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  1. LDH, is that also Weeders? I always liked the Weeders and how they were an amalgam of the Ratite cults, the Fire in the Earth, and the River
  2. Depends I guess what the Good Empire is in your setting - got you the remnants of the Chaos-tainted late Roma- I mean Lunar Empire or are they an amalgam of White Lunars, Chaos-management teams, and people just wanting to live their lives?
  3. the sweaty undead (heat from SUN but no light + undeath)
  4. that's the right gloranthan spirit
  5. the crimson bat's rune is chaos rune mashed with moon rune - a moon rune with "horns"
  6. It's important to remember that Official Dara Happan Solar Religion is not a good understanding of what is actually happening in Dara Happan religion.
  7. that was my point. Inuktitut is the name of the language spoken by the Inuit, not the name of the item. "Eskimo" is a slur. The name for these glasses in Inuktitut is ilgaak, or in some dialects where assimilation of l happens, iggaak.
  8. I meant that she is identified with Esrolia in Peloria, not that we would identify her with Esrolia. Ernalda is an enemy goddess of the South in Peloria; the "top" Earth goddess is identified by the Pelorians isn't called Ernalda.
  9. they are called ilgaak in Inuktitut, you mean.
  10. Dendara is an Earth deity. She's not a storm deity. She's the Esrolia personage; Ernalda doesn't really appear in Pelanda except as an enemy god. Entekos, née Serenha, is a separate deity. She's the Storm deity with the phallic symbol. They appear to have some close relationship; a marriage? They are worshipped even now in central Peloria together to bring rain. They aren't the same. Even in the Entekosiad, it demonstrates they are separate. The combination of the two might be the origin of Sedenya: earth in middle air
  11. except some trolls are demonstrably not, such as the hot trolls and possibly the ice trolls.
  12. The only reason anti-Lunars worry about the Moon rune is that there is a thousand-trumpet glory empire based on Lunar magic beckoning their children, and that empire is hand-in-hand with Chaos and conquering them. The Moon rune isn't naughty, but the non-Lunar Moon rune gods and lore of the Theyalans is sort of nonexistent and the Lunar Empire, which is naughty, is right there.
  13. Maran (with a Gor) is a god who gets direct human sacrifice, Aztec-stylee. Its her influence that probably forced Hon-Eel's maize form to require human sacrifice. Babeester (with a Gor) is also about chuckly horrifying murder earth maidens striding through foes and smashing brains, but Maran Gor is, like, a god who expects human sacrifice directly. Babeester does go genocidally blood-mad in her myths ... but Maran is waiting for someone to be held down and their throat cut on her Holy Days. Power.
  14. the real question is: what are Bijiif's runes? does he have the Death and Darkness runes? He's a dead corpse that's been burnt. He's illustrated using precolumbian art of a death god that is a bundled skeleton.
  15. It's very far back but boy the karma kickback sure did come singing in with a banger eventually, didn't it?
  16. tell me about the lunar sweaters maize, and probably all the foods we call "New World Crops" in real life, are from the moon. GO POTATOES. If you do the conversion, maize first is revealed on the Cube by Hon-Eel... in 1495 ST. The same year it was introduced in Europe.
  17. Yelmalio, Yelorna and Yamsur are Genert's Garden deities. There's a whole proto-Praxian culture thing that was utterly separate from Peloria, which is confused utterly because at least in the modern age, we think of Yelmalio and Yelorna and we think of the Bright Empire and of the territory where Yelmalio was rekindled. But historically, in my brain, the ashes of Genert's Garden may account for Yelmalio and Yelorna's tendency to self-mortification. They were survivors of the fallout, too. Genert's death left them grievously spiritually injured. I don't know what His relationship was with them, but they probably weren't deeply mortifying celibate weirdos back when they were playing in a garden of eden-analogue with a giant phallus fertility deity. It's also why they are seemingly indifferent sometimes to the rest of the Solar Pantheon; they weren't part of Peloria, and they weren't inhaled like the Rinliddi (who bordered the Garden) were.
  18. Pretty positively; maybe even Umath's feminine parallel. Dendara is her wife. Serenha is a Pelorian rival for the Middle Air. Her name is, uh, evocative of a certain Lunar personality who... well, she's certainly the most rival for the Middle Air.
  19. well, not specifically. lots of valid threats can come from without: cultists are trying to infiltrate and take over the School of Magic, your hero needs to find them and hunt them down, probably with the help of their ally's cult... this is a chance for your ally to get a leg up on growing their cult as well, and defeating an enemy of theirs. maybe the cult has information on the enchanted item so hunting them down is in the interest of the third player. and so forth.
  20. This sounds a really fantastic campaign. Remember that with great power comes great responsibility. Like ... running a cult. Or being a Dean. Don't take things away from them, use them. They are a great double-edged sword because not having power sucks. You can organise campaign threats in and around these interests if you want to interest the characters in a narrative you have.
  21. humakt isn't a war god, he's a murder god. humaktis kill good but they're cut off from kin, kept in warbands, and so forth Tolat, Shargash and the like are community deities who are war gods. It's a whole different vibe!
  22. There are stairs in Glamour that lead to the Red Moon (no, really)
  23. There were three brothers who were Yelm, runs the story, and one of them was our endlessly Weeder-loved regenerating volcano friend, one was Dayzatar, and one was Arraz. When we talk about Godtime, we're talking about Arraz, known in Peloria also as Brightface, when we speak of Yelm. Ourania, daughter of Dayzatar, is ignored in that story; so is Muharzam, the son (of Arraz?) who is likely the actual Yelm we have now, the one who was slain, fell to hell, and returned to triumph over competitors like Kargzant. So we know Tolat-Shargash wasn't a brother who fought to be Yelm. It doesn't mean he wasn't also born of the Aether Primolt in the same way they were.
  24. Yes, certainly. Yelm is (or was, perhaps) a role. There have been many different Yelms; Dayzatar was the first to mantle Yelm. There was even a female Yelm - Ourania mantled Yelm and it's narrated in the Entekosiad. Clearly a lot of things changed over time. These ancient times were very unsettled. We've seen a lot of discussion about Shargash perhaps once being a slash-and-burn agricultural deity. He once had Shadzorings, a species of demon, that interbred with his people.
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