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Further to the meandering of the Q&A thread, what sort of controls does the board software used here afford us?

For example, would it be possible to create a specific thread (or redefine the Q&A thread) as a "moderator approval required" thread, such that posts only appeared if a mod approved them? A pain for the mods, but it would allow them to directly "weed" the thread, and for it to retain its focus?

If nothing else, a modicum of imposed discipline would do us all some good in terms of helping reinforce good posting etiquette...


Nick Middleton

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There's no function like that for individual threads, only individual forums and subforums. It's not something I would have liked to start up either. I think Jason's solution was a good one, just answering questions as they pop up in different threads.

But... Let me see if I can't find something else. :P


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