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Move Action

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According to the BGB one can do one and only one of those combat action at their DEX rank: Move, attack, non combat action or disengage.

Further move states: "If your character is unengaged, he or she can move around 30 meters in a combat turn if he or she performs no actions other than to defend him- or herself (a parry or
dodge attempt). Moving between 6 and 15 meters means that your character acts at 1/2 his or her normal DEX rank."

Now I wonder... what is the point of the DEX/2 rank? Since, after moving, the character can only use defensive action anyway?!

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1.  Reposition for NEXT round, so you can act (instead of move); or act optimally (i.e. change ranges for ranged weapons, etc).

2. Reposition DEFENSIVELY -- you know the Big Bad is about to lay his Smackdown(tm) on you, but you can move first... so you move out of melee range, forcing him to move if he wants to Smack(tm) you.

3. Move into cover, or otherwise alter sight-lines (yours/theirs).


Also, you seem to have conflated two separate things:

Unengaged movement (up to 30 m) with only parry/dodge as available combat actions

Partial move (6-15m), with penalized (1/2 DEX Rank) action; this is NOT limited to parry/dodge!


(n.b. this is without having checked the rules, just based on what you've quoted here)

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19 hours ago, Lloyd Dupont said:


Anyway, I had a specific scenario in the back of my mind... (people with high initiative acting first, moving into range and being attacked.. which seem unfair penalty on being fast..)

Sometimes one moves (in games where these sorts of things are being tracked) with a tactical sensibility.

More than once, as a PC, I have opted in some systems to move enough to lose my combat-action -- but not a full-move! -- such that I moved right up to the edge of my foe's move-range, such that THEY could not get a move-and-attack on me on their turn.  Then I planned NEXT turn, to get in my move-and-attack.

Characters with superior mobility can often pull these tricks; characters with inferior mobility usually cannot.

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Hi G33k.... Your tactical move is sensible... and also simple, I like it..  :)

However this morning in my bed, I think I found a better one. Though unfortunately wordy to explain, I think it fit the intent better, let me know what you think.... :)

- initiative is used when people are engaged
- when people are not engaged the fastest acting people act first, they close up their opponent, get engaged and attack first
- when there is a big brawl, we starting using individual initiative, and a fast acting person move and close up on an opponent, 2 handling of initiative are possible:
1. the fast acting actor move on an idle enemy, they use normal initiative between them (no half penalty).
2. fast acting actor move onto a busy enemy (who already is doing something), use half DEX initiative, they probably can't reach the enemy in time to stop it

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Mm.. I formalised it that way. What do you think?

·         When engaged one can only move MOV/2 or forfeit attack and defensive action. If forfeiting defence to move away, the opponent can use his attack action before the character move.

·         When not engaged (or forfeiting attack and defence) one can move up to MOVx3 per round. It takes time and initiative is reduced (because the round is some way through) if engaging a distant enemy. To simplify take Initiative / 2 for up to MOVx2 distance or no action. Time has elapsed for the enemy as well who as the same initiative penalty if waiting for the character to act.

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