if the White Moon movement is a "regressive" version of the Sedenya cult that is more aligned with traditional practices, one that would permit Her to join the various "orthodox" runic pantheonic practices. Not the all-engrossing, rune-devouring mother, but yet another goddess.
  11. Some of you on here probably know I enjoy some of the parallels I make with Armenian culture and Glorantha. I think of them as happy accidents. TIL there is a Castle Blue in Armenian pre-Christian Mythology. The oldest version of her story is in the Sasna Cṙer or "Troublemakers of Sasun" (yes, like Vidal Sassoun"), but the story dates back to Hittite times 2500 years before. Berd Kapotin, or Castle Blue, was the sacred home of the goddess Covinar (Tsaw-vih-NUHR - that's c is how Armenianists romanise ts, and the accent is always on the last syllable in Armenian), whose name is roughl
  12. We used to think this was due to Egyptian influence... but then we realised Egyptians were happily eating pigs until Levantine influence and immigrants brought the pig taboo INTO Egypt very late (like 500 BCE-ish). The pig taboo was all over Semitic-speaking cultures all the way into East Africa, and we just have no idea why.
  13. Pigs are religiously unclean to Muslims period, signed, a Muslim. Nobody's wearing pigskin shoes. On the other hand, pigs aren't bad or evil; they are taboo. That means we avoid them because God said "no", not because there's anything wrong with them. That's what a taboo is. Goats in Orlanthi culture, on the other hand, have a patron god in Ragnaglar! (Elsewhere there's other goat deities not attached to Chaos, though.) Not sure about the Muslim countries bit, though. Christian Arabs eat a lot of bacon and ribs in the Levant.
  14. when americans ask you to take off your pants you're generally in a situation where they'd like your underwear off as well
  15. the eastern coastline of Genertela? never heard of it
  16. maybe pumpkins grow from the seeds in the brains of decapitated jack'o'bears, and someone desperate discovered they taste good? i thought kafl was cannabis, i'm a linguist and the name seemed obviously derived from the KANB~KALB root borrowed into Indo-European that brought us English hemp from Common Germanic *hanapi-z, Greek kánnabis, Persian kanab, Akkadian qunnapu, and even the Indic forms reversed to BANG by taboo: Sanskrit bhāṅga "cannabis", loaned as "bong", Persian bang "cannabis" My view is that New World plants are from the Red Goddess, which suggests she is bringing new
  17. Maize came with Hon Eel in 1492 (check the date, niceeee), this is actually a plot point Bison are Asian and, like llamas, are genetically nearly identical to their Eurasian counterpart, the yak and the camel; I'm fine with that Cactuses are 100% not New World species I always thought the raccoon was a one-off What's this about tobacco in Safelster? I know hazia, but that's high-fantasy opium
  18. heretical Lunar pumpkin sighted real Orlanthi eat turnips and like it, not New World foods like "chiles", "potatoes", "maize", and "pumpkin"
  19. It's a shame they decided to turn on the Empire, hahaha One thing that confused me about the Grantland farmers and the Windstop: why did they not use the Bless Maize rite taught by Hon Eel? There's no way there's a colony of farmers and no Hon Eel priests.
  20. "Total war" was directed at the person who said "Glorantha fights total war"
  21. It also shouldn't be missed that New Pavis isn't lost until 1624; until then, we have unbroken Lunar holdings from Pavis to Corflu, which is certainly sufficient. The river is certainly big enough, since a Giant's Cradle is born in 1621
  22. Listen I'm not a rocket surgeon about history but Glorantha has mythic war, not total war. War can be horrifying and overwhelming without being total war. The destruction of Baghdad at the hands of the Mongols under Hülegü Khan remains almost as iconic in Islam as the destruction of Jerusalem in Judaism, differing only in that there was no Temple; to this day, mourning maqams are still in use that recall it. In only twelve days, the cultural, intellectual, medical and religious center of the Muslim world was annihilated, along with 90,000 of its inhabitants: men, women, and children. It w
  23. the real question is who here says [groh-nyar] and who here says [grog-narrrdz] we need a poll, someone make a poll, I don't know how to make a poll
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