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Terminator BRP Downloads


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Go to downloads ,other and look for Terminator BRP,or use link below. You will need a pdf reader such as adobe acrobat to view or print the documents.

Terminatotr BRP size compasrison scale charts BRP Central - Downloads - Terminator BRP size,scale comparison charts./

Terminator BRP stats BRP Central - Downloads - Terminator BRPstats1

I will upload more as i go.

Also the following click downloads, gameaids its at the very bottom or use the link below

Conflict hit location,and criticals table (hopefully someone can use it) BRP Central - Downloads - Conflict hit location tables & criticals conflic

Also i will have Resident Evil BRP IN THE Future.

Also i am making modern BRP (HP)hit point ,(AP)armor point location tables

So far i have a a modern female one completed they are basically just for keeping track of location hit points. its not uploaded, im going to have male,female versions for fantasy,modern,and futuristic.

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OK more Terminator BRP STuff

weapons armor, techcom branches skills,equipment, and

HK tank/aerial HK diagrams charts, and HK trillobyte,silverfish stats

in science fiction : Terminator downloads

hope it helps let me know what you think!

if you have questions on the Terminator BRP ask me!

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