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  1. Babeester was born to defend the Earth Goddesses from Chaos in the Darkness when everyone else was dead, so she's not exactly an "anti-rape" goddess.
  2. well Stafford had very strong feelings about gender from the very start so it's a feature, not a bug
  3. the trick is to get to them before they realise they can really munchkin it up
  4. it's a pointless act, it doesn't work. there's no way to tell if they've told you the truth or whatever they think you want to hear so the pain stops
  5. I was responding to the bit about how you seemed to suggest rape is a corruption of masculinity, this is a misunderstanding of the Man Rune, I was pointing out that Man here means "Person" not "Dude"
  6. technically we see him earning his learning about giants, which is one of the weirdly visible moments of his education as we know it. the anti-robcradle defense comes after he travels to the far north and spends time with the giants. most of argrath's illumination experiences is off-screen, so to speak, but the fight against the lunars along the zola fel shows him before illumination and fame in his still-learning phase earning the wisdom through heroic deeds. the real question for me is about the godtime giants and dragons, because I think of them as the Predark Enemies who went native. Dragons in particular are deeply, deeply weird creatures in Glorantha.
  7. No, to Sky. Kero Fin passes over the Middle Air and the Moon straight to the Sky. Kero Fin is an axis mundi, which are usually not dicks, imho. They are typically considered to be more like spines connecting the earth to the skyworld and, in some cosmologies, to the underworld. I don't know about that bit for Kero Fin. She's got a vagina on it, as someone pointed out. the real dick girl is the topic of the Entekosiad, which is one of my favorite Glorantha works. argument, which I've made kind of ad nauseum: she's got Umath's name, she's called "Umath's shadow", she is called by Umath's (male) name, she wields an Addi: a staff or club akin to a vajra that elsewhere is only held by male phallic deities, including the sex and alcohol deity whose name I forget, by Turos, by Lodril.
  8. also it's a legal defense for assaulting, raping, or murdering us in nearly all states, it's called the Trans Panic defense and it's used a lot
  9. it's a Person Rune, not a Male Rune True genocide would be Chaotic, in my opinion, as a perversion of Death. We don't often see this kind of activity: people aren't usually planning to annihilate all aldryami nor have the means. But I think of things like the Moonburn as being a feature of the Chaos side of the Lunar Empire for sure. Shargash is not genocidal, he's the killing fire that burns the old to fertilise the earth. We've long discussed his likely role as a slash-and-burn agricultural god early on although that has been long eclipsed by more sophisticated measures. I suspect ZZ has a similar kind of function. Not as farmer, but as a killer in the pantheon. And certainly in the Godtime he like Shargash did kill to save the world.
  10. maybe it's because the troll shaman Mother from the Blue Moon ruins betrayed Jakaboom for minting a new non-troll god and this new Lunar deity is wrapped around the most powerful Solar cult in Genertela like mistletoe on a tree?
  11. the actual phallic Wind deity is Serenha. You might remember her as Entekos, the female Umath of Peloria with the male name. The Dara Happans say she's the same as the Earth Goddess, which makes no sense, but they are worshipped together as a pair to bring rain. Course the only Earth I know of that's in the Middle Air is Sedenya, not Serenha oh
  12. the point of Chaos is that only Chaos does that (except murder) i mean that's kind of the entire point of the thing. if you eat other humans, you're an ogre. the primeval sin that created the Devil was rape and that's the only way broo reproduce. your glorantha may vary but that's pretty far outside of what we consider "vary".
  13. Shargash is a death/underworld god. While outsiders view Shargash as madness, he's just the Death aspect. His "death unleashed" role is a fundamental part of the powers of the Sun as much as the Fertility side is. The Chaos Sun is probably the famine god, not Shargash. Shargash is a powerful patron deity of his city. Sure, everyone around it hates and fears his people, but that's kind of like just being unusually unpleasant as a city-state rather than wildly out of character. When the Ratite Empire was around it was raiding and taking slaves just like the Shargashi or the other cities on the Yelm "central line". It's just that Shargash is big and and full of extra hell. City-states fight and it's ugly. It's not really similar to the kind of actions Ikadz is after.
  14. I mean, Zorak Zoran is the same and it's just His Disorder rune
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