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  1. Personally I think there's a couple different and interesting models for ogre communities, and oddly enough I was inspired by a game deeply openly in love with Glorantha: Elder Scrolls. The Daedric prince Boethiah - essentially a kind of chaos-tainted goddess - is the patron of deceit, conspiracy, and murder, and the daedra (chaos beasts) associated with her are called these horrible things called "Hungers", and that pretty much sums up her personality. She's about struggling to be the strongest by any means involving your hands (Mephala the Spinner is about secrets and poison and spider sort
  2. I also personally dislike the rather simplistic portrayal of Orlanthi society that is absolutely a common view (I don't mean you); so many people seem to think of it like some kind of Vikings instead of a sprawling collection of highly disparate communities with extremely different ideas of how communities should be organised (matriarchal queendoms, independent but heavily male-dominated elder councils, a king made licit by marriage to a divine Solar figure) from diverse origins but the focus on which is a Mediterranean climate. Also, there's a lack of underlining the deep connection betw
  3. John Tarnowski owns and runs it, that pretty much sums it up for me; he thinks people like me, queer people, are part of a Communist plot to overthrow the West. No thank you and bye.
  4. We said "dumbest theory", not "canon"
  5. literally this is not only hilarious but incredibly accurate, if you were a player who showed up with Unbreakable Sword on your character sheet you'd be telling me what kinds of conflicts you wanted to have (i.e. see One Punch Man) and that you eventually wanted to have a huge crisis involving this item
  6. I thought she was part of the Celestial Hunter and a star
  7. I confess I don't know where the Praxians originated; Genert's people are the Oasis Folk, and His pantheon included Yamsur, he-who-is-now-called-Yelmalio, and Yelorna. Yamsur died in the war with Chaos, Genert was slain, and the Oasis Folk are trapped in a kind of melancholy? Lethargy? The Praxians, who moved in to the lands the Garden once covered, brought and remade their own stories. Yelorna managed to fit in, riding horses that are not recognisably such, but Yelmalions, who prized horses-qua-horses, didn't.
  8. noooooo Yelorna is an independent deity like the one now called Yelmalio (he gets new names all the time); he's her brother. They are solar deities from Genert's Garden. That's why they aren't associated with the rest of the Solar Pantheon in Genertela (and often are at odds with the Solar Empire). She actually has Praxian riders of her own, because her worshippers ride unicorns, which are licit to Waha (unicorns aren't horses just like zebras aren't).
  9. Outlawry is common because the Orlanthi don't have (or believe in) incarceration, which is for crazy Sun People to do. You do something heinous, you're out on your ass, not locked into a weird house with guards. Or they kill you, if it's worse. This is how humans dealt with serious crime before a juridical legal system like that of the Romans or the Akkadian Empire was adopted. Without support systems, you couldn't survive, so crime it up and you lose that; crime it up heinously and they just cut your neck to be sure you're dead.
  10. this would be a deity you can get a spell from, yeah?
  11. For sure they must have their own infrastructure, and the Grazers just live on the outside as protectors and lords. We know that they are permitted to worship the Earth cults, but not Orlanth - as dumuzid points out, apparently Humakt is acceptable, and likely Barntar and maybe even Heler. Contact with outside groups is certainly proscribed and they are going to be kept isolated, poor, and unarmed. I don't know how the Grazers manage the ongoing domination of the people. Historically this is done through numerical advantage, siphoning the strongest of the youth, and cruelty, but there can
  12. yeah, it's where ergeshi were moderated into a serf class, perhaps due to the deep influence of the Orlanthis - they intermarried with Tarshites a lot, and keeping massive numbers of Tarshite-descended or -captured actual field slaves would likely have been eased into "well maybe we can just let them be serfs, cheaper anyway"
  13. A stickpicker isn't a slave, though! Orlanthi clan society is hierarchical but it generally (there are explicit exceptions!) doesn't lean on slaves in the heartlands [outside Esrolia], at least not en large. Where are those exceptions? On the borderlands. Because if you are in Orlanth heartlands, you're gonna be enslaving your neighbors' wives and sons. It's not practical. Borderland Orlanthis can raid xenos and take slaves fine but if you try to raid other Orlanthis there's gonna be a problem. In borderland Orlanth clans, slaves are still not going to be present in the kind of numbers as
  14. Well, the argument is that slavery is against the spirit of the Wind pantheon, which is also why Orlanthis don't know how to build cities except where Earth rules; it's not that they oppose killing and murdering people, but they don't do slavery. It's not because they are nice. The settled peoples of Esrolia, where Earth is on top, do just fine with slavery. They rely on it! But Orlanthis also don't rape, because it's a primal conduit of Chaos for Wind and also because literally there's like five murder-gods from Earth who will rise up and smash you into oatmeal, then fight over who gets
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