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  1. can a sun god be a zzaburi or a malkioni? seems uh
  2. Some truly transcendental work has been done by Takashi Miike. One of his films is about the Brazilian Japanese and their fraught relationship with Japan; they speak fluent Japanese but have Brazilian mannerisms, listen to "outlandish" music, dance inappropriately, and are otherwise deeply objectionable. In his film, Tokyo is where LA is and Brazil is Mexico, so the border is literally the US-Mexico border. He does a similar thing with the Heike war in Sukiyaji Western Django, which is I believe Fistful. It's the Wild West, except it's also a Japanese hamlet. It opens with the Man without a Name riding past a torii ⛩ with a bandit hanging from a noose, one cowboy boot having fallen off.
  3. the entire point of Yara Aranis was to use Sheng's own magic against him, too! *sigh* Sheng is a player character
  4. i plan to buy a copy but i'm waiting to be paid
  5. i'm unclear if it's possible, because the game wasn't written coherently by a tight group in short order, but is a long and messy trail like real life mythology. (If you think the common depiction of Zeus and the Olympians is a good representation of ancient Greek religion, I have an ugly surprise for you in that almost zero part of that is accurate.)
  6. Oh my source was my memory, you googled a source so I'm not arguing my memory "glass key" is better than your specific source that says "the film The Glass Key". I don't really have a dog in this hunt, I just was saying what I remembered. Yojimbo is part of a long train of films that are homages or remakes of homages and remakes of previous films: consider Takashi Miike's fantastic Sukiyaki Western Django, which is Genji v. Heike retold as a spaghetti western Man with No Name except the western town is inexplicably Japanese
  7. it is a little odd that an Empire that has the theology of the changing Moon would fix the phase permanently. phase locking is the kind of thing you do around borders as a protective wall, not through the entire Empire. it's a little bit solar corruption
  8. My memory. Glass Key. I thought it were the novel, not the film. Also, Omega Doom is hilarious and came out the same year as Last Man Standing, believe it or not. I thought it was an 80s film but I just checked.
  9. Qizilbashwoman


    You assume they don't have contraceptives? Silphium was so effective in the ancient world that we made it extinct, and we are discounting that this world is made of magic entirely Also that not all sex involves a p in v, even assuming you are with someone who has a penis.
  10. Yojimbo is considered the seed of modern Westerns, yes. It was based on a Dashell Hammett story and the music was inspired by Henry Mancini, and it was turned into Fistful of Dollars, Django, Last Man Standing, and Omega Doom.
  11. Qizilbashwoman


    Yelorna is Ourania, the only female Solar deity, and the Yelornans are Her only cult. Also, they are a parallel to the Yelmalions, who are for men. Both are Nysalorean-origin cults that pair together as outliers and have their own territories. They are a matched pair. Plus, they ride unicorns. Vinga is Orlanth, it's one of the many kinds of Orlanth you can worship. This one is the form Orlanth took, the Defender of the Stead, when women rose to protect the tula when the Wind Tribe rode to war. Vingans are a special role in Orlanthi society aside from being a Wind-Movement cult.
  12. I mean, true, but whether urbs and civitas are the same, Solar and Theyalan societies are very different. (I say Solar but it's clear that there are outliers from the Genertelan Solar pantheon who either always have to get knocked back into line or refuse to participate in the first place, from Arir to Lodrilites to Yelornans and Sun Domers). It's worth sorting out the urban from the civilised. The latter, of course, meaning "deeply hierarchical but also wedded to city life, with social structures enabling it." The Theyalans are still working out how they want to enable those social structures. As an anarchist, I think their major issue is sorting out conflicts without murder (or a regent); clan steads aren't so far apart that traditional clan law works so efficiently. In Gloranthan terms the gods are always going to be involved, bah authority, so a rise of a role for a Harmony deity for courts. And Ana Tor for those who refuse gini and then the result is mayhem would work, I suppose? She punishes those who harm innocents with their bloodlust and then the inevitable cannibalism. Keeps Her happy, strongly encourages people to accept weryield instead of wilding out with knives. The problem with feuding in close quarters has plagued many societies and the result is paralysed communities. Albania had this problem for so long that they developed women-men, since women could not be killed under traditional law. Sworn virgins played the man's role but could not be harmed, thus enabling things like "the harvest" and "sheepherding" and the like to happen - kinda like Vingans except everyone was Muslim lmao. They couldn't marry a woman because they were female, but they did the "outside work". All the actual men were stuck in bunkers their entire lives hiding from murder.
  13. I have a similar theory. This pairs with my "Jakaleel was not a human being, she was some variety of uz", because neither is much of a stretch. (The woman was a troll-spirit shaman from the Blue Moon Mountains who worshipped Zorak Zoran and she's portrayed as a human tall as other humans while sitting down with tusks next to texts that claim she was a human.)
  14. Iron smashes magic, so it's a weird kind of spell to have. I like the "heal iron wounds" and that it is so limited and rare. Iron wounds should be grievous and terrible, because iron is.
  15. The Mad Sultan gets props for this: the original Red Emperor would just reincarnate because enlightened beings called Egi would reassemble him. Somehow, the Mad Sultan killed him so hard the repercussions killed some of his Egi. Henceforce, he no longer could reincarnate fully, but needed a willing host to let the remaining Egi parasitise them and sew his remaining souls into their consciousness. (Gloranthans appear to have seven souls; they at least have six, one for each of the basic runes, and the seventh is the "plus one".) The side effect of this is the parasitised host - the Mask - retained their personality and will to a degree so nobles volunteered their offspring so the next Emperor would favor them.
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