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  1. well Vinga is a competitor because she's Orlanth (previously, Orlanth's nibling if you preferred) and thus the other spouse, Wind v. Fire. The third "small competitor" was Heler, who is Water and neither male nor female. These "small-spouse" conflicts were one reason I liked Elmal-guards-the-Stead over Yelmalio (yes, I accept the Evangelical Church of Yelmalio as canon). It was a comradely competition that let us see who impressed Ernalda this year and got to be her lover and what kind of summer we'd have.
  2. black and indigenous are separate things. "Cat Blackard in Consequence of Sound" is both black and indigenous. also, what an insulting commentary on what has been historically a fraught topic for racial reasons! and you do realise that not all gamers are white, right? sometimes they review games and they talk about things you might not care about. 0/10 stars, considering adding you to my ignore list [gratuitous abuse removed]
  3. The best thing to do is have H P Lovecraft exist - and then they meet him and he's this guy, and like in real life, his "Pepe Silvia" is "black people and Jews". Remember, people of his time thought he was a racist-ass douchebag and his books were like "the cosmic horror of Portuguese people living in Rhode Island". Source: I grew up in Rhode Island and my Nana grew up in the house next to his.
  4. he also has his top broo cured of disease-causing so they can function around strangers, and Shrike is a Nysalorean enlightener - he is an active riddler. It's a strong motivator for those who want to be Best Broo, for which there is a competition held among the chieftains. Also uh some of those gotta be female Broo. I know Malia is the go-to when Thed says "you have tits, get out" but Ralzakark wants those CA healers.
  5. I think Humaktis can Sever Chaos as well. There are three CA healer broo in Dorastor, Land of Doom (p. 82): White (for Ralzakark the Unicorn Broo), Bloodrock (for Shrike), and Namyed (for Manslime). Bloodrock is female. The cult workup of the Unicorn Emperor in this old document says 30 of his 300 lay cult initiates are Chalana Arroy worshippers.
  6. there are no parts of those cults that Chaos is banned from. they just need to obey the rules. those cults can tolerate Chaos rune individuals, unlike the majority of other cults in the world, which is why they probably exist in Dorastor. Humakt doesn't care if you are Chaos, nor does Chalana Arroy, so long as you obey the strictures.
  7. turns out you are the House of Korah, too bad
  8. anywhere in the Lunar Empire
  9. interesting, but why on earth would they stay in Dorastor
  10. The Wild Healer must be a really weird outlier since he is male, given the mighty reproductive urges of male broo. I agree he is near-certainly Chaotic. Perhaps he is Illuminated? Notably all the other "unusual cult" Broo are of cults that can accept Chaos-rune cultists. Humakt doesn't care, CA doesn't care. I believe strongly they are in fact all still just normal broo.
  11. they don't have the Undeath rune, and were supposed to represent Cordyceps-like infections of ants, not Chaos. Nonetheless, they are unintelligent. bold assertion! The House of Shammai, represent!
  12. bronze greatswords typically don't have a pointy end. it's like a long-ass cleaver with the end giving the blade structural integrity, because bronze ain't hard, it deforms, especially big-ass pieces. a poke would literally be a poke.
  13. right, i was just clarifying for people who can't access Trollpak that it's not literally Shargash in the text this is wild theorycrafting i didn't mean to harsh your vibe
  14. I'd argue it's because Undead are Chaos, not because they aren't alive. That's why intelligent undead are irrelevant - broo are also intelligent but they are also corruption of the weave. The Undeath rune is a Chaos rune (although Undead creatures can also have a separate actual Chaos rune as well): it's the Chaos perversion of the Death-Life rune set. The reason I mentioned the "CA aren't Storm Bulls" is because a CA could help a broo redeem themself of Chaos. It's rare but we know it happens.
  15. they are creatures of Chaos, so they don't actually count as creatures. They're unholy abominations and you can smite away. (There's no compulsion to; you aren't a Storm Bull, but sensible people help other sensible people kill the Undead)
  16. Chalana is anti-DEATH, and I always figured Her followers were not quite fully ascetic Jains, but do have the difficult taboo of not engaging in violence against sentient beings except Chaotic monsters. That carries over to your eating habits, so probably many eat fish, bugs (bugs are super common foods in the world and quite tasty), crustaceans, shellfish, maybe lizards, but not birds, mammals, velociraptors and the like.
