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  1. isn't this just, uh, the part of bookbinding where you need the trimming plough to cut the pages apart
  2. how did we end up with a beach episode in GLORANTHA I SWEAR TO GODS
  3. i think there's policing in Dara Happa, and now Lunar, cities. It's city watch stuff, but they have prisons and judges. The real divide between clan and urban is the need for some kind of protection. Now these are royal commissions, temple guards, and the like, but the city and the gods have replaced the clan.
  4. Policing is usually the rise of a state guard rather than a house guard to keep order. When there is no state, there is no guard. This is why clan is so important, and why being Outcast - or cutting your kin-ties to become a Death Worshipper - is so brutally dangerous. You're open season. The modern police forces in the US arose as a combination of slave patrols and the hired enforcers of the wealthy to break the workers' unified fronts. This isn't a political statement: it's just literally history.
  5. It means something different in English than in other languages. In English it means perverse transformation sex, starting from Hokusai's classic octopus masturbation fantasy from 1814 entitled The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife. Monster sex. In Japanese, and in other languages, it actually means a wide range of perverted stuff, which can be incredibly tame (if you aren't vanilla): "girl on top" is hentai. Under Japanese law, pubic hair is hentai (and was illegal to show). It just means "perverted". This leads to a confusion when people say hentai. We're talking "demonic elephant sex" when we're joking about it here, not "a little light bondage"
  6. I took a year-long graduate student seminar at Harvard on erotic art of the Edo era, trust me, I'm more than familiar.
  7. Also this is what you get when the Lunars and the Orlanthis get together and make new music together. Especially these hats. You need to be using these hats in your campaign.
  8. eughhhhhhhhh listen we all wanna fuck the monsters. but not the walktopodes. not the walktopodes.
  9. Just remember it was painted really gaudily in real life. It wasn't tan - all we are seeing are the raw stones and dyed tiles. Residences were all like that gate, but painted. Pinks and greens, yellows and reds, marked with images of divinities and covered with rush sun-covers and brilliant textiles. Think of real-life places in the Mediterranean and reconstructions of painting schemes on actual art from this era. Below: Burano by Venice; Yazd, in the deepest deserts of Iran; a video in Second Century Jewish Babylonian Aramaic (JBA) with distinctly Babylonian art motifs (yes, there was a Jewish Palestinian Aramaic and it was a deeply distinct culture and language). Also watch the video because it's really cool.
  10. no HATS? No shoes surely but no HATS?
  11. I have fun questions, because we have discussed Ompalam being one of the faces of Pamalt (the Chaos face) Shargash as Zorak Zoran is very fun, and while it contradicts "canon", insofar as canon exists, does that make Shargash the Darkness Sun?
  12. there are solar exalteds who can shoot an arrow that distance and kill an enemy
  13. Mouseguard and similar style games like Ryuutama run things by season; Torchbearer distinguishes phases as well, dungeoneering versus town life. These have different rules and different skillsets. Typically in some phases you gain one kind of currency (gold; raw ore, meat, fish, food; plunder; looted items) and spend reserves from settlements (clothing, weaponry, spices, healing, etc.) and use certain kinds of skills like survival and fighting; in another phase, you trade your other currency for the equivalent of lunars, smithwork, repair, new clothing, rest and real sleep, time with temples, etc. and use skills like diplomacy, debauchery, and so forth. Mouseguard actually has multiple seasons with multiple goals but you get the idea. It's like a regular change in venue: there's different kinds of currency and different kinds of safety. Many Orlanthis lean to spending their time in the first kind of world, Esrolians and Lunars/Solars the second.
  14. I mean EXALTED is supposed to be incomprehensibly massive. I think that was larger than intended, but the Blessed Isle was always supposed to be absolutely huge, like the size of China. This is usually true of time in fantasy games, where also if you remove two zeroes from the timeline things make sense ("100,000 1000 years ago, the Ancients were destroyed, and only buried ruins now remain of their advanced society.")
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