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  1. okay first, that's fair, I just liked the idea of Seseine in a wide-brimmed straw hat lounging on a boat for months using a Chaos blackberry. two, doesn't the Great Compromise mean that "avatars" here are really just moments of inspiration? a blessed womb or something. Dayzatar empowering Palangio the Iron Vrok at the Battle of Night and Day almost broke the world, and all He did was give him a portion of His power. Ralzakark is a Hero, not a deity, although I don't know that he's THE Chaos rune Hero.
  2. i'm not sure what you are driving at in your reply, but certainly Ralzakark doesn't have an official partner, and if you mean the Red Emperor, he doesn't either. In fact, Argenteus had a boatload of children by a boatload of women.
  3. I'm just impressed she went to Dorastor, had a kid with Ralzakark, and used her to seduce the Mask Argenteus... Chaos must be running long-term plans and coordinating their teams via Slack for her to charter a boat from Pamaltela while the Nargan Desert Project is still running.
  4. in fact, it is only Western (Latin) priests who cannot be married; all other Churches require marriage of their priests: Oriental Orthodoxy (Coptic, Ethiopic and Eritrean), Eastern Orthodoxy, Church of the East...
  5. in fact, Chaos is far more prevalent: The Six-Legged Empire was the Dukedom of Kolar, a colonial possession of the Middle Sea Empire of the God Learners.
  6. ah yes, the sublime dick of Yelm, hahahaha
  7. i mean, sure, but at least it's for charity? the Electronic Frontier Foundation are the best of the best people, especially right now, when the FCC is trying to get the right to turn off the internet sites it doesn't like (for real).
  8. I mean, fires start naturally. North America was shaped by human hands the same way (there's a reason New England was lovely farmland when the Pilgrims arrived - it's 85% forest now!), but we also have species predating humanity's existence on the Earth here in North America that require forest fires to go to seed. That's basically how pine cones work in general as well, but we have some species here that require fires that burn everything to the ground. Lightning and dry weather alone are enough. tl;dr fires are also natural and show up even before humans, although certainly humans vigorously and enthusiastically torched the underbrush once they figured it out roundabout the time they started to be humans (the ash piles appear suddenly like once every seven years instead of at irregular time periods).
  9. @Bill the barbarian Go to https://bundleofholding.com/user/login and make an account real quick then go to https://bundleofholding.com/presents/MythrasCore and pay above the minimum average paid so far for the bundle you want Right now it seems to be reasonably cheap, but certainly popular: as I'm in the US, it says US$14.95 for the Core or US$25.26 for Core plus Bonus Collection. You need to meet one of those two minimums to get either just the Core or the Core plus Bonus. As people donate, they donate extra because it's for charity, so the price rises. So it'll go up over time. You've got like 18 more days till the bundle ends. - the Red-Head Woman
  10. In older publications He specifically has the Light Rune. In new publications He perhaps would be seen as one of the many Suns rectified by Nysalor's birth at Sunstop. I guess we won't know until @Jeff prints his little books* 📚 if he is akin to Yelmalio or Yelm, unless he hints here because he's a nice man and it's kind of a minor thing to hint and also I'm a nudzić (sorry I don't know how to spell that in English, "noodge", it's Yiddish from Polish). *I think we all know they are little neither in size or importance Wait, is Harono the Sun god in Esrolia? I'd missed that. (There's so much to know!) I presume these are Vronkali of Jrustela, Western Genertela, and parts of Pamaltela? A lot of aldryami probably worship the lowfires; fire is crucial to healthy ecosystems.
  11. Well Halamalao is identified with Yelmalio by aldryami - presumably something about Him existing before Yelm and therefore not being the Sun. I don't think He's identified with the planet Lightfore, but in any case that identification is pre-existing.
  12. Do Fonritians bother to go to Genertela? They can get slaves easier.
  13. fun note: i'm allergic to red meat like a rapidly increasing number of Americans thanks to alpha-gal syndrome: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/alpha-gal-syndrome/symptoms-causes/syc-20428608
  14. Hm. Real brain questions: are slarges what happens to dragonewts when dragons are dedragonated in Pamalt
  15. Like the Tyrant/Red King, then? I had thought he was explicitly a Chaos god, his runes are Chaos, Mastery and Illusion.
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