  17. respectfully that's Aether, not Shargash, in the text de facto
  18. Shargash and Zoran are their mirror children born of that moment when a nuke went off in the Upside-Down. Shargash isn't one of the souls of Yelm, he's the child born from that moment: life that grows from death, the Shiva-like god who has this weird relationship with the Underworld. That's where his demon-men come from: his origin. He is a Fire god of slash-and-burn because he is the god of new birth from genocide. That story is so old it has been forgotten to all but perhaps his greatest rune-lords, who know his secrets. Even his names as lord of slash-and-burn are ancient; that agriculture isn't in use in Genertela.
  19. those are the new ones, I think. Imperial Lunar Handbook, vol. 2, describes them: "Capable of carrying 10 passengers or around 3,000 lbs of cargo, this type of boat is used by merchants who carry small, high-value items or as courier boats for the Imperial Army". It also says they are crescent-shaped and crew 5-15, depending. They also have an inherent guardian spirit that requires an ordinate or priest of Vargar the Moon Reed god (who must be a blood descendant of him) to operate it. There's I guess a really big-ass special one that can carry like 100 marines, 21 archers, four ballistae, is fireproof, resists storm magic, and is agile as a gazelle, but it's complete and utter cheese based on the fact that every other one wallows when you put like half its capacity on board and is made of reeds and flies. I really support the "light fast delicate and valuable" kind because having flying triremes kind of sucks the fun out of the game for me, whereas the ability to transport valuables across the entire empire in no time at all is incredibly valuable but there's a real limit on what you are shipping: basically a couple people and/or some valuable items. A new governor, a powerful object, wealth items, drugs, etc.
  20. the growing of red reeds requires a lot of magical care and attention, and they seem to work on a similar premise: they are able to distill moonglow. unlike the Blue Moon boats, the reeds themselves aren't made of moonglow, they just fill up with it. when the moon is hidden, they just float like regular boats. when the moon is full, they can fly high and rapidly. for these reasons they were always used almost exclusively within the Empire's glowline limitations. i know now they're treated more like Space: 1889 liftwood ships ("air triremes"), but that seems crazy to me. If you want an insertion of a legio of hard-ass storm troopers, the Bat should be deployed to drop them off.
  21. ekh, all this narishkeyt is why i stick to the old idea that "the Red Goddess gave a loyal family special reeds from the moon that on Glorantha can float and move from moon power, and the greater the phase, the more moon power (and dark moon = no power), but the boats they make of them are basically only usable for messenger services, high-value passengers, and the like". the most you can use them for is inserting a covert team, but even then, is it really worth the risk of potentially losing a moon-boat? those reeds are potentially the most valuable items in the entire empire by weight!
  22. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "more than the customer service desk", I certainly agree they aren't that. In fact, the relationship mostly runs the other way in terms of contact. I think it also varies culturally - a Golden Bow lord and the Serdrodosing woman among the Orlanthi helots he rules are going to have really different social relationships and expectations. He's going to do what he wants, because he's royal and blessed by his calling, and Yelm is a lord of Better Than, while she's going to be expected to help everyone with the expectation that everyone will help her back, because the community needs to hang together or be individually hung.
  23. it's shamans. it's probably a loanword from Middle Indic shamana "renunciate" into Siberian languages, there's no "man" in that word. I think this is more impractical than the shamans of Glorantha. That's a more "real-life shaman" kind of person. Shamans in Glorantha, if you look at what they do, aren't like that any more than priests are on the phone with their god. Their "job" just requires interpersonal skills with the Other Side. It's got strange hours, sometimes very unpleasant demands like "never bathe", and requires someone takes care of you when you are "in the matrix". But it also provides a great deal of value to the community and is a position of great responsibility. You might even manage the clan wyter.
  24. uh. this myth is based on a real-world myth, and does not involve rape. it involves sedating a berserker trying to murder the world. Babeester has gone full Khornate "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE" and nobody is strong enough to stop her, so Eurmal tricks her into thinking beer is blood. I'm going to do something to make clear my position: The rabbinical tradition uses four methods of examining a text, which is nicknamed pardes after the first four letters of the words: Pshat (פְּשָׁט‎) – "surface". This is just what you see. Remez (רֶמֶז‎) are "hints", or symbolic meaning beyond just the literal sense Drash (דְּרַשׁ‎) is the comparative meaning, as given through similar occurrences (hence "midrash"). We look at other places in the text like this one Sod (סוֹד‎) "secret" is the esoteric meaning, given by inspiration or revelation. This is Gregspiration. This is Greg rune shit. So the pshat here is clear. It does not say or suggest that's what's happening. At no point is "the berserker is being drugged to stop her from killing everything in the world" including Eurmal doing anything else. Where do you see Eurmal raping her? Why do you read that here?
  25. the Inquisition literally still exists, it was just renamed from "Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition" to "Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office" in 1908.
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