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  1. Interesting to note that this term is specifically Dara Happan; it comes from the name of the peculiarly Dara Happan slave god Ergesh. Large-scale field slavery like this is apparently foreign enough to warrant a loanword. Slavery exists on and off in Orlanthi territories, but not this kind of caste slavery.
  2. Also, remember that people limed the living heck out of their buildings to keep the villains off it (bugs, rodents) and to keep it beautiful.
  3. whoops my bad, thanks What do you think of the intercession of the Red Emperor with the Corn Dollies? That's a weird spin.
  4. Maran Gor is a goddess of human sacrifice
  5. when do the Lopers show up in Prax for the first time
  6. Half of the Red Emperor's horcruxes, called egi, hence his title Taken Egi "Leader of the Egi", were murdered by Sheng Seleris in 1446 when he invaded the Moon. After this time, the Red Emperor began to be labeled by number and name: the first "new" mask was II Magnificus. The original is just called Taken Egi and he did just reappear normally like a Hero some interminable period after His death.
  7. These are descendants of the Ratites, right? There's a large number of Solar bird divinities worshiped by some Weeder groups and that's a whole Ratite remnant thing unless I'm mistaken. One of the Red Emperors, V Venerabilis, got ett by the pre-eminent Weeder deity, SurEnslib, during an orgy-ritual in 1546. Originally, a Weeder was blessed to make the Moon-Boats, which were Reed Boats. That's been retconned; Moon-Boats are now, I believe, like top-of-the-line wooden boats.
  8. you mean how he's a radioactive pile of ... butt d├ębris? He put me on a hit list and I never interacted with him personally.
  9. The difference between hurufism and esotericism and scholarship is that one is mysticism and the other is ... not
  10. the Bitcoin model: having machines endlessly and randomly fill out crosswords in a language you don't understand in the hope of solving one accidentally in order to create opium so you can refine it into heroin. repeat ad nauseum.
  11. yay Jernotia/us, the non-Nysalorian indigenous Illumination tradition
  12. the Achaemenids are one of the earlier literary civilisations? Like, the Achaemenids used Old Aramaic, ruled from about 700 BCE, and ruled most of the known world at the time.
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