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BRP, Trollslayer, and ROME


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Hello friends

if you are interested in purchasing dead three versions of

- "Basic RolePlaying RPG" main rule book from Chaosium Inc.

- "ROME" from Alephtar Games

- "In Search of the Trollslayer" - special TENTACLES Omega edition - from Chaosium Inc.

please have a look at www.tradetalk.de .


André Jarosch

Headman of the RuneQuest Gesellschaft e.V. aka The Chaos Society

Editor of Tradetalk magazine


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I suppose it is "Basic Roleplaying", not "Basic Rolepaying" :)

Kidding apart, I am currently negotiating some solution about distributing Alepthar Games products in shops, but even assuming this takes place, it will take some time. The Chaos Society is currently the best source for our games in Europe, as it can offer several solutions that allow you to save something on shipping or such.

Proud member of the Evil CompetitionTM

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I don´t know if Mongoose thinks the same, but for me RuneQuest is nothing else, than another BRP game.

If you are a BRP fanatic, and DON`T have any/much of Mongoose RQ line until now, the SPECIAL BUNDLES of The Chaos Society may be for you:

eBay Seller: rashoran: Toys Games items on eBay.co.uk

Here you can get BUNDLES of RQ books for a good price.



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